IViews to R/3 Infotypes

How can I tell how an iView relates to an Infotype in R/3?
Address iView in ESS to Address Infotype in R/3 which is easy. However, other iViews are not so obvious is there somewhere that tells you how they relate to each other?

For example in ESS the Address iView relates to the Address Infotype in R/3.
However, in the PCD there is an iView called Communication, how do I know what Infotype that relates to in R/3 by looking on the iView?
Also it's quite obvious when configuring the Homepage Framework you populate the Application Parameters in PCD with the revelevant code for example <b>sap.xss.menuargrp=ZSAPDEFAULTESS_ERP2005&sap.xss.menuhdr=SAPDEFAULT&sap.xss.menunobuffer=true</b>
So taking into accout the Communication iView what needs to be populated in the Application Parameters for it to be viewable in ESS, or does something else need to be populated?

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  • Error in Transaction iView creation.

    Hi All,
    I have requirement wherein i need to create a transaction iView for a particular infotype of a Transaction Code. i had entered the Tcode and system name. But the portal is showing the folowing error when i press the preview for that screen.
    Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : pcd:portal_content/ABC_Folder/education
    Component Name : com.sap.portal.appintegrator.sap.Transaction
    Exception in SAP Application Integrator occured: Missing Property 'ClassName' in property file for layer'Transaction/WinguiSSOLayer'..
    Exception id: 09:56_14/10/08_0012_101711350
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file
    Can any one tell me as where could be the problem
    Sai Sharan kalla

    Please check the thread
    Transactions give an error message

  • Enhanced field in Infotype into the iView - ESS

    Dear All,
         I am working in ESS and I have the following scenario. The screen "Family/Related Person"  has to shown to the endusers, for this the standard iView is available (PZ12), but the infotype 0021 (Family Member/Dependents) has been enhanced to include additional field. Here the requirement is to include the customized field into the iView.
        How can I proceed with this requirement, whether I should go for new webdynpro development or can I copy the program of standard iView into a z-progrm and include the field and necessary coding, if i go with second option is there is anywhere the dependencies will get affected while updating the Infotype 21.
        Your valuable inputs on the same pls.

    Thanks Saurabh
    I read the wiki page, its helpful and in my case I am not adding a custom field, but I want to show a field which is already present in infotype record...
    Wiki says "If you do not need to add a new custom field to the front end, but just an already existing field of the Infotype record, you do not have to do anything at this point."
    So it appears, if I change the structure and add a new field in iview that will be sufficient.Any toughts on this?
    I am going to give it a try a see if that works.

  • How to display infotype as iview in portal?

    Hi All,
      I have a requirement where i have to display a infotype in portals.
    For this i created transactional iview( tcode:pa20) but i must not display the selection screen for the employees.
    When the Employees login and click the link, they should be able their salary structure(infotype:9004) directly.
    How to go abt this.

    first of all you'll need the Netweaver Developer Studio (NWDS). then you can decide either to develop with PDK an iView or you can create a webdynpro application.
    In both cases you'll need additionally an remote-enabled function module (RFM) or bapi that reads your infotype.
    another possibility (if you have already ECC6.0), you can write a webdynpro for abap application.
    kr, achim

  • Infotype to iViews

    Is it possible to convert an HR info type to an iView in EP?
    If yes,can somebody tell me how to do it?
    If no,what is the alternative?

    Hi John,
    This is what I would do.  In function group HRMM, there are some function modules that could help, for example, HR_INFOTYPE_GETDETAIL.
    Create a custom remote-enabled function module.  Now, you could either call the infotype and retrieve the information you want, or call one of the HR FM that will return the info you require. 
    Once you have created the remote FM (RFM), then create a java iView that calls the function module, submitting the employee number or username, whatever works, retrieve your data and display. 
    To get it to work in MSS, you just need to add a little code to listen for the cKey from the team viewer, and then submit the employee number from the team viewer to the rfm and retrieve the data.
    To differentiate from ESS and MSS, create an attribute in the portalapp.xml file that is read by the java in the doInit method, and if it's MSS, then do the cKey look up, otherwise grab the ID from the portal session.
    Phew, that sounds like a lot, but it is pretty simple.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to get PERNR from employee search(teamviewer) iView in to a WD-4-ABAP.

    Hello All,
    I had developed a new Web Dynpro for ABAP (WD4A) component for updating a custom Infotype. This application is meant for the manager to maintain some specific data through portal for his employees in the team.
    WD4A application is built based on the employee number it receives from the portal.
         How could I get PERNR from employee search(teamviewer) iView in to my WD4A component?
    In portal I had developed a test page by copying the standard page from MSS com.sap.pct.erp.mss.general_information, and added my WD4A application through an iView into this page.
    Then I hided all the other iVews in the page except (1) employee search and (2)my WD4A iVew. On the preview everything appears fine.
    During the preview of this page it triggers the WDDOINIT of WD4A component main view and then the WDDOMODIFYVIEW. When I select an employee from the employee search, then it triggers only WDDOMODIFYVIEW in the WD4A application and not the WDDOINIT anymore.
    In my  WDDOMODIFYVIEW I had inserted the following code:
      DATA lo_api_component TYPE REF TO if_wd_component.
      DATA lo_portal_manager TYPE REF TO if_wd_portal_integration.
      lo_api_component = wd_comp_controller->wd_get_api( ).
      lo_portal_manager = lo_api_component->get_portal_manager( ).
      DATA lo_api_controller TYPE REF TO if_wd_view_controller.
      lo_api_controller ?= wd_this->wd_get_api( ).
      CALL METHOD lo_portal_manager->subscribe_event
          portal_event_namespace = 'urn:com.sap.mss.employeesearch'
          portal_event_name      = 'selection_changed'
          view                   = lo_api_controller
          action                 = 'GET_SELECTED_PERNR'.
    And in the action: 'GET_SELECTED_PERNR'
    METHOD onactionget_selected_pernr .
      DATA lv_str_pernr TYPE string.
      DATA lv_strlen TYPE i.
      DATA lv_pernr TYPE pernr_d.
      DATA lv_offset TYPE i.
      value = lv_str_pernr ).
      lv_strlen = STRLEN( lv_str_pernr ).
      lv_offset = lv_strlen - 8.
      lv_pernr = lv_str_pernr+lv_offset(8).
    This is not functioning form me. The action is not getting trigged with the code in WDDOMODIFYVIEW.
    I had gone through several threads in u2018SDN say:
         Pass pernr to WebDynro
         MSS - General Information - Related Activities Links persnr.
         SAP Note: 1112733.
    Most of the threads are answered but incomplete. In some threads people shared document personally which had been helpful.
    I am stuck with this scenario of handling the employee number from employee search iView. Helpful suggestions will be rewarded for sure.
    Thanks in advance.

    Do i understand you correctly that you are not getting the portal event ?
    This can be several reasons ?
    Both portal system and WDA server has to be in same domain and same proptocol to communicate with Portal event.
    Please check in that direction and search posts on this topic.

  • Additional field in standard MSS iView

    Hello all,
    We have created a new custom infotype (IT9915) in which we intend to hold some disability information.
    We would like to display one of this infotypes fields within MSS in the 'Employee Profile' page, 'General Data' iView.
    I have little JSP development knowledge but I can find and read the JSP program for this iView.
    Within the code I can see that you can extract field values from a call to a 'Resource Bundle' component request.
    My question is:
    Where and how do I add code so that the field (eg PA9915-DISABILITY) is added to the resource bundle and enable me to subsequently reference and extract it within the 'General Data' iView program?
    Many thanks in advance,

    U can create a new table view like V_TKZU3_CO, insert your new fields and create the maintenance view program for it.

  • SAP HR infotype access through portal

    Hi All,
    Below is the client requirement
    *They want to access an infotype "pa9016" in portal*
    In order to do is I have created a SAP Transactional iview and selected the system and in the Tcode area I have given the infotype name "pa9016".
    Assigned the iview to Role
    Now the problem I am facing is when i click on the Role I see the error message
    pa9016 tcode unknown
    My question is Can we access infotype using SAP Transactional iview.If not how to access the infotype in portal
    thanks in advance

    Hello All,
    It is not possible for you to create a transactional Iview for an Infotype in Portal.
    We have 2 options to access the PA info type 9016 in Portal
    1. Create a program in the back end system which will pull the data from the Info type 9016 and attach the program to the new ransaction code. Then create a Transactional Iview in Portal for this newly created transaction code.
    2. Add this Info type 9016 in the existing PA role (back end role). We can add the PA Info types in the following authorization objects
    The second option is recommended.
    Best Wishes,

  • How to Configure Overview of Organizational Units iView in MSS 5.0/6.0

    Hi all,
    Does anyone have any idea on how to configure the "Overview of Organizational Units" iView in MSS to work with the HR backend?
    When I click on the Organizational Unit in the iView, it does not link me to a new page and no Organizational Unit overview pops out.
    Any form of help or hints is deeply appreciated.
    Many many thanks in advance.

    Hi Leong Ko,
    In order for this to work, first and foremost your userid has to be linked to some "manager" employee of your choice in infotype 105, subtype 0001.
    Secondly, the position that this "manager" employee is holding has to be assigned to one organisational unit (technically relationship A003, but you can do this from transaction PPOME).
    Thirdly, the position in question has to be marked as "chief position" (in technical terms relationship A012-manages between the position and the org. unit to which it belongs). This can also be done from transaction PPOME.
    If the organisational unit to which the position belongs has, in turn, subordinate org. units, these will also be shown in the Iview.
    Of course you will have to be logged on to the portal with your userid (the one that you assigned to the employee in infotype 105) for this to work. It will not work if you are just testing the Iview without being logged on.
    Hope it helps.

  • Missing iView for Business Events in MSS 1.31

    We made an upgrade from ERP 4.7 to ECC 6.0, and we can't find the iView "Business Events". Do you know if this service still valid in the version 1.31 of MSS?. In the previous version the tecnical name of the service was com.sap.pct.hcm.eeprofileeventdetails.
    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards,

    Hi Carlos
    I think this is now part of the SAP Learning Solution - at least delivered iviews in MSS require
    Learning Solution infotypes to be populated
    The equivalent in ERP2005 would be
    Best wishes

  • MSS/Company property iview empty

    We need to show company property iview from MSS/General Information. We've customized 40 infotype. We choose a user from Employee Search iView, when selecting an employee, the Company Property iView is empty.
    Please, do you know how can I do so as to show data in this iView?
    Thank you

    If the iviews show blank or nothing.... You should check the permissions of the iviews or page, and see with the user,. give permissions to the rol as read permission and end user permissions.
    This could be....
    Hope its help

  • W-5 Filing Status field in Federal Iview for ESS?

    Hello Guru's
    I am looking into having the 'Earned Income Credit' filing status field from infotype 210 - subtype FED to be displayed on the W-4 iview in ESS. Can someone provide me direction on how I can do this? We are using ECC 6.0 with EP 7 (ESS BP 1.0).

    You will need to create a WebDynpro Project for the DC ess/us/w4 and make the necessary changes & deploy it to the Portal.. assuming you have your NWDI & Dev Studio set up already.. evidently, you will need some Java expertise..
    P.S: if you think it is too much.. wait for others to pitch in with an easy solution

  • Relationship of iViews with HR Organization Structure

    In an HR SAP Portal what is the relationship of iViews with HR Organization Structure.
    Does the iViews and org structure pull from tables or the infotype data?

    In SAP HR ESS, MSS all Iview links we see in Overview page are configured in spro.
    Yes there is relation exists in between portal I view and Hr infotypes. For portal Iviews Hr Infotypes acts like data providers and recivers.

  • How to create Talent Group in Talent Management System (Infotype 7420)

    Hello All,
    Can anybody let me know how to create talent Group entries in SAP HR TMS module (infotype 7420).
    And one more thing if somebody know how to link application area for a user in TMS.

    we have to do it through EP interface through BP TMS.
    1. connect EP to SAP system
    2. Configure all the iviews of TMS business package so it can communicate with SAP system (change only SAP system name for all iviews)
    3. Assign the roles to user of EP
    4. run application using TMS

  • Adding a Standard Field to iView

    I know this seems like something that may have been in a couple iof threads, but going back upto 5 or 6 pages after search I did not find anything, so I have to ask this here
    I am working with the Witholding Screen (W4)(IT 210) for US. I see that there are standard fields such as Personal Exceptions (PEREX) and Dependant Exceptions (DEPEX) that are not available on the iView. When I looked at the structure: HCMT_BSP_PA_US_R0210, I saw that these fields are present in the structure (Fields: PEREX & DEPEX).
    How would I be able to get these fields to display on the iView?

    Thanks Jay,
    So this is what I did:
    Reuse Country Specific Applications -> Assign Screen Structure to Infotype Version
    IT210, Version: 10
    Assigned Structure: HCMT_BSP_PA_US_R0210 as Main Infotype
    Setup the Active Subtypes and Use Cases for IT210 ST FED & MO
    Tabke: V_T588MFPROPC (Maintain)
    Added entry for Structure: P0210, Field: PEREX (No Checkbox Selected)
    Upto this point, I am still unable to get the Field: Personal Exceptions (PEREX) on the iView. Any suggestions on what else needs to be done?

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