Custom Support Program metadata kb numbers differs

I am using SCCM 2007 R2. We are in the middle of migrating XP to W7 so our company stepped into the Customer Support Program to receive XP updates.From the MS connect site I can download cab files and the executables. I downloaded the wsusimporttool.exe
and using this command I succesfully injected updates in WSUS. SCCM sync is then succesfull but there it goes wrong. The KB exe's I downloaded are mostly different then the Customer Support patches I see in SCCM.
For example: the month May the title of the kb article to download is kb2962482. The executables I downloaded from there are named kb2953522. In SCCM I see only kb2926765 tagged as Custom Support update. Results of the import using wsusimporttool.exe are
no failing to import but I do see a number of updates with missing files. The kb article updates mentioned there are not available in the Custom Support connect site. It drives me crazy. What am I doing wrong?
The search folder criteria in SCCM I use is Program: Windows XP SP3 Custom Support OR Windows XP SP3 Important Update - Custom Support AND Expired: NO AND Superseeded: NO.
Thanks in advance

Who can help me sorting out where it goes wrong?
I'm confused. You have access to these out-of-support Windows XP patches, which tells me you have a Premier Support contract with Microsoft. Why not just open a ticket?
Per the instructions, are the files actually IN the payload directory (e:\WSUS Extended Support\Payload).
Does the payload directory and do those files have the correct ACLs?)
ie7-windowsxp-kb2953522-x86-custom-nld.exe with file digest 197821D533AA3F006F41A53665D6ABAC7D49C627
ie7-windowsxp-kb2953522-x86-custom-enu.exe with file digest 30C1D8A71B424842E3E022AC033B7E46B11CD11B
windowsxp-kb2926765-x86-custom-enu.exe with file digest 8FD292E3EA4DDB1CC644813203FFD1F5DCA00F23
windowsxp-kb2926765-x86-custom-nld.exe with file digest D91F6179B8F0E6A54FA0F445F0A097EB3EBF88C1
        Attempted to import:              4 updates
        Failed to import:                     0 updates
        Updates with missing files:               4
It looks to me like this is the core issue, becuase the fundamental issue here is that the import cannot find those files, and thus the import failed.
Which also begs another question: Are you still running *IE7* on these Windows XP systems???
Step 3 is not necessary for me to do (SCCM 2007)
I'm not sure where Chad got this idea, and anytime I've added a new product category to a SUP in a CM2007 system, I've always had to go back to the SUP Component Properties and enable it for sync. There's no harm in doing so, so I would suggest ignoring
the advice in Chad's article and do it anyway.
Step 4 the wsyncmgr.log looks normal too.
It would. Your failure is with the import to the SUP, not the SCCM sync FROM the SUP.
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    I'm waiting for half an hour on the phone on your customer support line and your chat is not working either, stucked at "2 customers in line ahead of you."

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  • Complaints for iPad 2/Customer Support

    Please bear with me, I am new and extremely dissatisfied/frustratedwith Apple’s hardware, software and customer support.
    I received my apple iPad 2 the day before yesterday (orderedthrough AAFES).  I am abroad working inKuwait with the military.  I charged thedevice (of course with the supplied charger and cable), plugged it into mylaptop, which has the most recent iTunes, registered my product and powered iton.  After less than a minute of checkingthe device I noticed a dead (not misfired, but dead) pixel.  My first reactive step was to reset the ipad,hoping that would help.  Reset was successful, but did not correct the dead pixel. I then connected to the net through my wifi router and d/l a couple basecolor photos to see if this would show some reaction from the pixel, the pixeldid not change… it’s dead.
    I took the iPad 2 to the nearest distributor in Kuwait.  The representative verified that it was adead pixel and notified me that Kuwait doesn’t “officially” support iPad 2 yetand that they have just gained the support for iPad 1 and that I must contactApple in the States.
    I went through the motions and attempted to do an RMA through the net… BUT, Apple will not mail a device to an APO (their reasoninghad something to do with signature confirmation not being available at APO…which I know as a fact is bogus because I work for the APO and yes, we sign forALL accountable items… delivery confirmation, insured, certified and registeredmail on the PS Form 3883 and when a customer picks up their parcel, they sign aPS Form 3849, so please Apple, get your information straight!).  So because of this dilemma, I had to call thecustomer service center.
    Luckily I have VOIP because it’s roughly $1 to $2 a minuteto call the US from Kuwait (no, 800 numbers aren’t toll free for internationalcalls, just in case anyone did not know that). The representative was kind and curious, so no complaint with himpersonally.  He asked me to go to a localstore, I filled him in on all the steps I took and asked if I can just ship itto a service center and if they could send me a shipping label (yes, Apple,good customer service departments actually DO pay for a shipping label), he putme on hold to see if he could get approval from senior officer, I mean seniorsupport specialist (I’m guessing it was a “lead” and not a “supervisor”).  He told me that was a no go.  He asked when I would be in America on leave…this is not an option for me in my position. The ONLY option he could give me was for me to ship my device to a friend/familymember, have them go to a retail store, have them “test” the device, then havemy family member/friend ship it back to me. This is very very very problematic for me for soooo many reasons.  First off, it seemed as though, through hisvoice/tone that they would not replace my item with a new item… meaning, theywould repair the BRAND NEW LEMON for me. Second thing is, my only point of contact, my mother, is inFayetteville/Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. The rep told me that the nearest service center is in Raleigh, NorthCarolina.  That is about a two hourdrive, or course depending on traffic; meaning my mom, would have to dedicate aminimum of 4 hours driving.  Next issueis economics, gas is not cheap, and my mom drives a (constant) 4x4 FordExplorer… $$$.  Not Apple’s fault, Iknow.  Next thing is, if they arerepairing the device, how long would that take? She would probably have to drop it off and pick it up later on in theweek.  That now puts us to 8 hours of traveltime, and pretty much two days out of my mom’s schedule.  And the last issue would be, I should now berequired to keep a LEMON.  I want a brandnew, fully functional device, THAT is what I paid for.
    How can a company which, according to its June earningsreport, has $76.2 billion in cash and marketable securities treat theirconsumers in such a fashion??? (According to the latest statement from the US Treasury, the governmenthas a cash balance of $73.8 billion, as of Wednesday, FYI.)  This is total and utter bullsh*t.
    I will next rant about my hates about their software; I mustremind you that I’m a newb to iTunes and supporting software (I own a coupleiPod classics and had an iPhone 1, but the software continues to mutate).
    The iPad 2 Safari browser will not natively allow one todownload… anything.  But for $5 you cango ahead and pay Apple $5 to buy their Safari downloader.
    In order to download “FREE” apps from iTunes, you MUST enter your creditinformation… Apple has two work-arounds for this, you can BUY an iTunes prepaidcard… um, guys, please define to me the word, FREE; next (as the rep told me onthe phone) I can register with my credit card, and delete it out later on…hmmmmm I bet it is still saved on the server. Anyone know what just happened to Sony’s network recently?  Yeah, I’m wondering about the legality ofthis, but I’m not a lawyer and US e-laws are about 20 years out dated anyways.
    As I said earlier, I reset my device, from the device.  I tried to do this again, and it would justhang on the black screen with the apple logo and a non-responsive statusbar.  So I tried to reset through iTunes.  You can’t just reset the device,you are REQUIRED to have an internet connection and download the newestsoftware.  This is fine if you’re always plugged in, I might not even complain if I was in the US right now… but torequire that is ridiculous… not to mention, if one were to have their device jailbroken (yup, Apple, you lost in court, so deal with it… not just in America,America took a long time to finally tell you that, MULTIPLE countries sewed you and found your tactics unlawful); this makes it difficult to use you free,non-big-brother approved software.
    You cannot natively test your video, audio or microphone quality.  Wow, you guys could at leastload an Apple commercial on your device so someone could watch and listen toit.  So I have to d/l skype just to testmy microphone (I’m sure there are many other programs, but the fact that I haveto go out of my way just to make sure the device works, is just, wow, non-expletivesjust can’t explain it).
    And last, and probably least, they could have put a couple songs, videos, pictures or games on there. Not a big deal, but if this is supposed to be such an awesome device,Apple, show it off, don’t just advertise and trick the end users into believingthat they will have a nifty device right out of the box.  Do you other users actually pay the extracouple hundred dollars for your programs like Apple wants?.. or are you alljail breaking and unlocking?
    I’m sorry to all you die hard Apple lovers if you areoffended, and I’m sorry if I’m naïve or maybe a little ignorant to the “Appleway of life,” but if Microsoft did this, everyone would flip out.  Heck, they got sued for adding extra stuff totheir OS; but, it’s ok for Apple to make their devices so minimalistic that it’shardly better than a word processor with web browsing capability and a couplecameras?  I like my Kindle a lot more, it’san ebook, advertised as an ebook, works as an ebook, and they added some cool extras like text to voice and web browsing.
    Ok, I’m done for now. Can anyone please give me some information on how I can get this POS replaced with a brand new, in the box, sealed and fully functional (lol, well,as functional as the iPad 2’s come, out of the box)?  If not, how can I spread my complaint as farand wide as possible?  And with that,does anyone know the buyer’s remorse policy on electronics?  (oh, AAFES won’t give one ounce of supportfor Apple products, normally they would give a 15 day, but for Apple, becausethere have been SO MANY issues, they no longer assist, as a matter of fact,when you buy an Apple device from them, you have to sign a paper saying thatyou understand that if the device is defective or inoperable in any way, thatyou will not ask AAFES for help… at least in the local PX’s here.)
    PS I appologize for the typoeees, I cut and pasted all this and for some reason it smushed some of the words together.

    I’m not quite sure what you’re referencing as“misinformation” or “ridiculous statements,”
    I was referring to these:
    The iPad 2 Safari browser will not natively allow one todownload… anything.
    Not true. It can download PDFs and Images. iOS apps are downloaded through the AppStore. But not allowing you to download just any old files is what keeps iOS free of viruses and malware. It's a security feature.
    pay Apple $5 to buy their Safari downloader.
    Not true. Apple does not make and charge for any Safari Downloader app.
    In order to download “FREE” apps from iTunes, you MUST enter your creditinformation…
    Not true, as the link posted above proves.
    So I tried to reset through iTunes.
    No you didn't. You can't reset the device through iTunes. You can restore it, which means re-installing the OS, which of course requires an internet connection to download it.
    if one were to have their device jailbroken (yup, Apple, you lost in court, so deal with it…
    Not true. Apple didn't lose anything in court. They never even went to court. It was the Copyright Office.
    MULTIPLE countries sued you and found your tactics unlawful
    Not true. No countries have sued Apple.
    You cannot natively test your video, audio or microphone quality.
    Not true. iPad is designed to be synced with iTunes, which is where your music and video is stored. The AppStore has many easily downloadable free apps that use the microphone. Videos and music can both very easily be played in the web browser.
    they could have put a couple songs, videos, pictures or games on there.
    Why? Your iTunes Library should already have songs and videos in. Pictures are easily obtainable, and so are many free games. People would complain like crazy if Apple put loads of crap nobody asked for on their iPad from new like you get on a Windows PC.
    don’t just advertise and trick the end users into believing that they will have a nifty device right out of the box.
    The iPad does everything it is advertised as doing right out of the box. But you will need videos, music and games to put on it. Same as a CD player plays CDs out of the box, but you need CDs to play on it. A car will take you on journeys, but you need gas to put in it.
    Do you other users actually pay the extra couple hundred dollars for your programs like Apple wants?.
    Of course people buy apps for their devices. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available. You expect Apple to provide you with every app ever made for free, pre-installed? Get real! People also buy applications for computers and other electronic devices, like they buy CDs for their CD player, DVDs for their DVD player. Nobody expects the manufacturers to provide them for free.
    it’s ok for Apple to make their devices so minimalistic that it’s hardly better than a word processor with web browsing capability and a couple cameras?
    If you had read reviews of the iPad and read the product info pages on Apple's website, you would've known EXACTLY what the iPad comes with in terms of hardware and software. It's all there in black and white.
    I like my Kindle a lot more, it’s an ebook, advertised as an ebook, works as an ebook
    The iPad does everything exactly as advertised - if it didn't, Apple would be in trouble with advertising regulators all over the world. Millions of people like the iPad, but if you prefer the Kindle, why buy an iPad? That makes no sense at all.
    I have seen and read dozens upon dozens of reviews on the iPad and iPad 2…
    Hmmm... somehow I doubt it. If you had, there is absolutely no way you could've had so much misinformation and misconceptions about what the iPad is, does, and comes with.

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    An AcroForm is the name given to the type of PDF form that you create in Acrobat. An XFA form is the type of form that you create in LiveCycle Designer. Although they are both PDF files, they are very different structurally and have significant;y different scripting models. So pay attention to the information on AcroForms and ignore anything about XFA. Be sure to get the sample PDF forms so you can look at how it works and where the scripts are placed.
    What you want to do will require scripting, and if you don't have the experience and are unable to use the information in the tutorials to create what you want, you might consider getting someone who has experience do this for you. I'll often suggest code if I can do so quickly, but what you want requires more than a few minutes.

  • Two IPAD 2s with same IMEI # - horrible customer support to resolve issue

    A week ago my boyfriend discovered that Verizon had disconnected service to the iPAD 2 I gave him from his account 7 months ago but continued to charge him $11.21 per month for the phone line on a non-existent device.  To date I have spoken with more Verizon employees I can count on two hands, been passed back and forth between customer care and the fraud prevention department repeatedly, had to recount this entire story each and every time as well as provide passwords, last 4 digits SS, IPAD IMEI number, phone numbers for the account, named and address for the account, original purchase receipt for the iPAD, and yet, a week later nothing has been resolved, service has not been restored, calls have not been returned as promised, and charges for a so-called "test phone" (that non-existent device) continue to accrue.  I have no promised resolution date and there doesn't seem to be any urgency on Verizon's part to either apologize or fix the problem for us.
    A year ago my boyfriend purchased a Verizon iPhone and added the IPAD 2 to is data share plan as a second device for $10/month.  Apparently last July another Verizon customer walked into a store with an iPAD claiming they were having connectivity issues.  Supposedly it was determined that the IMEI number on that individual's device matched the IMEI number for the iPAD 2 on my boyfriend's account.  Without bothering to research the issue or contact my boyfriend, Verizon simply removed my boyfriend's iPAD 2 service, converted his data share plan second device to something simply identified in his account as a "Test Phone", and assigned his IMEI number to this other customer's account.  My boyfriend isn't the most tech savvy person, so when his iPAD 2 quit accessing the internet he assumed it was something wrong with the iPAD, or a function of where he was at - he spends 5 months of the year in Alaska and coverage is often spotty at best.  So he just tossed it aside opting to browse with his iPhone instead.  Then last week he just happened to be reviewing his latest Verizon bill and where he expected to see the $10/month charge for the iPAD he saw an $11.21 charge to a phone number he didn't recognize.  So he elected to go into a Verizon store to learn what that was about. 
    There at the Verizon Store the customer service rep informed him that he was "in possession of a stolen iPAD" .  This brain trust of an employee went on to explain to my 65 year old boyfriend that since two devices could not possibly have the same IMEI number, and since the IMEI number on his device (which he took with him to the store) matched the IMEI number of the iPAD on another customer's account, the only logical conclusion was that he had somehow acquired this "stolen iPAD" illegally.  At that point I was contacted to talk to this Verizon employee since I was the original purchaser of that iPAD.  No matter that the customer that now had the iPAD IMEI number on their account acquired that IMEI number after my boyfriend originally registered his iPAD with Verizon.  All of a sudden we are the bad guys that stole an iPAD.  We were informed that we would have to produce an original receipt before they could discuss this with us further.  In other words, guilty of steeling an iPAD until we can prove innocense. I guess the idea that we would register an iPAD, then sell it to another Verizon customer a couple months later, but continue to pay to have the device on our account, then steal the device back from this other customer, and then bring this stolen device into a Verizon store in an attempt to fraudulently register it back onto our account, just seemed like a more likely scenario to this employee.  More likely than the one where another Verizon employee maybe fat-fingured the other guy's IMEI number into their system resulting in the system identifying a duplicate IMEI to the one we had already registered, thereby causing this other, highly trained and intelligent, Verizon rep to simply remove the IMEI number from our account and assign it to this other, obviously more honest appearing individual, without bothering to inform my other half his iPAD was no longer going to be registered, and that he would continue to be billed monthly for the service he no longer had.  Yeah, right.
    I could only think of one other possible scenario, that two iPADs could have the same identical IMEI number.  After spending hours on hold,recounting this story to  numerous Verizon customer service and fraud reps to no avail, and becoming exceedingly frustrated with the fact that you can never get a direct line to a specific rep you've already worked with and can never speak to the same rep more than once, I decided to contact Apple about the likelihood of this possibility.  In spite of having an iPAD that was no longer on any sort of technical service warranty, Apple tech rep answered the phone with less than a 2 minute wait.  Listened intently to my story, and expressed complete and utter shock at how I had been treated by Verizon thus far.  He stated emphatically that two devices will not have the same, unique IMEI number.  Further, he was able to verify that the iPAD I purchased and registered with Apple matched the IMEI number we registered with Verizon in February 2013 and the same IMEI number of the device my boyfriend presented in the store a week ago and that according to their records, the device has always been registered to me and only me.  He then called Verizon on my behalf and spoke to the Verizon Customer Care rep - of course, another different one, and vouched for me as the original and only known owner to Apple of that iPAD.  He then connected me with that Verizon rep.  Ten minutes later with the Apple tech rep off the call, the Verizon CC rep actually told me the Apple tech did not vouch for me during his conversation with her.  She did admit he called her, but did not seem to understand why he called her.  Wow.
    So, next I proceeded to secure a duplicate sales receipt from Best Buy for the purchase I made the day the iPAD 2 first hit the shelf on March 2, 2011.  No problems with Best Buy customer service.  Back home with an electronic copy of the receipt I called Verizon for what seemed now like the 100th time in 3 days and waited on hold the obligatory 20 minutes, made my way through the automated answering system obstacle course, provided all the various security pass codes, account numbers and answered all the requisite questions which, by now, I am convinced are designed to get the less determined customer to simply give up in exasperation.  Only to be told by this new customer care rep that I could not send this receipt electronically to them because "that would be illegal". OMG
    I was told I would need to wait until so and so from the fraud department returned his promised call to me - by then two days overdue.  Sorry.  So, I waited another day and called the fraud department.  Got a new person after all the **.  Only to have this person give me an e-mail address to send the receipt and then they needed to go as they were so busy and I could call back later.  Called back again to see if now that they had the receipt they could tell me what the status was for closing out the investigation and re-activating our iPAD.  Got another new person.  Of course they can never connect you with anyone you've worked with before.  Either they've never heard of all those other people you've talked to or that other person is simply not there.  This time it was the latter and I would have to continue to wait two more days when that other person handling the case was supposed to return.  Supposedly this other person entered into their notes that they tried to call me.  Funny, they had the right contact information for me and I had my cell phone with me the entire time as I was expecting that call.  Yet, it never rang, there were no logged missed calls, and no messages on it.  So, at this point I am totally out of my mind and I'm sure there are lots of notes in the case file about the irate and unreasonable woman customer that keeps calling about this issue.  I ask to speak to a supervisor.  I'm told I can't because the her supervisor has already left for the day due to all the long hours they've all been working.  I asked to speak to another supervisor.   I was told, you can't speak to another supervisor, "you can only speak to my supervisor as I'm not allowed to connect you with anyone but my supervisor.  I'm sorry, you'll have to wait.". 
    So, here it is, now 2 days since that last incredible conversation.  Still no one from Verizon has bothered to contact me.  I can fully understand that people make mistakes.  I can understand that something like this might take time to investigate.  I get it.  But, what I can't accept is this attitude that the customer is wrong and Verizon never makes mistakes.  I can't accept being accused of stealing as the only plausible answer for what has happened. I can't accept that Verizon's Customer Care reps and Fraud Prevention reps make promises to call you back on a specific day and then they never do.  I can't understand why they wouldn't at least touch base to let you know they haven't forgotten you.  I can't understand why you have to explain the situation over and over again to a different individual every single time you call them.  Each and every rep seems to have gone through a very thorough training program where the very first words out of their mouths is "I'm sorry you are having this problem. But, rest assured I am here to fix this for you."  After having heard that at least a couple dozen times now, I know how shallow and meaningless those words really are coming from Verizon.
    Verizon, shame on you.  You've treated us like dirt.  You've fraudulently charged us $80 to date and continue to charge us for a non-existent phone on a non-existent service. You don't return calls as promised and I have had to resort to this discussion in hopes of getting resolution.  Anyone else feel like they've been treated this badly?  I've been a loyal customer for many years.

    As indicated in the original post, I did contact fraud.  Today I contacted them again to get a status.  I was informed they closed the case as "not fraud" on the 22nd, but could explain why I was not contacted back regarding this latest status.  However, the rep then proceeded to tell me they thought I should send a new photocopy of the receipt because the one I sent in was cutoff.  In looking at what I submitted, it was indeed, slightly cutoff at the very bottom.  But what was cutoff was entirely irrelevant as the total cost, applied gift cards and final charge to my credit card were all clearly visible in the middle of the receipt.  The only thing cutoff was the last line of details on the 4th gift card applied to the payment and the line was only cut in half and still decipherable.  Just another stall tactic.  Finally the rep agreed that sending a new receipt wasn't really necessary since the case was already closed.  She said all we needed to do now was go into a Verizon store with the iPad and they could reactivate it.  However, being now very doubtful of anything Verizon has to say, I called Customer Care and that rep said that while the fraud case was indeed closed, nothing has yet been resolved because the other party still has an active device with the same IMEI number.  They could not activate our iPad until the mystery of the duplicate number is resolved.
    The customer care rep offered to call the other party and see if they would be willing to bring in their device and sales receipt as well.  So, he promised to call me back after he tried the other party. Well, Raul at Verizon wins the prize for best customer care so far since he really did call me back!  But, apparently the other party told him to pound sand and hung up on him.  Raul was uncomfortable with simply deactivating the other customer's device - wish the Verizon rep that deactivated our device last July had been as ethical as Raul.  So, we are still in limbo with a device we can't get activated.  Raul did at least agree we should be reimbursed for the last 7 months of charges for a non-existent device and supposedly has submitted a request on our behalf to credit us with $80.  He also promised to call back tomorrow with an updated status.  But, at this point it appears there is no clear path to resolve yet.  I don't know what we're going to do or who to elevate this to next.  If they can't compel the other party to prove ownership, or if the other party can prove ownership and indeed there are two devices with the same IMEI number, it seems the only solution will be for Verizon to issue a new device to one of the parties so we both can use iPads.


    I've been reading many posts that basically have the same problem: namely, quicktime doesn't properly install. In my case it happened both with the itunes + qt download and qt alone. I can't fully install qt, but then it keeps trying to update itself as long as my computer is on. It's very annoying. I have an IPod, so I need some version of qt. Microsoft at least seems to employ people to answer forum questions. I don't see anyone at Apple doing that. DOes anyone know of how to get in touch with customer support?

    We were selling LCCS to enterprise customer under a different licensing program, but have since stopped the sale of that.
    You should check out this thread - for a discussion on this.

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    Thank you!  My solution was different.  I had turned off services in MSCONFIG and did not turn them back on.  After I turned services back on, Acrobat started  working again without the nag error and impedance to use the program.  I appreciate your input!  Adobe customer service/tech support was dismally disappointing.

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