Timer step in BPm definition

HEllo all,
ich have a problem with BPm execution. During the execution the timer step (1 minute) will be not executed and process still running.
Could someone help me.
Thank's a lot.

Sorry but I could not understand.
Did it work earlier and does it not work now? If yes, check the cache (SXI_CACHE ) and see what was the last active version etc and see if any changes have been made.
Normally a wait step never causes much issue , but I havent used it much apart from once in one interface so cannot vouch for this though.

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  • How to add a Wait Step in BPM for the synchronous send step

    we have a scenario where in one of the step in BPM is a synchronous step which sends data to ECC system and gets the Respose .
    The Requirement is that we need to add a wait for the Synchronous step in BPM as the data sent to RFC(ECC) need to get comitted before sendng the response which requires some wait time.
    Currently we are getting the Response to PI from ECC where it was reported as the response is not correct.
    Is this possible to add wait

    > Is this possible to add wait
    No, this does not make any sense.
    The BPM waits for the response anyway.
    You could change the scenario to an asynchonous pair of messages.
    But in my opinion the error is inside the ECC, because the response from ECC is not correct.

  • Multiple source messages in transformation step in bpm

    I am using a transformation step in bpm, I have two source messages and 1 target message, I got an error 'expression must return the interface type XXXX(in source message)', I checked my source message in interface mapping and the container element, the types do match.
    All the interfaces in the OM as well as in the bpm container definition are of type abstract.
    It seems to have something to do with the interfaces belonging to different software components?
    I declared a usage dependency from one swcv (holding the bpm) to another (holding the abstract interfaces which cause the error in the transformation step), so that I can reference them in the bpm.
    I thought it might have something to do on how  the message interfaces are selected in the operation mapping. so I tried to select the messages through the depencency path, but that was of no help either.
    Have I been clear?
    Any ideas?

    Since no receiver information is available in the transformation step, there can be no value mapping within the transformation  step. If the messages to be transformed give values in different formats, for example different date formats, you must first normalize the values before the messages can be processed in the process. To do so, define a message mapping with a corresponding value mapping.
    Check the help page below for reference

  • Transport Acknowledgement in an Ansynchronous Send Step in BPM

    I tried this scenario /people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2006/06/22/xi-playing-with-the-file-adapters-acknowledgments for a file acknowledgement in an ansynchronous send step in BPM and it worked fine.
    This made me think of something else...
    This SAP help site http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/43/65ce41ae343e2be10000000a1553f6/content.htm
    says -  for a "Permanent negative acknowledgment" the "Send step triggers system error for which you can define a specific exception handling."
    I understood this as saying "If the tartget file is not placed, a system error is thrown for which we can write our own exception handling"
    In the scenario explained in the blog the 'deadline branch' was made to wait for a few miutes and once exceeded, made to throw an exception "NegAck" which is handled in the "Exception handler branch"
    So what i tried was, I removed the 'deadline branch' and retained only the 'exception handler branch' and made the 'send step' to throw a system error "NegAck" so that if the "Send Step" recieves a negative acknowledgement, it would throw this error "NegAck" which I have handled in the "Exception Handler  Branch"
    However, this did not work. Can anyone kindly explain where was my mistake?

    Dear Bharath,
    hmmm nice question...
    The answer to this is....whenever you configure a async send step with "transport ack" it will never go into error..
    the send step will either get a positive ack(if the file reaches correctly) or a negative ack(if there is some problem like password expires) but it will will never go into error and hence directly the control will never go to exception handler block...
    consider the cases :
    1. Async send step with transport ack and file reaches correctly : +ve ack is generated and BPM will stop
    2. Async send step with transport ack and passowrd expires : the send step will not go in error but you will get error in adapter engine(RWB) so it will keep on restarting and corresponding negative ack will keep on getting generated but here also the send step has not gone to error but the message in AE has gone into error and hence control will not pass directly to exception handler block....what you can do is keep a timelimit thru deadline branch so that after that much time control goes to exception branch...
    This should solve your problem...
    do not forget to close the thread marking useful answers after your query is resolved
    Edited by: Tarang Shah on Mar 30, 2009 4:10 PM

  • User Decision Step in BPM - PI 7.1

    Hi All,
    I have posted a wiki for User Decision step in BPM in PI 7.1, Please go through it and post your queries, suggestions and comments here.
    The link for same is under:
    Part1 - https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/wiki?path=/display/xi/userDecisionstepinSAPPI7.1-Part+I
    Part2 - https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/wiki?path=/display/xi/userDecisionstepinSAPPI7.1-Part+II

    Hi Sachin,
    Nice job,
    During my practice on this scenario. I have got an error please kindly guide me on this, may this error also clear for the others
    *I got an error on SXI_MONITOR as:*
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!--  Call Adapter
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="http://sap.com/xi/XI/Message/30" xmlns:SOAP="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:P1 />
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:Stack>No object type found for the message. Check that the corresponding process is activated</SAP:Stack>
    The trace of the error as:
    <Trace level="1" type="B" name="CL_XMS_PLSRV_CALL_BPE-ENTER_PLSRV">
      <Trace level="1" type="T">could not create BPE proxy for message, no XML object definition found for message 72485F6BFC78416A29EEE3EE10D09BCE</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="System_Error">Error exception return from pipeline processing!</Trace>
      <Trace level="1" type="B" name="CL_XMS_MAIN-WRITE_MESSAGE_TO_PERSIST" />
    Please kindly guide me on this, Is the message has to validate at sender agreement? if not where is the error I am doing?

  • Receivere Dtermination step in BPM

    Hi Everybody,
    I m doing a scenario (multicast-multiple receiver) in which i have to use receiver determination steps in our BPM design. My scenario:
          service -> BPM ->service
              R3 systems(RFC communication)
    Here BPM will be used to do synchronous communication with R3 systems.
    My BPM design is :
       receiver->recever determination->Block(for each)->send(synchronous to communicate with R3)->send(to send to the service)
    PROBLEM: my receiver determination is not able to recognise R3 system.
    In the message of receiver determination step i can give only container of asynchronous interface(there is no container for synchronous message).
    During config time i have created receiver determination with outbound interface of synchronous message.
    here i have to use receiver determination step in BPM (because i m working on it).
    Please suggest the appropriate way to solve the problem.


  • Need Help on User decision step in BPM

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement to design the user to to system interaction in a partiular scenario.  I am trying to use the User decision step in BPM available in PI 7.1 server. I have used the User decision step and filled all the parametes as given in the sap documentation. When I am trying to execute the scenario, The outbound process is succesful but stops at the BPM workflow at the User decision step with the message (No Agent ready) .
    Can anybody help me in solving this issue.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Shabarish and Swarup,
    I have defined the relevant user in  the Integration directory , also made sure that the user entered is defined on the integration server and there are not restrictions on the defined user. The workflow log is as follows:
    Workflow              File2File_BPM1
    Workflow instance     File2File_BPM1 http://File2File_BPMdemo
    Instance number       000000001046
    Start date            30.12.2008     Started by            WF-BATCH
    Start time            11:33:36       Current status        In Process
    View: Workflow chronicle
    Error       St Task                                          Result                                   Date       Time     Processing time
    Error Agent                     Executed Action                          Date       Time     Object               Object Name                    Object 2             Object name 2                  User Context
    File2File_BPM1 http://File2File_BPMdemo       Workflow started                         30.12.2008 11:33:36               -1s
    WF-BATCH                  Start message received                   30.12.2008 11:33:36 MIAB_BPM_OB2 / http: C532A7AB4D284B9011C0B0C7F8AFB                                                      WF-BATCH
    WF-BATCH                  Workflow started                         30.12.2008 11:33:36                                                                                WF-BATCH
    WF-BATCH                  Events Dispatcher Active                 30.12.2008 11:45:36 MIAB_BPM_OB2 / http: 597B946347C148AD03988B5D8BE2C                                                      WF-BATCH
    WF-BATCH                  Events Dispatcher Active                 30.12.2008 11:45:37 MIAB_BPM_OB1 / http: 6E0E09EE977E4F333D02DDDAE9A52                                                      WF-BATCH
    WF-BATCH                  Events Dispatcher Active                 30.12.2008 13:48:07 MIAB_BPM_OB2 / http: 9F5491FD9BC642E50486A6FED89DA                                                      WF-BATCH
    WF-BATCH                  Events Dispatcher Active                 30.12.2008 13:48:07 MIAB_BPM_OB1 / http: 1AE5BB06D72341AD01F8C45E6AA7E                                                      WF-BATCH
    WF-BATCH                  Events Dispatcher Active                 02.01.2009 05:34:58 MIAB_BPM_OB2 / http: CD698CDE5606436811BAB330011AF                                                      WF-BATCH
    WF-BATCH                  Events Dispatcher Active                 02.01.2009 05:34:59 MIAB_BPM_OB1 / http: 2D82C00C16E0447F1DF3B133470AD                                                      WF-BATCH
    'Good'{TYPE=SWFXST_STRING}'BAD'{TYPE=SWFXST                                           30.12.2008 11:33:37                0s         1046
    WF-BATCH                  Dialog work item created                 30.12.2008 11:33:37                                                                                WF-BATCH
    WF-BATCH                    EVALUATE_AGENT_VIA_EXPESSION           30.12.2008 11:33:37                                                                                WF-BATCH
    I hope this can help you in identifying the error.
    Thank you,

  • BPM status is "IN Process" even after all the steps in BPM are completed

    Hi All,
    we have designed a BPM for collection of messages and have a transform step .
    In some cases all the steps in BPM get completed but the status of BPM is still in" In Process"  and in SWWL transaction the status is "Started".
    Even though the status is started we are able to get the desired output.
    Ideally after the steps in BPM get completed the status should be "Completed".
    please suggest why we are  getting this status and how can this be resolved.
    Thanks and Regards,

    hi ,
    I am using a fork and loop with a condition to end this loop.the condition gets satsfied.
    The messages are coming out of the loop and fork but even then the status is in "InProcess"

  • How can I get a digital WDT that includes all samples, not just the one for the current time step...?

    See block labeled ''digital data'' in my attachment for reference. Currently, only the digital data point for the current time step can be seen (it is deleted before the next one appears). However, I would like it display all the samples in the table like in the example found at this link under ''Digital Waveform Control'':
    Many thanks for any suggestions! I am new to Labview, so I appreciate your help.
    Go to Solution.
    myproject.vi ‏220 KB

    Hey westerman111,
    If you're looking to produce have your display include the solution information from previous solver steps, you will need to buffer the previous data. The way to implement this in a Control Design & Simulation Loop is using the Memory.vi found under Control Design & Simulation > Simulation > Utilities > Memory.vi. It will allow you to save previous information generated in the simulation environment for letter solution steps.
    I've attached an example that should get you started in using the Memory.vi.
    I would also make sure that what you're looking to accomplish is suitable for the Control & Simulation Loop. I know you mentioned you were new to LabVIEW so I wanted to make sure you were heading off in the right direction. Is there a particular reason why you are using the Control & Simulation Loop instead of a standard While or For Loop? The Control Design & Simulation loop is unique in that it calculates the solution of a dynamic system at a prescribed time step and ODE solver. It also provides the tools to interact with the model you are solving during execution. However, if you are simply looking to perform data acquisition and measurements (instead of dynamic model simulation) I would recommend using standard LabVIEW functions.
    Here are some useful references for getting start with both LabVIEW and the Control Design and Simulation Module.
    Tutorial: Getting Started with Simulation (Control Design and Simulation Module)
    Getting Started with LabVIEW
    Tim A.
    National Instruments
    myproject_edit.vi ‏249 KB

  • Expression must return the interface type in Transformation Step in BPM

    We are getting below while activating the IP,
    Expression must return the interface type SI_Send_AA
    Expression must return the interface type SI_Get_AA
    No semantic errors found
    We have a Transformation Step in BPM,
    In OM, Source is SI_Send_AA and Target is SI_Get_AA
    Also Container variable points to  the same Abstract SI's.
    Few Thread's for Same are error are:
    Error in  BPM
    expression must return the interface type
    Transformation step in ccBPM scenario
    Error while compiling Business Process
    Even after checking these i am getting this Exception.
    Please Help!

    Also Container variable points to the same Abstract SI's
    Are you sure that you are using Abstract Message Interfaces only and that these are referring to relevant container variables.
    Normally it happens that there is some mis-match between the message types/ interfaces that we use in the mapping and that we use in the BPM.
    If still not solved, then delete the Transformation step --> save --> activate......then again Edit the BPM to include the Transformation Step.

  • Container variables in User decision Step in BPM

    I am using User decision Step in BPM.
    When i use only text in "Title for Display" the BPM is activated successfully and Status in SXI_CACHE also shows 0.
    If I use container variables in "Title for Display" the BPM is activated successfully but status in SXI_CACHE shows 99.
    It shows the below error
    "Problem updating an integration process with object ID 073AF2C620F43E839B2903344DEE29BB. Symbol 'CE/KO' expected at position 1 in expression ''
    Please suggest.

    Hi Shabari, did you follow the steps for declaration of variables as in [SAP help for user decisions|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nwpi71/helpdata/en/42/c2a19fb4511d65e10000000a1553f6/content.htm]? How did you define your variable?
    Maybe discussion [in this thread|BPM activation Error in SXI_cache; can help, it is unanswered though.
    Regards, Martin

  • Regarding send step in bpm--"send context"

    i want to use the send step in my bpm with send context.
    The send context is a freely definable string, which you specify in the send step. You query the send context in a condition in the receiver determination in the Integration Directory. You must specify the send context to be able to send messages from the same message interfaces to different receivers in different send steps.
    but i did n't understand regarding the explanation given above.
    could u plz help me out

    When you use Receiver determination step in BPM to get a list of receivers for a send step.
    You need to define send context to send messages from the same interface to different receivers in different send steps. As list of receivers is collected using receiver determination.
    Now you can use this to set condition(send context) based receiver in ID Receiver determination.

  • Fault message in synchronous send step in BPM

    When executing a synchronous send step in BPM it is possible to handle application errors (fault messages) with an exception branch. But how do you get hold of the actual data in the Fault message(faultText, faultURL, faultDetail etc) for further processing (mapping)?
    Kind regards Johan

    u have to define another container element in integration process.
    For that container element an Async Abstract interface has to created with falult message as the message.
    Do u have the fault message defined already...
    Also go through this thread.
    Fault message handling in BPM

  • Receiver Determination with Synchrnous Send step in BPM

       Is there any way to use BPM Receiver Determination step type with Synchronous send step ?
    Is it possible to send a request to multiple receivers synchronously and capture the response?
    Appreciate for your response.

    Use malticasting, check out these blogs
    Multicasting using Receiver Determination Step in BPM
    and pattern number 6 in BPM with Patterns explained Part-2

  • Use of Receiver determination step in BPM

    I am not clear about the exact use of Receiver determination step in BPM. From my understanding, it is used for synchronous communication with many receivers configured, for eg. Multicast etc. Can anybody explain the use of receiver determination with any specific requirement example.

    The usage of Receiver Determination depends on how you have designed your BPM. You can have the mapping getting executed in your BPM itself using a TRANSFORM step or you can do it in your Inteface Determination if you are not doing it in your BPM.
    If you do the mapping inside the BPM using Transformation step, then you need to send the Message i.e. Mapped message . In this case, your Interface determination will only determine the Receiver Interface, and it will not execute the interface mapping . (if you are not providing the Interface mapping in the Interface determination).
    Example is given here-

Maybe you are looking for

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