How do you select paper type in Photoshop Elements 10?

Sorry to be a total technotard, but in the olden days, I could select paper type (e.g. glossy photo) from the print menu when printing from Photoshop. I now have a new iMac & Photoshop Elements 10,  and there is no way to select paper type, at least not that I can find.  Is this an Adobe Elements thing?  Cuz I can't figure out how to do it, and it's driving me nuts!!!!!!   Thanks in advance for any help. 

  If you are working in Full Edit you need to have an image open in the main window. Then Click:
File à Print
After selecting your print size and paper size, hit the Print button.
When the system print dialog opens use the Quality & Media and other dropdown menus.

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  • Choosing paper type in Photoshop Elements for mac

    How do I select paper type in PS elements for Mac OS Lion 10.7?

    You do this in the OS X print window that appears after you click Print in the PSE print window. You may need to expand the window by clicking the Show Details button, and then you'll see a pulldown menu in the middle of the window where you make your choices for paper, ink, etc.

  • How do you display file type in PS Elements 10?

    How do you display file type in PS Elements 10 in the Organizer for each photo?
    I know you can right click and look at meta data.
    In PSE 7 it was displayed under each photo.

    Two things:
    1.  Set the View option to show file names:
    2.  Ensure your thumbnails are large enough to display the data:

  • How do you size a picture in Photoshop Element 11

    How do you size picture's to be sent in a email? On the old version I could figure it out be now on this version I can find where to do this. Also how do you make a collogues in Photoshop Elements 11
    Thank you for your help, Jack Frowein

    if you are saving your image as jpeg and really dont care much about the pixel dimension and just worry about the file size, I think using lower jpeg compression ratio is a better option.  For example: if i want my image to have really small file size, I would simply use a lower jpeg quality(probably Medium or low) while saving the file.
    Another easy solution would be to use Save for web, which shows you enough save options to precisely control your file size and dimension

  • How do you do action recording in Photoshop Elements like you can in regular photoshop?

    How do you do action recording in Photoshop Elements like you can in regular photoshop?
    One of my clients is a club promoter and they would like to put their logo on the bottom left of their photos from their events. Usually I can do this by opening the logo (which has like 50% opacity), copying the logo, recording an action set, pasting the logo i copied to memory into the photo, resize the photo and export and close the photo, save the action set and then just batch- automate and choose all currently opened images to run the action on.
    *I mentioned the 50% opacity because I want to put the logo on the photos but not totally hide what's underneath the logo.
    How do I do the same with photoshop elements?

    Just another option that may work for you there are a number of relatively cheap and a couple of freeware programs that are listed here, there are many others I am sure.
    I have not used any of these so I can not recommend of course but most have trial versions.
    Good Luck,

  • How do I select paper type when printing from Photoshop?

    Sorry to be a total technotard, but in the olden days, I could select paper type (e.g. glossy photo) from the print menu when printing from Photoshop.  Now there is no way to select paper type, at least not that I can find.  Is this an Adobe thing?  Cuz I can't figure out how to do it from InDesign either.  I'd like to be able contol image quality as well.  Thanks in advance for any help... I'm wading around in all these forums trying to find a simple answer and am having no luck...
    ~Aeron Mack
    [email protected]

    "hp website says the driver is built-in to the new macs, and I don't need to d/l a new one"
    First of all, this is a crock.  And a very tiresome one, as it's been used as an excuse not to post drivers for download.
    The driver is not "built into" a Mac.  There may be some version of it installed IF you happened to install hundreds upon hundreds of gigabytes of printer drivers (the vast majority of which are obsolete and brands you've never nor will ever own) when you installed the OS.  This view is just so idiotic, as you won't have installed every HP driver ever made if you didn't own an HP printer or plan to hook it up to that computer.
    Apple compounds the problem by not giving you any way to pick and install a printer driver.  Seriously, in 2009.  And this in addition to the Mac's inability to detect a new printer after you plug it in, and ask if you want to install a driver.  People tolerate that while making fun of Windows, which has been detecting new hardware and prompting for drivers since what, 1995?
    Anyway, I believe it was HP who complained that they "didn't have room on their servers" to offer drivers for download.  Unfrigginbelievable.
    Nobody who pays any attention to their printing should even consider an HP printer.  That's how incompetent their drivers are, for both platforms.

  • Cannot Select Paper Type in Photoshop 10

    New Imac, new HP C5280, new copy of Photoshop 10 for Mac. No paper type is offered in print options, (matte, glossy, etc) in Photoshop. Hooked up my older Epson RX620, exactly the same problem, but both work in Win XP ok in Photoshop CS3. Being bounced around by tech help by HP, Adobe and Mac. All latest drivers downloaded and installed as per Tech help line instructions. No change. Anyone help?

    so I've been pulling my hair out for 2 days & nights now trying to figure out why I couldnt print on custom paper sizes - I've just now hit the "help" icon in the print dialog box (so simple I didnt ever think to read through the steps set out!) and found this:
    "Creating a custom page size
    If you want to print on unusual size paper, such as an odd-size envelope or card, you may be able choose the paper’s size from the Paper Size pop-up menu. To find the Paper Size pop-up menu, choose File > Page Setup, if available. Otherwise, choose File > Print.
    If you can’t find the size you need, you can create your own custom paper size.
    To create a custom page size:
    Open the document you want to print.
    Choose File > Page Setup, if it’s available. Choose Page Attributes from the Settings pop-up menu, and then choose Any Printer from the Format For pop-up menu.
    Choosing Any Printer ensures that your document can print on any printer that supports the paper size you select.
    If Page Setup is not available, choose File > Print.
    If the Print dialog contains only two pop-up menus and some buttons across the bottom, click the disclosure triangle beside the Printer pop-up menu.
    Choose Manage Custom Sizes from the Paper Size pop-up menu.
    Click the Add button.
    Type a name for the paper size.
    Enter values in the Paper Size and Printer Margins field."
    All I had to change was the "any printer" setting from my (konica minolta) printers name to "Any Printer"!! now my custom paper sizes are printing fine and dandy!! phew!!!!!!!!
    I know this isn't the exact prob you're having, but try the help in the print driver and follow the steps set out - it worked for me!

  • How do you select an email cleint in Elements Organizer

    I am running windows xp and installed photoshop elements 11. In elements organizer I can't select an email client. I choose Edit/ Preferences/ Sharing and I get a popup window that says loading.

    Select the desktop email client to use for sharing photos. The client is used as default when you share photos in Elements Organizer.
    Select Edit > Preferences > Sharing (Windows), or Adobe Elements Organizer 11 > Preferences > Sharing (Mac OS).
    From the E-Mail Client menu, choose one of the following, and then click OK: 
    (Windows) Microsoft Outlook® to choose the application as the default.
    (Windows) Adobe E‑mail Service if you do not use Outlook or Outlook Express, but want to be able to email directly to recipients from Elements Organizer.
    (Windows XP) Outlook Express® to choose the application as the default.
    (Windows Vista) Windows Mail to choose the application as the default.
    (Windows 7) Windows Live Mail to choose the application as the default.
    (Mac OS) Mail to choose the application as the default.
    (Outlook 2011 for Mac OS) Microsoft Outlook® to choose the application as the default.
    (Mac OS) Microsoft Entourage to choose the application as the default
    More help on this topic is here f02_WIN.html#WS3d021fd412237a2f-75cd62401394cd1dca3-8000

  • How Do You Use Layers in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6?

    I enjoy merging photos and such together so I can create really neat images, but I am not sure how to do that with this program. I checked out the Help section, but it didn't really help me. Maybe someone on here can. Thanks!

    You are asking a huge question. You'll get a better response if you ask something specific about a problem you are having with layers.
    I'm not trying to be mean but you can find vast amounts of basic info on layers with a simple Google query. If you click the Video link after inputting a search query, you can even find video tutorials.  YouTube  is one place that has quite a few video tutorials.
    How layers work hasn't changed between Elements versions.  Layers work the same in Photoshop. The application interfaces may be slightly different but layers are layers.
    FWIW, I'm not a big fan of the manual. You're better on getting something like "The Missing Manual" by Barbara Brundage or looking for info on the Internet.  One free resource with tons of info can be found here:
    The tutorials found at the above link use an older version of Elements so you won't find info on the newest tools and features but the basic Editor info on layers and the tools still apply.

  • How do you delete a tag you no longer use in photoshop elements 12

    I have a few tags I no longer use. How do you delete a tag in Photoshop Elements 12

    Welcome to the forum.
    As Trevor points out, you need the Photoshop Elements Forum. I will Move your post to that very helpful and active forum. Your link, and any e-mail subscriptions will follow.
    Good luck,
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  • How to select paper type for Canon iP5000 with Leopard and Photoshop CS3.

    I have printed photographs quite happily for years on my iP5000 using PS7 and 10.X. However since installing Leopard and switching to PS CS3 I am unable to select paper type (glossy, matt, etc). Is this a 10.5 problem, or as I suspect a CS3 problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    I can select paper type in other applications.

    I don't know if it is the same for your printer but with my Canon MP600 I experienced the same problem until I came across the fact that when Print is clicked there is a Blue Triangle on the right of the dialogue. Click this and the paper type etc is displayed.

  • How do I select the type of paper I want to use in iphoto11 on an Epson 2200?

    How do I select the type of paper I want to use in iphoto11 on an Epson 2200?

    You should have something like this:
    Click to view full size
    So if you don't see any of those printer specific settings you should reinstall the print driver for your printer as Larry suggested.

  • How to change the paper type in printer settings?

    Does anyone know how to change the paper type in printer settings?  I'm trying to have the ability to change it to photo paper from Photoshop Elements.  I can't find the option in printer settings or through Elements.  I'm assuming I could save an additional printer setting for photo printing, but can't find how to even select a different paper type.

    It would help to know which OS you are running as the answer will be different if it's Lion or the previous OS's. You are not running iOS 5.0.1 on your MacBook Pro so provide the correct information.

  • How do I open a PSA file type in Photoshop Elements 12

    How do I open a PSA file type in Photoshop Elements 12

    A file with a .PSA extension is most probably a catalog file from an older version of Elements (up to PSE5). To be able to use it with a newer version (including PSE12), you'll have to convert the catalog to the new format. In the organizer, open the 'File' menu, select the catalog manager (shift Ctrl C) and click the convert button, browse to the .psa file. Your catalog will be converted to the new format.

  • How do you select an object that is directly under another object?

    How do you select an object that is directly under another object?
    I was working from a template and I wanted to make a text box the same size as a column box that was put there in order to keep the text in the confines of the paper that is was being printed to.
    I could actually put text in each column fine but I wanted it to be in a text box so that I could slightly tilt the test box to compensate for my printer feeding it in slightly wrong. I accomplished this on another template but I could not on this one. If I was working in InDesign or something I know I could just select that layer but I'm at a loss of what to do here. How do I select a column right under a text box? I just thought of something. Once I make the text boxes the same size as the columns I think I can just delete the columns from the inspector. But that would be kind of a work around. I know you can hold down command when nothing is selected from outside the document and then highlight but this is not working. Does anyone have some tips and tricks when it comes to having control over which objects you are selecting when it comes to objects that are overlapped as well as directly over each other.

    I'm not sure it's documented any where, but it's not too difficult. First, ⌘-click outside of the layout area to enter object mode then drag the cursor towards the two objects until you see the handles. Now, again ⌘-click on the top object to deselect it. You can now move the underlying object to the front to edit, delete, etc.
    After typing this, it dawned on me, why not just click the top object to select it & move it to the back? I've only done the other way a bazillion times & now I think of this.

Maybe you are looking for