Where is this mystery project file?!

I have just opened FCE 4 and staring me in the face was an old project I have not used for a while.
However, what is even more weird is that the title is totally different from what it was and I cannot find this new project file anywhere on my computer with a Spotlight Search.
The original name of the project was +Jacqui"s Yoga+ and that is where it should be.
Note that I had accidentally used quotation marks instead of an apostrophe.
However, the name of this project is +Jacqui"s Yoga12-22-091248+
I never use that low dash symbol.
As I said, I don't know where this title has come from and I can't find the actual project file of that name. When I open the original +Jacqui"s Yoga+ the clips are arranged differently.
Any idea what is going on besides poltergeist?
Can FCE spontaneously create its own project names and how can I find where this new project name file is situated?
Incidentally, the original project is an FCP 6 one!
I'm not saying that I didn't create this "new" project, but I certainly can't remember giving it such a weird name and how can I find where it is?
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Well, I have finally found the original ASV file in my FC PRO Documents folder! I had looked there earlier but must have missed it. Still curious as to why Spotlight didn't find it.
I suppose I must have double-clicked it yesterday to open the project, as there is no original project file . . . . but I can't remember doing it!
Maybe I shouldn't have 75 FCE/FCP projects on my iMac simultaneously! Life can get a little confusing.
This type of problem never occurred with my G3 iMac and its 40 GB HD !

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    AFAIK the problem could be if your media drive (ussually not the system drive) is the same where you locate your project files. Reading/writing video media could be so disc intensive that could affect your FCP project performance if you have to use it to store the project itself.
    Probably how much it could affect your performance depends on how complex are your projects (i.e. a lot of nesting/sequences, graphic files, effects, etc) and the codec that your video (i.e DV).
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    My two cents . . . I hope !

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    try creating a new user on your computer. Open the project file under that new user. If it won't open, you have a corrupted project file. I hope you have a back-up!

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    AM1958, you are a lifesaver!! Thank you very much -- moving the .rcproject file to user>/Movies/iMovie Projects/ fixed my problem and I can now play my slideshow movie. I really appreciate the assistance. One more (small) thing: it seems to me that the quality of the movie has been somewhat compromised, in that I recall the images looking sharper and clearer before. This could be my mind playing tricks on me, but I am just wondering if this is possible... Or am I imagining this?

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    Where are Direct Link Project Files stored ? ie the path to them.
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    SpeedGrade directly saves the PremierePro Project file. It doesn't create a new project file.

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    Here's a question:
    I am currently working on a project in FCP 7. All my project files are stored on external drives. After finishing yesterday. I closed the project file and saved it as usual. Today i tried to open the project file that I had been working in the day before, alas it won't open, it won't open in autosave as well, hmmmm. All the older project files open up even from the same drive, If I open an old project file and save as new it opens up. The current one is the only that won't open just the beach ball and bang it quits, could this one project file be corrupted?

    [FCP Maintenance Pack|http://www.digitalrebellion.com/fcs_maintenance.htm] has a Project Repair utility and comes in a fully functional 15 day trial version.
    If it does what you want, the full version is worth every penny.

  • Unable to open project files can filters effect this ?

    Hi Guys ! I have been a long time reader of the forums and from just observing have always learned a great deal from the discussions. Up until now I have been able to read through post and always find an answer from some of the great advice. As a relatively new Final Cut Editor I have limited knowledge but can edit and have learned enough to structure my work flow and put a project together how I would like it and complete with good results.
    I have read a few post on this subject “Unable to open project file” but haven’t seen any with the specifics as my own.
    Up until yesterday my files were opening all fine and working perfectly until this last night I had saved and shut down my Mac in the normal fashion. When I tried to open two specific files I was greeted with the infamous “Unable to open Project Files”. These as I can gather are the only two files that will not open and both files have used the RIVER ROCK– Chromatic Glow, or Day for Night Free downloadable Filters in the last 2 weeks could this be the reason ?
    I have all the recent updates and have tried going into the Auto Vault and Render files to access the last available versions of these project files. I am able to access those but am only left with a much earlier version of the same project like a version a week earlier without vital changes.
    So I would pretty much have to start again.
    Any Help would be greatly appreciated

    Hi Tom thanks very much for your reply! , I un mounted the external drive , and reset and created a temporary scratch disk on My Hardrive to get Fce to start.
    The 3 projects I have been working on which all were rendered on the 2nd of April around 3 in the afternoon. Two of the Files using the River rock filters are Not accessible from the most recent and up to date versions. The one remaining Project is able to be opened and is the only one not using the filters.
    The two files accessed from the auto save vaults before April 1st up to 3pm April 2nd are working and are able to be opened with no problem. Everything after that is not opening which is a real downer as its where the project became near completion but at least I have a time frame of when things started to go wrong.
    What would you suggest?

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    thanks for your time.
    i've burned the project and looked at the contents of the dvd and found a file with a .evo extension, would this have any relation to my question?

    evo is HD DVD file, not SD, so this may not apply (and you probably want to double check your project settings.)
    The items that DVD SP makes are in the PAR & MPEG files in a folder in the level where the assets are located, and if you do the show package contents on the project and look in the Render Data Folder what you are looking for should be there (when DVD SP has to render, there are some times it will not have to render)- Check out the manual DVD SP 4 (Pg 230 of the PDF) for certain instances (not all) where menus willl have to be compiled/rendered
    To do the show packkage http://dvdstepbystep.com/ira/ shows how to do it, just Highlight the DVD SP saved project (instead of the app intself) as shown in Step 1 on that link, then drill down

  • Where are the project files located on the hard drive

    does anyone know where on my hard drive I can find the imovie project files. In the itunes under imovie it shows two projects but they are not on my ipad in the app. how do i delete them if they don't show up when using the imovie app.

    If you see a project in itunes (in the apps tab, and then File Sharing),
    you can import it into iMovie iOS from the main screen.
    Open iMovie on your device and go to the projects screen, if it isn’t already showing, by tapping My Projects in the upper-left corner above the viewer.
    On the screen, tap the Import button , and tap the name of the project you want to import.When the import is complete, the project opens and can be edited like any other project.
    Have a read of this helpful manual that explains the in and outs of iMovie iOS:
    This explains in more detail about getting projects in and out of iMovie iOS.

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    Well, FCP comes from an age where it was assumed the editor had his $#%^ together.
    EDIT: One of my mentors had the conviction that every day when you left the cutting room, you should leave it in such a way that a perfect stranger could walk in in the morning and pick up right where you left off. I really strive to live up to that ideal. I know we all get crazy busy and don't always properly archive our stuff, but it DOES save a lot of headaches down the road.
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    Links to project files are found on this tutorial's page (right side).
    See Creating your first web site in DW CC -
    Nancy O.

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    Can someone tell me where I can find the video clips in my project? I am unable to open the project file- but maybe if I can get the videoclips, that would save me hours of work. Thanks!!!!!

    THANKS!!! let's see if I can piece this things back together or find the corrupt files.
    Appreciate the quick response. (and someone mentioned this to me yesterday-i just didn't have the heart to try it-lol)

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    My premiere project file size just went from 190MB to 5.61GB... and now it won't open! Anyone know how this happened? Or how to prevent it from happening again? Thankfully I saved a backup project of the 190MB file size.

    warp stabiliser?

  • I was working on a project a few days ago and now I'm not getting any audio or visuals out of it. In the project file the screen went grey. Not sure how to fix this. I'm new to iMovie, but the program seems easy to use and my Mac is new. Any help?

    I used to use Movie Maker and it would be able to handle lots of file uploads and big projects. I figure iMovie can do the same since it's newer and it's on my iMac. I was working on a project for a few months, it was working fine up until about a few days ago when the project file just stopped working. Not getting any audio or visuals and the screen went grey. I hope to not lose the project file as I've spent a lot of time on it. The project will still show up in iMovie, but it won't play. Other project files will, but this one won't for some reason. It's my first time using this program and I assumed it would be fine, but now it's causing me big problems. Anyone else run into a similar problem?

    But it is I jsut can sync, back up files, or anything becuase its stuck at this screene and wont do execute when i click either of those button

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