Quality score and vendor evaluation?

Dear Sapient,
Can any one help me to know how quality score in QA11 or QA12 is hitting vendor evaluation programs?
Kaushal Rai

Rejection/complaint : This comes from the Following calculation.
Only consider the Q2 type of notification score.
If no complaint then this is 100 otherwise following formula:
The complaints score is calculated from the number of complaints against the vendor, according to the following formula:
QSc = QScmin + (QScmax - QScmin) * (1 - (N * K) / (F * U))
QSc = QScmin if  (N * K) > (F * U)
QScmin  =  Lower limit for QSc
QKZmax  =  Upper limit for QSc
N       =  Number of Q-notifications in the applicability period
K       =  Estimated nonconformity costs
F       = Share of business volume for QSc calculation
U       =  Sales of the vendor in the applicability period
K is maintained at
QCC0>Quality notification->Information system--->Define NC cost for Vendor Evaluation
The audit score is either the average quality score for the audits or is made up of the quality scores for the most recent audits. You can also enter an audit score manually.
This is 07 inspection type average score.
Again depend upon UD score of 07 inspection type.
I hope this will help

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    Hi, everyone!
    How can i delete  vendor evaluation score for delivery?
    After make evaluation, I delete a good reciept document (cancellation), so now I don't have movement document for this vendor.
    If i make new vendor evaluation old score doesn"t change.

            GO to Spro--->Material Management -> Purchasing-->Vendor evaluation ->define criterial>01 quality--> subcriteria ->03 Audit---> Scoring method -
    >07 automatic determination from system audit.
    but for that please create the inspection lot with 07 inspection type and do the UD .
    with regards

  • Quality Score in Vendor Rating

    Dear Sir/Mam
    I want to know about quality score which comes in Usage decision,Now in our case when inspection lot is generated we have only one case if accepted the quality score is 100 and when rejected 1,but our requriment is we want different quality score,i maintained different score in selected set,my concern whether this quality score has impact on vendor evaluation score( for quality criteria),how it is calculated please guide.
    Edited by: kunal joshi on Mar 26, 2009 6:07 AM

    Dear Kunal
    Quality  score are maintained for quantitative valuation of the quality of inspection lots against a vendor, material , customer
    1) They have to be first maintained in the client level setting
    SPRO > QM> Maintain settings at client level> You need to maintain the highest quality score (100) and lowest quality score (1) system doesnt take 0. also Lower limit for good quality (90)
    2) it is maiinly used in the selected sets for usage decision
    QS51/ 03 catalogs for each UD code you can give a Quality score. So while you are giving UD system picks up this score and update the same for inspection lot , material, vendor, customer as applicable.
    You can give 100 as quality score for clean acceptance, 1 for complete rejection, may be 50 for partial acceptance etc.
    for eg you can maintain your UD selected sets like this Code, Description and UD score
    001     Clean Acceptance     A Accepted (OK)     100
    002     Accepted subject to Rework     R Rejected (not OK)     50
    003     Accepted with deviation     R Rejected (not OK)     70
    004     Accepted after segregation (Partial qty)     R Rejected (not OK)     60
    005     Rejected     R Rejected (not OK)     1
    006     Accepted subject to functional test     A Accepted (OK)     100
    007     UD Changed due to line rejection     R Rejected (not OK)     30
    008     UD changed due to problem at Customer     R Rejected (not OK)     1
    009     Subcontract return - ABB     A Accepted (OK)     100
    010     Auto UD for Skip Lot     A Accepted (OK)     100

  • ME6H :  point score for vendor evaluation

    Dear guru ,
    In vendor evaluation analysis for on-time delivery performance
    I can see fields point score 1 and point score 2.
    Can  you explain me which is the difference between these two fields ?
    Thanks in advance.

    ON TIME DEL 1-it is for a specific period(day,month,yr)
    ON TIME DEL 1-cumilative value

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    Dear SAP gurus
                            Kindly guide me how the Quality score of UD  used to evaluate the vendor .Which formula is used.

    Hi ,
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  • Vendor Evaluation-- Points and Scores

    Dear Gurus,
    On what basis are the scores assigned for the percentage that is assigned.  For Eg. what do you mean by the following:
    Percentage   Score
    20.0-        10
    10.0-        65
      2.0-       100
      2.0        100
    10.0         50
    what does 20.0- mean and how is a score of 10 assigned to the same.same is the case for all the entries.
    Kindly explain me the entire process as to what does this percentage mean. Assume that we are evaluating the vendor based on Price.

    The system calculates the scores for vendor evaluation as follows.
    Calculating the Overall Score
    The system derives the overall score from the scores for the various main criteria, taking the
    weighting factors assigned by Purchasing in the system settings for each main criterion into
    The following example explains this process:
    The table below shows the scores for a vendor and their weighting factors:
    Main criterion Score Weighting factor
    Price 70 40
    Quality 85 25
    Delivery 50 10
    General service/support 50 5
    Converting Weighting Factors into Percentages
    To make the weighting factors clearer to the user, the system converts them into percentages.
    1. The system adds the factors together and equates the total with 100 %:
    40 + 25 + 10 + 5 = 80 equals 100 %
    2. To express the individual weighting factors as percentages of 100%, the system first divides
    100% by the sum of the weighting factors:
    100 / 80 = 1.25 %
    3. Then the system multiplies the weighting factors the buyer assigned to the main criteria by
    this figure:
    40 x 1.25 = 50.00 %
    25 x 1.25 = 31.25 %
    10 x 1.25 = 12.50 %
    5 x 1.25 = 6.25 %
    4. The following are the results of percentage of overall score
    Main criterion Score Percentage of overall score
    Price 70 50.00 %
    Quality 85 31.25 %
    Delivery 50 12.50 %
    General service/support 50 6.25 %
    However, internally, the system uses the weighting factors to compute the overall score.
    1. The scores for the main criteria are multiplied by their weighting factors.
    70 x 40 = 2800 points
    85 x 25 = 2125 points
    50 x 10 = 500 points
    50 x 5 = 250 points
    2. Total points = 5675.
    3. This total is divided by the sum of the weighting factors:
    5675 / 80 = 70.94 points
    The vendor is awarded an overall score of 71 points
    Please go though this link for clear understanding.

  • Vendor evaluation score in servie entry sheet

    How and mwhere to enter the score for vendor evaluation in servoce entry sheet?

    At the time of processing Service Entry Sheet (ML81N), under "Vendor evaln" Tab, you will have option to enter scores for the following subcriteria
    - Quality of service
    - Service timeliness
    For above 2 subcriteria, you can assign a scoring method as following;
    - C Determination from quality rating of service
    - D Determination from timeliness rating of service
    Config Path: - SPRO > MM > Puchasing > Vendor Evaluation > Define Criteria > Here maintain subcriteria for Service criteria and assign the scoring method

  • Vendor Evaluation by Material and Material Group wise

    Dear Folks,
    Customer requirement is to see subcriterion level scores of Vendor
    Evaluation according to material, Material group wise. But the
    datasource provided by SAP is providing the data according to
    Purchasing Organisation level and Vendor level (0MM_PUR_VE_01).Is it
    Possible to break the scores according to material group and material
    as TC in r/3: ME6B provides ranking based on Main Criterion level
    scores. If possible, what is the logic?
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Anil,
    Thanks for ur reply.
    But Customer requires vendor evaluation data through Automatic route.
    0MM_PUR_VE_02 caters to semi-automatic data which needs to be configured in r/3, and customer doesn't want to do that. Is there any other solution.

  • Entering the scores in service entry sheet for vendor evaluation

    I could not able to enter the scores for vendor evaluation in service entry sheet. How to do it.
    With regards
    G Narendra kumar

    While defining the Sub Criteria for Service, you have select the Scoring Method as C (Determination from quality rating of service) or D (Determination from timeliness rating of service).Then u can find a tab for Vendor evaluation in Service Entry sheet where you can enter the scores for service.

  • Vendor Evaluation QM

    I woul'd like to use SAP standard Vendor Evaluation, but I'm not understanding how the subcriteria 'GR Inspection', of criterion 'Quality' is evaluated...
    Could you help me about what SAP uses for evalueted this subcriteria?

    Goods Receipt (GR)
    The goods receipt score is calculated from the quality score (QSc) for the inspection lots, according to the following formula:
    QSc = (S1 + S2) / (n1 + n2)
    S1 = Sum of quality scores for the inspection lots
    n1 = Number of inspection lots
    n2 = Number of deliveries for materials with a quality information record, for which no inspection lots exist.
    S2 = n2 * QScmax
    (Qmax-->mainaned at plnat level in SPRO)
    You can break down the GR score for the vendor according to the material and the inspection type.
    Now if You have given 100 as max 1 as min,then suppose there are 10 lots generated for vendor material combination in that purchase Org, Avg of all UD score will be considered as quality score.
    If UD not taken the it is considered as 100
    Please refer following links
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    Dear MM experts,
    Please let me know where I can config smoothing factor of score in vendor evaluation!

    what do you mean by smoothing factor. Normally the primary criteria used for vendor evaluation is
    1. Price
    2. Quality
    3. Delivery norms
    4. Service
    based on 4 above points the evaluation is reveiwed.

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    We are setting up Vendor Evaluation and would like the Delivery scores to be closer to a true average of all of the scores.  We are having difficulty getting to that number.  Is there a way to do it in SAP?

    Hi Beverly
    Have a look at the following notes
    459516    FAQ: Vendor evaluation
    806834    Calculation of score for Quantity Reliability
    and also the following documentation
    Determining Scores - MM Vendor Evaluation - SAP Library

  • Quality score by usage decision?

    Dear SAPIENTS,
    Can any one help me in creation of this configuration setting?
    I would like to have quality score calculation from usage decision. Score calculation should be done by number of quantity received against order.
    Suppose if 100 quantity ordered:
    25% Deviation means 75 only received then score is 75
    Likewise for 50%, 75% and 100%

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  • Quality score

    how to do setting of quality score for vendor materials as per our requirements which are as under.
    1 ) weightage of  rejection at incoming stage
    2 ) weightage of sorting at incoming stage
    3 ) weightage of return from production
    4 ) weightage of customer return due to vendor problem
    5 ) weightage of material accepted under deviation
    rakesh patel

    Not in SAP standard, so you need to develop some program.
    I would suggest you discuss this requirement to your ABAPer.
    1) 2) 5) Quaity score based on weighting of rejection, sorting, management deviation at incoming inspection.
    - Develop a function module for calculation of quality score
    (You should define how the system calculates the quality score.)
    - Define new quality score procedure in configuration
    (SPRO > Quality Management > Quality Inspection > Inspection Lot Completion > Define Quality Score Procedure)
    - Assign new quality score procedure in inspection setup of material master QM view
    3) 4) Which process in SAP do you have for "return from production or customer due to vendor problem".
    If you have another inspection type, you can solve with above solution.
    If not, let us know how SAP can get the information for calculation of quality score.

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