Error: IDoc XML data record

Hi all,
   We have file->XI->idoc scenario and the problem we are facing is like, when the idoc structure is prepared using XSLT mapping, when the idoc is ready to get in thru the idoc adapter we are getting the following error.
<i><b>Error: IDoc XML data record: In segment
Z1UKGAS_HEADR attribute  occurred instead of SEGMENT                                </b></i>
Anyone faced the same issue....if so pls do throw some light into this issue....
  We r in XI 3.0 SP13...
Thanks & regards,

In an IDOC structure segment attribute is requried. From the error you posted, it looks like seqment attribute is missing.
   <IDOC BEGIN="">
      <ED SEGMENT="">

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  • Error : IDoc XML data record: In segment attribute occurred instead of SEGM

    hi friends
    i am doing the file to idoc scenario. in message mapping i had done the static test. but what ever the fields i mapped in the idoc it was not populated in the idoc. and i am getting the error as
    error :IDoc XML data record: In segment attribute occurred instead of SEGMENT
    can any one solve the problem please
    thanks in advance

    Hi Vasudeva,
    Pls do check the nodes which you have mapped to. Also make sure that your SEGMENT field in the target structure is mapped properly.

  • Error : idoc xml data record : in segment attribute instead of SEGMENT

    hi all
    i am doing the file to idoc scenario. in that i am getting the error
    error : IDOC XML Data record : In segment attribute instead of SEGMENT
    i am doing this scenario since 4 days.
    can anyone help me
    thanks a lot

    in ref. to my post in your earlier thread.
    in your mapping check, in your IDOC if Begin , segment etc are mapped to a constant say '1'.
    Also ref: In segment IDOC attribute I occurred instead of SEGMENT

  • SapErrorMessage=Inconsistent IDocs passed: Data records or control records

    Dear Friends
    I am not a basis guy but am doing that work, since we don't have any basis admin in our company. One of our clients using our server in the lab is doing some testing of sending IDOCs from one server to another and are getting the following error message
    SapErrorMessage=Inconsistent IDocs passed: Data records or control records missing..
    AdapterErrorMessage=Error occurred while calling function module "INBOUND_IDOC_PROCESS" in R/3
    Is there any log files or some thing that I can see to get more info on this problem. I don't know where the log files related to this kind of problems get stored. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

    thanks all for your help, great progress has been made!
    There was no idoc record in sap as the document had not made it that far
    A large part of the problem was my lack of understanding of sap versioning. My previous understanding was that you had a major version of the document: ORDERS01, ..., ORDERS05 and each of these have a version that relates to the software version, e.g. 47, 62, 64 etc.. which appears in the control record.
    So I apparently have:
    ORDERS05   64    V2
    ORDERS05   64    V3
    Can anyone explain this versioning model?
    I would assume that V3 is the newer version but ...
    thanks and regards

  • ODS activation error"Activation of data records from ODS object terminated"

    Hi All,
    While activating ODS request I am getting following error
    "Activation of data records from ODS object KFI02O50 terminated ".
    data load is suceesful for ODS but during activation of the request it is giving error.
    I tried to change the status to green manually & then activated the request but still same problem.
    Also I tried to delete request & loaded again from PSA & then activated the request but still same problem
    If anybody has some solution please let me know.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Sonal,
              Sometimes when there is erroeneous records that time while activating the Request request get fails.To check this go to manage tab of the ODS there under log u can see the log icon click on that and check y activation got failed..
    Assign points if its helpful

  • Error : idoc xml record in segment attribute instead of SEGMENT

    hi friends
    can any one solve my problem. In message mapping I mapped with a IDOC. In message mapping I Mapped all the fields. Still I am getting the error as "IDOC XML RECORD IN SEGMENT ATRIBUTE INSTEAD OF SEGMENT" I dont know about this error.
    can any one solve this problem please . I am doing this scenario since 5 days. help me..
    thanks in advance

    Hi Vasudeva,
    Can you pls provide little more details on the scenario ?
    Also at which place are you getting this error ?
    Assuming that you have created a message mapping for some source message to target IDoc message, here are some suggestions.
    1) Test the message mapping. (are you getting the error in testing itself ?)
    2) Apart from mandatory fields' mapping, are there any constants to be assigned to some IDoc fields ? Or any node to be disabled ? Or any such additional things...

  • Idoc without Data records

    Hi All,
    Recently, an Idoc got created in my system  without data records.This Idoc got created by an output type.Now this is creating problems while we try to process the same output type again.The error we are getting is "IDoc 0000000143123223 does not exists".I debugged and figured this is because there is no data segments.
    I tried to delete the Idoc and change the status of the Idoc.But its giving same error as Idoc does not exist.Please let me know how to delete or change the status of the idoc.

    Hi Karthik,
    Just check on the field date, this request delivery date in CRM.
    Does it come from date profile? If it does, then try to remove the
    date rule or any default value for this date.
    Alternatively, I am afraid you have to separately save the date
    after first IDOC document creation is done. Seems that the default
    value taken place (and replaced) after the document has created.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to rectify the error message " duplicate data records found"

    How to  rectify the error "duplicate data records found" , PSA is not there.
    and give me brief description about RSRV
    Thanks in advance,
    Ravi Alakunlta

    Hi Ravi,
    In the Info Package screen...Processing tab...check the option Do not allow Duplicate records.
    RSRV is used for Repair and Analysis purpose.
    If you found Duplicate records in the F fact table...Compress it then Duplicate records will be summarized in the Cube.
    Hope this helps.

  • Error Loading XML Data into Template Builder

    I am using XMLP 5.6.2 with E-business Suite. I copied a seeded Oracle Apps report and changed the output from Text to XML. I executed the report and it generated XML Output. I saved the output file as an XML file using IE.
    When I try to load the XML Data file in MS Word, I am getting:
    'Error No :-1072896682: Invalid at the top level of the document.
    Line No : 1
    Position : 1
    File Pos: 0
    Source: Authentication failed
    I never had this problem before using the older version of XMLP (I think it was 5.0).
    Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

    Try using "view source" within IE to get the XML in a text file (Notepad) and save it from there. Then it should load fine. When you save it directly from the browser window there is extra formatting that prevents it from being loaded in template builder.

  • IDOC:Master Data Records are not going to be updated after posting the IDOC

    I need to create employee Master data records in R/3 .I am using the IDOC HRMD_A07, though the IDOC posting is successful no tables, corresponding to employee master Data are getting  updated,
    Can anybody plz Let me know the possible reasons and solutions for this?
    Thanks in Advance,

    hi i hecked the job log entries in SM37 in source system, the idocs were returned with '0' records. i took the Idoc number and checked in BD87 it displays some logs in that one node shows the red status with the detail as follow  IDoc entries in tRFC queue      3383
    the next one is green                Data passed to port OK                    1
    i selected the red staus node and clicked 'process'  button but it displays as
    The operation cannot be carried out with this node type
    wht should i do now, wht may be the reason for the datasource not pulling the data from R/3 to BI?

  • Error:Activation of data records from ODS object terminated

    Hi All
    i got error while loading the data "Activation of data records from ODS object terminated '
    could you please tell me procedure how can i solve this issue?

    - First check the Error Messages from the context menu of the activation step. Also check ST22 & SM21. This will tell you where the error is. Sometimes you might get duplicate records.
    - Next use the "Manage" context menu for the ODS in RSA1. Check if any of the previous records are red. If its red, it would mean that either load/activation has failed for previous request which needs to be corrected first b4 you correct the current one.
    - If al the above are OK, simply repeat the Activation step.
    Hope this helps.
    Anujit Ghosh

  • Error with XML data output

    The Employee W2 XML Interface finished with Warning. In the output there's partial data and at the with the following error:
    &gThe XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.
    Only one top level element is allowed in an XML document. Error processing resource '
    Also the concurrent request log file shows:
    Beginning post-processing of request 3877215 on node CVLX12 at 16-NOV-2010 11:54:50.
    Post-processing of request 3877215 failed at 16-NOV-2010 11:54:50 with the error message:
    One or more post-processing actions failed. Consult the OPP service log for details.
    But the Output Post Processor is up running. If I go to the server I will be able to see the output just created ok. Anyone know what's wrong? Thanks

    Thanks for your response. I have ftp the file from server and it looks good. But When I ran XML Report Publish against this request, it was error out, message:
    Process template
         at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
         at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
         at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
         at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.common.xml.XSLT10gR1.invokeParse(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.common.xml.XSLT10gR1.transform(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.common.xml.XSLTWrapper.transform(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FOProcessor.createFO(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FOProcessor.generate(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.runProcessTemplate(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.processTemplate(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.processTemplate(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.cp.JCP4XMLPublisher.runProgram(
         at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.request.Run.main(
    Caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: <Line 268, Column 6>: XML-20109: (Fatal Error) PI with the name 'xml' can occur only in the beginning of the document.
         at oracle.xdo.parser.v2.XMLError.flushErrorHandler(
         at oracle.xdo.parser.v2.XMLError.flushErrors1(
         at oracle.xdo.parser.v2.NonValidatingParser.parseDocument(
         at oracle.xdo.parser.v2.XMLParser.parse(
         ... 17 more
    I have registered Employee W2 XML Interface with XML Publisher with Oracle seeded template. Thanks,

  • Add segment in Idocs Error Idocs Document date 00.00.0000 is incorrect in item

    Hi every body ,
    I have the  idocs WMMBXY with error  <Document date 00.00.0000 is incorrect in item >
    because one segment is missing E1MBXYH in this idocs
    How can i add this segment  <E1MBXYH > to process my idocs
    Thank you

    Thank you for your feedback 
    Now i have add the segment  E1MBXYH and the date wich was missing , i prossec l'idoc in forground , and i have an other error <<Please check table 158 : entry WE19 does not exist>>
    here the screen shot , did you know how i can solve this ??.

  • Error reading XML data into a DOM

    I'm trying to read a SVG file from a URI into a DOM like this:
    String uri = "file://d:/mysvgfile.svg";
    DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
    DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
    Document svgDoc = builder.parse(uri);
    When I execute the code the following exception is thrown: d
    I can't figure out why the exception is thrown. I can create a File object from the URI so the file exists and can be accessed for sure.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    try this:
    Document svgDoc = builder.parse("d:/mysvgfile.svg");

  • Cannot display archived idoc data records in SARA

    In our ERP system, we regularly archive idocs older than 6 months. To view these archived idocs I use transaction SARA (with archive object IDOC and infostructure SAP_IDOC_001) to search for the relevant idoc that has been archived. Once the idoc is displayed, I drill down further by clicking the magnify glass button which then displays the idoc levels:
    EDIDC               Control record (IDoc)
    EDIDD               Data record (IDoc)
    EDIDS               Status Record (IDoc)
    SRL_ARLNK      SREL: Archive Structure for Links
    When I try to view the Data Records, I get a message saying "You are not authorized to display table EDIDD". According to our Authorizations department, this is not an Auth issue but rather config setup or program issue.
    Why can't I view the archived idoc data records? Is there another way to view archived idoc data?

    Hi Jurgen,
    Thanks for moving my post to the correct space.
    Our Auth team is very confident that this is not a user auth issue. This could possibly be true because the idoc data resides on the following tables when in the database (before archive) - EDIDC, EDID4 & EDIDS. The idoc could then be viewed via transaction WE02 or the Data Browser (SE16). There is no EDIDD table in our ERP system so obviously no authorization object to assign to.
    Once the idoc is archived, the data is removed from the ERP tables and moved to our archive database/server for storage. So when trying to view the archived record, the system does not access the ERP tables but rather the archive directory (that it's mapped to in settings). I assume the SARA transaction merely displays the data in the same segments/grouping with these table names (mentioned above in my first post) but instead of EDID4 it displays EDIDD.
    According to the error longtext, "The check performed when data is read from the archive is the same as that of the Data Browser (transaction SE16)". So I was not involved with setting up our archiving procedure but could it be that table EDID4 was incorrectly mapped to table EDIDD in archives?

Maybe you are looking for

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