SRM PO Changes are not transferred to Back end

Hi All,
I have a problem in PO changes.
We are using extended classic scenario. User create PO in the portal and the PO will be transferred to the back end R/3 via RFC. Earlier in 4.7 we the PO's are updated with the changes.
Recently we have upgraded to ECC 6.0. Now the changes are not transferable.
Could any one help me to fix this issue and please give the steps that i need to check for fixing it.
Pratap J

Hi Thaigo,
Thanks for your input. please go through the below.
These are the table entries in BBP_BACKEND_DEST
Client Logical system Destination                        System type RFC possible Local FI validation
500    EP1CLNT500     EP1CLNT500                         EBP_5.0                  X      0
500    RP1CLN500D     RP1CLNT500DIAG                     R/3_4.70    X                   0
500    RP1CLNT500     RP1CLNT500                         R/3_4.70    X                   0
In the table, it was still 4.70. So it needs to changed to ERP_4.0 ?
Pratap J

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  • Contract number not transferred to back-end PO?  Is this an SAP bug?

    System: SRM 4.0 - Classic Scenario
    Iu2019m creating "limit" carts with reference to ECC back-end contracts.  The functionality seems to be available in SRM and I expected it to work in the same way as the "describe requirement" shopping carts (i.e. the contract number added to the shopping cart is transferred to the back-end and the ECC PO is subsequently created with reference to the contract)
    However, for u201CLimitu201D carts, I've added the contract to the shopping cart, but it does not get passed to the follow-on ECC back-end PO.
    These are steps I am following (end-to-end):
    1.     Create contract in ECC (ME31K)
    2.     In SRM, add Vendor and Contract Number/Item to preferred vendor list and Release
    3.     Create u201CLimitu201D shopping cart with relevant material group and vendor
    4.     Search and select contract
    5.     Order and Approve shopping cart as required
    6.     Identify ECC back-end PO number
    7.     Display ECC PO using ME23n, select item and check reference to contract.  **Contract number is blank!**
    If I check table EKPO the Agreement Number field for the PO is blank.  I.e. it has not been transferred from SRM to ECC when the PO is created.
    As I mentioned, the contract is transfered for "describe requirement" carts, but not "limit" carts.
    I have tested this in another system and I have the same problem.  I believe this is a SAP bug.  We have raised an OSS note, but awaiting a reply.
    Has anyone else experience this issue and can provide any guidance?

    Hi Matt,
    We have a similar issue. We've implemented SRM 7 in classic scenario with ECC 6.
    A limit shopping cart is created in SRM and assigned contract limits. The shopping is approved and creates a purchase order in the backend.
    1) The contract number is not available in the limits tab on the purchase order. The expectation was that the contract number from the shopping cart shows up here. BAPI_PO_CREATE1 does show that the information is being passed from SRM.
    2) The F4 search for contract in SRM does not retrieve contracts from the backend. The search seems to only look for local contracts.
    I would appreciate your insight on this issue and if you could share any information that SAP provided.

  • My changes edited on editable ALV report are not transferring back to itab?

    I was developed a heirarchila editable ALV by using FM 'REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY'. The user will do some changes in the ITEMs (Z_VBAP_TABLE) on this heirarchila ALV report and presses the SAVE button.
    In my program am handling this SAVE command and even my break point is also triggering at SAVE, but my ITAB is not having the CHANGED/new data!! still it has the old data in it! How to capture the user changes done on the report? those changes are not tranferring back to my itab/prog! because, ineed to update Z_VBAP_TABLE with those changes
    Thank you

    Hi Raju,
    it is possible . But i know about your code.
       WHEN 'SAVE'(003).
        Lock the table
              mode_rstable   = 'E'
              tabname        = viewname
              foreign_lock   = 1
              system_failure = 2
              OTHERS         = 3.
          IF sy-subrc <> 0.
            MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
          IF NOT grid1 IS INITIAL .
            CALL METHOD grid1->check_changed_data .
          ENDIF .
          SORT i_mod BY row.
          lh_norec = LINES( i_mod ).
          lh_total = lh_norec.
          SHIFT lh_total LEFT DELETING LEADING space.
    Standard Table Update
          IF i_mod[] IS NOT INITIAL.
            LOOP AT i_mod INTO lwa_mod.
              READ TABLE <i_itab> INTO <wa_tab> INDEX lwa_mod-row.
              IF sy-subrc = 0 .
                IF lh_flag NE 'X'.
                  MODIFY (viewname) FROM <wa_tab>.
                  INSERT (viewname) FROM <wa_tab>.
                  IF sy-subrc NE 0.
                    MESSAGE 'DATA NOT SAVED' type 'I'.
            CONCATENATE lh_total '  ' text-s01 INTO lh_succ SEPARATED BY space.
            MESSAGE 'Data Saved' TYPE 'I'.
    This i did a long back. Check your code . I created an alv that will display data from my table . In this the user can click in any line item and he can change any value and press save  that will save the value .

  • Changes to order are not transferred

    our PPDS users are facing an issue in Product Planning Table ( transaction /sapapo/ppt1).
    When we create a planned order and convert to production orders, the system converts with out any issues.
    After some time when we drag the production order to a new time ( in DS board), fix the order, then when we save, we get the message " Changes to order 100065265 are not transferred" and the order moves back to where it was... The  # 100065265 is our production order in created status.
    Looking at the error details, I thought there are some changes to the order being done in R/3, but there were no changes to that order in R/3 at that point and the same change, if done after some time goes through...
    This is happening almost for every order and it's annoying to keep click ok on this order, wait and then reprocess again...some time we get the error multiple time before the system accepts the changes...
    Any idea on what might be happening?
    More details about the error,
    Changes to order 100065265 are not transferred
    Message no. /sapapo/cdpssimulati015
    The changes made to the order 100065265 in SAP APO can not be transferred as the order has already been changed by the linked R/3 system
    System Response:
    If you have made minor changes to an order in SAP APO and changes to this order are simultaneously being transferred from the R/3 system, only the changes from the R/3 system are adopted. The changes you made to the order manually in SAP APO are lost
    In technical information, I see the application area as /SAPAPO/SIMULATI, MESSAGE # 015 and main program SAPLSHL2.

    It seems the production order details are getting updated in ECC with order related settings you maintained at ECC, like settlement profile, etc., During that time, if you try to change the production order in APO, since the ECC update for the order is not yet completed, it gives the error. Thats why after sometime, when you change the production order, it allows you to change.
    Please try this, once you convert the order in APO, go to ECC and try to open the order in CO02 or CO03, it will give you an error the order is already being processed by XXXX. If so, then it is the time taking to update the production order in ECC.
    Also, try this, once you convert the order, immediately save and after sometime you change the time.
    Please check and revert.
    Manimaran M.

  • Am I correct that Photos does not support external editors? i.e., in Aperture, I click Photos Edit with.... and can open in Photoshop or various plug-ins. Changes are then automatically saved back to Aperture. Nonexistent in Photos?

    Am I correct that Photos does not support external editors? i.e., in Aperture, I click Photos > Edit with.... and can open in Photoshop or various plug-ins. Changes are then automatically saved back to Aperture. Nonexistent in Photos?

    Thanks Larry. That certainly gives me some understanding. Can't imagine I'm the only Aperture user with that concern, so I certainly hope Adobe and others will fill the void. Without that feature, Photos is pretty much a non-started for me.

  • Contracts tolerances are not transfering to SRM SC PO

    Hi SRM Expects ,
    contract tolerances not transfering to SRM SC PO .
    We have created a SC based on the contract with  Product category and Supplier , when SC is orderd and PO is created , i can see Contract number in item tab , but  tolerances are not coming from contract in to the  SRM PO.
    contract allocated already before SC was sent for approval. The PO claims, when looking on item detail, it is connected to contract .. But no tolerance
    limits have been transferred from contract to the PO.

    Dear Poster,
    As no response has been provided to the thread in some time I must assume the issue is resolved, if the question is still valid please create a new thread rephrasing the query and providing as much data as possible to promote response from the community.
    Best Regards,
    SDN SRM Moderation Team

  • Changes in LR4RC are not transferred to CS5

    When I update photo's to current process in LR 4.1RC, and then edit them in Photoshop, I don't see the changes I've made in LR (Exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks) in CS5.
    If I don't update them, all changes are perfectly transferred to CS5.

    Have you installed ACR 6.7 RC?  You'll have to do that in order to get Photoshop to see changes made with the 2012 process.

  • Free of charge items, ie price = u00A30.00 are not transferred to backend.

    Free of charge items, ie price = £0.00 are not transferred to backend. PO created with held status, but the SRM PO item IR flag is selected. If we manually amend the SRM PO item to remove the 'invoice receipt' flag, then save the PO, the PO does get to the backend with a price of zero, the IR flag de-selected and the 'free' item flag selected.
    How do we manage to get the PO with free items to the backend without having to manually change the held PO in SRM? We are on SRM 5.0 using extended classic.

    <b>We have done this type of requirment.. several times.. This is easily possible ..</b>
    <u>You need to Implement the BADI - BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK using SE18 Transaction.</u>
    <b>Either you can do this sample code inside BAPI (Make changes accordingly) or inside the BADI - BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK / BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK_NEW depending on your requirement.</b>
      LOOP AT po_items INTO ls_po_items WHERE net_price IS INITIAL.
    * Reset the IR Indicator for Items with Zero net price
        ls_po_items_add_data-po_item = ls_po_items-po_item.
        ls_po_items_add_data-ir_ind  = space.
        ls_po_items_add_data-gr_ind  = 'X'.
        ls_po_items_add_data-gr_non_val = 'X'.
        APPEND ls_po_items_add_data TO po_items_add_data.
    <b>Related link -></b>
    Re: Final Entry/ Final Invoice Indicator to be checked Auotmatically
    <u>Do let me know.</u>
    - Atul

  • Limit PO price changes are not replicated to ECC backend

    Hi all,
    SRM 5.0 ECS SP13.
    When I change the value(increase/decrease) in limt PO which is already created(PO is changed for first time) and order the PO,under Overview screen.,the PO total value(at header level) shows the correct changed /new value while at the Item level,the Net price is shown as the old value!However when I go and check the item details,the  field "VALUE" and "EXPECTED VALUE" have the changed/new value.
    Because of the above issue,the PO changes are not replicated to ECC backend system.When I tested the BAPI BAPI_PO_CHANGE1 with the test data,there is no error mesasge in ECC backend system.
    After this,when I change the PO for second time(again value increase/descrease),the total value and net price is shown correctly in SRM and changes are also replicated to ECC backend system!
    I have also checked the cong for SPOOLPARAMETERS under Set Control Parameters and eveything is set correctly as shown below
    SPOOL_JOB_USER     User that execueds spool job.     CUA_ADMIN
    SPOOL_LEAD_INTERVAL     intervall by which the retrytime incr.     60
    SPOOL_MAX_RETRY     Max. number of retrys for writing BAPIS     10
    Can someone throw some pointers how to resolve the above issue.
    Thanks in advance.

    can you recreate the same issue
    are you saying that
    1. create a limit po for 100 USD and replicated to ECC AS 100 USD total value.
    2 . now update the PO in SRM 150 USD and it was not replicated to ECC ?
    1. limit sc
    2. Limit PO
    3. update not reached ECC.
    Note 1284361 - Limits not transferred to backend purchase order
    Extended classic scenario.
    You have ordered a purchase order with more than one hierarchy item containing a limit.The purchase order is created or updated in the backend system without errors but the limits are missing in the backend purchase order.

  • Changes are not reflected in Script output

    Hi All,
    i am facing a problem in SAPscript.
    I have made a Zscript by copying standard script F110_FR_CHEQUE. I have made the changes in the script as per requirement in development client and transported it to testing client to test (As i dont have any data in development client). But, surprisingly, when i run the program and check the output, the changes are not reflected in the script output.
    First i thought that my script was not triggered thats whay i m not getting any change, but later i changed the dimension of one of the window, in which some hard coded text is written, the differece i found was that, window size is changed, but the text written in that window is still same (what was in standard script.) .
    I am using standard texts for hard coding in script. Standard texts have been transported in testing client also.
    please help me in this regard.

    Could you plese Check NACE whether your script is confiugring or not.
    If it is configured well then Check Standard Text is available or not in Test client by open it in SO10.
    Check all the paragrah formats applied to Standard text are transferred to Test client which are in SE72.
    IF it is available in SO10 then debug the print program for that windows any standard conditions are calling to print the text.

  • Trigger changes are not committing to the database

    I have 9iAS and 9i DB both on my laptop.
    I am having a problem in which a trigger run off a WHEN_BUTTON_PRESSED function is not committing the changes to the database. In the trigger I have:
    1 record insert into table A.
    1 record update to table B.
    1 record insert into table C.
    1 delete from table D.
    None of the data is related.
    I have tried various combinations of the below to get the changes to commit:
    MESSAGE('Got past COMMIT');
    I am getting varying amounts of "FRM: 40508 Oracle Error: Unable to INSERT record" statements. Even so, many times the form would act as if the changes had been properly applied. But when I did a separate DB verification, I would see that the changes are not being committed. Also, most of the time the changes would also be reflected in the calling form queries, but when I exit, all changes are rolled back no matter how many commit stmts are in the trigger.
    I have finally gotten the form to do what I want to do (the 4 steps noted above), but I had to add a FORMS_DDL('COMMIT'); stmt and I am still getting a FRM 40508, but at least the changes are appearing in the db.
    Any ideas on why so many troubles in getting the changes to commit??? I have spent a ton of hours trying "what ifs" to see what might work. Also, this trigger is the only real "code" in the forms.

    Brett -
    You're probably right about the intention, but this is a place where people can come and share styles, ideas, and coding tricks, I don't understand why someone would say that. Additionally, I had a professor who was a complete momo that said that all the time (consequently, his lax attitude towards teaching crippled the IS program where I graduated and most likely will cause it to no longer be available). It's a personal peeve of mine, just to let you know where I was coming from.
    Secondly, the problem I'm having may have to do with what you said, however I can't be sure. To give a better description of my scenerio, I created a form that allows the user to load information about an employee by querying a SSN. Most of this information is for display only. Six fields are available to be updated and I wrote a DML UPDATE statement that I placed inside a WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger. However, these changes won't be written to the DB because Forms is attempting to write my entire datablock, instead of just following the specified DML statements. I'm at a loss as to why this would happen, but for simplicity's sake, I would listen to ideas of how to suppress this from happening so only my statements are used when updating the DB. If you can help, thank you, if not, then thank you for your time.

  • TS3989 Some of my pictuers on iPhone are not transferring to my ipad

    Some of my pictuers on iPhone are not transferring to my ipad

    UM Go Blue wrote:
    Until today, all of my music was on both my Mac and iPad 2.  I too just sync'd my iPad 2 with my Mac.  Originally, none of the music from the Mac showed up on iPad.  Tried again, and now some albums are showing up, but only a few.  Have plenty of capacity/space.  Also noticed the "iPod" icon is now a "Music" icon on the iPad.  Any ideas?
    Sounds like you just updated your IOS.  Check the iTunes settings and confirm that nothing was changed:

  • Raw adjustments made in Photoshop CS file browser are not transferring to Lightroom 4.

    I have thousands of images all on external hard drives with raw adjustments made in Photoshop CS file browser.  When I import these raw files from the external drive into Lightroom 4 the original raw adjustments are not transferring or at least the preview of those adjustments are not showing up the way they do in file browser.  Why? Please help. 

    Hi JGJenson,
    Were the images already imported into iPhoto when you edited them in PS?
    If they were then in order for the edit to be reflected within iPhoto you have to save with the same name.
    So you need to navigate the iPhoto Library in the Finder and drag out the images that you saved back into the library with the different names. Drag them to the desktop, then import them from there.
    If you are using PS as an external editor that you set up within iPhoto's preferences then the images must be saved with the same name and be flattened for the edits to be reflected within iPhoto.
    If you want to save them with a different name, they must not be saved into the iPhoto Library. They need to be saved to the desktop and then imported into iPhoto.

  • My photos are not transferring over from iCloud

    My photos are not transferring over from iCloud.I have put my device back to factory settings and still they will not transfer over.The only device all my photos are still on is my iPhone.

    If it appears to not be making any progress even though you have a strong wifi signal, sometimes turning the phone off, then back on will get things going again.  Otherwise about all you can do is try restoring the backup again.  If you still have the old phone, you could also try creating an iTunes backup, then restoring that backup to your new phone.

  • Added iCal item on iPhone 5 that are not transferring to MacBook

    Hello All, I have an iPhone 5 - I have added calendar items on my phone that, when I plug into my MacBook Pro to sync, are not transferring over. I have read the forums and tried the resetting my sync history - still nothing has changed. I do not use iCloud and do not want to. Any help is appreciate. Thanks in advacne

    Does this involve iPhoto for the Mac in any way?  Or should it be in the iPhoto for IOS forum? or the iCloud forum?

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Cannot View Saved Models

    Has anyone experienced a problem with trying to open and view a model created and saved in ODM ver 3.0.0 Build 653 When attempting to reopen it in ODM, the file opens, but none of the model objects exist. The model appears to be empty....HELP!! Edite


    Hello Freinds, I need to have checkboxes in both the header as well as the item level data records. I have used the FM REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY for ALV display. But the problem is that the checkbox appears only for header level records and not