X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatality Pro Series & WIN 7 - help !

As mentioned in the subject of this post, I have a Fatality Pro Series Xfi Xgamer PCI card. Everything seems to be working fine in WIN7-64bit except..... I cannot seem to locate a version of the THX Console Launcher. Granted, there isn't much I cannot set through the Audio Control Panel that came with the driver pack but I cannot seem to find any way to get to the equalizer settings that you would normally be able to set thru the THX control panel.
I have been tempted to just download the vista64 version of it but I am not sure if that would work or not,
OH and I am also looking for a WIN7-64 compatible version of the Alchemy application for re-enabling EAX support in older games.
Any ideas, suggestions, links to downloads?
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    . In Mass Effect or Other game Or dvd I cant make the center work. It means you can hear the music and background sound clearly but no Voice at all that ussualy come from center channel.
    2I Tested over audio controler from the disk. When I put 5. speaker configuration, the sound is coming from center and left channel for left channel and same thing for the other side. However, When the test is trying to test the center and rear speake, the sound are muffled.
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    $ I have X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatalty Pro Series and I can't get the proper drivers for Windows 64bit OS. I've downloaded the posted drivers but my system wont recognize it. Can anyone help?

    Same issue. Windows 7 RC, just upgraded from 2 gigs to 4 gigs of RAM and my X-Fi Extreme Gamer Fatalty Pro, crackles, pops, hisses and can't even play audio files for more than 2 [email protected]

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    Recently purchased the X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatalty Pro and I'm having a weird issue with the mic. Occasionally the microphone will begin to skip or chop, giving my voice a weird effect. It's usually resolved by changing modes back and forth or doing some random stuff in the sound mixer, although I haven't really found any solid solution. It will come back randomly after a few minutes, or several hours.
    I tried the latest drivers, as well as the base drivers included with the cd, and both have the issue. Onboard sound is turned off. Using XP 64. Any ideas?

    hi i getting same problem but iam on vista 64 u found out a fixx?

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    Just wondering what the current driver is for my video card ( SoundBlaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer Fatality Pro). I downloaded the following driver (Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Pack .04.0078) and I'm not sure it is the correct driver. I've searched the forums and see that everyone is talking about the recently pulled driver (SBXF_PCDVT_LB_2_5_0003.exe). Would this be the driver I should be using for my sound card If not, what is the correct driver I should be using for my sound card Is there a current driver for my sound card I noticed that this driver is available as well (Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic, Platinum, Fatalty and Elite Pro with Open AL support 2.09.0007). Just trying to clear up some confusion and not mess up my recently formatted computer with the newly installed Windows Vista 64. I'm hoping someone can help clear things up for me. Thanks for the replies.

    I'm not sure what all is included in the Audio Pack but the 2.5.0002 or .0003 drivers are technically the correct ones. (You may only be able to get .0002 since the other one was pulled). However, you'll find that a majority of users are completely unable to run Vista with an X-Fi card at all.
    The easiest way to get the latest driver/software is to go here: http://us.creative.com/support/downloads/ and select the card you own.
    Good luck, but don't hold your breathe...

  • XFi Fatality pro series and front panel sound -lack of- so la

    <span class="j2">Had <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">chip <span class="j2">in <span class="j2">on <span class="j2">this <span class="j2">forum <span class="j2">as <span class="j2">I'm <span class="j2">quite <span class="j2">furious <span class="j2">with <span class="j2">Creative <span class="j3">-and <span class="j2">I <span class="j2">know <span class="j2">I'm <span class="j2">not <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">only <span class="j2">one, <span class="j2">and <span class="j2">since <span class="j3">CL's <span class="j2">people <span class="j2">read <span class="j2">this <span class="j2">board, <span class="j2">then <span class="j2">could <span class="j2">you <span class="j2">please <span class="j2">take <span class="j2">notice <span class="j2">of <span class="j2">your <span class="j3">custormers? <span class="j2">After <span class="j2">all, <span class="j2">aren't <span class="j2">we <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">ones <span class="j2">thanks <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">whom <span class="j2">there <span class="j2">is <span class="j2">still <span class="j2">a <span class="j3">CL? <span class="j2">Therefore <span class="j2">could <span class="j2">you <span class="j2">please <span class="j2">stop <span class="j2">insulting <span class="j2">our <span class="j2">intelligence <span class="j2">and <span class="j2">regard <span class="j2">us <span class="j2">as <span class="j2">milking <span class="j2">cows <span class="j2">as <span class="j2">well?
    <span class="j2">When <span class="j2">you've <span class="j2">spent <span class="j2">quite <span class="j2">a <span class="j2">lot <span class="j2">of <span class="j2">money <span class="j2">on <span class="j2">a *<span class="j2">high <span class="j2">end* <span class="j2">card <span class="j2">like <span class="j2">a <span class="j3">X-Fi <span class="j3">Xtreme <span class="j2">gamer <span class="j2">Fatality, <span class="j2">who <span class="j2">in <span class="j2">on <span class="j2">earth <span class="j2">would <span class="j2">be <span class="j2">willing <span class="j2">and <span class="j2">happy <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">have <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">fork <span class="j2">out <span class="j2">for <span class="j2">a <span class="j2">front <span class="j2">panel <span class="j2">costing <span class="j2">nearly <span class="j2">half <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">price <span class="j2">of <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">card <span class="j2">just <span class="j2">for <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">privilege <span class="j2">of <span class="j2">being <span class="j2">able <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">connect <span class="j2">your <span class="j2">case <span class="j2">front <span class="j2">panel <span class="j2">headphone <span class="j2">and <span class="j3">mic <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">sound <span class="j2">card?! <span class="j2">Do <span class="j2">I <span class="j2">expect <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">connection <span class="j2">from <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">card <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">front <span class="j2">case <span class="j2">audio <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">come <span class="j2">as <span class="j2">standard? <span class="j2">YES. <span class="j2">Do <span class="j2">I <span class="j2">take <span class="j2">it <span class="j2">kindly <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">see <span class="j2">a <span class="j2">proprietary <span class="j2">connection <span class="j2">preventing <span class="j2">me <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">do <span class="j2">that <span class="j2">unless <span class="j2">I <span class="j2">buy <span class="j2">another <span class="j2">expensi've <span class="j2">toy <span class="j2">from <span class="j3">CL, <span class="j2">or <span class="j2">do <span class="j2">I <span class="j2">want <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">have <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">mod <span class="j2">a <span class="j2">cable <span class="j2">or <span class="j2">buy <span class="j2">a <span class="j3">modded <span class="j2">one <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">that <span class="j2">effect? <span class="j2">NO! <span class="j3">CL <span class="j2">has <span class="j2">voiced <span class="j2">concerns <span class="j2">that <span class="j2">people <span class="j2">making/<span class="j2">using <span class="j3">modded <span class="j2">cables <span class="j2">could <span class="j2">result in damage/<span class="j2">fry <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">card, <span class="j2">well <span class="j2">who's <span class="j2">fault <span class="j2">is <span class="j2">that <span class="j2">if <span class="j2">not <span class="j3">Creative's? <span class="j2">How <span class="j2">about <span class="j2">doing <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">decent <span class="j2">thing <span class="j2">and <span class="j2">provide <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">cable <span class="j2">WITH <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">card <span class="j2">in <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">first <span class="j2">place, <span class="j2">and <span class="j2">even <span class="j2">more <span class="j2">decent, <span class="j2">why <span class="j2">not <span class="j2">provide <span class="j2">these <span class="j2">cards' <span class="j2">owners <span class="j2">with <span class="j2">one? <span class="j2">Can't <span class="j2">be <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">case <span class="j2">of <span class="j2">not <span class="j2">having <span class="j2">such <span class="j2">cables <span class="j2">since <span class="j3">CL <span class="j2">is <span class="j2">making <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">proprietary <span class="j2">connector <span class="j2">for <span class="j2">their <span class="j2">front <span class="j2">panel <span class="j2">in <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">first <span class="j2">place. <span class="j2">If <span class="j2">insisting <span class="j2">no <span class="j2">such <span class="j2">cables <span class="j2">are <span class="j2">available, <span class="j2">then <span class="j2">make <span class="j2">them!
    <span class="j2">Meanwhile <span class="j2">cards' <span class="j2">owners <span class="j2">are <span class="j2">left <span class="j2">with <span class="j2">little <span class="j2">alternati've <span class="j2">if <span class="j2">they <span class="j2">cannot <span class="j2">have <span class="j2">their <span class="j2">onboard <span class="j2">sound (<span class="j2">to <span class="j2">connect <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">case <span class="j2">audio) <span class="j2">and <span class="j2">their <span class="j3">CL <span class="j2">card <span class="j2">coexist <span class="j2">without <span class="j2">conflict. <span class="j2">This <span class="j2">is <span class="j2">lame <span class="j2">at <span class="j2">best, <span class="j2">arrogant <span class="j2">at <span class="j2">worse <span class="j2">and <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">same <span class="j2">approach <span class="j2">as <span class="j2">with <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">cards' <span class="j2">drivers <span class="j3">-will <span class="j2">not <span class="j2">go <span class="j2">there <span class="j2">as <span class="j2">there <span class="j2">are <span class="j2">enough <span class="j2">threads <span class="j2">about <span class="j2">that <span class="j2">but <span class="j2">for <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">record, <span class="j2">if <span class="j2">it <span class="j2">wasn't <span class="j2">for <span class="j2">a <span class="j2">certain <span class="j2">someone's <span class="j2">functional <span class="j2">drivers, <span class="j2">how <span class="j2">many <span class="j2">cards <span class="j2">would <span class="j2">still <span class="j2">be <span class="j2">in <span class="j2">use? <span class="j2">I <span class="j2">guess <span class="j2">it <span class="j2">could <span class="j2">be <span class="j2">said <span class="j2">I <span class="j2">was <span class="j2">stupid <span class="j2">enough <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">get <span class="j2">this <span class="j2">card, <span class="j2">should <span class="j2">have <span class="j2">known <span class="j2">better <span class="j2">and <span class="j2">go <span class="j2">for <span class="j2">another <span class="j2">make <span class="j2">which <span class="j2">would <span class="j2">not <span class="j2">be <span class="j2">giving <span class="j2">me <span class="j2">such <span class="j2">grief! <span class="jR$489"><span class="j2">I <span class="j4">emphasize <span class="j2">again, <span class="j2">these <span class="j2">cards <span class="j2">aren't <span class="j2">cheap <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">buy <span class="j2">so <span class="j2">Creative, <span class="j2">I <span class="j2">am <span class="j2">NOT <span class="j2">interested <span class="j2">in <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">forthcoming <span class="j3">X-Fi2 <span class="j2">series, <span class="j2">just <span class="j2">provide <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">present <span class="j2">ones <span class="j2">with <span class="j2">full <span class="j2">functionality <span class="j2">and <span class="j2">the <span class="j2">means <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">at <span class="j2">least <span class="j2">connect <span class="j2">to <span class="j2">our <span class="j2">case <span class="j2">audio <span class="j2">without <span class="j2">any <span class="j2">more <span class="j2">expense <span class="j2">on <span class="j2">our <span class="j2">part.

    Thanks for that, Cornholio_OH! I've already looked into PC Performance's adapter and indeed noticed that those using it said PCP are wiring it wrong. So I got in touch with PCP about it and they deny the wrong wiring, stating that there's no mistake in how the cable is made but only how cases front ports are wired and grounded (?!). Also, they only provide the adapter for AC97 and not HD audio and some people had trouble with the AC97 connection, though I suppose that's better than nothing
    Though you are right that it's an alternati've that may be worth the money, personally I strongly bulk at having to get one of those, especially when adding shipping costs to Europe, it no longer will be worth the money! When nowadays there are cards that do perform as well if not surpassing CL's and who provide the adequate connection and at no extra cost, I am strongly inclined to getting rid of the Fatality -practically brand new one by the way- and go for another make. Call it stubbornness or principle, if us consumers just roll over and give in having to either buy more accessories or modded cables, we're sending the wrong signal to CL and everyone else that it's okay to take us for stupid and milk us.

  • Differences between XtremeGamer and XtremeGamer Fatal1ty PRO Seri

    I was looking at those two XFi cards and I would like to know if there's another difference appart from the X-RAM and the external connector.

    The 'plain' XtremeGamer flexijack has an optical spdif out instead of coaxial, it's not compatible with the I/O module and the jacks are not gold plated. EDIT: Here's an useful comparison chart:?[img"]http://dmzweb4.europe.creative.com/wwimages/audio_int/xfi/xfi_comparison.png">?[img"]http://dmzweb4.europe.creative.com/wwimages/audio_int/xfi/xfi_comparison_2.png">Message Edited by HSE on 03-22-200703:03 PM

  • X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series - hardware DD and DTS decod

    Do I understand correct that hardware Dolby Digital and DTS decoding?is blocked in drivers for this card??Bundled PowerDVD 6.0 doesn't support Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES and also Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS NEO:6... Sincerely yours,Pavel

    Actually, support is in the Creative Audio Console (which is part of the driver suite for all Creative sound cards), and is especially true for Windows Vista, as it has been since Windows 2000 Professional. Part of the problem with Windows Vista is that direct hardware access (even for audio) is headed off at the pass, and thus driver support (and application support) needs to be rewritten to realize that. PowerDVD is expecting an interface (that is no longer there).

  • X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series Pin connections for panel in pc c

    Which pins do i need to use to connect up on the soundcard for the mic and speaker socket that is built in on my pc case to work ?
    So that i dont have to keep reaching around the back to unplug my speakers and plug in my headphones !
    If i have got the speakers already plugged in the back with a microphone, can i, will i be able to just plug the headphones in on the pc cases headphone port and the soundcard disable the speakers automatically ?
    Is the a diagram somewhere that shows the pin names or configurations ?
    Hope Someone can help
    Regards DeluDeD

    Hi,?What Creative does is hiding information that could be useful to their buyers in hope that buyers ruin their soundcards and run on to buy another, this is the only possible explanation to what they are doing. Just think this: ?Why in the hell they hide this information that could be so helpful and almost risk free and why do they charge a ridiculous price for the X-Fi I/O Dri've?
    In my Country (Portugal) a X-Fi ExtremeMusic Costs around 0.00? (around 88 dollars) and the I/O Dri've costs (in Creative?s Site) 04.5. (around 84 dollars), but if you buy the Sound Blaster? X-Fi Platinum (that has all the above and seems that the sound card is better) it only costs around 60? (around 28 dollars). So, if you buy the two first items in separate you?ll pay 24.5. (72.00 dollars) and pay more 54.5. (around 44 dollars) than if you had bought the Platinum.
    I really think that they should change the category from accessories to Deluxe Expensi've Options.
    The good news to Creative is that I wont buy anymore products from Creative, I?ve stopped to sell the speakers since they launched a series of Cambridge a few years ago with a subwoofer that sound ruined (I bought 30 of them) and never replaced them with a good one, now they do this and I say no more.
    Over the last 5 years in the Computer Assembly business I probably sold more that 3.000 products from Creative but my reaction to this attitude from Creative is the last that I can take. I?m not going to buy I/O Dri'ves to every PC that I sell with a Creative Sound Card!!!
    Good Luck Creative?

  • X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series for Windows 7

    Does Creative have a plan for enabling their Vista drivers to install on Windows 7?
    If so, what is the project release date?
    The third party drivers do not work for me.

    Hi Chieftom,
    Did you try the beta drivers yet?

  • Problems with X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series

    Hello All-
    Recently, my sound has really degraded. I get bursts of choppy audio, some time more persistent than others. If I am playing a game, it will actually cause skipping as if my machine was under heavy load. If I am watching a video, it will actually lag the video where the video is choppy or pauses briefly then catches up. Sometimes this happens when I first start a game or other media application, sometimes it persists where it is pulsing chop like a process is causing load on the applications. Sometimes, this persists as long as the application is open (winamp/pandora, various games, streaming video via winamp/real player, divx etc). I am on the most up to date drivers available through the creative support site (2.8.08 I believe).
    I have a 2.6ghz quad core, 4 gig RAM.
    Windows Vista x 64
    2 x Nvidia 8800 GXTs overclocked to 786m each
    Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    I Join the club i have had this problem for ages my games will just freeze and then i get this crazy screetching noise i have never been able to fix the problem its creative all over for you crapy drivers i have had enough of creative and wont be bying one of their cards again try it in a different pci slot or try some different drivers if its still in warranty complain to creative get shirty with them and they might rma it if all else fails goods luck rich

  • Unable to enable SPDIF??? X-Fi XtremeGamer (non-PRO) w/ Digital I/O Module

    JUnable to enable SPDIF? X-Fi XtremeGamer (non-PRO) w/ Digital I/O Module? I recently purchased the Digital I/O module in order to use SPDIF Out on my X-Fi XtremeGamer in order to send audio to my 5. receiver via digital coax.
    However after hooking up my Digital I/O module to the flexijack (the one with the red light) I am unable to enable SPDIF.
    I read and followed the directions listed here:
    <a rel="nofollow" href="http://support.creative.com/kb/ShowArticle.aspx?sid=64440"]http://support.creative.com/kb/ShowArticle.aspx?sid=64440[/url]
    The options that they tell you to set are simply are not there on my system.
    I am running the most current drivers and console launcher that Creative has on their website.
    I have been trying to get it to work both under Windows XP and Windows 7.
    I have spent the last 3 hours beating my head on a wall, I hope someone can help me with this...
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    Ah that's what I am afraid of.
    Quoted from the article in your message: "For SB073X series : Supports Microphone-in, Line-in and Optical out connections. On a SB073X series card, this jack does not have the Digital-in function to support the Digital I/O Module. It does however connects to external digital audio devices that accept stereo PCM or compressed Dolby Digital/DTS Bitstream from the Optical output. This will require using a "Toslink to Mini Toslink" cable for connection only."

  • MacBook hard drive is full again. Replaced original hard drive with a Samsung SSD 840 Pro Series 256GB hard drive about 18 mo. ago, but my MacBook is now already saying that my hard drive is full again.  13in. Alum. Late 2008 MacBook

    My MacBook hard drive is full again. I have a 13in. Aluminum, Late 2008 MacBook, and about 18 months ago (in October 2013), I replaced the original hard drive with a Samsung SSD 840 Pro Series 256GB hard drive. However, my MacBook is now already saying that my hard drive is full again.  When I check "System Information," under "Storage," it states the following:  Audio 52.02 GB; Movies 33.68GB; Photos 43.13GB; Apps 14.76 GB; Backups 174.4 MB; and Other 96.39GB.
    Also, at home, I have an Apple Time Capsule 4th Generation 2TB that I use as my wireless router, and I also use it for automatic backup via Time Machine.  And when I first purchased Time Capsule, the first time I connected Time Capsule, Time Machine asked if I would like to use it to back up my files, and I clicked, "Use as Backup Disk."  And that's really all I've ever done with Time Capsule.
    In addition, I also have a LaCie Porsche Design P'9223 1TB external hard drive.  I have copied my MacBook's hard drive onto my LaCie external hard drive.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?  Obviously the Audio, Movies, Photos, and Apps are taking up a lot of space... Any suggestions re: what I can do with Audio, Movies, Photos, and Apps?  And what about the Other?  Other is taking up 96.39 GB. What is Other, and what can I do about it? 
    And what about partitioning my hard drive... Is that something I should do?  Should I partition, or configure, my MacBook's internal hard drive differently?  And should I partition, or configure, my external hard drive?  And if I need to partition, or configure, my MacBook's internal hard drive differently, how do I setup Time Machine to backup per any such changes?  Same thing for my external hard drive?   
    13in. Aluminum, Late 2008 MacBook, 250 GB (with upgraded Samsung SSD 840 Pro Series 256GB hard drive)
    Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
    OS X 10.9.5
    Apple Time Capsule 4th Generation 2TB
    LaCie Porsche Design P'9223 1TB external hard drive
    Thank you for your help.

    Partitioning makes no sense. You have a drawer full of stuff. Split it into two smaller drawers and you have two smaller drawers full of stuff.
    Decide what you can store on external storage - your iPhoto/Aperture/Lightroom libraries can all be stored on externals, as can your iTunes Libraries and so on. Do you need to carry 30 gigs of movies with you all the time? You  can get portable drives the size of an iPhone these days.

  • Upgrade from win 8.1 pro to win 8.1 enterprise without loosing all settings & programs

     I would like to upgrade from win 8.1 pro to win 8.1 enterprise without loosing all my current settings and programs...
    Is there a way?
    Many thanks
    Thanks Sepp

    I think this design by default, you can refer to the link below for the statements:
    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Upgrade Paths:
    Roger Lu
    TechNet Community Support

Maybe you are looking for