Scheduled report failing with "Incorrect log on parameters"

I am having trouble with a report scheduled on our Crystal Enterprise Server.  I didn't design this report but am responsible for supporting the server, so I am trying to determine if this is a server issue or not. 
The user who designs these reports has designed many others without issue.  She uses Crystal Reports XI and publishes them to the server. There is a group of similar reports that she has setup to run on a schedule and all run fine except for one.  This one gives the error:
Error Message: Error in File C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Data\procSched\REPORTS.reportjobserver\~tmpee06be03474eb18.rpt: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. Details: [Database Vendor Code: 18456 ]
Within CR XI, we have double and triple checked the username, password and database connection info.  The report is using OLE DB to connect to a SQL 2005 server.  I know the credentials are correct because several other reports use the same credentials and work fine. 
One other interesting note, if I log into the Central Management Console, I can run the same report manually without errors. It only throws this error when it runs as scheduled. 
Hope someone can offer some suggestions.  I'm no Crystal expert so please ask if I didn't provide enough information.

Moved to BOE Admin Forums.
In the Properties of the report in the CMC you can set the log on info as well as any parameters when scheduled.
Check the Admin guide on how to

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  • Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. (CR with InfoSet Query)

    Hi ,
    I have created a crystal report with InfoSet Query in Crystal Report Designer 2011. And it works fine, data extraction also works fine. After that, I have uploaded it into BI Platform 4.0. I can display the CR via clicking View from context menu. But it was still failed once I tried to schedule it in BI launch Pad.
    The error message is : Error in File ~tmp314c6a47c20e892.rpt: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters.
    It's so stranger, since i can view it in Designer and viewing it direct in BI lauch Pad. Do you have met this same issue within BI Platform 4.0. Thanks.
    Best Regards,
    Simon Shen

    Not sure if this will help but I finally had success with running a report with a database connection. Here is what I learned from other posts:
    1) Make sure you are using the ODBCAD32.exe located in \windows\syswow64 folder. It's the 32 bit Administrator, the one in the Control Panel is the 64 bit versions and it won't work with a 32 bit app.
    2) Make sure you use System DSN, not User DSN.
    Other tips...
    1) Create a blank report (no parameters, no db connection). Run and get that to work first.
    2) Create a basic db report (no parameters, one table, one field). Run and get that to work second.
    3) If step two fails, try creating a report with different drivers.
    4) If step three fails, try installing the latest service packs and repeat 1-3.
    5) If step four fails, throw out the software or computer or both

  • Adding a Subreport to existing report and getting this error, "Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters"

    I have taken on an existing project done in Visual Studio 2008 with crystal reports version Crystal Report XI.
    The reports on their own work very well. Problem is I need to add information to my report which is a 'many-to-one' situation where for each Project Id that I am displaying I need to display several attached documents and the report I am working on is for several Project Id's.
    I figured this would be a perfect situation for a SubReport. I created a separate report which calls a stored procedure to get all of the Attached Documents for a specific Project Id. I thought if I were to add this new SubReport to the Original Report and link the Project Id's, easy-peazy, I would be done.
    This is not the case. I have vb code that loads the Original Report with a stored procedure and when this code runs with the setup I described above it fails when it is creating the final report with the following error:
    Logon failed. Details: crdb_adoplus : Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Error in File C:\~\ProjectDescriptionReport {6BA19F79-2A12-4826-B1F6-456EF799963B}.rpt: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters.
    I have no specific connections in my vb code for the reports. If I do not add the subreport to the main report, it loads correctly, so I know the error is caused by the subreport.
    This is the code that creates the original report (sorry for dumping the code here, i just thought it would be easier to see all the code) :
    Public Function LoadReport(ByVal inProjectNum As Integer, ByVal strProjectName As String) As DataTable ', ByVal inFiscalYear As Integer, ByVal inCompany As String) As DataTable
            Dim cnn As SqlConnection = Nothing
            Dim cmd As Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand
            Dim obj As New clsDataClass
            Dim dataAdapter As SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter
                LoadReport = New DataTable("DescriptionReport")
                cmd = New SqlCommand()      
                cnn = obj.Create_Connection()
                With cmd
                    .CommandType = Data.CommandType.StoredProcedure
                    .Connection = cnn
                    .CommandTimeout = "60"
                    .CommandText = "usp_GetProjectGroupSpecsCR"              
                    .Parameters.AddWithValue("@ProjectNumber", inProjectNum)
                    .Parameters.AddWithValue("@ProjectName", strProjectName)
                End With
                dataAdapter = New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter
                dataAdapter.SelectCommand = cmd
                Dim oRpt As New ReportDocument()
                oRpt.SetParameterValue("inProjectNum", inProjectNum)
                oRpt.SetParameterValue("strProjectName", strProjectName)
                oRpt.ExportToHttpResponse(ExportFormatType.PortableDocFormat, Response, True, "Projects_DescriptionReport") 'inCompany & "ProjectsReport_Description" & inFiscalYear) <-- Line where the error occures.
    What I need to know is what is the proper way to add a subreport to a application?
    From the ways I have tried it is clearly not working and I am out of ideas. I am fairly new to Crystal Reports and this way of coding it.
    Any help for this would be greatly appreciated, I've been stuck on this for a while and am finally reaching out to the Crystal Report Specialists.
    Thank you in advance,

    Hi Bryan,
    You may want to check the Connection properties also. I think the MS Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand is using the MDAC driver, or could be modified.
    If you are connecting to SQL Server 2008 or above you should be using the SQL Native 10 or 11 Client.
    As Dell suggests have a look at the samples and if you can use a DSN ( 32 bit or 64 bit ODBC Admin )
    Also search for "CRlogger", you'll find how to enable CR's database logging component and may help show you what part is failing.

  • Crystal Reports Server :Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters

    Hi there, I am getting the following error in Crystal Reports Server  when i try to preview or schedule a Crystal Report on an Access 2000 database.
    Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters
    The Access database does not have has not username or password and I have left these blank when publishing it, and the Database properties in the Central Management Console also show the username and password as blank.
    All other reports are fine is it just reports on the Access 2000 database that give me this errror.
    Anyone any ideas.

    ok now you have to make ure that the user used to run the BOBJ services on your BO server (if you hvae windows then this is the local system account), has access to your AccessDB. Normally local users do not have access to network locations so it is advisable to create a domain user, who is allowed to access the directory with your database and is melber of the local administrators group on the BOBJ server. All you have to do then is to  configure your BOBJ services (Use the Central Configuration Management utility to do this) to run under the credentials (Log-on-as) of user you created.

  • Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters - In CMC / CR report

    I have a CR report that connects to an AS400 and an Excel file.  The Excel file is on a Network Drive, and I've made sure that the drive is mapped on my server that the Crystal Reports Server is on.  I can sucessfully run this report on this same server in CR XI.  However, when I try to Preview or Run Now from the CMC, it says "Unable to connect: Incorrect log on parameters".
    I do not have a password on the Excel file, but this is where the problem seems to be.  Any ideas?

    In case you use CR Server 2008 you won't find services for cache and page server. These services are integrated and controlled by the SIA (Server Intelligent Agent) service.
    Start you CCM (Central Configuration Manager), Select Server Intelligent Agent, Right click and choose properties, Untick System Account and provide a user (domain) account which has sufficient rights to access your folder.

  • Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. Database Vendor Code: 18456

    I have imported a report into Info View (that has no parameters), I am able to run the report on Demand in InfoView, and I am also able to run the report within the CMC Preview.   I have tried scheduling using the admin account in CMC, through the publishing wizard and also with a authorized users in InfoView.  But anytime I try to schedule the report I get this error.
    Status: Failed 
    Printer: The instance is not printed. 
    External Destination: Mail the instance to " XXX@XXX .com " with a subject of " test ". 
    Data Refresh Settings:  Use the server defaults. 
    Start Time: 11/18/08 3:02:19 PM 
    End Time: 11/18/08 3:02:23 PM 
    Server Used: clr-combr.reportjobserver 
    Error Message: Error in File C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Data\procSched\clr-combr.reportjobserver\~tmp1304574d76168ca.rpt: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. Details: [Database Vendor Code: 18456 ] 
    I have made sure that the Reportjobobject is enabled and the server for SMTP email is enabled, and I am pretty sure I have the properties set up correctly within there, we created a email account specifically for crystal.  And that email account is also set up as a user.  I don't know where else to look.
    Please help.

    Hi Ashley
    I would like to suggest you following things with the Report:
    1) Please log in into CMC, go to Report which you want to schedule.
    2) Click on the report and go to Process
    3) Click on the tab Database.
    4) There will be two option to make the entries for database logon required for the Report.
    Please select the appropriate option. Are you able to Preview the report?
    What is the database in use? Please also check the odbc driver settings for that database.

  • Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters [Database Vendor Code: 1005]

    We have a report that has been in production for some time and ran successfully with no trouble.  However, it now keeps failing with this error and the log on parameters are correct.  The whole error is:
    Error in
    File / usr/local/bobje/data/procSched/mrspas051.reportjobserver/~ tmp2f0ea56e4c88a08d6.rpt: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters, Details: [Database Vendor Code: 1005]. 
    Can you tell us why a report suddenly fails with this error?  Thank you.

    We've been having the same issue with scheduled Crystal reports (in BO 3.1).  After much testing, we found that even though reports are set to use the custom database logon credentials, if the name of the original data source changes, it causes the error (Error in File ~tmp1d06ed702daa30.rpt: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. Details: [Database Vendor Code: 1005 ] ).  For example, I publish a report to a production environment.  It has an original data source called "test".  I set it to use the custom database logon.  A user then creates a recurring schedule and it runs successfully.  A developer opens the report in Crystal 2008 and changes the connection to something else, for ex "dev" (in Crystal, this is on the Database menu, select "Set Datasource Location" and pick a different option under My Connections or create a new one), then saves the report to BO.  We promote the report to prod and it overwrites the existing file.  We make sure it's still set to use the custom database connection to prod but the recurring schedules that were set up when the original data source was called "test" immediately begin to fail.  I tried working with support but they didn't really help much.  They had me install the Oracle 11G client on our servers since we were connecting to our 11G repository with the 10G client but that did nothing.  They finally claimed that since our repository database was Oracle 11G R2 (not just 11G), it wasn't supported and they wouldn't go any further.  If anyone's found a solution, I would really appreciate hearing how it was fixed.

  • Report failing with error

    Hi All,
    Application R12.1.3 with Shared Application Tier 2 nodes
    Database : 11g R with RAC 2 nodes with ASM
    We have a concurrent program which gets fired when submitted thru API . For each order program is run once . If there are more orders it will run n number of times . At this time one request is failing with error
    But for the same failed request when we run separately(with same parameters) it is completing Normal . There is no other error in Manager Logs.
    please help what can be the issue.

    Please see the following docs/links.
    Concurrent Processing - Concurrent Reports Failing With Errors REP-0004,REP-0082 and REP-0104 [ID 844976.1]
    If the links did not help, please enable trace/debug and see if you get more details about the error and post the contents of the log file then -- How Can Trace and Debug Be Turned On For A Concurrent Request? [ID 759389.1]

  • Can't reconnect to sync from work - firefox login fails with "Incorrect password" when I know it is correct

    I can happily connect my home computers and phone to sync and I have confirmed they sync between themselves. However, my work computer has recently stopped being able to sync where it has previously been fine for well over a year. I am on the latest version of sync and Firefox 35.0.1 (both at home and work).
    When I try to reconnect to sync I am directed to the "Sign in to continue" page. It has my correct email address/account name. I enter my password (clicking "Show" to make sure it's correct) but then it always fails with "Incorrect password" in a red banner at the top. I have checked the password is correct and logged out and back in from home using the same password so I know that is correct. I have tried this logged in to work via remote desktop so I could do both at the same time to make sure there isn't just a prevailing sync server problem.
    Obviously my work computer is behind a proxy/firewall. I have recently had to add a new certificate as a result of proxy changes to get internet connectivity working. Anecdotally, I think sync stopped working at a similar time - but it's always easy to remember these things differently when you're looking for a solution. So this could be a red herring.
    Your help in getting this fixed would be much appreciated!

    Thanks for your reply.
    i've deleted all cookies, although I don't really understand how that relates. I have also spoken to our sysadmin who says we don't block access to firefox accounts per se, we do block all file-esque uploads. However, I am not sure this would make any difference to the exact problem I am seeing which is that I can't sign in to my firefox sync account. But maybe signing in to this account is different to a "normal" account - maybe there is more of a two way handshake which relies on sending some encrypted data which appears to our proxy like a file being uploaded out of the company.
    I got a slightly different error on my latest clear down and retry, in that the sign in just waited forever (overnight) without success.
    Any further help gratefully received...

  • Automatic Email When Scheduled Report Fails?

    Is there a way to configure XI to automatically send an email if a scheduled report fails to run successfully?

    This is actually configured at the report level from the CMC and not via auditing. For each report that you want notification(s)to be set for, switch to the Schedule tab --> Notification in the CMC. Enable email notifications as required. ie. "A job has failed to run. "

  • Crystal 10 Reports fail with error: "Load Report Failed"

    this seems to be a mystery. A client has Crystal 10 reports run from a Visual Studio 2003 application  (.NET 1.1) running fine on and old server.
    Once the .NET application is installed on a new Windows 2003 server, all Crystal 10 reports fail with the error message: "Load report failed" Source: CrystalDecisions.CrystalReport.Engine.
    I set the worker process in the application pool to "system admin" and all Crystal reports failed. I had thought it was a security issue. I even removed Crystal 10 and installed Crystall XI Developer Edition and all reports raised the exact same error message from CrystalDecisions.CrystalReport.Engine.
    Crystal does call the stored procedure to retrieve the data but cannot load the PDF. I have used 3 different physical servers, one Win 2003 64-bit and two Win 2003  32-bit and get the same error.

    Hi Mak,
    It seems that you are having issue with SDK's.
    Post your question in  Business Objects SDK Application Development  ->
    .NET Development - Crystal Reports Forum.
    That forum is monitored by qualified technicians and you will get a faster response there. Also, all SDK's queries remain in one place and thus can be easily searched in one place.
    Thank you for your understanding,

  • Scheduled Web Intelligence report fails with ORA-01013 and WIS 10901

            the environment I'm working in is BOXI R2 SP4 on a Solaris 10 server using WebLogic running against Oracle 9i database.
    I have a report written by one of the users. In SQL Viewer the SQL detailed is two joined Select statements. Each time this report is either scheduled or refreshed is fails with an ORA-01012 and WIS 10901 error.
    I am of the understanding that this failure relates to the fact that the 'Limit Execution Time To;'  value is being exceeded.
    I also understand that this value is infact divided by the number of Select statements present, and that each Select statment is them allocated an equal portion of this value.
    If any of this is incorrect please correct me.
    I therefore have two questions
    1. As such would I be correct in assuming that in my scenario where 2 Select statments are present and where the execution limit is set to 30 minutes, that each Select has 15 minutes to complete, and that if either fails the ORA-01012 and WIS 10901 error is generated.
    2. Also would this error message get generated as soon as the first failure occurred, or would BO initiate a cancellation of the SQL by Oracle, ORA-01012, only when the final request has either succeeded or failed.

    The queries are not executed in parallel but in serial. So the total execution time configured will be for all the Select statements in the report combined.
    As for your second question, since the execution is not parallel hence BO will not initiate any error message until the total execution time exceeds the defined limit. This could be during the execution of first select statement or the second.
    Try executing the queries directly in database one by one and see how much time they are taking.
    - Noman Jaffery

  • Scheduling a Deski report fails with error message: "Failed to get property

    We have created few Desktop Intelligence report. Now when these report are schedules to be refreshed weekly (on Sunday), it fails with the following error message:
    "Failed to Get Property"
    Have tried to refresh the reports manually in Full Client too but the report fails there too.
    Have checked for the connection information. The servers are up and running.
    Have tried to re-create the connection and even tried to re-import and export the Universe.
    If we rename the report and save it and export, it works fine. Can not try this workaround as have more that 500 reports.
    Please suggest.

    Hi Maria,
    usually the message "Failed to Get Property" is followed by an item name such as SI_FILE, or SI_VARIABLE, or SI_USE_ORIGINALDS, and so on.
    Could you please specify as much information coming from the error message as you can?
    Furthermore, is this issue happening with any Desktop Intelligence reports you schedule?
    Are the reports using the same Universe?
    Which DB are you using?
    Samanta F.

  • Report fails with " Invalid argument for database." error.

    Hi All,
    Several of my reports deployed on Crystal Reports Server 2008 server fails everyday with the following error.
    Error in File ~tmp121c5dc747685036.rpt: Invalid argument for database.
    The error is not consistent, if report A fails today, it is Report B the next day. When I reschedule the reports, they run just fine. They fail only when the daily schedules run at 2:00 AM in the morning. 100 + reports are run at this time and some of the reports that fail run many times with different parameters. Is this error due to scheduling reports many times or is it something else? Appreciate any help with this.

    can you please check under <BOBJ installation directory>\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\logging in the log files created by the crystal reports job server for additionaly error messages?
    PS: Do you run CRS 2008 V0 or V1?

  • Scheduled report failed after 10 mins

    Hi Everyone,
    We are using Business Object XI 3.1 and Crystal Report 2008.
    We have a few reports which uses Java Beans Connectivity. They all run fine using Crystal Report 2008 Designer.
    After I publish the reports to the server and schedule it to run from InfoView, the reports fail if it runs over 10 mins and returns error ( See below). If I rerun the report and it completes within 10 mins, it will be fine.
    Title: Test Report
    Document Type: Microsoft Excel
    Status Failed
    External Destination: None
    Owner: SLuo
    Server Used: BOETEST.CrystalReportsJobServer
    PID: 14496
    Folder Path: Reporting
    Remote Instance: No
    Creation Time: 6/27/2014 10:21 AM
    Expiry: 6/27/2024 10:21 AM
    Start Time: 6/27/2014 10:22 AM
    End Time: 6/27/2014 10:32 AM
    Printer: None
    Formats: Microsoft Excel
    Parameters: 1/6/14; 1/6/14
    Error Message: Error in File ~tmp38a08076f722e00.rpt: Failed to retrieve data from the database.
    I added -crpetrace 7 - trace to the command line params to view the details of the log, however not much luck in getting a meaningful message.
    The log from Crystal Job Server:
    2014/06/30 14:03:50.063|==| | | 3900|4308|
    CRPE FAILED: GetLastPEErrorInfo(1) returns crpe error code [723] with
    extended error string [Failed to retrieve data from the database.
    Failed to retrieve data from the database.
    Error in File ~tmpf3c80895162f60.rpt:
    I have looked the configuration of Crystal Job Server, Reports Cache Server and Processing Server, nothing obvious that has limited the connection to 10 mins. I have extended the time in CRConfig.xml still no luck.
    There are other reports on the server using direct db connection and run fine for 2 hours+.
    Anyone has experienced this before and aware of any configuration that might cause the report to fail in 10 mins?
    Many thanks,

    Hi Shan,
    You can refer to the following SAP KBA for the issue:
    1204347 - Error: "Failed to retrieve data from the database" when using Javabeans as a datasource
    The SAP Note is for BO XI R2; however, you can try the same resolution for BO XI 3.1.
    Hope this helps.

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