Windows on my MBP ?

Hello !
Is there a way apart from Bootcamp to rund Windows on my MBP ?

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take a look at these three apps: Parallels, VMware Fusion, and VirtualBox.

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  • Problem with external monitor when using Windows XP on MBP

    Hi All,
    I just got a 15.4" MBP, and put Windows XP Home on it using BootCamp. Anyway, the monitor sits above the MBP's screen, as shown below (set up this way through display props, not sure if it matters):
    [ ] External Monitor
    [ ] MBP Screen
    Anyway, some program windows won't drag to the external monitor (Dell 2007FP connected via DVI). An example is AIM. Any idea what it could be? The window shows for about 1/2" on the top monitor, and then it sticks, even though the cursor will continue to move upwards.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Hello Gray:
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    It appears from this knowledge base article, that you need a USB keyboard to use Bootcamp:

  • Question about Windows 7 on MBP! Please help! :(

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to check out my problem. Basically, I'm getting a MBP soonish (yes, I'll be waiting for the coming update). I'm a student (17 years old), and have used Windows my entire life - so on my MBP I definitely won't be using the Mac OS, I just can't be bothered adapting myself to an entire new OS. Anyway, here are my questions:
    1) If I solely use Windows 7, is it still possible to alter some of the physical options of the MBP? (e.g. the trackpad, touch sensetive or pressing to click, two finger click = right click or not, and so on).
    2) Will the trackpad gestures still work, even though I will be using Windows 7?
    3) I am aware that Apple products sometimes get Firmware updates. Will a popup still appear if I am using Windows 7? If not, where can I see/obtain the Firmware update?
    4) I'm not very tech savvy about Mac OS, but, when I get my MBP and the IT guy installs Windows 7, will the Mac OS still be 'on' the laptop? Or will it ONLY be Windows 7? Should I bother about having the Mac OS on it, even though I will never use it?
    Thanks so much for your help everyone! I really really appreciate it.
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    What you're essentially looking to do is replace the engine of a Ferrari with a diesel lawn tractor engine (nothing against diesels, the new ones are excellent). Windows is slow and clunky and always gets in your way with constant interruptions and maintenance that always has to be done. I'm a student too (20 yrs old) and there is absolutely only one reason to run Windows and that is for games. Everything else can be accomplished much more easily under Mac OS X.
    So the obvious question that I have is... why would you want to run Windows when you pay a small premium for the Mac hardware? You've already said you don't want to be bothered to adapt yourself to anything new and you think that you're not "tech savvy" enough to switch. In reality, you are the perfect person to switch from Windows to OS X. My girlfriend was just like you. Didn't initially have any interest in changing platforms, and wasn't that tech savvy (but wasn't a luddite either, for sure). I convinced her to get a Mac largely with the premise that Windows could be installed if she didn't like OS X. And she loved the hardware. So she got the Macbook, first night, and played around with it a bit. I came over the next day to install Windows and she told me she had no need for it and didn't want it at all. She has never used Windows at all since then. It took her one night to "adapt" herself to OS X and she said herself that she's more productive and happier using a computer since switching. And I know dozens more people exactly like this. Not only will you be the cool kid running OS X instead of clunky old Windows, you'll be more productive and happier too. How can you lose?
    Anyway, if you have a specific app to run in Windows you can use Boot Camp. Boot Camp installs Windoze directly onto a separate partition on the hard drive. You can then use the Alt (Option) key to toggle between 'Doze and OS X at startup. Windows will run at full native speed, and will use the dedicated graphics chip in the MBP (if you get a 15/17" model that has one). Windows will use more power and generate more heat than OS X. As a result, battery life on Windows is considerably less than OS X (talking 3-4 hours compared to 5-6, probably).
    If you do decide to go ahead with Windoze only (for some insane reason) then you will need to keep OS X around if you ever want firmware updates. Windows will never remind you of them, so you'll want to keep an eye on Software Update in OS X every month or so. The trackpad gestures will not work in Windows because Windows doesn't have trackpad gestures like OS X does. OS X is somewhere in the range of 6-8GB in size now, I think.
    I say you should +at least+ give OS X a chance. Use it for a couple days. Ask questions if you have any. If you hate it after that, then go ahead and use Windows. But at least you'll know you tried something different. Learning new things (that are better than existing ways) is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. There is absolutely no reason not to be constantly learning and growing. To willingly shut yourself off from that is a shame, IMHO.

  • Unable to install magic trackpad driver on Windows 7 on MBP

    I recently purchased a Magic Trackpad and it's working perfectly on the Mac side of my MBP. However, I downloaded the 32-bit driver for my Winfows 7 Bootcamp side and every time I try to run the driver I receive the following error:
    "Windows Installer
    The installed product does not match the installation source(s). Until a matching source is provided or the installed product and source are synchronized, this action cannot be performed."
    It then tries to point me to the following source "C:\ProgramData\Apple\Installer Cache\Boot Camp 3.0.0\". If I press OK it tells me that the file there is not valid. I also tried pointing it to the OSX install disc in my optical drive and it doesn't work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Stefan, I checked the version on my Boot Camp drivers and they are in fact 3.1. Checking a little further I seem to have found two issues:
    1. It seems that it's not only this, but any type of update I try to do it tries to find the drivers in folder 3.0.0.
    2. The Boot Camp install I'm asking help with is actually one I migrated to my new MBP using winclone. I moved from a 2009 2.4GHz MBP to a 2.66GHz MBP. I tried to update the old MBP's driver and it does so successfully, so this leads me to believe that the winclone install didn't go 100% perfectly. I will try to reformat my Boot Camp partition, reinstall Windows 7 and then try to update to see if this resolves the issue.
    Thanks for your help and I'll post back with my results in a couple of days.
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  • Ipod shuffle on windows oke on MBP not?

    My ipod shuffle, works well on my old windows pc. On my MBP however it won’t recognize the ipod shuffle. It doesn’t pop-up in itunes.  Both pc’s have of itunes. I have a second ipod shuffle and everything goes as you wood expected. Who knows the answer fort his? Both Ipods are version2.

    "Why is that a mac formatted iPod will only work on macs, but a windows formatted iPod will work on a Mac or PC? Nuts to me."
    Blame Microsoft. It's their doing that Windows will not recognize the HFS+ file format system.
    If you need to use a Mac (HFS+) formatted iPod on a Windows PC, you'll need to install some 3rd party software such as XPlay 2.0 (which you can get from MediaFour Software). This will enable your Windows PC to read a Mac-formatted iPod.

  • [HELP] Installing Windows 7 on MBP by USB using Boot Camp

    Im using boot camp to try to Install windows 7 on my MBP. The problem is my cd/dvd driver is broken and I cant use DVD to boot from. I tryed to install by USB but when Im about to restart and boot try to boot the windows that I installed on the USB it says: 'No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key'
    I have read that Apple changed in boot camp that if you have a DVD you cant use USB function to boot from in USB. I have fixed this problem by using this method from a video in youtube: I3MNnbtfyzs&v=KmHxkahbK-g
    But after I changed this I stil get problem when I boot that my laptop dont recognize the USB.
    I need a help to solve this problem. Im using a MacBook Pro 13 (late 2011) OS X 10.8.5

    I dont have the opportunities to repair my internal optical drive. Im looking for other solutions for this problem, there I can install the windows without the optical drive.

  • Installing Windows 7 on MBP from USB key?

    Hello all,
    I've searched all around the internet, but I just can't seem to find a straight answer to this question:
    Is it possible to install Windows 7 on an MBP with a USB key? Before you answer, read my process to see where I'm having trouble.
    I want to install the Windows 7 beta on my MBP, but DVD media isn't available to me. I do, however, have a 4gb USB key. I've formatted the key with my XP install (through Parallels) to be bootable, and loaded the Windows 7 install on it. When I tried to use Boot Camp, the assistant asked me for a CD/DVD, so I figured that option is out.
    My next attempt was to install rEFIx, which did show the USB key as a viable boot option, and even let me select the efi file to boot the Windows 7 installer. However, when I try to load it, I get a complaint:
    Starting legacy loader
    Using load options 'USB'
    Error: Not Found returned from legacy loader
    The firmware refused to boot from the selected volume. Note that external hard drives are not well-supported by Apple's firmware for legacy OS booting.
    So now I am stuck. Can anyone offer me any advice regarding this matter? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

    Windows normally cannot be installed nor boot from a USB or any external drive. This is a Windows problem. There are methods for installing and booting Windows from USB devices, but you will need to do some searching to find sites that detail the process. It's not likely you'll find much on Windows 7 because it's beta software, and not supported for installation on a Mac.

  • Is anyone else having these problems with Bootcamp Windows 7 on MBP?

    Ok, I bought a new MBP on Amazon a couple of days ago to be able to put Windows 7 on it with Bootcamp. I wanted the OS with the hardware the MBP had to offer, but have since run into a few problems. Let me know if you've run into similar problems and/or you have solutions.
    1. After installing the drivers for Windows, my webcam doesnt work. It says that the drivers are not installed yet I downloaded the most recent driver package from Apple.
    2. The MBP gets REALLY hot when running windows 7. This cant be good for the computer components, but is it a fire risk as well?
    3. Videos on youtube do not expand fully to the screen, instead leaving black bars on the bottom and right sides.
    4. The battery life has decreased from 7 hours to about 2.5 hours while on Windows.
    5. When I click an icon on the taskbar, its title flashes over it. (not the biggest deal but its annoying)
    These things shouldn't be happening at this price tag. Any help is greaty appreciated.

    I personally have no  knowledge of how windows runs on a mac. Other then the mac having a efi instead of a bios the hardware is the same. Apple has restricted windows in some ways. After all apple supplies os x. I do know a few people the run windows on their macs and they don't seem to have any really problems.
    If you look around HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony all use i7 cpus and have system that come with ati or nvidia graphics cards.

  • Installing Windows 7 2011 MBP?

    I have exhausted every option...
    I am extremely frustrated with Apple and their need to hinder the support of Windows products. As much as I have been a loyal Apple user and defender, I may be starting to skew towards the Windows side of things.
    I have tried multiple times in multiple ways to install Windows 7 Professional on to my MBP 2011 via USB, but everything I have found has failed. The addition of Mavericks means that the task is even harder, with many 'loopholes' being covered.
    Is there any way of doing this and has anybody been succesful in doing so?
    Thanks in advance,

    IIRC, the 2011 MacBook Pro models all shipped with optical drives.  This would be why teh Apple Boot Camp Assistant wants you to use that optical drive to install your Windows.  The support for installing Windows from a USB media was not added until the 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina was released.  Of course, the older MacBook Air models without an optical drive did have support for installing from USB, but that is because Apple did not ship them with optical drives installed.  Why do you refuse to use the optical drive that Apple shipped in your MacBook Pro to install windows, and why are you upset at Apple for your not using your machine as it was shipped form Apple?

  • How connect to airport from windows partition on mbp?

    I have recently added Windows 7 to my MBP. The MBP is connected to my home network via Airport Extreme. When I'm in Windows, there is no connection to a network. Anything I do there involving setting up a network connection, a screen shows "no connection." Stops me cold. I do get a screen that asks several tech questions, such as ISP addr., password, etc.
    I did find my "IP" addr. in Airport Utility, but I don't know if that's same as "ISP." If anyone has successfully installed Windows 7 on their MAC & established a connection w/ Airport Extreme, I'd like to know how they did it. If you need more info, let me know.

    To connect to the virtual network with a point-to-site VPN, you’ll need to install a VPN package on the VPN client computer. Since Windows 10 and MAC OS are not supported, the related VPN packages are unavailable.
    In addition, if you have a on-premise VPN device, you can create a site-to-site VPN instead.Or you can use ExpressRoute to create private connections between Azure datacenters and infrastructure that’s on your premises.
    For more detailed information, please refer to the links below:
    Configure a Point-to-Site VPN in the Management Portal
    ExpressRoute or Virtual Network VPN – What’s right for me?
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  • Apple tv 2, can not see my library on a pc runing windows 7, my mbp same setting can.

    I have all softwares uptodate on my mbp and my pc running windows 7.
    The computers have no problem sharing the itunes librarys.
    I can see the library on my pc and play everything from my mbp and the other way around too.
    My apple tv2 can see the mbp but not my windows 7. I check firewall and all and nothing.
    Any ideas please.

    Hi Ronald,
    If you are having issues with Home Sharing, you may find the following article helpful:
    Apple Support: Troubleshooting Home Sharing
    - Brenden

  • Ahhh Windows connectivity on MBP

    Able to connect thorugh direct cable on Mac OS 10.4.6 and Windows XP on my new MBP, but only wirelessly with X. Windows sees the airport card and says it is "connected" but will not connect to the internet. I don't particularly care for Windows but bought the computer so I would have the option when I needed it. Mac ran me through the whole setup and it was a breeze but Windows is really ******* me off. Why can't I connect to the internet wirelessly when it can see the airport when Mac can in a snap?
    Is there anyone out there who knows enough about the Windoze environment to help me connect? I did the reboot the airport like I did for Mac, but.....
    Thanks in advance.

    It might be worthwhile checking your internet settings
    Start -> Control Panel -> Internet Options
    Click the Connections tab
    Ensure that the Never dial a connection is checked.
    Click LAN Settings
    and check that all the settings are unchecked (especially the proxy server settings)...
    If you are using a manual IP address you will need to enter the DNS information manually as well.

  • Running windows on Retina MBP - HOT LAPTOP. Running games on bootcamp HOTTER! Any tips?

    I own one of the new retina MBPs is there a way to minimize the heat? While running windows I feel that it's slightly hotter, when I run games on windows it almost hurts my fingers.
    I'm pretty sure this isn't good for my laptop.

    Guess what, there is a good long discussion we had on MBPR last week with all the things we learned.

  • Window XP pc & MBP talking

    HOW do I do this? I have a dell windows xp pc with a linksys router for my wireless mbp. I can't access my PC at all through my MBP. I CAN do this right? (files, pics, etc.)
    I'm a medical guy not a computer guy so be gentle.
    APPRECIATE any support you can give.

    It is pretty simple to do this since Mac OS X has the SMB(Windows File Sharing) protocol built in. First, you will need to share a folder on your Windows XP system. Right-click on the folder and select Sharing and Security. Then Select the check box "Share this folder on the network" then type in a Share Name. Click OK.
    +This is optional, but it may be helpful. Still on your PC, open Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System. Click on the Computer Name tab. Make a note of the WORKGROUP listed.+
    Now, on your Mac, open Finder. Click Network in the sidebar. Wait a second for OS X to find your network devices. Click on the name of your Workgroup. Your shared folder should be listed there.
    If you need any help, do not hesitate to ask.

  • Right mouse button and Windows Vista - 17'' MBP is ignored?

    I am curious why Apple released a trackpad driver update, which enables right button in Windows (BootCamp), but for all models EXCEPT my 17'' Mac Book Pro?
    Since it is 2008 year update, it seems no more updates will be released. Why Apple ignores the users of 17'' MBP unibody?

    for starters, the 17" unibody came out AFTER the update, so it should already have the software update.
    second, right click has to be turned on via the Boot Camp utility in Vista.
    & third, you should be posting in the unibody forum.

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