Help needed - Macbook not recognising built-in iSight

I have had my Macbook for 4 years and had no problems with the built-in iSight until today. I tried a Skype call and realised the green light wasn't showing. I looked in all files to see if the computer recognised it was there and - nothing! It would appear it has 'disappeared'!
I have tried the KB article stuff 2090 but it doesn't make any difference....
I am by no means any kind of computer genius and am totally stuck. If anyone could help that would be much appreciated.
Many thanks,
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Don't know how or why but it's working again! Hopefully that'll be it!!
Thanks anyway for reading this!

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  • After upgrading to Lion, my Macbook Air's built in iSight camera has disappeared.  I'm not sure how to get it recognized again.

    After upgrading to Lion, my Macbook Air's built in iSight camera has disappeared.  I'm not sure how to get it recognized again.  Help -Sami

    Well, if you did then you may be able to track it, if you did not it's not possible.

  • Not recognising built in Web camera in HP G42 Laptop PC.PL suggest remedy.

    Laptop is not recognising built in Web camera in HP G42 Laptop PC. When  I am using Skype I can see the photo of other party but neither they nor me are  able to view my own photo. PL suggest remedy.

    This should help:
    Wish you luck,
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  • MacBook pro does not recognize built in iSight cam even after restart/ reset

    After years of using Sony hdr500 video cam, iMovie stopped recognizing it and then stopped recognizing the built in iSight cam as well. Now photo booth does not see it either. I have restarted the computer to reset SMC and that did not resolve the problem. I would appreciate any help offered. Thanks JJMANN

    see  Check cables, connections, too many devices, etc., suggested there.
    If your issue persists, try these steps:
    Shut down the computer.
    Disconnect all devices and cables except the keyboard and mouse cable(s).
    Disconnect the computer from the power outlet and wait for 3 to 5 minutes.
    Plug the computer back in and turn it on.
    Reconnect the device(s) (one at a time if there is more than one) and test. Test with each port if you have more than one.
    With all you have already done, if no USB devices are recognized or work on your Mac after you have also considered all the above, you likely have a hardware problem.  Contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service.
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  • Ichat not acknowledging built-in isight

    I'm using a new Macbook Pro 10.5.7 and i've been having video conferences on ichat for a while now and i haven't changed any of the settings. All of a sudden today when I try pulling up a video chat it says "This computer does not support Video Conferencing". My friends have confirmed that when the invite me to vid chat their computers tell them I do not support this feature. I've rebooted several times and cannot figure out why ichat is acting like I do not have the built-in isight feature. The little green light even comes on on the camera acknowledging that it's on. But still ichat will not let me engage a vid conf. Can anybody help me please?

    Sazarret wrote:
    Should I re-install the system?
    That is worth a try, Sazarret.  (Be sure to backup all important data first.)
    Before you reinstall, you can try resetting your iChat preferences. If you don't already know how:
      • Quit iChat if it is open.
      • Delete your iChat preferences file:
       Finder / Go / Home / Library / Preferences /
      • Close those folders and launch iChat again to check for proper functioning.
    When you start iChat again after tossing your old .plist files, you will need to reset any preferences that you want to be different from the default values.
    For future help with iChat, you might get quicker responses by searching or posting in the Leopard > iChat and iChat Sharing Forum.
    By the way, excellent explanation of what you had already tried when posting your question. That saved a lot of wasted effort for us not needing to suggest things you already know don't help.
    EZ Jim
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  • Disabled iPhone 5 (iOS7) / Not able to restore / Macbook not recognising it

    Hi there,
    I'm new to this website so please bear with me! This is my problem:
    One night my hilarious friends were messing around with my iPhone 5, specifically the passcode. To cut a long story short, my iPhone was disabled.
    I've spent the last two days trying to restore it.
    Firstly, I followed instructions online to enter into Recovery mode. This seemed to work as there appeared an iTunes logo and a white cable image with an arrow above it onscreen. However, my macbook did not recognise the phone whatsoever - completely ignored it, on iTunes or Finder.
    After trying multiple combinations based on several different forums of home button+sleep switch holding/letting go/putting in cable for an hour or two, I took it into my local iStore. The guy in there had it for 3 hours but said he couldn't do anything with it, and he suggested I send it off to Apple. His collegue then suggested I try plugging it into a non-mac computer, e.g. a Windows system.
    When I got back I plugged it into my grandma's latptop running Vista. I updated iTunes and plugged in the phone. This time iTunes recognized the iPhone. It said "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode" and gave me the option to "Restore".
    (this is good point to point out I backed up my iPhone a few weeks ago, so don't really care if everything is completely wiped... a new system is quite refreshing anyway.)
    I clicked "restore" and it began... took 10 mins, then gave me an error message. I went online and realised I needed to download some up-to-date firmware (which I did).
    I clicked "restore" + Shift and selected a firmware file... didn't work. Did it again with a different firmware file... didn't work. I looked into the kind of files I needed, whether I should sign out of my iTunes account while it was restoring..... nothing worked.
    To cut a long story short, I feel like I'm at the end of my tether. I've tried a lot of things and this is where I'm at, simply put:
    Macbook won't recognise the iPhone, but Windows does.
    Windows has problems in the last 30 seconds restoring the phone.
    The iPhone is stuck between the apple logo and the iTunes/cable screen, not even going back to the "iPhone has been disabled" home screen.
    Throughout all of my tests, my software has all been up-to-date. It's the first thing I check.
    Basically I'm between a rock and a hard place: I can't use my iPhone, but I can't restore it either.
    I've already talked with my service provider and (see above) taken the phone into the iStore, neither of which could help.
    Is there anyone out there who has experienced this and / or able to help?

    When you say iStore, does that mean an Apple retail store?

  • Who can help me out with my built-in iSight issue?

    Okay, so I have a question regarding my built-in iSight.
    Now, I know... This question may have been asked before but I just can't find it, I guess it got lost in the mass.
    If you would be friendly enough to forward me the message or instruct me on what I need to do to solve this, that would be a great help.
    Also, I'd like to know if I have to reset anything will I lose everything on my Mac? Should I make an external backup?
    So basically the issue is that whenever I turn on Photo Booth the only thing I get is a black screen.
    The program will let me take a picture, but when I want to see a preview of the image, it's not there.
    I then tried to use my iSight with iChat, which worked perfectly fine. After that I did the same with Skype,
    but Skype didn't let me see anything but black as well.
    Can anyone help me please?? Is this an issue that can be fixed myself or should I bring it to the Apple Store?
    As this is a very important matter to me, because my parents are moving out of the country soon and I would like
    to keep in touch through Skype, I would really appreciate all the help!!!
    Thank you in advance guys!

    abegail.gielen wrote: ... this is a very important matter to me, because my parents are moving out of the country soon and I would like to keep in touch through Skype...
    You have a software problem that will require troubleshooting.  With your parents moving soon, I understand your concern.
    Because you have been unable to correct the problem using the suggestions that are already posted in iSight discussions, I suggest you make an external backup and then take your Mac to the Apple Store for service.
    If you like, the Apple Store may even be able to suggest training that will allow you to troubleshoot and fix future occurrences on your own.
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  • IMovie 6.0.3 does not recognize built in iSight Camera on new iMac

    New iMac, Intel, OS 10.5.4, QT 7.5.
    Built in Camera works with Photo Booth, the new iMovie 7.1.3 and iChat.
    iMovie HD 6.0.3 or 6.0.4 does not recognize the camera. Opening a new project results in a No Camera Connected error. I have tried selecting various options in the video format drop down when creating a new project. I have repaired permissions, tried it under various users, removed the imovie plist, reinstalled imovie (both 6.0.3 and 6.0.4) without success. All 10 of the new computers are exhibiting this problem.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    That is not an option that I can select on the imac's. On my iBook under 10.5.4 with iMovie HD 6.0.3 or 6.0.4 I can click on the triangle next to the camera icon and select the built in iSight camera. On the new iMacs that does not work. The built in iSight is not listed as an option.

  • Macbook not recognising ipod

    I have a Macbook operating OS X and Windows Vista via Boot Camp.
    When I connect my ipod via USB the OS X does not recognise the connection in either Finder or iTunes. However, when I am in Vista I can see the ipod as an external drive in Windows Explorer.
    This is a problem as I have all my iTunes songs and podcasts in OS X and want to sync my ipod! I do not have iTunes loaded in Vista and only use my ipod in Windows as a hard drive to transfer files.
    Can anyone give me some suggestions on what to try to solve the problem?

    Try manually reinstalling the latest version of iTunes.
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  • Macbook not recognising receiver

    Hi folks,
    I'm using a MiniDisplay to HDMI cable, to try to connect my MBP to my Denon Home Theatre Receiver.
    I'm connecting the cable to the Thunderbolt connection on the MBP, and Blu-ray input on the HT receiver.
    The Mac is not recognising the receiver as a display, nor an audio output.
    When I use the same cord to connect the MBP to HDMI input on my plasma TV, it works fine. So that eliminates the cord as being the problem.
    Any ideas?

    I'm having the same problem. LaCie has been no help saying that they will give me a discount if I want to buy a new one.
    The drive just doesn't appear in the Finder and the drive doesn't spin up like usual.

  • MacBook not detecting built-in video camera

    I have Skype on MacBook using MAC OS X Snow Leopard and it works fine. I also have it Windows Vista using Parallels 4 on the same MacBook. Windows does not seem to recognize my MacBook has a built-in camera so that it won't work for Skype for Windows or anything at all. Any idea how I can make Windows see my MacBook's built-in-video camera?

    Did you replace the firmware too?
    Otherwise, it sounds like you're camera has simply died. I would take it to an Apple store and they'll run a diagnostic on it to know for sure. They'll do it even if you're out of warranty!

  • Really frustrating - Macbook not recognizing built-in ethernet cable

    I am a college student who purchased the macbook one year ago
    My macbook is not recognizing the ethernet cable plugged into it.
    I thought it was the ethernet cable itself but I tested my roommate's cable and it wasn't also recognized (his computer's internet works fine)
    This is frustrating because I am relying on the college wireless and the signal is flaky at best from my dorm
    I am guessing that either some harddrive or software is messed up
    Anyone can help me?
    Do I have to go to the apple store? My warranty is expired and a very busy semester is about to start so I don't want to send it in for a long time

    Have you used the MacBook in multiple locations in the dorm (on the same subnet)? If you connect through a mini-hub or -switch (rather than plugging directly into the Ethernet port provided by the school), the hub or switch may be holding on to the MacBook's MAC address even when the MacBook is disconnected. When you then plug in in another room, the school's networking equipment may think that the same MAC address (the same computer) is connected on two ports at once -- which just doesn't work. You may get an IP address, but be unable to do anything; or you may get a 169.x.x.x IP address. The school's networking folks can look at the network infrastructure equipment -- the big switches in the wiring closets -- to see if the MAC address is registered on multiple ports.
    The best solution is to replace those bad min-hubs or mini-switches -- they shouldn't hang onto MAC addresses for computer that are no longer connected. But if that's not an option (or just to test the theory), unplug (power off) every hub or switch you have plugged into, and see if you can get online after powering them up again. You would have to power cycle the hub or switch every time you use one.
    Another test is to try to connect somewhere else on campus, on a different subnet. If it also doesn't work on another subnet, the solution described above does not apply. There are other potential culprits, such as the subnet running out of IP addresses, rogue routers installed by other students, and needing to register for the school's network, misconfigured network settings, and of course, defective hardware. You might try starting up from the MacOS Installer disc and running the Network Utility to rule out misconfigured network settings.

  • Help! Backups not recognised when attempting full restore

    I recently screwed up my Macbook while trying to mess about with partitions and the like, and I thought no problem simply reinstall and restore from time machine back ups.
    Slight problem. No OS X install disc, only a leopard upgrade one.
    So I used an old image cloned using superduper and copied that to Macintosh HD so now the main HD has a bootable image (btw I'm really not at all sure about the terminology here, it is the result of massive googling) as in it will turn on and work fine and dandy.
    But this image is from a long time ago and is missing lots of important stuff. So I try and restore it from my time machine back ups using the upgrade disc - and it doesn't work.
    Doesn't recognise anything as time machine back ups, it simply shows my external as an orange icon, not the green TM one, same on the desktop when I simply turn the computer on.
    Anyone know a way around this problem? You'll have my undying gratitude.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

    Well it shows up, but when I select it there seems to be no back ups that it recognises.
    But when I manually go into the drive the data is all there and correct :$ This is very annoying.
    Any suggestions?

  • Bootcamp on Macbook Not Recognising 4GB RAM?

    Am running Windows XP on my Macbook with 4GB RAM, and I don't think that Windows is recognising that there is 4GB available. I wouldn't have thought there should be a setting for this, but I could be wrong? When I check my properties in My Computer, it tells me that I have 2.72 GB of RAM; same when I open up my antivirus software.

    Hi to you both and a warm welcome to Discussions,
    sounds like you are both using the 32-bit editions of XP/Vista.
    While theretically the 32bit Windows can use the full 4GB RAM, in practise only about 3GB are indeed useable. The rest is taken by Windows itself and the hardware reserves some adress ranges of the RAM as well.
    Not to forget the 256MB RAM that are used by the 9400 graphics chip (called shared memory).
    ETX: Don't get fooled by Microsoft and the Vista SP1. You can still only use the RAm amount Vista reported before applying the SP1.
    Microsoft has simply changed what Vista reports from 'useable RAM' to 'Installed RAM'.
    Just a marketing trick.
    Hope it helps

  • Aggregate Device not recognising Built-In Input

    How do I get my Aggregate Device to recognise the ‘Built-In Input” in my iMac?
    In the Audio Devices window, I have set my Aggregate Device to be the sound input master to allow me to choose ‘Aggregate Device’ as the Input Device in Logic Pro X .
    This, I presume, means I do not have to switch between devices such as ‘Line In’ and my audio interface (Saffire) within Logic. I can just set it to ‘Aggregate’ and happily switch between tracks with different input types automatically catered for by the aggregate device.
    However, although the ‘Aggregate’ selection in Logic recognises my audio interface input OK, to use my iMac’s own ’Built In Input’ I am forced to manually select ‘Built In Input’ as the Audio Input - the Aggregate setting does not seem to be recognise it and I can’t figure out why. Everything  else seems to work fine.
    My set up: In the Audi Devices window, my audio interface is first in line, with the ‘Built in Input’ next. Both are selected for Use. The audio interface is set as the master clock and has no Drift Correction enabled. The ‘Built In Input’ has Drift Correction enabled. All devices are set to the same sample rate (‘Format’).

    Roberts54 wrote:
    Thanks Eriksimon
    1) How have you concluded that the Built In input isn't there? - No sound (which I do get if I manually select the very same 'Built-In Input' source in Logic).
    2) Are there only 3 pairs of inputs when you use the Aggregate Device? - Not sure what you mean. It's as shown in the screenshots.
    3) Have you tried all available (pairs of) inputs from the Aggregate device (should be 8, or 4 pairs) in Logic? - Not sure what you mean. In Logic I am merely selecting the Input Device source in Preferences - I select Sapphire, Built-In Input all OK; select Aggregate and it doesn't recognise the Built-In input.
    4) And what kind of signal are you feeding the built-in input. - Line out from my eDrums (sep. right and left channel into single, stereo input on my iMac). Again, works fine but only when I manually select 'Built-In Input' source in Logic.
    Incidentally, just tried making the Aggregate Device the 'use this device for sound input' master (with and without Drift Correction for In-Built Audio selected) and... no change.
    What I mean and what is crucial is to know, is whether you have set your track(s) to the right input(s). On my screenshots you see how it should also look for you on stereo or mono audio tracks. 8 mono or 4 stereo  inputs.
    Mono (disregard the names, those are just mine)

Maybe you are looking for