Satellite A200-1PD - how to identify unknown device?

Which is the Windows XP driver for this device :
HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_1002&DEV_AA01&SUBSYS_00AA0100& REV_1000\5&181BB7A3&0&0001

I do not know for sure but it must be something with sound. If you have problem to get sound working under WXP please check

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  • Satellite A200: I cannot establish drivers unknown devices

    In the system devices I cannot establish drivers for (a) mass storage device, (b) Unknown device in Other Devices section.
    Can anyone help me on this?

    If you use the XP on the notebook then you should update definitely the BIOS to the XP version. Then reinstall all available drivers from the Toshiba European page.
    This will help to get rid of these unknown devices in the device manager.

  • How to fix Unknown device in windows 7

    I have just install windws 7 pro on HP Envy dv6-7200SA Notebook PC
    When I open Unknown device Properties, I see following in details
    Other devices
           - Unknown device
    How do I fix it.
    Please can you help me.
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    The hardware id is for HP 3D DriveGuard - the driver you require is on the following link,
    When the installation has completed, restart the notebook.
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  • Satellite A200-1N1 - How to activate AGP?

    Help me, please! I speak english very bad.
    My notebook: Toshiba Satellite A200-1N1, OS: Vista
    My problem: when I open program, message shows up: "*WARNING* +The game may not be consistant because AGP is deactivated. Please activate AGP for consistancy+"
    My question: How can I activate AGP?
    I'm looking forward your answer... Thank you.

    I've never heard of "activate AGP" before so as far as I'm concerned if your video drivers are working and you can watch stuff like DVDs etc then AGP is already activated.
    It does sounds like the game you are trying to run isn't compatible with the onboard Intel GMA X3100 which isn't surprising considering Intel do not make powerful gaming cards.
    However double check with the game's manufacturer maybe they have bug fixes or updates for your laptop.
    Richard S.

  • Satellite A200-10X: How to partitioning the HDD

    Hi there guys!
    I have a pro with my satellite A200-10X, it has only one HDD volume, and i want to make them two... and everytime i use the product recovery CD, it formats the HDD... but i do not know how to partition the HDD two get two volume spaces...
    and whats worse is that when i keep on doing that over and over it eats the HDD free space... so how can i partition the HDD and recover the 200GB space the computer originally have?
    i appreciate your help ..

    Hello Sherif
    If you use delivered recovery media you have follow options:
    1. the whole HDD capacity can be used for partition C
    2. the HDD capacity can be split and you can create two partitions
    When you use both options Vista will create 1,4 GB partition but this partition will not be visible when you use OS.
    If you want to have two partitions (C and D) start recovery procedure and after choosing the language use SETUP button on the right side. In the middle of the screen occurs small window and there you can set how much capacity should be reserved for partition C. when the recovery procedure is finished and Vista starts open Computer Management.
    On the left side choose Disk Management. After doing this on the left side you will see partition marked as black. This is second partition but still not visible. Click there with right mouse button and choose option to create logical drive. Follow the setup procedure.
    After few steps this partition will be set as logical drive and after formatting it will be visible in Vista Explorer.
    If you have more questions please post again.

  • Satellite A200-10Z: How to know if my DVD writer support Labelflash

    I have Toshiba Satellite A200-10Z that came with supermulti DVD writer model HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T20N, I don't know from which manufacturer this model!!
    Does anyone know if this model support Labelflash?! ?:|

    Googling around I found info that this drive must be from Hitachi. Unfortunately I didnt find any info about Labelflash.

  • Satellite A200-27Z - How to unblock KeNotify on Windows Vista?

    Hi everyone,
    Well, that subject pretty much says it all. I'm doing a cleanup - on my Satellite A200-27Z - and I my Windows Vista keeps blocking KeNotify.exe on startup.
    Answers on Google etc. are contradictory - "it's safe!" - "no, don't touch it!" - So, what is the answer with this one? Keep blocking it? I think so; as it as reads keystrokes; which seems a bit unfair as it never told me it was doing it (
    What do you all think?

    The KeNotify shouldnt be blocked because it belongs to Toshiba Flash Cards that you need for FN keys so please unblock this application.
    If the Windows firewall is blocking, you can unblock it in settings:
    Control panel > Windows Firewall > Change settings >
    I hope I could help you a little bit.

  • Satellite A200-1DN - How to update BIOS for Windows 7

    I'm running 32bit Windows 7 on a Satellite A200 1DN. I've been having battery problems (plugged in, not charging) and I understand I need to update my BIOS. However I can't find a BIOS update for Windows 7, only Vista and XP.
    Can anyone help? Should I update with the Vista BIOS? Are there any other options for solving this battery problem? I've already tried an ATX reset, and uninstalling the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery.
    Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    Theoretically, you can install Windows Vista to update Bios and return Win 7, then. Before doing, try this:
    Unplug the computer from the AC adapter and turn it on. Let the computer run under battery power until the computer turns off
    Remove the battery pack. Using a soft cloth, wipe off the battery packs connectors and the AC adapters connectors.
    Re-insert the battery pack and plug the computer into the AC adapter
    > I've already tried an ATX reset, and uninstalling the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery.
    by the way, did you have the same issue before installing Win 7?

  • How to identify the device is locked or not?

    how to identify the iphone is locked or not

    Call AppleCare, give them the model and serial number and ask them if it is locked and if yes, which cell carrier it is locked with.

  • Satellite A200-17O - How to restore Windows to factory settings?

    I have a Satellite A200-17O. I want to restore Windows Vista to factory settings, I do not need to back up any files. I do not have the Product Recovery CD. When I press F8 and click the "Repair Computer" option, it will give me all the options, but when I click the option to fully recover the system (the one on the bottom), it will simply open up a window telling me to back up my data, then theres an "OK" button, and when I click that, the window will simply close and go back to the options menu. All I want is to get Vista back to Factory settings.
    Thank you for your help.

    Yes, normally you can restore your notebook back to factory settings using the HDD recovery option. Therefore you should follow the instructions here:
    If it doesnt work you have to use the Toshiba recovery disk. If your notebook didnt come with such a recovery disk you have to create it yourself using preinstalled recovery creator tool. This is mentioned in your user manual, have you checked it?
    Therefore you need some blank DVDs. I would recommend DVD-R from Verbatim or TDK. Many users here have good experience with these brands.
    If you have more questions, just post again! ;)

  • Satellite A200-1AX: How to connect to the HDMI port of TV

    I own A200-1AX (PSAE6E) laptop, with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600. The video card has hardware support of high definition audio and video, but there is NO HDMI connector. I want to know, if there is any way to connect the laptop to the HDMI Input of the TV?

    Yes it is very stupid situation but you must understand that every notebook manufacturer offer notebook with different hardware platform and different ports. Because of that it is very important to pick up info about all possibilities how to use the notebook with external devices.
    Anyway bye and good luck.

  • Satellite A200-1AE: How to set external monitor as main display on Win XP

    Model: A200-1AE
    OS: XP SP2
    I wish to use the external display in Windows XP. It would be necessary that the external display was the main thing, and desktop expansions occurred on the laptop display. The driver, downloaded from your site do not allow to make it... Though in Windows Vista such possibility is.
    How it is possible to solve my problem?

    As far as I know this is not possible. In my case this option is grayed out!!!
    But maybe its possible on your notebook. In such case you should access the graphic card properties. Then go the last tab called Settings.
    There you should mark the display 2 and should enable the option called use this device as the primary monitor.
    But if this option is not available you will be not able to set this!!!!
    Best regards

  • How to identify specific devices on the list of connected devices

    I have 7 devices according to the list under manasge devices. According to this list, I have three iphones identically listed (I actually have two which have different names in the about field) and I have two iPad's (I actually have 1 iPad and 1 iPad mini). The two computers I have connected are listed correctly according to how I list them inside the computer. I changed the name of my iPhone 4S but no change has resulted  in the manage devices page.
    This is clearly a stupid situation. Why can't the manage devices page reflect what I actually call my devices or at least the serial number?
    Can someone please help me clear up this situation asap?

    To setup port mapping on an 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBSn), either connect to the AEBSn's wireless network or temporarily connect directly, using an Ethernet cable, to one of the LAN port of the AEBSn, and then use the AirPort Utility, in Manual Setup, to make these settings:
    Advanced > Port Mapping tab
    o Click the "+" (Add) button
    o Service: <skip this setting as you will be custom configuring which ports you need opened for the TiVo>
    o Public UDP Port(s): <enter the appropriate UDP port values>
    o Public TCP Port(s): <enter the appropriate TCP port values>
    o Private IP Address: <enter the IP address of the host server>
    o Private UDP Port(s): <enter the same as Public UDP Ports or your choice>
    o Private TCP Port(s): <enter the same as Public TCP Ports or your choice>
    o Click "Continue"

  • How to identify connected devices?

    In the Airport Utlity, I can see devices connected to my Time Capsule router.  Three of them are identified by name but two are IP and mac address.  Is there some way to find out what these last two addresses are (i.e., devices)?

    Depending on whether a device is connecting using Ethernet or wireless, you need to know the Ethernet ID or AirPort ID of the device. That is the number that is associated with the IP address that is displayed in AirPort Utility.
    For example, if you have a Mac....
    Open System Preferences (gear icon on the dock) and open Network
    Click on AirPort , then click Advanced at the lower right
    The AirPort ID of the Mac is displayed at the bottom of the window
    For the Ethernet ID, click on Ethernet, then click Advanced, then click the Ethernet tab
    The Ethernet ID is displayed at the top of the window
    On an iPhone.....
    Tap the Settings icon, tap General, tap About, then scan down to locate Wi-Fi Address, also known as the AirPort ID.

  • Satellite A200 PSAE6E: Controller code 28 in device manager after Win7 installation

    I have the same problem! I have an A200-PSAE6E with Windows 7. My device manager shows me a perfect SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller under SD host adapters. But it has a certain Mass Storage Controller, under Other Devices, and that one doesn't have a driver installed (code 28). I try to update it, but it doesn't find anything.
    Here on Toshiba's website I can't find the drivers for the card reader either. I think it's Card Reader Controller (there is a Flash Card Support Utility, but I'm almost certain it's the other one)
    There is a Card Reader Controller driver for Windows Vista 64, but my Windows 7 is 32. Do you think I should try that anyway? Do you think perhaps Toshiba won't even release a driver for that?

    > Here on Toshiba's website I can't find the drivers for the card reader either. I think it's Card Reader Controller (there is a Flash Card Support Utility, but I'm almost certain it's the other one)
    If you would click on More Info which is on the right of the driver page, then you could find all details about the drivers.
    The Flash Card Support Utility is not driver but utility (the name said everything) and this utility controls the FN buttons.
    Visit the Toshiba European driver page and choose your notebook model.
    Then try the Vista 32bit driver called Flash Media Driver (dont mix it with Flash Card Support Utility). The Flash Media Driver v is for your Bridge Media Slot. This slot lets you insert either a SD card, Memory Stick (Pro) or xD picture card.

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