When payment is made to Vendor for an open line item. Which table's updated

When an invoice has been posted for a GR. The invoice will be pending for  payment. And when the payment is made to the vendor .Which table is updated, as i need to create a functional spec for triggering a message automatically to initate vendor payment if it is due for a month. I want the table name?

The payment document posted is again a accounting document, the table is BKPF - Header and BSEG - Item.
In order to know if a LIV accounting document is cleared i.e payment made could be checked in the field
BSEG-REBZG. this field would carry the payment document number, which is again a accounting document ( table bkpf-bseg).
hope this helps.

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    We need to upload dunning level & last dunned date for all open items (to be done separately i.e. after all open items migrated) which is different for each and every line item so if we use mass upload (fbl5n) we have to do for each and every open line item which is not feasible as open line items in thousands..I tried LSMW also,problem is that for Batch input recording we need to run one complete cycle in sm30 but there is no maintenance dialog for BSEG & BSID table.. Please share your valuable Inputs how we can go ahead..
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your reply.
    It is complete a Zcopy of a standard one, but we are facing one or two records are not updating correctly out of hundreds of customers in the worklist.

  • Mass change of payment in customer line item for all open line item.

    We have updated the new payment as per the new agreement with customer in customer master. We want this new payment term should also be updated in all the open invoices which are not cleared. Is there are way we can do the mass change in Payment term as the open line item in the customer where line item are more than 50. Please let me know the transaction code for the mass change of payment term in Customer account balances.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Rajesh Kumar Mantri

    you can find the way to change the payment terms
    first check weather the payment term field is having change option in your document change rules in the line item for you customers.
    Financial Accounting (New)Financial Accounting Global Settings (New)DocumentRules for Changing DocumentsDocument Change Rules, Line Item
    if the payment term BSEG-ZTERM(payment term) is there for your customer and having deselcted check box for changing document you cannot change payment term for your company code.
    This can done client level or company code level.
    if the payterm  can be changed you do changes to payment terms mass level.

  • How can i clear the vendor and customer open line items at a time same vendor as a customer of the company (same vendor same customer and equal invoices )

    my vendor and customer are same . purchase invoice due100000 and sales invoice amount is also 100000 at a time with any manual action , have any setting for cleared both vendor and customer line items at a time ...........

    X Ltd. will be Vendor & Customer.
    Purchase Invoice is booked under Vendor SAP number & Sales Invoice is booked under Customer SAP number. Then you can transfer amount from Vendor to Customer or vice versa with T-code F-04.
    Then if you have transferred amount from customer to Vendor (F-04), Vendor account will have two entries Debit & Credit. Then go for clearance with T-code F-44 clear Vendor.

  • One MIRO document with two different vendors for two different line items

    Can it possible to make MIRO for a PO which is having two conditions(Basic price+Freight) with two different vendors.
    MIRO document needs:
    GR/IR Clearing    Dr.
    Freight Clearing  Dr.
    Vendor RM(X)         Cr.
    Vendor Freight(Y)   Cr.
    Is it possible to post the above document at a time not individually for each condition.

    Yes, It is possible to post Material and delivery cost in one document.where in material supplier is different than the Frieght vendor.
    Itm PK  BusA Acct no.   Description                    Tx     Amount in   USD   
    001 89       130001     Stock-Ingredients               244 0            880.00 
    002 96       320001     GR/IR Account - Ing.            244 0          1,200.00-
    003 86       520002     Ingredients - PPV               244 0          3,297.87 
    004 50       320008     GR/IR Account - Duty            244 0            797.87-
    005 50       320009     GR/IR Account - Fre.            244 0          2,180.00-

  • How system will automatically populate clearing date field for invoices paid similar to when payments are made to the vendors

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    Could you help me on this, How system will automatically populate clearing date field for invoices paid similar to when payments are made to the vendors.

    Hi Ramakrishnappa,
    If you clear the invoice against payment, then the invoice clearing date would be payment document posting date.

  • Restrict Number of Open line items selected for vendor payment in F-58

    Dear Experts,
    simply in F-58 i want the system to issue an error message if the user select more than 10 or maybe 15 open line items for payment, the reason is to make sure that the number of line items selcted will fitt in the From specified for printing.
    is there a way to do so ?
    i already got on but not sure how to use it.
    please advice
    Thanks and regards
    Mohamed Talaat

    my restricition is regarding the form that the key user want only one cheque paper to be prininted and the space for that can hold only like 10 or 15 line items so he just want to define this number and cant exceed it in one paymnet.
    payment advice control i think can do this but am not sure its under t.code FBZP payment method in company code, haveyou try this before ?
    and how come we design the form for multiplie pages andthen accomidate in one page ?
    as they insert in the oprinter a seralized prinitng cheques paper sequincely.
    please clarify

  • Cheque print out for vendor multiple open line items

    HI experts,
                      I want to print a cheque using f-58 for vendor payment.The problem is when i click the vendor open items(vendor invoice) for a single line item  its getting displayed.But when i click for  vendor multiple  open items(invoices) its not getting displayed in the script out put.Its displaying only with single document number(posting).

    thank you..its solved

  • Vendor open line item amount payment in app through different house banks

    Kindly Help me.
    Our client requirment is vendor open line item amount payment in app through using different house banks is it possible.
    Please let me known
    Thanks & Regards

    Generally , you can assign a default house bank and account id in the vendor master record. During execution of  Automatc payment program  this house bank will be used ( provided your APP configuration via FBZP and APP parameters are in line ). However, you can change the default house bank at the document line item level to a different house bank and this would be checked with house bank configuration via FBZP ( and your APP parameters ) and payment made via the preferred house bank .
    You may also change the house bank while editing the Automatic payment proposal through a re-allocation of house bank .
    Hope this helps.

  • Runtime error - FBL1N - vendor balance with customer line item

    Hi gurus,
    One scenario where i have assign vendor as customer & customer as vendor in vendor & customer data. also make tick mark for both clearing with vendor & customer.
    when i see the customer report with vendor item it shows me the customer & vendor dues but when i tried to see the vendor balance with customer line item it gives dump error.
    Runtime Errors         PERFORM_NOT_FOUND
    Exception              CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_FORM
    Error analysis
        An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.
        The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_FORM', was
         not caught in
        procedure "%_LDB_CALLBACK" "(FORM)", nor was it propagated by a RAISING clause.
        Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the
        exception would occur, the current program is terminated.
        The reason for the exception is:
        The program "RSDBRUNT" is meant to execute an external PERFORM,
        namely the routine "CB_DDF_GET_KNA1 " of the program "RFITEMAP ", but
        this routine does not exist.
        This may be due to any of the following reasons:
        1. One of the programs "RSDBRUNT" or "RFITEMAP " is currently being developed.
        The name "CB_DDF_GET_KNA1 " of the called routine may be incorrect, or
        the routine "CB_DDF_GET_KNA1 " is not yet implemented in the program "RFITEMAP
        2. If the program SAPMSSY1 is involved in the runtime error, one of
        the function modules called via RFC is not flagged as remote-capable.
        (see Transaction SE37  Goto -> Administration -> RFC flag)
        3. There is an inconsistency in the system. The versions of the
        programs "RSDBRUNT" and "RFITEMAP " do not match.
    Warm regards,
    Dhananjay R.

    Hi martin
    still problem was not solved. actually i am working on ECC 6.0 & not required to implement the sap note on development. i had done the configuration in vendor master & customer master for clearing.
    please suggest me.....what to do ?
    Dhananjay R

  • Vendor Open Line Item Report

    is there a report out there to display Vendor Open Line Items only for Asset Puchases??
    Thank you

    When you purchase an asset, How does your transaction look?
    Like for example, when you use transaction code F-90 with vendor accounting entry will look like
    31 (Credit Vendor) - 100USD - Account Type 'K' (Vendor)
    70 (Debit Asset) - 100 USD - Account Type 'A' (Asset)
    As you can see above, for my Vendor line item, the off-setting entry was done to a fixed asset which will have account type A. That is why I asked for entering account type "A" in your report to show up only those line items which have an offsetting entry to a fixed asset.
    So, it depends on how your acquisition transaction looks like. There has to be something field that differentiates open items related to asset transactions with other regular transactions like document type, reference, etc... which you can use to isolate asset related open items.

  • Clearing of open line items in Exchange Vendor account

    Hi Friends,
    We have an issue related with the clearing of open items from the exchange vendor account. Details of issue are as follows,
    We have two open line items in an exchange vendor account (T-code FBL1N) pertaining to the Logistics purchase invoice and a credit memo. These documents are very old documents posted in the year 2005. When user tries to clear or net these documents using T-code FB1K( using the current period), SAP generates the clearing document, i.e. it gives only a clearing document number and sends an email to user stating that update has been terminated. When we try to view the clearing document so generated using T-code FB03, system do not finds it, i.e. it is actually not in system / tables. Also most important thing these open items continues to appear in the vendor account, i.e. they are not getting cleared.
    Some of our observations about the related exchange Purchase Order is that, this PO has document date 03/31/2004 having qty. 5659 GA. The very first GR and related invoice is also having qty 5659 GA and posting date of 03/31/2004. After this user had again created above mentioned documents that are in question i.e. invoice and credit memo. These documents were posted on 04/12/2005 for the qty of 22592 GA (Even though the PO qty is 5659 GA).
    Now we would like to know what would be the probable reason for these open items not getting cleared from the vendor account. Please note user also tried to clear these documents using F-44 T-code but no luck.

    Have you tried by changing the Base line date while cleaing the vendor account. ?

  • Partner Bank type (PBT) need to be updated in Old Vendor open line items.

    Hi all,
    We have implemented PBT functionality in our client. We have some challenges at the time of payment run (F110). Some of the line items where PBT not updated i.e. old open items ( Before implement PBT) not picking for payment. Hence, it is cause short or over payment to vendor.
    Can some one tell me is there program for update PBT in vendor old line items ( those are posted before implementation)
    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Y.Kiran Babu.

    There is no standared programs in the system to update data into tables.
    first it is not recomondable to updated line item missing information.
    best practice is download all old open items, and upload with PBT through BDC.
    Work around solution (but not recomonded) update BSIK - BVTYP with help of ABAPer.
    By using ABAP Quarry technical person can able to update data into tables.

  • Using DMR for multiple GR line item

    I would like to ask for some clarification in using DMR.
    For example is I have multiple line item for a GR with separate Inspection Lot Number. How will it be handled during DMR?
    A scenario is for a example, I have 10 lot. First 9 lot skipped then 10th lot inspected, then if fail do normal inspection for the next 5 lot.
    How will the system behave if GR is done at the same time for the 10 line item.
    Thank you,

    Dear Raymond
    Also there is another dimension to this. There are two type of timing fo Dynamic modification rule
    1) Dynamic Modification at Lot Creation
    For dynamic modification at lot creation, the quality level is updated when an inspection lot is created. The system assumes that the forthcoming inspection will lead to an acceptance of the inspection lot or characteristic.
    An inspection lot, which is created immediately after the quality level is updated, uses the information in the updated quality level without a usage decision having been made.
    If dynamic modification is carried out at lot creation and the inspection lot is subsequently rejected, the system updates the quality level again when the usage decision is made. The new inspection stage is used by the system to calculate the sample sizes for the next inspection lot.Changing the quality level does not affect inspection lots that were created in the meantime.
    2) Dynamic Modification with the Usage Decision
    For dynamic modification with the usage decision, the system updates the quality level when you make the usage decision. At this point, the system evaluates the conditions for an inspection stage change based on the dynamic modification rule and, depending on the results of the current inspection, it determines whether or not the inspection stage should occur.

  • Discount not required for a particular line item in PO

    Hi All,
      There is one requirement wherein PO contains 500 line items, in which discount should not be applicable to a particular line item , whereas all the other line items should consist of discount.
      Making a separate PO for that particular line item(Having no discount) is not agreeable.
      If we put the discount condition type at header level, it'll be applicable to all line items. But requirement is that, discount should not be applicable for  particular line items.
    Putting discount condition type to all the line items (Item Level) except a few, is also not agreeable, as it is a manual entry of 490 line items & its not recommended.
    Please suggest asap.

    hi Mahesh,
    As you said there are 500 line items in you document and for 1 line item you don't want to give discount and also don't want to creat another seprate document
    You have to create seprate document for that one item as in once document you can have MAXIMUM 499 line items
    This is because for every line item there will be 1 Debit and 1 Credit entry in FI, but in 1 FI document you can have only 999 line items so in your document you can have maximum 499 items
    Second option is that, in M/06, in Changes Can Be Made Area, select tick on DELETE, and when you creating document, delet the condition for that Item

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