Can't import uncompressed AVI files in CS6 Premiere Pro

I'm using Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro on Windows 7 Pro (64bit) but can't import uncompressed AVI files.
I get the error that the file has no valid fomat or is damaged, but I can watch the avi videos without a
problem with the media player.
I also have CS4 installed, with CS4 I can import this files.
What can I do to solve this?

AVI is a wrapper, what is inside YOUR wrapper - Exactly what is INSIDE the video you are editing?
Codec & Format information, with 2 links inside for you to read
Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... A screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing for screen shot instructions
Free programs to get file information for PC/Mac

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  • Can I import I-life files into Adobe Premiere Pro CS4?

    Okay, so not exactly an Apple question, but there are so many smart, helpful people on here, and the Adobe forum doesn' t seem very active.
    I recently got Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 (the movie editing software).  I tried to import files from I-photo, but those folders wouldn't even open.  Tried to import files from the movie folder, which were in .mpg format, but got a message that it is an incompatible format.
    Those were just simple movie files taken with a small digital camera.  Does anyone know how I could use this footage in Adobe Pro?  I have access to other Adobe software as well, perhaps there is a way to convert the files?  If I try to import something to Adobe from I-movie, should that work?  Or from I-DVD?  Also, is it possible, with Adobe or regular Mac software, to import regular DVD footage (that is not in form of a computer file, but just something that plays in your DVD player) or perhaps convert it into a computer file?  I have some old VHS footage that was copied onto a DVD and would like to edit it, or at least have it on my computer as a file.
    Also, if I can't use those files, are there any places on the internet where one can download some simple footage to try out in Adobe?  I'm new to it, so I'm just trying to get some files together so I can try out how it works.
    Lastly, if anyone knows of a good online tutorual for CS4.  It's an older version, and on the Adobe site they only have tutorials for the newer one.

    This is a forum. None of the users here -at least not to my knowledge - are Adobe professional
    Ninety-nine point nine percent correct. We are blessed with a few Adobe employees here, unlike some fora, but those folk are probably at NAB right now. Also, they are in other departments, so would have to walk "down the hall," or make a call, just as we would.
    When it gets to issues on licensing, installation, etc., we're pretty much at a loss. Most of us have never encountered such issues, and only know what we have read in others' threads, when they have bothered to report back. Even then, that is third-hand info.
    Last time that I had an Adobe installation issue was AI 3, IIRC. My upgrade version did not have the old database of S/N's. Mine was 00-000-003, and things had changed drastically. One call to Adobe, and a total time of about 5 mins. (including hold time), and I was given a number to plug in, and then everything installed perfectly. That was in about 1989, so is not quite contemporary. Still, that is the last and only first-person account that I can offer. Most here have zero personal experiences, as they came to the party later, and have just not had any such issues.
    We'd love to help, but just do not have the experience.
    Good luck,

  • Any ideas why I can't import some AVI files into CS6?

    The file is coming up as H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and imports into CS3 without any issues,plays fine in Bridge CS6 too.(Cretive Cloud User)

    What is the codec inside that MPG wrapper?
    Read Bill Hunt on a file type as WRAPPER
    What is a CODEC... a Primer
    What CODEC is INSIDE that file?
    Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... a screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing
    For PC or
    For Mac

  • How do i import director 7 files into current premiere pro

    how do i import director 7 files into current premiere pro
    I have a project created in Macromedia Director 7. I was told by sales that this would import into Premere Pro.
    However I have no Idea how! Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm happy to announce to you all that my "mp4 importing" issues has been sorted out. Now I import mp4 shot with the same Windows Phone 8 Device into Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. Only that for the moment, it doesn't play as fast as with ordinary player.
    But how did I get it to work, you may wonder;
    I simply installed Itunes on the system, I also installed an app called media monkey. I can't say which of the apps did the magic but the next time I tried to import mp4 files into Premiere Pro after these installations, it imported seamlessly.
    Obviously there's a link between the required codecs and the itunes itself.
    You may want to try it and hope it works for you.
    Kindly inform us if it works.
    Thank you all.

  • How can I import a .AVI file into my project?

    I want to import a .AVI file into my video project but Final Cut Pro will not import it. Final Cut says the file is not recognized but it plays with Quicktime.

    Jamison S wrote:
    DJ OZA,
    Do you get the warning "Media files are not optimized for FCP. Either recapture the media or use Media Manager to crate new copies of the files to improve performance for multi-stream playback."?
    What does this mean?
    I can import and edit the files no problem either, except for that waring, which concerns me.
    It means you will not be able to use the multiclip feature with these files because your Macintosh is working very hard to decode them on the fly. More than one stream will choke your machine.
    Your AVIs are visible in FCP because you happen to have acquired an AVI file that uses a codec you have available on your machine.
    AVI isn't even supported by Microsoft; it's been a totally concatenated delivery wrapper for more than a decade. It only survives because of entrenchment.
    Use Get INfo on one of your AVI clips, figure out what codec was used, use Google to find out what you can about the codec, and decide how you want to proceed. You want to determine what your output is going to be and work backwards from that decision. For instance, if you're going to distribute a standard MPEG2 DVD, you want to edit using conventional DV. Transcode you AVI files to DV using Compressor.
    Your easiest solution will be to edit on a PC that does handles the AVI natively or to contact whoever gae you the files and demand they provide you with clips you can edit on a Macintosh.
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  • Can't import uncompressed quicktime file into FCE 3.5.1

    I've imported other files of this type before and feel a little stymied.
    It's an uncompressed quicktime, 507 megabytes, 720 x 486, codecs are Integer (Big Endian), Animation. When I try to import it I keep getting an error message. I've gotten the message before but could figure out the problem - for example, one movie had AAC audio and FCE wouldn't take it. Don't know what the problem is here and it's driving me nuts.
    I tried converting it using quicktime pro (with the DV/DVCPRO NTSC) but FCE still ends up reconverting the file again and the resulting file looks fairly crappy as a result.
    Anybody know why the file won't import? Or can someone suggest what codec to use with Quicktime Pro to convert the file so FCE what re-compress it?
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    FCE is a fixed format application. It can handles natively (without rendering)standard def DV, HDV and AVCHD.
    The timeline(sequence) format can just be either standard or hight definition one. Not quicktime animation. So the non native material has to be rendered before playing the timeline. The rendered material will have the same resolution (or format) than your timeline, thus the poor quality as you display DV material (an interlaced format designed to be monitored on TV sets).(Quicktime animation format is an uncompressed format).
    Converting your non-native material with QT Pro and importing into FCE is the way to go as this process allows editing in native format.
    Did you monitor your timeline content on a TV monitor?
    Michel Boissonneault

  • Can't Import large .avi file from digital camera into iPhoto 08

    I have a digital camera with a 4GB SD card. I was shooting video and have several small .avi files on the card and one large .avi file (2.67 GB) on the same card. I did not have a problem importing the small files. iPhoto hung while trying to import the large file. I read in this forum that I should use Image Capture, which I tried. When I used Image Capture on the smaller files (just to see how it worked), my camera would flash while it was transferring. When I tried Image Capture on the large file, the camera did not flash and after about 20 minutes, there didn't seem to be anything going on with the transfer. I also tried an old card reader through Image Capture, and that didn't work either. Should Image Capture be able to handle this size file? Do you know of any way to break up the large file into smaller files on the SD card? What am I missing? Thanks!

    Canon's cameras do not mount on the Desktop. It's a 'feature' of the brand.
    There are several possibilities for Image Capture - including minor directory damage on the card etc. The only solution is get the card to mount, and that means a recent Card Reader.

  • Missing .mov file from cs6 premiere pro classroom in a book

    for lesson 15  the .mov file, has no codec and is therefore unuseable - can anyone email this .mov file please

    Are there other MOV files on the book CD... ones that work?
    If other MOV files work, what is different about the "bad" one?
    A screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing for screen shot instructions
    Free programs to get file information for PC/Mac

  • Can you import a slideshow from Encore into Premiere Pro 2.0?

    I would like to combine video with a slide show - as well as use some of the functions in Premiere Pro in conjunction with a slideshow created in Encore.
    Is it possible to import a slide show created in Encore into Premiere Pro?

    Not really, no.
    It might be possible to rip a DVD with your Encore slideshow, but I don't know how well PPro would handle it, and any audio would likely have to be converted to WAV.

  • Can't import audio or export video from Premiere Pro

    because nobody can solve the problem if I call by phone are busy, if chatting not know resolve, if I send email no answer, this version of Premier is the worst of all, since they did Membership is pure waste time with your program ... I work my projects and then when I want to export do not leave me, if re start the pc asks me to put my membership, then we are not the files and when put to find them and not be imported or imported without audio ... because if they are good for cobar each month's installment, do not fix this problem because it makes me lose time and dinero..y the strangest part is that everyone with the pirate Premier not have this problem.
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    Reason: I realize you're frustrated, but try to create a title that is more descriptive of your problem next time. Thanks!

    import from SD Card ...insert the SD slot on the PC.....
    I put them on an external drive as protection and another file in the pc and except the two projects, when Premiere me not recognize the files try to bring them to the external disk, some occasions works, another only brings the video without audio and most of the occasions not recognize any file, so it's double work and perdidad time, and technicians Premiere in an occasion made a partition the hard disk of the PC for it to work, but only work well for a few days, as the machine will re start the same thing happens again ... now the premier technical atman only to tell me that specialized agents atenderan me, but it never happened, because I hang chat .... and tel is the same .. .but when charging if they are very punctual, I pay them for service suite.asi that they no longer do and made the comment pirates users because it's true ... they do not struggle with their cracks, I am Premier User pirate ever paying for more than 10 years ago, but since started membership, this has been an ongoing problem.

  • Canon IXUS 950 won't import large AVI files into iPhoto

    The new canon Ixus 950 IS wont import large (over 50mb) AVI files in iPhoto, why not?
    They sit on the SD card and then sometimes subsequent pics and video's don't upload.
    If there are say, 3 x 40mb files they dont upload either... After waiting ages the box pops up, unable to import.
    I can individually import the AVI files under 50mb
    I also note that the hard drive icon for the camera does not appear on the desktop or the finder so I could not 'drag' them in either...
    Any ideas?

    I have a similar problem with importing large AVIs from my Canon A610. iPhoto would import everything else (usually) except the large AVIs, which it claims is unreadable. In this particular case (~470MB file), it plays in QuickTime, I've resaved it using QT (still won't import) and converted it from MJPEG to Cinepak (still won't import). I'm now considering cutting the AVI up into smaller chunks and importing those... but any other options before that?
    Misc computer details: Main HD is 120GB with 30 for Boot Camp, 80 remains for Mac OS X, but the iPhoto Library is on an external HD (also 120GB, same model as internal HD except not SATA) formatted to FAT32. Would 10.4.11 make a difference here?

  • I can't Import video&Audio file in photoshop cs6

    I can't Import video&Audio file in photoshop cs6
    And mytimeline is like Cs5

    NO!~ is CS6 i'm very sure

  • Why can't i import an avi file into premiere pro cc 2014?

    how do import an avi file when i try to in comes up saying that the file format is unsupported format?

    Please post sufficient information about your AVI file so people can help solve your problem. Did you create the AVI file or get it from somewhere else? Read this page and search for "AVI" to find out more: Troubleshoot video files.
    Hope this helps.

  • I can't get Premier Elements 10 to import an AVI file from my computer.

    I just bought Adobe Premier 10 two days ago, and I'm trying to import an AVI file from my computer.  It says Add Media Failure.  This type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed.  The program installed all right, so I don't know what to do since I bought this software to create movies with the video from my camera, which is in AVI format.

    Hi Bill, thanks for replying so quickly.
    In review of your suggestions, I cannot see where these would be the answer. While I do use 2 computers, both have identical OS, APE-10, and Quicktime versions as well as camera software/drivers. I have not updated the camera firmware in some time, so I do not think this can be the issue, besides I have used both computers in the past few weeks, with no issues, until just recently. Perhaps it was a Win7 update that messed it up?
    However, while waiting for a forum response, I did some further research and found a codec pack (windows.7.codec.pack v.4.03) on CNET. The description sounded exactly like the issues I am having so I downloaded and installed it. (I also converted the original AVI files to MPEG-2, just in case).
    After the codec pack install, the AVI files loaded into APE and showed with no issues.
    I have not yet tried the MOV files as they were not mentioned in the codec pack info, other than; 'and many more'. (one issue at a time!) I did download and installed the latest QT app (but it was the same version I had) so maybe there was something corrupt in the original. We shall see!
    I cannot try it now as I am presently rendering the video, but if I still cannot load the full video MOV files, other than audio only, as old Arnie would say, "I'll be back!" (according to the APE estimate, about 1:12.
    Thanks again for the assist. If it helps you in any way, I will check the box that says the reply fixed the problem! ('Was this Helpful?')

  • AVI files in Adobe Premiere? (can't import)

    I've just tried to import a bunch if .avi files into Adobe Premiere (OSX) but they all failed due to missing codec. Is there a way around this? I've looked at some other threads but don't understand it all and i'm on a bit of a deadline.
    I've currently installing it on my windows box as i know OSX doesn't play nice with avi anyway, is it likely to work?
    The avi files have multiple streams -2 camera angles are recorded, when they are loaded  both show and play in sync so i'm worrying about converting to another format.

    What is the source of those files?
    Codec & Format information, read both links in reply #1
    Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... A screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing for screen shot instructions
    Find file information for PC/Mac

Maybe you are looking for

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