PC Outlook inbox to Entourage

I have no idea where to place this, but here seems as good a place as any. I recently switched back to Mac from a Thinkpad, and I used Outlook to handle email. Before it took a dump, I backed up the inbox on my Mirra.
So now I have a Mac and Entourage, and I want my old messages in Entourage. Any ideas for how to import them properly? Or a program that can read the Outlook messages?
MacBook Pro 2.00 GHz, 512 MB, 80GB   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2 GB nano black
MacBook Pro 2.00 GHz, 512MB, 80GB   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2 GB nano black

You can use a $10 software O2M, here is the instruction from Apple.com;
You can also do this free, here is a tutorial, once you convert the .pst to .mbox, you can import the .mbox files into Entourage or Mail.app on Mac.

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  • Migrating from Outlook 2007 to Entourage 2008

    15 days ago, I bought my first Mac after a 12-year gap. I have been trying to get my information from Outlook 2007 into Entourage 2008 without any luck. I've google'd and found that there are indirect paths only. (via mbox).
    My E08 refuses to recognize the mbox files. After renaming my Inbox files as Inbox.mbox, they show up as E08 files (with the E08 icons). But I cannot open them in E08. When I go the File, Import method in E08, all mbox files are grayed out and I cannot select any of them.
    I've installed Thunderbird on my Mac and got all the files into Thunderbird from my Win PC. Apple Mail crashes consistently when I try to import from Apple Mail.
    Total file size is 5+ GB with 30 folders. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong.

    Here is a long pending update on how I got my OL2007 data into E2008.
    On the PC:
    1. Setup Gmail Imap in OL2007. (I used my Gmail account for this purpose. Go into Gmail and search for "Outlook Imap setup")
    2. Drag and drop each sub-folder from the Inbox into the Inbox of the Gmail Imap folder.
    3. Depending on the size of the sub-folder and attachment, it makes take a few minutes to a couple of hours.
    On the Mac:
    4. Setup the Gmail Imap folders in Entourage too. (again refer Gmail help section).
    5. Drag and drop the subfolder you created in step 2 onto your Entourage Inbox. (because this is a "download", it might work faster).
    6. After step 5 is complete, quit Entourage.
    7. Back to your PC, start OL2007.
    8. Drag and drop the sub-folder from Gmail into the OL2007 Inbox. (this step is required if you want to preserve all the data on OL2007).
    9. Repeat for other folders present on your OL2007.
    This process is excruciatingly slow and painful, but it did get me all my data, attachments, preserved the links intact and organized it according to categories. For categories, ensure that you create the same categories as your OL2007 on E2008.
    Good luck.

  • PLEASE help!! I use Outlook for my email and the Mail App Icon in my dock was also storing all my emails. So, I tried to delete ONLY the emails in the Mail App but somehow (under Preferences maybe?) I also deleted all my emails in my Outlook inbox.

    PLEASE help!! I use Outlook for my email and the Mail App Icon that is in my dock, that I know nothing about, was also storing all my emails. So, I tried to delete ONLY the emails in the Mail App but somehow (under Preferences maybe?) I also deleted ALL my OUTLOOK emails in my inbox.  Can someone please please tell me if there is a way to get my Outlook inbox emails back OR EVEN the emails that were in my Mail app - because even tho I never use the Mail app, at least the emails would be there.
    When I was trying to delete the emails in my inbox for the Mail app - I followed THESE directions.  It did in fact clear my inbox for the Mail app.  But then I went to log on to my Outlook account and EVERY SINGLE EMAIL was gone.  And not in the Deleted box.  Just gone.  Here are the directions I followed that screwed everything up.  Please help.
    Top menu bar, Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors.
    Uncheck "Store deleted messages on the server".
    At the drop list for "Permanently erase deleted messages when", choose "Quitting Mail".
    Top menu bar, Mail > Preferences > General.
    At "When searching all mailboxes, include results from", uncheck "Trash".
    Select All = command A

    i found out my prob!
    here is what you do.
    go to the "system preferences" on your dock.
    click "software updates".
    click "installed software"
    if it shows something about a recent update about "EFI UPDATE, FIRMWARE, THUNDERBOLT" or anything like that, exit out of it.
    go to mail.
    click "mail" at the top.
    click "preferences...".
    find the account you are having trouble with, once you do, make sure its highlighted, then click the "-" at the bottom of the window (this will only effect that mail account, it will not effect your ical weather or not its synced thought that email account)
    hit the "+" (right next to the "-") and add your accout back!
    its something with that update that effected mail, i hope this works out for you, if not reply back

  • Any changes in PA30 need to send a mail to the Managers outlook inbox

    Any changes in PA30 (ESS) need to send a mail to the Managers outlook inbox  .
    Kindly let me know the Standard workflow template and  to built the Custom function module in Rule .
    Thanks in advance,
    Richard A

    <i>Any changes in PA30 (ESS) need to send a mail to the Managers outlook inbox</i>
    If its just an email do u need a workflow for it? Configure dynamic actions which will call a subroutine when a change is made to the infotype and send email from that subroutine using SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1.(you can include the necessary logic for determining the approver in the same subroutine).
    Prasath N

  • Hi!! how can i read mails present in the sub folder from outlook inbox

    hi every one...
    i have to read a sub folder present in the inbox from outlook.
    for that i tried as
    Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(props, null);
    store = session.getStore("pop3");
    store.connect("URL", "USERNAME","PASSWORD");
    inbox = store.getFolder("INBOX/subFolderName");but it shows an error like Folder Not Exist...
    can any one suggest me to solve this problem to read mails present in the sub folder.
    Thank you

    thank you for support guys...
    so if i am using pop3 protocal, it cant read the sub folders present in the outlook inbox ..
    is there any alternative way to achieve this ...?

  • How to get emails sent using my iphone and gmail sent to my Outlook inbox?

    I have set up my my Iphone Mail Account using gmail/googlemail.
    If I send an e-mail from my iphone then it appears in my sent folder on my iphone but does not get sent to my Outlook inbox (when I carry out the Send/Receive function). However, when I send an e-mail using gmail webmail (rather than Outlook), the sent e-mail DOES get sent to my Outlook inbox.
    How do I set things up (using my Iphone? Using gmail? Using Outlook?) to get e-mails sent using my iphone delivered to my Outlook inbox?

    Thanks for your efforts...
    ..but still not working yet.
    I have deleted the account and created it again, using your instructions.
    I do not know whether Outlook is configured as IMAP or not: sorry to sound ignorant but I am literate only up to a point!
    I do not understand why e-mail that is sent via the webmail goes into my inbox...while e-mail sent via iphone does not. I would therefore imagine that I need to do something to my iphone (as you initially suggested) than to Outlook or Googlemail...but I am quite prepared to be told I am wrong.

  • Sender Address in Outlook Inbox

    I am sending a message to an employee when they change their eg. Banking Information in our Portal using SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1. Which works successfully. The mail gets sent and I make the "SENDER_ADDRESS = 'PAYROLL'".
    'PAYROLL' is a communications user in my system. When the mail gets sent it shows the "Owner" as the first and last name of my user with ID 'PAYROLL'. But when I release it to go to my outlook inbox, the username in the FROM field is 'PAYROLL' instead of the First and last name combination in the USR01 record.
    What I want to know is if there is some configuration in SCOT where I can tell it to use the Firstname+lastname combination to out this in the FROM field when it gets sent to outlook.
    Thanks and regards,
    Ronald Meyer

    Just a further example.
    If workflow sends a mail, it uses WF-BATCH (Username = Workflow UserSurname = System)
    When the mail gets sent to Outlook from SOST, the "FROM field in Outlook Reads "Workflow System" and not WF-Batch, this is what I wish to achieve.
    Any feedback will be appreciated.
    Ronald Meyer

  • HT2623 I am getting duplicat emails in my Microsoft Outlook inbox. I use MS Outlook and an icloud account. How do I stop the duplicates?

    I am getting duplicate emails in my Outlook inbox. How do I stop this?

    Tell them to use "Plain Text" when sending you the email, not RTF. Or, get this:

  • The folders of Outlook (Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, etc-) are in English but I'm using a Arabic version of Outlook

    Dear All
    The folders of Outlook (Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, etc…) are in English but I’m using a Arabic version of Outlook .how I can change the folders to Arabic .
    Thank you .

    Use the /resetfoldernames switch to reset the default folder names (such as Inbox or Sent Items) to default names in the current Office user interface language.
    Close Outlook. Use Windows key + R to open the Run command, type or paste
    outlook.exe /resetfoldernames into the box and press enter. (If you type it, there is a space before /)
    Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
    Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center
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  • How do I stop Notes on my ipad from e-mailing my documents to my outlook inbox on my laptop and then deleting the document from notes on my ipad?

    I amhaving a problem where if I work on Notes on my ipad, the ipad e-mails various emails of that document to my Outlook inbox on my laptop.  Therefore on one given day, I can get various e-mails with the document that I am working on in my outlook inbox on my laptop.  It also deletes the Notes document from the ipad.  How do I stop this from happening?

    Hi geminigay,
    You state that your music plays at random times even if it isn't open. Also your earbuds are plugged in most of the time.
    Does this happen if the earbuds are not connected?
    Are your earbuds the ones with the remote and mic?.  If so, they can start the music playing even if the Music app is not running.
    Use an Apple headset - iPhone
    The Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic (iPhone 5 or later) and the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic (iPhone 4s) feature a microphone, volume buttons, and the center button, which lets you answer and end calls or control audio and video playback, even when iPhone is locked.
    Use the center button to control music playback. 
    Pause a song or video:  Press the center button. Press again to resume playback.
    Note that applies to the iPad as well.
    See if the remote is being activated.

  • Business emails in Inbox deleted on Iphone also delete from Outlook Inbox on Computer

    There are numerous discussions regarding the deletion of emails from Outlook on the computer when they are deleted from the iphone, mine being a 4s.  I have two email accounts set up on my iphone.  One setup in Other for my personal domain email account and the other is setup through Exchange for my business email that interacts with my Server.  True there is an Advanced setting for my personal email account but there is not an Advanced setting for my business email.  I have tried setting the Synch setting for my business email account on the iphone to 2 weeks.  Unfortunately the Push setting defaults to the Inbox and you cannot uncheck Inbox on the iphone.
    There is no setting for my business email to tell it not to delete from the iphone.  I have actually had my iphone next to me deleted the email from my business Inbox on my iphone and watched it also delete from my Inbox in Outlook on the computer.
    What do we do to stop business emails from being deleted in the Outlook Inbox when deleting them from the iphone?  Please advise of the correct settings and how to get to it when there is a business email set up on the iphone that is on an Exchange Server that when the email in the inbox on the iphone is deleted that it doesn't delete from the Inbox in Outlook on the computer.

    It is possible with a Blackberry due to RIM's dedicated email delivery service. The Blackberry's email client does not communicate direct with the Exchange Server with an Exchange account or direct with the incoming mail server with any email account. 
    It is not possible with an email client that communicates direct with the Exchange Server such as with the iPhone's email client, with the Android email client, and with the Windows mobile email client. This is possible with the Blackberry's email client and dedicated email delivery service only which is going out of business unless RIM ends up being purchased by another company.

  • Workitem in Outlook inbox

        My requirement is to send a workitem for Approval/Rejection to a user's Outlook inbox. Can any one send me the sequence of the required settings i have to do to send a workitem to a user's inbox.

    Hi SD,
    Yes indeed, you can Approve Reject your workitem from Outlook.
    You need to do some settings in SAP and it works.
    Talk to your BASIS to configure SCOT settings.
    You need to schedule a report RSWUWFML2 in background which sends the workitem to Outlook.

  • Ios 4 threaded email issue with outlook inbox?

    Anyone else have mail in their outlook inbox get removed or otherwise hidden when threading is turned on in IOS 4?
    I can see the full threaded conversation on the phone, but only the most recent message in a thread is in my outlook inbox.
    Input, solutions?

    Hi. This is a very delayed post to your original. I would like though to ask if you still have fully threaded emails in your iPhone. Since iOS 4.1 there are apparent issues, and it depends how you define 'threaded'. I am using Gmail and they have a threaded/conversations method of reading mail, very useful to see the entirety of a discussion. On my new iPhone 4 using the iPhone native mail app will not show threaded, only all of the messages from the other party, I'd need to scroll through a message to see my own input.. Or look in the Sent Mail folder. Both of which seem antiquated to me. I was interested in your post as you describe seeing your threaded mail properly on iPhone. Is this still the case?

  • Export mail from outlook 2002 for Entourage 2004 - how to?

    I've tried for some time now to export my mail from outlook 2002 for Entourage.. Can't say it's been easy, and I still haven't figured it out.
    Can anyone help me with this..
    and .. oh yes.. I'm a newbie at mac.. got it for only about a week or so now..
    please bare with me..

    I don't use contacts but I found this document that should help:
    However it does specify Outlook 2003 or later is required to sync contacts so that will be an issue for you.

  • UWL notification mail to Outlook inbox-How?

    We have a requirement to send all UWL notification emails to Outlook Inbox of the users.
    Is it sufficient to make the appropriate settings in
    Syst admin>Syst Config>UWL>workflow>Mail
    Are any other settings required?(Groupware transports,system creation etc)
    P.S:Will reward points for helpful answers.

    Thanks for your very useful contributions.
    I have been able to use the program RSWUWFML2 to perform the task. I would like to know two things:
    1. I see this only is valid maybe for the time you are logged in. For it to work, you have to run it again when you log in again. Correct? How then do you make it so that it is always active?
    2. If it sends the mail to the outlook inbox of the approver, can I customise it so that it sends to another approver in the next level if the first one does not approve in the first 2 days?

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