DOc. log number range

Hi friends,
In Repetatitive mfg backflush , some times i am getting lesser Doc. log no. (BLPK) for confirmation than earlier one.
What I should do to avoid this?
Thanks in advance.

If you change the buffer to Zero system will take number in sequence.
You can maintain the number range of the repetitive production in Customizing of repetitive production under "Cross-Process Settings" (transaction OSPR), and higher-level access to the Number Range Object Maintenance is carried out using transaction SNRO.
Please refer this link,

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  • Billing doc external number range

    Hi Guys,
    As per my knowledge billing doc uses only Internal number range but when i check table: TVFK i can see No. range external maintained (XX) same maintained my company where shall i config this please give me idea and steps.

    Hi Jack
    In VN01, number ranges for all will be maintained wherein you can see on the right side a tab "Ext".  If you tick in this box, assign to your billing types in VOFA, then whenever you do billing, external numbers will be generated.
    Reward if this helps you.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Anybody ever created multple PO doc type/number ranges in extended classic?

    I have searched this forum, and found plenty of useful threads which would help me determine different document types/number ranges for back-end purchase orders in a classic scenario. (And I have done something similar many years ago on a classic EBP 3.0 implementation)
    However, I have a customer who has an SRM 5 extended classic implementation, and who (Based on certain simple criteria) requires a different PO number range to identify certain types of indirect orders. (They also have direct materials procured using doc type ECDP, but that's not relevant to this requirement)
    This would obviously have to apply to the local PO in SRM, as well as the backend ECC PO.
    It would also need to be derived for orders created automatically via approved shopping carts, as well as those orders that are created via sourcing.
    I've copied ECPO via define transaction types IMG step, as well as assigned a new number range.
    Just to test, I've also added the second doc type in the BSA attribute for a particular test user - just initially see if it was possible to manually choose when creating a PO in sourcing. However, I could only get ECDP and ECPO.
    I have looked at various BADIs to see if I can determine doc type or number range somewhere in the PO creation, but as far as I can see, they either:
    - Seem to apply only to the object type (PO, requisition, reservation etc) rather than the transaction type within that object.
    - Or look like they are too late in the process to influence the doc type and number range (BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI?) ... which doesn't seem to have those doc type or PO number fields available anyway
    - Or I doesn't seem to be trigerred at all when turning requirement into Po and ordering via sourcing. (tried break-point & endless loop in implemnetation of BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW, but nothing happened. In any case the PO number was alreadya ssigned)
    If anybody has ever managed this before, or can tell me that I am definitely barking up the wrong tree, it would be gratefully appreciated. The document type is actually lesss important than the different number range... and was really just an attempt to trigger a different number. I'm starting to think that this sort of thing may only be possible in a classic implemntation.
    What I need ideally, would have been some kind of 'local PO' equivelent of the BADI that enables you to determine transaction type for a bid. 
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    Hi. Not sure on this, but I can tell you that with extended classic it is BADI BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI that is called for the backend PO instead of the CREATEPO_BACK BADI.
    You can have a look in BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI and see if that helps?
    Don't think it will influence the PO in SRM at all though.
    Have you tried the number range / grouping BADIs? They definitly work for changing the number range for classic POs.

  • Number ranges for all doc's ( IN - F2)

        We have 2 comp codes,
    What would be the best practise to have number ranges for the sales doc's-
    as of now, I maintianed same number ranges for both company codes. But I no, there would be conflict between the documents such as,
    user-1 ( comp code-1) & user-2(company code-2) may create Std order-OR at the same time.then numbering might get effected.
    am having around 30 doc types ( from Inquiry - Invoice).
    is it better to use diff doc type & number ranges for each company or should i use the same doc type ( hence number range will become same).?
    suggest me asap.

    Hi Abhi
    I would suggest you to have different number rangers for each company code. this will be easy to identify the the document of which company code it belongs to. and to avoid the confusion.
    i suggest if  possible go to alpha numeric, like if you have A and B company codes
    use Axxxxxxxxxx for A company code
    use Bxxxxxxxxxx for B company code

  • Problem in  Number range Interval in VF02

    Hi All,
         I am using Number range USEREXIT for invoice creation- VF01.
    So, while creating invoice, userexit will trigger, as per our logic provided,system generating numbers as expected.- which is working fine.
    Where as, in VF02, transaction , i was trying to release invoice to Accounting,
    system prompts with the below error message.
    Fyi, in my invoice doc type: Number range- interval-19, which has numbers mentioned in the error message below:
    am expecting, that when i release invoice to accounting from VF02 transaction, system triggering number range from invoice doc type,- But I dont understand, why it is triggering number range interval again, for which number is already createed in VF01
    Error Message:
    Incorrect 9003000002. Select document number between 0090000000 and 0094999999
    Can someone, have any inputs??
    Thanks in advance

    You can make use of exit userexit_number_range  inside RV60AFZZ.

  • Alphanumeric number range for object QMERKRUECK

    Hi all
    I have raised a question on number range object QMERKRUECK few days back.
    Internal number assignment for object QMERKRUECK (numbers are in critical area)
    With reference to the same please let me clear, if it is possible to create alpha numeric number range for the same object.
    I tried in SNRO but system does not allow for this.Next is , if any userexits are there to achieve this.
    I know, this issue is hardly seen in any implementation but if anybody has gone through this and got a proper solution, please share your experience.
    D Mohanty

    You can define number range for Purchase requistions in OMH7 transaction agaist each number range number and you assign can assign these number range number to your purchase requistion document types in SPRP >> Materials management >> Purchasing >> Purchase requistion >>Define doucment type.
    E.g for NB doc type number range number is 20
    and in OMH7 number range number 20  has interval from- 2000000000 to 2099999999
    same way
    for RV doc type number range number is 21
    and in OMH7 number range number 21  has interval from- 2100000000 to 2199999999

  • How to determine number range for billing document based on company code ..

    Hi Friends!!
    can anybody tell me how to determine number range for billing document based on company code & tax departure country if required??
    Amit...plz help me!!

    Hi Amit,
    1. Define different Billing Document number ranges in  SPRO -> Sales & Dist -> Billing -> Define number ranges for billing docs. (VN01). Make sure that all are internal number ranges.
    NO.  From number To Number    Current number  Ext
    A1   0930000000    0930999999
    A2   0940000000    0940999999
    A3   0950000000    0950999999
    2. Define a Ztable ZNUMB_RANGE as follows
    Comp. Code | Tax departure country | Billing Doc Type | Number Range
    100                IN                               F2                      A1
    200                IN                               F2                      A2
    200                US                              F2                     A3
    3. In user exit RV60AFZZ (USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE)
    Read table ZNUMB_RANGE for Number Range with Comp. Code, Tax country and Billing Doc.
    If found pass this number range value to us_range_intern.
    us_range_intern is a standard SAP variable which tells program which number range use to create the current document which is under process.
    Let me know if you are clear.

  • Number range  for object BANF does not exist

    Hi Guru's
    I have been trying to convert the Planned orders to Purchase requisition and unfortunately the system consistantly giving me the error as reflected below  despite changing the numbering range on the affectred documents. Please help.
    Number range  for object BANF does not exist
    Message no. 61501
    The system cannot create a document for an MRP element if no number range or interval has been maintained in Customizing of MRP or if the number range you have maintained is not allowed.
    Below is a list of MRP elements that are affected:
    Number range object MRP element
    PLAF planned order (operative oder simulative)
    EBAN purchase requisition
    RESB dependent requirements
    MDSM simulative dependent reqmts (long-term planning)
    MDTB MRP list

    You can define number range for Purchase requistions in OMH7 transaction agaist each number range number and you assign can assign these number range number to your purchase requistion document types in SPRP >> Materials management >> Purchasing >> Purchase requistion >>Define doucment type.
    E.g for NB doc type number range number is 20
    and in OMH7 number range number 20  has interval from- 2000000000 to 2099999999
    same way
    for RV doc type number range number is 21
    and in OMH7 number range number 21  has interval from- 2100000000 to 2199999999

  • Number range of billing doc and accounting doc to be same

    Hi Gurus,
    Can any one help me out to make the number ranges of billing doc and accounting doc same every time.
    Even though the invoice is cancelled the same no range should come for cancellation accounting doc.
    Thanks in advance

    Create or change the same interval for the BILLING DOCUMENTS & ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTS in VN01 and FBN1*
    For BILLING DOCUMENTS assign this Number range in the VOFA transaction code for the Billing document tyes*
    For ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTS assign this Number range in the FBN1 for your company code and fiscal year*
    activate the External Field [] . this is mandtry
    please check and revert back.
    Anup Shukla

  • Billing Type Number range (  Accounting doc not getting generated )

    Hi All,
    I have created some billing types and for them I have assigned some internal number ranges. Now when I create a billing document it is getting saved with the proper number range but no accounting document is getting generated.
    Also when I try to release the invoice I am getting an error which says " *Incorrect 10000009. Select document number between 0090000000 and 0099999999* "
    K I N D L Y suggest as U R G E N T.

    Check with t-code VOFA. Select the Billing document type, and Pick Detail Button.
    Here you can see one field as Posting Block, check whether it is checkedup. If it is Checked you need to release the document manually.  It Indicates whether the system blocks automatic transfer of the billing document to accounting.
    Also check for the AcctDetermProc.
    Hope it may work.
    Award if useful to you.

  • Different number range for recurring docs for diff company code

    We define X1 as the number range for recurring company codes. For 2 company codes, we have given the same number range for X1, 100000-1999999
    Now when a recurring doc is posted for both the company codes monthly, the company codes have same dco number which confuses the user.
    Is there any way to change the set up of the number range like deleting the one existing and starting with the new series
    Any other suggestions are appreciated

    You cannot deleted the number range if it has already been posted, however, you just limit or restrict the upper limit equal to the current number.
    Create a new number for other company code.
    the number ranges are defined at company code level / fiscal year level.
    The number ranges can be year dependent or year independent
    They may be internal or external.

  • Assign number range to Doc type

    I have created a  new doc type - i am not sure for which co code business has to assign it... how can i create a new number rnage without co code specification... I know i can assign new no range thru OBA7, but let me know where to create it without co code specification
    Thnx in adv

    If I understand you correctly, you want to create one number range for a document type that can be used by all company codes. Eg Doc Type ZA created. Number range assigned is 10000  to 20000. You want all company codes (1000, 2000, 9000 - 3 company codes in  your system )to use the same number range.
    Here is my question
    1. When a document is created (irrespective of companycode), system should pick the next document number. Eg co.code 1000 creates document number 10351, then if a document is created in co code 2000, system should pick 10352 as document number. Am I correct?
    These type of continous numbering is not possible for FI postings, but they are possible for Material documents, CO documents.
    I am thinking of a different way to get this. Create all these document number range in each company code and make them as externally assigned. Then while saving a document, based on some abap coding that you write, pick the last number used in all company codes and populate the next document number to save.
    Hope this is what you want.

  • CO doc. number ranges

    Dear all
    Its very urgent issue regarding CO Number Range.(bus. transaction COIN)
    we are working on testing client. Here when we create any CO document, system generates document number.We can see this document in relationship browser but we couldn't see in KANK in current number status.This is already 1000 documents created up to now but in current no. status system showing 0 document(zero).
    On sandbox client it is OK means showing correct doc. number.
    Is this because of improper year end closing or is there any other prob.
    Plz help me out.
    Any help would highly appreciable and full points rewarded.

    Has your odd client copied from other ? Then, maybe caused some system conflict.
    If not, please check following.
    1. CO document number range length 10 digit. (ex. 100000 (x) -> 0000100000 (o) )
    2. Whether No.buffer set or not. (Tcd : snum -> input 'RK_BELEG')

  • Seperate MVT 521/522 from 201/202 to different number range of mate. doc

    The requirement is to seperate movement type 521/522 and 201/202.
    SAP is set both the transaction/event type: WA. (GI, Transfer Posting,Other GR)
    Is there any way to seperate these two kinds of movement to different material document number range?
    I tried to find a enhancement to fulfill this requirement, but I've not found an appropriate one.
    Any reply might be helpful. Please advise.

    As per my knowledge SAP have set this document type for material doc hard coded and have given any posiblity to change this and set the number range
    logic is that those are internal document and there are many report where u can find document numbers according to movement type
    i think sap have given some flexiblity in accounting doc number but not for material document number
    hope this helps

  • Change log for material number range

    Hi All,
    can you guys please tell me how to find the change log for changes done in material type number ranges that is the thru tcode MMNR although its a customization change but as its for number ranges so there is no transport request involved so it is not possilble to see the import of transport request

    in transaction MMNR
    from menu GOTO > change log
    or in transaction SNUM
    from menu  GOTO > change log

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