Sender Communication Channel for Integration Scenario IDoc - XI - IDoc?

Hello All,
One general question. I have to configure an IDoc - XI - IDoc Scenario. For this Scenario I have to configure an Receiver Communication Channel (IDoc Adapter) to the Backend System but what about Sending Communication Channel for the Sending R/3 system.
Is the (IDoc) Communication Channel from Sending system to XI required to configured?
Many thanks in advanced!

Hi Jochen,
for sending IDOCs from SAP to XI, sender IDOC adapter is not required. when XI will send the IDOC to a SAP system, then receiver IDOC adapter is needed.
Rajeev Gupta

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  • Sender communication channel for  HTTP and IDOC

    Why the sender communication channel is not necessary for HTTP and IDOC

    Because they lie on ABAP stack ie on Integration that they can process directly but other adapter lies on Adapter engine.

  • BIC Module Error in Sender Communication channel for EDI to File scenario.

    Hi Experts,
    We are working on the EDI based scenarion where EDI files come to SAP PI from partner and then through Split 997 Adapter Func Ack is sent back to the Partner . But we are facing a issue in our sender Communication Channel which is a File Adapter Channel and uses BIC Module for the conversion of EDI to XML .Request if any one can provide any guidance on the below issue coming in sender CC.
    Error: Error in BICMODULE-module:Temporary error: BIC XI Adapter call failed. Reason: 2 errors occured. First error: EdiSegmentData read(): Edifact Format not correct : segment must end with \"segment delimiter\" (Segment : ISA). DESCRIPTION: EdiSegmentData Error: Your Edifact Format is incorrect the segment must end with \"segment delimiter\". check segment [not specified]. Last error: InhouseDocReader moveNext(): com.seeburger.jucon.dochandler.AnsiX12DocReader, offset[92(read Segment : ISA)]: could not parse segment (wrong format): EdiSegmentData: Edifact Format not correct : segment must end with "segment delimiter" (Segment : ISA) DESCRIPTION: InhouseDocReader Error: [not specified] at position [not specified] could not parse the segment [not specified] Error while reading description - wrong format.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Abhishek,
    Is there any special character present in the EDI file?
    the parser is not able to parse the data.
    you can check the BIC conversion log for more information.

  • Run Sender Communication channel for every 4Hrs

    Dear all,
    I have requirement to schedule sender CC in production for every 4hrs.
    We have option called daily but not hourly !!!
    Is it possible  to schedule sender CC like this for every 4hrs??
    Note: For Some reasons i can't increase the polling to 4hrs in sender channel to solve this issue

    Found a solution. Create a unix script and run the command to start and stop the communication channel as per your requirement.
    Below is the syntax.  You can try using wget command or curl in unix followed by the below command
    wget http(s)://...
    curl http(s)://...
    check this link

  • Regd Sender  Communication channel

    Hi all,
    I have configured a sender communication channel for picking a file. Everything looks fine to me, but the file is not getting picked up.
    I checked in RWB for channel, channel is configured fine.its says  processing started, and processing finished successfully.No message ID is showing.But the file is not getting picked from the location.
    In moni , no messages to display.
    can you suggest how to trace out the possible error? the path and file names are perfect, check it number of times.

    Hi Anika,
    in sender file comm channel, set the processing mode to delete and activate it.............
    then in source file system, ask the file system guys to check the file permissions of the source should have read, write, execute for others............
    then your source file should be picked.........if still your source file is not getting picked, then ask your basis guys to do a full CPACache refresh using PIDIRUSER and then re-run your scenario......
    Rajeev Gupta

  • 5 Sender communication channels and 1 receiver channel

    My scenario demands to handle 5 different select queries from single data base.
    I need to have 5 sender communication channels for editing an employee and only 1 receiver channel at receiver side and i'm using one common Functional module to handle.
    Can i handle the above situation in one single interface??? like having 5 sender communication channel at sender side and 1 receiver communication channel at receiver side??

    like having 5 sender communication channel at sender side and 1 receiver communication channel at receiver side??
    Yes it is possible....if it is not possible for you to combine the query into one.
    How is the data to be processed? Is the data pulled by the 5 sender channels, to be merged into one target message? Is yes then you have to make use of a BPM.
    If the Data from 5 sender channels will be individually forwarded  to the receiver channel then there is no need of a BPM.

  • Why is a sender communication channel not required for IDOC and PROXY ?

    In case of IDOCs, metadata will be available in PI for the IDOCs used both at inbound and outbound.
    Why is a sender communication channel is not required in case of IDOC and PROXY outbound scenarios (i.e. IDOC to File or PROXY to file ..)  when a receiver channel is required for scenarios like file to IDOC or file to PROXY.
    Though this might be a regular question, I am not able to find a proper reason.
    Please let me know the reason for the above request.
    Thanks & Regards.

    You will create RFC destination in ECC , it will have details about PI system details, when ever you send IDoc, ECC will use Port and RFC destination to connect PI Integratiion engine to deliver data to PI.
    But when receiver side you will create RFC destination in PI with ECC details, but to call RFC destination and Port we need medium that was the reason we create IDoc communication channel.
    Even the same case for Proxy also, but HTTP deastination establish the conection between ECC and PI, but receiver side you have to create XI channel with PI integratioin engine adress to post data.

  • Communication Channels for IDOC scenario

    I have a conceptual question regarding the communication channels within IDoc scenario.
    Case 1:
    - File_to_RFC scenario
    Here I defined a File communication channel from business system A.
    1a) For which system (business system A or B) do I need to define a IDoc communication channel?
    1b) What is the RFC destination and Port I need here?
    Case 2:
    - IDOC_to_IDOC scenario
    2a) Do I need in this scenario only one communication channel for business system A?
    2b) What is the RFC destination and Port I need here?
    Thank you very much!

    Thom Heinemann wrote:
    > Hi!
    > I have a conceptual question regarding the communication channels within IDoc scenario.
    > Case 1:
    > - File_to_RFC scenario
    > Here I defined a File communication channel from business system A.
    > 1a) For which system (business system A or B) do I need to define a IDoc communication channel?
    >  1b) What is the RFC destination and Port I need here?
    in this case no IDoc CC is involved. All you need is a File sender adapter and RFC receiver adapter
    > Case 2:
    > - IDOC_to_IDOC scenario
    > 2a) Do I need in this scenario only one communication channel for business system A?
    >  2b) What is the RFC destination and Port I need here?
    > Thank you very much!
    > Thom
    in this case you will need a IDoc receiver adapter only.
    The basic settings:
    In XI
    SM59 - R3 connection pointing to R3
    IDX1 - define the port with the above dest.
    In R3
    SM59 - R3 connection pointing to XI
    WE21 - define the port with the above dest.
    WE20 - Partner profile type outbound/Inbound
    Further ref:

  • Sender agreement & communication channel not needed in case of IDOC adapter

    Hello everyone ,
       I am new to xi , as far as i know a communication channel cannot be created in ID when using IDOC adapter , the answer for this question is like , the idoc adapter resides on the integration server & not part of j2ee AF .
    Can some one explain me in the terms of a laymen , its not clear to me.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi ! Reena
    IDOC adapter resides on Integration server, so Integration engine takes care of the conversion format from IDOC to XML, hence there is no need for sender Adapter .Also since its residing on Integration server you can directly post the message in the Integration engine.
    well lemme explain a little bit,the main reason for sender agreement is to associate namespace with the sender adapter,now when we shoot IDOC from R/3 it already contains its standard SAP namespace so no need of sender agreement.
    now comes the sender CC,main use of sender CC is to identify the sending system and the adapter.the IDOC header contains details of all the this,so again there is no need for sender CC
    loook at this thread discuss the same
    Re: Why we r not Creating Sender Agreement For HTTP & IDOc Adapter at Sende
    Re: why HTTP & IDOC adapter do not require sender communication channel?
    Questions are welcome here!!
    Also mark helpful answers by rewarding points
    Abhishek Agrahari


    Hi Experts,
    I need generate the service for sender soap communication channel for target url to receive the  inbound proxy.
    my scenario is like SOAP to proxy. while using  receiver proxy also we are planing using AAE method .
    i am using SOAP sender and SOAp receiver communication channel .i need to provide the target url for this communication channel.
    how to generate the url for this and what is the transaction code .
    Please help us.

    Hi Ravinder, scenario is like SOAP to proxy. while using  receiver proxy also we are planing using AAE method.
    SOAP to Poxy in this case.
    For sender  SOAP system, we can generate the WSDL link in ID part.
    for Reveiver proxy give the integration engine URL.
    how to generate the url for this and what is the transaction code
    There is no transaction code for generating the URL.
    i hope this will help.

  • XI-Multiple instance scenario -File & SQL sender communication channels

       i have a basic question regarding how file sender communication channel ( where we poll for a particular file pattern either using file/ftp types in a particular subfolder ) or a sql sender communication channel - ( selecting records from a sql source ) would work in a scenario with two active XI instances and j2EE file and sql adapter services running on both of the J2EE servers ?
    1. How would the file polling from both J2EE servers - avoid a conflict looking for the same file pattern ? Is there any inbuilt mechanism from SAP to make multiple instances work with the file polling - without a confict ?
    2. Simlar question for SQL sender type communication channel ?
    If SAP does have a mechanism to handle multiple instance scenarios for file and sql sender adapter based communication channels, is there a link/document on this ?

    Hi Karthik,
    Please see my comments.
    I am just wondering aloud - what will happen if we use a select for update clause in the sql sender adapter communication channel -
    Gouri: Yes you can use select + update. In fact that is the right way.
    will this ensure that polling from one J2EE instance will lock the selected records so that the second instance does not select the same set of records from the sql server ? Or should we not use a select for update and use a simple select statement ?
    Gouri: Yes. SQL DB will ensure that same data will not be picked by another node. As I mentioned earlier use serilizable option from advanced mode.

  • Files not getting picked up using Sender Communication Channel frm MDM sy

    Hi Experts,
    XI sender communication channel is configured to pick up any files coming from MDM system from the following path
    Earlier we had the scenario working properly that created idocs in R3 system.(MDM>XI>R3)
    Currently i tried to test the scenario again but i don't see an entry in the sxmb_moni or tried checking whether the sender communication channel is working properly it showed polling correctly in RWB.The files are already sitting in the the above path.XI should be picking it up but don't know what the problem is?
    I also tried a test in RWB>Integration Engine>Test Message  put the payload and it was able to create idocs in R3.So i concluded there is an error in picking up message from MDM.
    Is there any log available for the commmunication channel where i can see error info of whether any files picked up or not.
    Please suggest me what all can be done to to ensure the CC is picking up the files.
    Earlier responses highly appreciated.

    In addition to the RWB channel check suggested by Aamir, you should also check if the channel is
    1) Active in ID
    2) Channel is not locked in VA, if it is locked then your status in RWB will show processing started but the files wont be picked up...for more details check the unlocking procedure mentioned in this thread:
    The unlocking procedure is the same for FILE and JDBC....

  • Configuring a Communication Channel for an AE other than the default IS

    Configuring a Communication Channel for an Adapter Engine other than the default engine.
    See: for Communication Channel
    It states under 'Adapter Configuration', that you can specify the Adapter Engine you want to use in the Adapter Engine dropdown box.
    I have activated the XI components on my ERP system using transaction SICF, but what do I have to do to make the other adapter engines show up in the dropdown list when configuring an adapter?
    Maybe some background would be helpful:  This is for a scenario that will send a file from an external system to one of the ERP systems in our landscape.  BUT, the system admins have decided to revoke our FTP accounts (because they have their reasons), so I need to create a File Adapter that will drop the file on the file system of that ERP system, due to visibility I want to use the integrated Adapter Engine that comes with the ERP system, but need to know how/what I'm missing in setting up this scenario.

    Hi Anesh,
    >>>>but what do I have to do to make the other adapter engines show up in the dropdown list when configuring an adapter?
    in order to use some other adapter engine you
    have to install it first by dafault only one
    (central) adapter engine is used and it is all
    most clients need
    if you'd like to use some other adapter engine
    (decentralized for example) have a look at thid guide:
    <b>Configuring a Local Adapter Engine to Work with a Central Instance</b>
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions">XI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</a>

  • Error in sender communication channel

    I am doing File to RFC scenario in which i am using Standard bapi to get the cost from the sap system
    while sending the data in sender communication channel the processing mode is in delete mode but it is not deleting and throwing the error
    Error: Unable to roll back transaction:
    this error is from sender communciation channel..
    can any one give some inputs for this...

    i have checked it getting the same error. in moni also administrative cache clear error is coming
    do we need to do any workaround...

  • Inactive Sender Communication Channel still processing Files?

    We de-activated the Sender Communication Channel of an interface. However, the file adapter keeps processing?
       Anybody know what is going on?

    Hi Tom,
    1)  Check out Whether you have De-activated the Right Adapter.
    2) Refresh the Cache,
    a)Start transaction SXI_CACHE.
    b)From the context menu XI Runtime Cache select Start Complete Cache Refresh.
    c)Call transaction SM58 to check the status of the refresh process.If no entry for function module SAI_CACHE3_REFRESH_BACKROUND is Present any more the cache update is finished.
    If you still face issue try this .
    Many actions require to access System Landscape Directory content from the Integration Builder. To optimize performance, this content is loaded into a cache so that the System Landscape Directory does not have to be accessed directly each time that System Landscape Directory content is required.
    However, this cache is not automatically updated if changes are made to the content of the System Landscape Directory. For this reason that we delete the System Landscape Directory cache if changes have been made to content in the System Landscape Directory. The cache is then filled each time that the System Landscape Directory is accessed. If we log on to the Integration Builder after we have made a change in the SLD, we do not need to delete the SLD cache.
    To clear the SLD cache, from the Integration Builder main menu, choose Environment ® Delete Cache for SLD Data.
    Once we have deleted the cache for SLD data, accessing objects in the SLD may take longer than usual initially.
    Agasthuri Doss

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