1102w won't print via USB

We have a 1102w that is currently being used via USB.  This works perfectly with my wife's macbook and my windows 7 laptop.
I have a macbook pro with OSC v 10.9.5 and have gone through the add printer routine, but when i print I can see that the document goes to the print queue, the print queue empties but the printer does not print the document, the blue light flashes but no printing....   any help in getting this fixed would be much appreciated.
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Hi @richardskelt ,
I see by your post that you are unable to print over a USB connection on the 10.9 computer, but you can print on the Macbook and the Windows 7 laptop. I will do my best to assist you with this issue.
Connect the printer directly to the Mac by the USB cable and run the Apple Updates to install the printer.
Check to make sure the correct driver for the printer name is listed.
Click the Apple menu and then click System Preferences. Click Printers & Scanners, highlight the printer name on the left side and on the right side of the screen it should show the printer's name. (P1102w)
If the full printer name isn't listed correctly, delete it and add the printer name back in from the list. Click the - sign to delete the driver and then click the + sign to add the driver, might have to click the drop down to select the printer's name to add it in.
Test the printer.
If you are still having issues, please do the following:
Repair the Disk Permissions on the Mac:
Close all applications.
On the Apple menu bar, click Go, click Applications and then click Utilities.
Double-click Disk Utility.
Highlight your hard drive/partition on the left.
Click Verify and then Repair Disk Permissions.
Restart the computer..
Reset the Printing System:
Note: This will remove all printers in the print and Fax/Scan, any printer removed can be re-added later by clicking the plus (+) symbol.
Click the Apple icon ( ), and then click System Preferences.
Click Printers & Scanners.
Right-click (or Ctrl +click) in the left white side panel, then click Reset printing system.
Click OK to confirm the reset.
Type the correct Name and Password.
Click OK to reset the printing system.
Then click the + sign to add the driver, you might have to click the drop down to select the printer's name, then click on the Add button.
Test the printer again.
If you need further assistance, just let me know.
Have a nice day!
Thank You.
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  • HP Photosmart B110a constantly goes offline and won't print via USB either

    Macbook Pro OSX 10.6.8
    HP Photosmart B110
    I've connected the printer to my wireless network without any issues, but when I first tried to connect my macbook pro to the printer, it would keep disappearing from the network. Once I finally managed to connect it, every time I go to print something now, it will always say it is offline. Even when I try and bypass the wireless connection and connect via USB, it will still say it is offline. 
    I've have tried reinstalling the printer and driver many times, and I've tried connecting 2 other macbooks via the wireless and all experience the same issue. It is starting to get incredibly frustrating having to reinstall the printer over and over again.
    I would appreciate a solution that would prevent it from always going offline, even If I have to give up the wireless 'feature' and permanently print via USB. I do not have time to continuously fiddle with the settings every single time I need to print a document.

    Let's set a static IP address for the printer:
    - Print a Network Config Page from the front of the printer. Note the printer's IP address.
    - Type that IP address into a browser to reveal the printer's internal settings.
    - Choose the Networking tab, then Wireless along the left side, then the IPv4 tab.
    - On this screen you want to set a Manual IP. You need to set an IP address outside the range that the router automatically sets (called the DHCP range). If you do not know the range, change the last set of numbers (those after the last '.') to 250
    - Use for the subnet (unless you know it is different, if so, use that)
    - Enter your router's IP (on the Network Config Page) for the gateway.
    - Enter for the first DNS and for the second DNS.
    - Click 'Apply'.
    Now, shut down the router and printer, start the router, wait, then start the printer.
    After this you may need to redo 'Add a Printer' using the new IP address.
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  • HP Officejet 5610: Problem Adding Printer via USB

    Hello. I am trying to print via USB on a HP Officejet 5610. My Mac has detected it via USB. I tried to add it by "Default Printer." I got the model "HP" but could not find the model "Officejet 5610" for the gimp-print. I tried a few random models to print but none of them work. Could someone help me please? I do not have the installation CD. This is not my house. The person who owns the printer is usually not home and his computer locked.
    Thank you.

    Disconnect the printer.  Remove references to it from  print and scan in system preferences.  Remove the HP folder from /Library/Printers.  Reconnect it.  Try again.  It should dowwnload drivers.

  • Am considering buying a Time Capsule.  But all specs I read about it (re: printing) is how to hook up a printer via USB connection.  Need to confirm...that a wireless printer will work with the router feature of the Time Capsule.  I assume yes...?

    Am considering buying a Time Capsule.  But all specs I read about it (re: printing) is how to hook up a printer via USB connection.  Need to confirm...that a wireless printer will work with the router feature of the Time Capsule.  I assume yes...?

    A wireless printer connects to the network just like your computer, or iPhone/iPad, etc. connects using wireless.
    The printer must be set up intially to scan to "find" available wireless networks, then your specific wireless network needs to be selected. Then the password for the network needs to be entered.
    Once the printer is configured to join the network, it is always connected to the network. No further configuration is required.

  • Can't print via USB using my Officejet 4635 from iMac running 10.6.8

    I bought this HP Officejet 4635 all-in-one printer yesterday and can't get it to print via USB.  I have an iMac running OS 10.6.8.  So far I'veI tried all the suggestions I could find on these forums (ex: downloaded the latest driver, unplug/replug the power, unplug/replug the usb, delete and "ADD PRINTER" again, etc....) The computer does recognize the printer, but shows "Unable to send print data" after I click on print.  I know that the printer works fine because I was capable to email the document directly to it's personal email address.   Please help!
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    Hello there! Welcome to the forums @DanLA 
    I saw your post about how you cannot use your Officejet 4635 with your iMac running 10.6.8. I understand you have tried troubleshooting already, so please ignore any steps you've tried already in the list of my own suggestions below. If you still cannot connect afterwards, consider giving us a call. I will leave contact info below.
    Mac OS X: How to reset the printing system
    Repair disk permissions
    Restart your Mac
    Reinstall the full driver: HP Officejet 4630 e-All-in-One Printer series Full Feature Software and Drivers
    Try another USB cable
    Check for a Firmware Update: Getting the Latest Firmware and Product Updates
    Ensure the printer is plugged in directly to the wall outlet, avoiding power bars and surge protectors. This ensures the printer is receiving full power and may help.
    Please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region. http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.html
    Good luck!
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  • I can't seems to print using my macbook air with hp series printers. When I plug the printer via usb to my system, the printer was recognized and installed. But when i send a doc for printing, it doesn't print all . Any help?

    i can't seems to print using my macbook air with hp series printers. When I plug the printer via usb to my system, the printer was recognized and installed. But when i send a doc for printing, it doesn't print all . Any help?

    Here's a direct link to the drivers you need, they should work perfectly for your situation.

  • Can new iPad connect to printer via USB?

    If now I have an 30 pin to USB converted can I connect my iPad with printer via USB cable, because my printer is not support wifi or Bluetooth function. If can do I need install what suitable app on my iPad to find or connect my printer?

    The iPad only prints via Wi-Fi to printers that support AirPrint. Here's a website on AirPrint that includes a list of supported printers.
    To to answer your original question, no you cannotrint via USB.

  • New Officejet Pro 6830 will not print via USB connection. It scans great to PC. It copies.

    New HP Officejet Pro 6830 for user to have local USB printer/scanner at desk.  User runs win 7 64 bit on a network.  Raninstall through setup.exe.  Followed steps, connected printer via USB when it said to and it detected it and finished install.You can use HP Scan software and it scans to the PC perfectly.  It will not print from any application or even a testpage from the Printer Properties page.  If you go to the maintenance application it will print status and test page.  If you run HP Scan and Print doctor it does it's thing, gives all Green Check marks and lets you print a test page fine, but it stillwill not print even a test page from the printer properties page (start/Devices and  Pritners/right click on Officejet Pro 6830, select Printer Properties for Officejet Pro 6830 (not the Fax 6830), and click print test page.   It does not seethe printer.  It is a networked PC and has network defined HP network printers as well but user wanted a printer/scanner at his desk.   I actually took the unit and connected to my laptop which is same win 7 64 bit platform and it does the same thing.   I disable the virus protection to do the install so that is not an issue.  It clearly sees and installs the printer, andlike I said the HP Scan works fine so it is connected via the USB to the PC, but it will not print.   I have tried to install from the CD, and removed device and tried to install from the new downloaded drivers as well and it just does not want to print.I have conected to different USB ports, and like I said actually tried it on a different PC and had same results. Guidance certainly would be appreciated.

    Hi , I see by your post that you can scan, but are unable to print over the USB connection. I would be happy to help you.
    I have provided a document for setting Security permissions for printing to see if that will help. If the issue persists, reinstall the printer on the Administrator Account to see if you have the same results.Unlock Hidden Administrator Account and install the printer on this account:  Go to your Start menu and under the 'search programs and files' box type CMD. CMD will populate as a search option above, just right click on it and 'run as administrator'. Once CMD (Command Prompt) opens, type net user administrator /active:yes and hit enter. Next, close CMD and restart your computer. When your computer comes on log into the new account that should show. It will be called Administrator and will not have a password on it. If your computer automatically logs into your account after restart than go to your start menu click the arrow beside 'shutdown' and choose 'switch user'. Now log into the Administrator account we just unlocked.Under the Administrator account, install the printer software. Test the printer. To turn off the Admin account start back at step 1 and type in net user administrator /active:no.Please let me know the outcome. If you appreciate my efforts, please click the 'Thumbs up' button below. Thank You.

  • HP Photosmart c310 won't print via WiFi

    Hi, I have an HP Photosmart c310 and it won't print via WiFi. Everything's updated and connected, but neither AirPrint nor my MacBook can find the printer. Can anyone help?

    The Photosmart C310 is not a AirPrint enabled printer.

  • I have an HP OJ 8500 Pro wireless that won't print via wifi.

    The printer shows connected to the WIFI, however I can no longer print via wifi.  I can print via USB.  Any ideas?

    Hello there, bobandia.
    The following Knowledge Base article provides some great recommendations for troubleshooting your issue:
    Troubleshooting printer issues in OS X
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • Why can't I print to wireless printers after printing via USB?

    We're all wireless in my office. I can print to any number of nearby printers with no problems EXCEPT AFTER I print to my personal Epson printer via USB. I've tried turning my computer on and off, and I've also tried switching to another wireless network and switching back. I still can't print to the other wireless printers. The "Nearby Printers" list doesn't even show up in the Print menu after I use my Epson. In System Preferences, the Print & Fax menu of Hardware clearly shows my computer sees the printers on the network, but when I send a print job it says the printers are "offline". Is something affecting my drivers after printing USB? Ugh!

    This is an issue for your office IT guy.

  • Is there a difference between AirPrint and printing via usb printer plugged into an airport extreme?

    My printer does not show up in the add a printer option on my iMac when plugged into the extreme. I have a HP officejet 5610 All-in-One. I want to be able to print wirelessly using my Airport Extreme.  Thank you

    Is there a difference between AirPrint and printing via usb printer plugged into an AirPort Exreme?
    Big difference. 
    AirPrint for one will not work via USB, so you will not be able to print from an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad using this type of connection unless you look at additional software....that may or may not allow this option.
    Assuming that you get the All-in-One setup using the USB port on the AirPort.......only printing is supported.
    You will not be able to use any other advanced features like maintenance, scan, copy, fax, etc when the device is connected to the USB port on an AirPort.
    If you plan to use the HP for other things, I would strongly recommend that you connect it to your computer.
    My printer does not show up in the add a printer option on my iMac when plugged into the extreme.
    This usually indicates that your printer model is not supported. Check with HP Support to see if they have any updated Macintosh drivers for the 5610 that you could download and install that might allow this.
    HP Officejet 5610 All-in-One Printer Drivers - Hewlett Packard

  • What is the difference between connecting a printer via USB or Ethernet ?

    What is the difference between connecting a printer via USB or Ethernet ?

    When a Printer with an Ethernet connector is connected via Ethernet, it becomes a peer device on your Network. It is available whenever it is on for all users on your Network.
    When connected via USB, it relies on your computer to "Share" it onto the local Network. It is only available when the attached computer is on. It takes resources from that computer to facilitate printing for any User.

  • Printer won't connect via USB

    Bought a brand new iMac, and have a Brother HL 2230 printer only 1 year old.  I installed the lastest driver from Brother website...had printer connected and working.  It wouldn't stay online though when computer went to sleep etc...so i had to keep resetting the printer or unplugging and plugging the USB back in.  Now the printer was offline and nothing would work.  Deleted the printer and now i can't get anything to connect.  Computer doesn't recognize at all when USB is plugged in...printer has been reset multiple times, re-installed the drivers, deleted other items from other support suggestions, reset the printer settings and computer...still don't get anything. Completely out of ideas and don't want to buy a new printer!!

    Hi there @Milliecat, welcome to the forums
    I read through your post about the troubles you are having with connecting your printer to your Windows Vista PC, via USB connection.
    I am looking for some more information from you, to help me better research the issue and determine which troubleshooting steps I should recommend for your issue specifically.
    1. Do you have the Deskjet 2540 or a different model of printer?
    How Do I Find My Model Number?
    2. When you run the installation disk or download, what exactly are the errors or issues you see happen during the installation? (If you could send me a screen shot of the error, that would be a bonus).
    3. Have you tried to install the printer on your PC using a different connection method, such as Ethernet or Wireless?
    4. In the meantime, try running the Print and Scan Doctor tool which may fix the problem. If there is a more serious issue, the tool will alert you to it. Please let me know the results or send a screen shot!
    Have a wonderful Friday!
    Hope to hear from you!
    R a i n b o w 7000I work on behalf of HP
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  • OfficeJet 7500 won't print via WiFi anymore even though pings are successful

    This is a new OfficeJet 7500 All-in-One that I have been trying to get set up over the weekend but have run into problems.
    First here is the system data:
    From the EWS printer information page:
    Product name: OfficeJet 7500 E910
    Product Model Number: C9309A
    Firmware Version: EMP1FN1126AR
    From the Wireless Network Test Report printed out Jan 23 2012 9:07 AM:
    No problems found. Congratulations on the successful setup of your wireless printer.
    Diagnostics Summary
    Wireless On: Pass
    Wireless Working: Pass
    Network Name (SSID) Found: Pass
    Security: Pass
    Printer Settings Consistent with Wireless Router Settings: Pass
    No Filtering: Pass
    Connected: Pass
    Signal Quality: Excellent
    Other networks detected matching your network name (SSID): No
    Wireless Networks Detected: 10
    Disconnect count total: 32
    Disconnect count (last hour): 0
    Disconnect count (last 24 hours): 5
    Channel: 1
    Configuration Summary
    [Shows correct network name]
    Hardware Address (MAC): [will report if it is needed]
    IP Address: [It is static and working--pings are successful]
    Configuration Source: Manual
    Communication Mode: Infrastructure
    Authentication Type: WPA-PSK
    Encryption: Automatic (AES or TKIP)
    The Network Configuration Report concurs with the info above and also shows that the nearest three 802.11 networks are at least five channels away from mine, but the fourth nearest one (with a signal value of -83: mine is -21) is the same as mine (channel 1).
    The computer I'm using is a MacBook running OS X 10.6.8
    Things I have done:
    Confirmed that MAC filtering is disabled.
    Tried to figure out the router firewall. As far as I know, it is ordinary, and there are no other firewalls installed anywhere. I don't know how to determine if this is a firewall issue.
    Rebooted everything many times, being sure to turn the router back on before the printer.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled via USB cable the full driver package downloaded from the HP website.
    Assigned the printer a static IP address.
    Changed the channel in the router.
    Disabled and re-enabled Bonjour.
    Searched the forums.
    The problem I'm having is that when the print queue says that the printer is ready and I send a print job, it looks for the printer a few moments and then says that the printer is offline. Nor can I print from my iPad or iPhone (although at first I could). At first I discovered a workaround by turning off the WiFi radio on the printer and then turning it back on, and for a very short time (a minute or two) after that, the printer would show up in the queue as "connected" and the job would print. This workaround no longer works. I don't know if any of the changes I made correspond with that.
    Rebooting the printer is another workaround I discovered that continues to work, but only for a few moments. If I send a print job right away or a job is waiting in the queue, it will print it right after I turn the printer back on, but then everything goes haywire again. Rebooting the printer with the HP Utility window open produces alternating popup windows reporting attempts to connect to the printer and then reporting that it can't connect. They alternate at a sort of frenzied pace for a minute or so and then the "can't connect" popup stays. After a while, if the HP Utility window stays open, the frenzied popups return .The rest of the time the HP Utility says the printer is not available, even when pings are successful, even when I can access the EWS, and even when the printer is actually printing a job.
    I can't seem to figure out what Bonjour is or what it does despite reading about it on the Apple site. Here is how it has been behaving: When I reboot the printer it shows up on the Bonjour list, but when I click on it there, it disappears and a Safari popup says that it can't find that printer server. Disabling Bonjour seemed to change nothing, and re-enabling it seemed to change nothing either.
    So that's the data. Thanks in advance to whoever can shed some light.

    Hello Sindigirl,
    Thanks for the detailed information. And from that information, I can allready see that we are dealing with a intermittent bonjour connection. Bonjour is the protocol that all apple systems work with, they have the option to automatically detect new devices in your network.
    From what I can see, you did about everything humanly possible to resolve the issue. If however the router that you used always has worked fine and did not cause any network issue's whatsoever, the giving the router a powercycle should often resolve the issue if it is a bonjour compatible router, if possible, please report the manufactuar of the model that you have and its model number.
    For a workaround so that you can at least print you can use the following steps. Please note however, that scanning will not work with the workaround, since this is bonjour dependant.
    [1] Go to Apple/sys. pref./Printer and faxing.
    [2] Click on the[+] to add a printer
    [3] Instead of [Default] in the upper tab, select [IP].
    [4] Switch LPD (line printer deamon) to HP Jet Direct Socket.
    [5] Fill in the printer IP adress at the the Option [IP]
    [6] Leave the printing queue blanc
    [7] Rename the printer [Should have the IP adress as name at the moment]
    [8] Leave location blanc aswell
    [9] Select [Add printer software] If a list pops up, the use the filter to lookup the 7500 driver, if found or allready reported then click add printer.
    You can now print without any issue via direct IP printing. Please let us now what router brand and model you got.
    Sorry for any typo's.
    Kind regards,
    van Baardewijk

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