Hi, Just switched from CS6 to PS CC. I am used to using ACR in CS6 with it's preview checkbox in the upper  right-hand corner. I do not see that checkbox in PS CC. I see that they have added side-by-side, right and left and top and bottom before and after

Just switched from CS6 to PS CC. I am very comfortable using ACR in previous versions. I liked to use the preview checkbox located in the upper right-hand corner to see before and afters. That checkbox is no longer in my version of PS CC. I see that they have side-by-side, top and bottom and right and left before and after options in the lower right-hand corner in this version. Is there anyway to get that legacy preview checkbox back so that I can use it?

Hi Warunicorn,
Thank you very much. I just could not find it on my own. I will have more questions as I get into it.

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