Why isn't Mozilla sending beta versions to registered Firefox add-on/plug-in providers so they can develop compatible upgrades?

Upgrade from Firefox 7.0 to Firefox 7.0.1 after a dialog box appears strongly advising users to upgrade.
Fast Dial is no longer compatible with Firefox 7.0.1.

There are 3+ channels that anyone can access. There are releases, beta, and nightly channels that developers can use to test their extension/plug-in.
See http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/channel/

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    Why isn't there a mobile version / screen size for apple support communities ?

    I have the same problem and I've been trying to find a way around it for about...4 hours now. It's driving me nuts!
    Is there anything that can be done? Can I really not use the nano b/c of my operating system? that seems nuts to me!
    am totally bummed out as mine was a gift as well and now I have to return it...

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    Hi Shelly,
    Command-P (Print)
    In the Print dialogue, click the PDF button at lower left, choose Mail PDF
    The result should be a new email document with the pdf file attached.
    Address and send.
    The procedure applies to any document which may be printed, not just Pages documents.

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    No problems here with the Advanced Google search page.
    Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.
    "Clear the Cache":
    *Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    "Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:
    *Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
    See also:

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    If you have used any fancy Pages features, they will be lost in translation to Word. In that case, Export or Print to PDF and send the PDF.

  • Why isn't Mozilla Firefox available on the MOST SELLED and MOST WISHED tablet on the market? The iPad! I mean, Firefox home is not even an universal app.

    Mozilla, the Apple App Store restrictions didn't prevent. Dolphin from going to the App Store, you, Mozilla, are just not putting as much attention and effort and you should be.

    "We have no plans to release the full Firefox browser for iOS. The iOS SDK agreement requires apps to use Apple's own JavaScript engine (or none at all, like Opera Mini which downloads pre-rendered pages from Opera's servers and cannot run JavaScript code in the client). Because of this, we have no supported way to distribute Firefox's rendering and JavaScript engine to iPhone users."
    See: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms
    Or: [http://www.zdnet.com/blog/hardware/will-firefox-mobile-ever-be-released-for-ios-devices-no-blame-apple/10770 Will Firefox Mobile ever be released for iOS devices? No, blame Apple! | ZDNet] Dec. 2010

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    I cannot get my music that was previously purchased through ITunes on another computer to play on my laptop because I donnot have ICloud to transfer all of my previousely purchased music. Icloud and Itunes has the excact same email address listed but I have not recieved a verification email at all. Does anyone know what I need to do?

    Hello Imuscella,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    Rescue email address and how to reset Apple ID security questions
    You can edit or delete your rescue email address at My Apple ID. To edit your rescue email address:
    Navigate to My Apple ID using your web browser.
    Click "Manage your account"
    When prompted, sign in using your Apple ID and password.
    Click Password & Security
    You'll be asked to answer 2 of your 3 security questions before you can make any modifications. If you are unable to remember your answers, you can choose to send an email to your rescue email to reset your security questions.
    Note: The option to send an email to reset your security questions and answers will not be available if a rescue email address is not provided. You will need to contact iTunes Store support in order to do so. 
    Best of luck,

  • Why does ff 4.0 beta come up with firefox updated scren everytime I use firefox? Shouldn't it bring up the homepage?

    Everytime I open ff 4.0 beta. the first tab comes up with the firefox updated web page. the second tab is the home page. I am wondering why ff 4.0 beta has to bring up thr ff updated web page in the first tab everytime I start ff.

    Make sure that you do not use that profile with other Firefox versions like 3.6.13
    See this article for some suggestions: [[Firefox has just updated tab shows each time you start Firefox]]
    See also http://kb.mozillazine.org/Preferences_not_saved

  • Why isn't ATV able to play my movie rental through iTunes on my Mac?-I can see it on ATV through the computer icon but it won't play.

    So I've had my Gen 2 ATV for a little less than a year..it's been great...up to last week!  Now nothing downloads and all I get is ''able to view in 90 hours...all week it's not gone under 70 hours.   So I went to Itunes on my Mac and downloaded it again thinking it should show up as a rental through the computer on ATV..it does it's right there...but can I play it?  Heck no!  First it gets the icon showing its buffering..or whatever it's doing and it just stays there doing nothing..then I tried it again an hour later and I get an error message that I need to authorize my computer....I go back to check in Itunes and of course the computer is authorized.
    I've just spent $12 on the same movie trying to get it to work and I'm just so over reading in all the forums but finding nothing that will fix this issue.  Does Apple even care?  Sooo many people with problems and no help to fix the issues.  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY INTERNET CONNECTION!
    How about Apple just fixing whatever it is that's wrong?  I can only think it has something to do with the last update I did since nothing has worked properly with movies since then.

    Hello there, Abigail.
    It sounds like you are unable to watch an HD download becuase of the message saying that your display must support HDCP. The following Knowledge Base article offers up nformation on why this message can pop up:
    iTunes for Windows: Unable to view or play HD video content that requires HDCP
    High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a security feature requiring the use of HDCP certified products in order to display digital media like High-defintion (HD) video. In iTunes for Windows, in order to view HD content, both the display hardware (computer screen, LCD, external monitor, and so on) and video card driver must support HDCP. For additional information on purchasing and viewing HD Videos, refer to iTunes: Purchasing and viewing HD Videos.
    If you want to download the SD version you can do so from Purchases in iTunesas shown by this article:
    iTunes 11 for Windows: Download previous purchases from the iTunes Store
    Click iTunes Store near the top of the iTunes window.
    Click the Purchased link at the right of the iTunes Store homepage (below Quick Links).
    In the page that appears, select a category.
    iTunes shows you which of your purchases are available for download. You can view all of your past purchases, or just the ones not currently in your iTunes library. Items already in your library aren’t available for download. 
    If you select Music, you can view your purchases by song, artist, or album. If you’re viewing by album, click an album to see which songs on it are available for downloading. 
    To search for an item, type its name or a keyword in the search field, and then press the Return key to view your search results.
    To download an item, click its Download button .
    Be sure to uncheck the Download HD When Available in the lower right corner before downloading the movie.
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • Why isn't the scroll wheel working properly with Firefox 4?

    I have a new Windows 7 PC at work with Firefox 4 on it. The scroll wheel on my mouse is not working right. It will work if I use Internet Explorer but I have trouble getting it to work with Firefox. Usually what I have to do is click the wheel to get that mode of scrolling where you move the mouse up and down to scroll the screen and that will work. And then when I click the wheel again to get out of that mode, my scroll wheel will work as expected. But I don't want to have to do that all the time. And sometimes that trick doesn't work. The scroll wheel is working fine with MS Excel and Lotus Notes and Internet Explorer, etc, so it seems to be something the new Firefox has an issue with.

    I fixed my problem! I was messing around in msconfig to turn off Lync from my Startup list and noticed something called Mouse Suite 98 was in my Startup. I did a quick google check and learned I could remove it without doing any harm. And voila! My scrollwheel is working properly with Firefox, finally! Hope this helps someone out there.

  • Why isn't my iphone 4 showing up in itunes once i plug it into the computer?

    I tried to plug my Iphone 4 into my laptop to download some photos to my phone and when I opened Itunes my phone wasn't showing up. I tried re downloading Itune but it didn't help and my Itune is fully up to date.

    See if this helps: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538

  • HT1414 So is there a reason why the so called amazing apple company creates a feature that if you forget your passcode they can't email the wonderful thing?

    It is annoying, I'm sure I will get some smartass comments about this because "well apple is just that best darn thing out there" or "its your fault" I don't give a **** this is annoying.

    Apple does not have your password.
    Apple does not have a magic backdoor into the device
    It's a security and privacy thing.
    If you can't remember your own passcode, it's your fault and you should not set one.

  • Create a document on iMac and send it by e-mail to a Windows P.C. user and they can not open the document. What to do?

    Documents from a iMac sent to a Windows PC, how can it be read on the PC?

    Save or export it into a format the PC is capable of reading natively; those depend on the software installed on the PC, and generally include plain text, RTF, and Word, but not the native formats of any of the iWork applications.

  • HT4623 HI. i'm on the beta version of iOS 7.1 (beta 3) and  i wanted to get OTA update on my iPad2. after install, i unlocked my device and saw : it may take a few minutes to activate your iPad. after about 5 minutes, it was show an error : we couldn't ac

    HI. i'm on the beta version of iOS 7.1 (beta 3) and  i wanted to get OTA update on my iPad2. after install, i unlocked my device and saw : it may take a few minutes to activate your iPad. after about 5 minutes, it was show an error : we couldn't activate your iPad at this time . please Help me !

    Are you a developer?  If so, post this question in the developer forum.  If not, why are you using a beta version of ios 7?  You need to restore your device as NEW in itunes and update the current software version.

  • I have been trying for an hour to delete all of the photos from my iphone5.  Can't do it, except for 1 at a time.  I can't even connect it to my PC and delete them from my computer.  Why isn't this easy and intuitive?

    I have been trying for an hour to delete all of the photos from my iPhone 5.  I have googled it several times and there doesn't seem to be a solution.  Have tried deleting them from my PC. One at a time deleting is impractical - I have 1000 photos!  Why isn't this easy and intuitive?

    When you hooked up to your PC did they attempt to import? Had you imported them previously and not deleted when the import was complete?
    If you have to delete them directly on your device, you need to press the select button and just keep selecting until you have all of them selected, then put them in the trash.
    You do not need to select one then trash it, then select another then trash it. You can select as many as you like before clicking on the trash icon.

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    running windows 7 with elements premiere 10... i have my audio and video loaded in the session but the tracks, 2 video with audio and one audio only track, appear to have no info. they play, but i cant see the wave file image.  i need to see the file

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