Report : invoice list

In my function specs
1) pass vbeln to vbpa, partner role = 'WE' & 'RG' and get the ship-to-party and payer (kunnr) from vbpa table for each billing document from the first line item of the invoice. if ship-to-party code is entered in selection screen the retain records where ship to party = ship to party in selection screen.
2) if radio button is :
"invoice list is generated " then
check if invoice list is generated by passing vbeln to vbrl table where vbeln=vbrl-vbelen_vf.
retain records which are not found in vbrl table.
i already declared radio button i want coding for the above two points.

You may have to refer the following table -
EKBE (Field - PO number, Material document field will give GR / IR number both with PO history category field with value E & Q, Posting date of Invoice, Material)
You may have to use table EKPO/MARA for bringing the material group.
You may have to use table EKKO for bringing the vandor field.
I hope it clarifies your requirement.
If it gices you valuable input...i would appreciate if you reward the answer with appropriate points.

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  • Report for list of POs for with Invoice has not been posted

    Hi All
    Can anybody tell me the report for list of PO' for which GR has already been done but Invoice is not posted

    Try Report ME2M,
    With input selection parameter  "WE101".
    Hope this helps.

  • Tcode/report for sales invoices list

    anybody tell me what is the tcode/report for list of invoices in a specific period. ( i tried vf05 but in that payer/material is mandatory i need total list for a particular period.

    Did you have a look at Transaction VF31 ?
    VF31 -> Output from Billing.
    maybe you can get the required invoice information here.
    Kind Regards
    Edited by: Raymond Friston on Jul 17, 2008 9:02 AM

  • Report to list manual changes to conditions in sales orders and invoices

    Hi experts,
    Is there a Standard Report to list the manual changes of pricing conditions in sales orders and invoices?
    Should be a selection on the field KONV-KMPRS.
    Please advice.

    Hi priya,
    In the Sales Order,Select Environment and then Changes to See all Changes made.
    Follow the Same procdure for Invoice also.
    There is no Standard report as such to see the changes.

  • Std. Transaction / Report to List all PO's with no invoice posting

    Hi All,
    I would like to know is there a standard transaction or report, which lists out all PO's for which goods receipt has been done, but invoice posting has not been done?

    Hi All,
    Thanks for your inputs,
    1. MR11 - Can you please let me know what input conditions do i have to give, to view only those PO's for which GR is done & Invoice not posted, because when i run this transaction it is showing all PO's which have invoice posted as well.
    2. ME2M - I am not able to select the dynamic selection option, it is in grey, how do i activate it?
    3. ME80FN - This gives a list of PO's line wise, but what i need is all PO lines for which GR is done, but no invoice posted.
    Await inputs.

  • Invoice List - Shipping Point (ShPt) VF24

    Good day, I run a invoice list t-code VF24, I get the results and because I need to process invoices for a same plant. So when I process the invoices into 1 invoice, everything works fine. When I cancel the invoice that I have just created, the ShPt(shipping point) does not show on the Invoice list (VF24). Can you advise me urgently on what needs to be done.

    The reason for this is that the invoice list has
    no item data. Please look at VBRP for any invoice list using transaction
    SE16.You will see there is no data, there is only header data recorded
    So as no item data was copied from the invoice to the invoice list
    (via item copy control), the shipping point data (an item field) is
    not copied across.  This is standard.
    So when you then cancel the invoice list, there is no shipping point
    data to write back to VKDFS.
    Please run the report RVV05IVB to resolve this

  • Regarding Invoice list dates.

    Hi Experts,
    I have one requirement where i need to get the next invoice list date based on invoive list dates-profile(KNVV-PERRL) of the invoice list sold-to-customer(VKDFS-KUNNR) and I need to update the updated date to VKDFS-FKDAT.
    Please provide me with ideas or some Function modules to get the invoice list date and the FM for updating VKDFS-FKDAT.

    the payer is not equil to the sold to party and bill to party
    There is no such standard report to meet this requirement.  You have to develop the logic considering VF05
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • How to generate PDF copy of invoice list

    Hi All,
    I need a favor from you in helping to generate a PDF copy to invoice list .
    I observed that  spool is not generated for this print output of invoice list but output successfully triggered.
    we have z report (zretrieval ) to generated the PDF  but it's not allowed to generate PDF.
    I tried alternative method by saving the print preview but I can able to save only that particular page.
    our business looking for all invoice list pages in single pdf  so please guide me to proceed further.
    Srinivasa Reddy

    I presume your issue is output triggered but PDF file is not generating if the invoice list goes for multiple pages.  If this is correct, then you need to talk to your ABAPer as they only, have to check the  smartform being used for invoice list.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Invoice list over different company codes?

    hey guys,
    does anybody know the answer to the question: is it possible to create an invoice list with individual billing documents from different companies, or must it always be one company code?
    So say I have a customer (payer) which is created for three different salesorgs and company codes. Say 3200, 3300 and 3400 and 5000. Is it possible to combine the invoices from this one payer from 3200, 3300 and 3400 on one invoicelist for sales org / company code 5000?
    I wanted to test this but unfortunately not possible to system problems at this time, so I was hoping that somebody would know the answer to this.........

    you can try vf05 payer number and material number and execute.whether it is same company code or diffrent code i think you will get it.
    or else if you have authorisation you can try customer billing status report. 100% you will get.
    you doubts is clear dont forget to reward.

  • Invoice list schediling

    is there any report available for Invoice list (header detials not item details), which can scheduled in background? If yes, pls provide me the transaction?
    Is it possible to schedule report VF05/VF05N in background?
    the requirement is for user wanted specific Payer invoce list (for all billing types) details (not item details..header detisl only) on every monday scheduled in background.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Lakshmi,
    Thanks for your reply...
    But my query it possible to schedule the VF05N report in background?? i wanted to automatic schedule it every monday morning with some specific it posible?

  • Invoice List Consolidation with different billing date

    Want to consolidation different billing date billings into 1 invoice list!
    but system will split it,
    How can I do??

    Please check note 317935 Invoice Split Criteria for Invoice Lists
    Different Billing Dates for the invoice list from the original invoices will automatically cause invoices to split into multiple invoice lists. This is standard functionality.  The primary way to avoid this is to enter a date as a default billing date in transaction VF21 or to modify the report from transaction VF24.
    If you do not enter a default billing date and the dates from the individual invoices differ, than the invoice lists will be split into as
    many invoice lists as there are different dates.

  • Invoice List no is Replacing - Billing doc no in A/cing doc

    Dear All
    We are In process to Implement the Foreign Trade Export/Import in our
    company as per our user requirement users need the Invoice List to be
    generated for commercial invoice ( VF21). We have configured Invoice
    List in our QAS system.
    While testing the same ,we found that the Invoice List
    number is showing in FBL5N report as Reference to Accounting Document. ( this is disturbing our existing process) please suggest us the best way to achieve this.
    before creating the Invoice list, the Billing document is showing in
    FBL5N report as Reference to Accounting Document.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Dear MH,
             Reference document in accounting document depends on copy control settings maintained between delivery - Billing doc @ Header level.
    In your case, check the copy control Tx: VTFF between Billing doc - Invoice list  doc  @ Header level in reference document filed.
    maintain reference doc as " current doc / billing doc"- will confirm with the actual value & update the forum.
    Reazuddin MD

  • Invoice list for cash sales order

    Dear SAP guru's
    I have a query kindly help me.
    My client requirement is for his show room sales (cash sales) for one time customer he wants all the invoices to be in one report.
    I already maintained in the customer master data in one time customer in billing data view i maintained the invoice list ,
    but still it is not working.
    if logically speaks standard sap will not give the cumulative invoice report, it splits the ivoices even i maintain the same name for the customer.
    Kindly help me in this regards.
    With regards

    Hi bogh,
    In IMG under
    Financial Accounting -> Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable -> Customer Master -> Master Data -> Preparation for Creating Master Data -> Define Account Group with Screen Layout
    or Transaction OBD2.
    if you give me brief i can help you out more.
    if helpful REWARD points
    Thank you .

  • Get invoice list

    Hi all
            I have come accross an anomaly while testing invoice list. The following is my code for getting the invoice list. The problem its that when i test it with customer no 1000 it displays invoice list of 1050 too. This happens ONLY for cutomer no 1000, testing with other entries gives the desired result. Is there anything that i am doing wrong the coding part? Thanks
    FORM get_invoice_list  TABLES   pt_customer_list
                                        TYPE /artec/msf_tab_cust_list
                                        TYPE /artec/msf_tab_invoice_list
                                        TYPE bapiret2_t
                             USING pv_open_invoice
                                        TYPE /artec/msf_dte_flag
                                        TYPE /artec/msf_dte_flag.
      TYPES:BEGIN OF ty_cus_name,
        cus_no TYPE kunnr,
        cus_name TYPE name1_gp,
        END OF ty_cus_name.
    *-- Declaring internal table
            r_fkdat   TYPE TABLE OF ty_fkdat,
            lt_vrkpa  TYPE TABLE OF ty_vrkpa.
    *Declare a date range table.
    *  DATA: r_rfbsk TYPE TABLE OF ty_rfbsk. "#EC NEEDED
    *-- Declaring workarea
       DATA:  lw_fkdat     TYPE ty_fkdat,
    *         lw_vbrk      TYPE ty_vbrk, "#EC NEEDED
             lw_vrkpa     TYPE ty_vrkpa,
    *         lw_rfbsk     TYPE ty_rfbsk,
    *         lw_cust_list TYPE /artec/msf_str_cust_list, "#EC NEEDED
             lw_invoice_list TYPE /artec/msf_str_invoice_list,
             lw_datcfg        TYPE /artec/msfdatcfg.
    *-- Clearing export table
      CLEAR: pet_invoice_list[], pet_return[] .
    *-- Get closed invoices within the date range.
      IF  pv_close_invoice IS INITIAL AND
          pv_open_invoice IS NOT INITIAL.
    *-- Get open invoices within the date range.
      ELSEIF pv_close_invoice IS NOT INITIAL AND
             pv_open_invoice IS INITIAL.
        SELECT SINGLE * FROM /artec/msfdatcfg "#EC *
               INTO lw_datcfg
               WHERE type = /artec/msf_cl_common=>gc_price_list ."'PRICE_LIST'.
        lw_fkdat-sign = /artec/msf_cl_common=>gc_sign_i.
        lw_fkdat-option = /artec/msf_cl_common=>gc_option_bt.
        lw_fkdat-low =  sy-datum - lw_datcfg-retain_day .
        lw_fkdat-high = sy-datum.
        APPEND lw_fkdat TO r_fkdat.
        CLEAR lw_fkdat.
    *--Fetch both the open and closed invoices
      ELSEIF pv_close_invoice IS NOT INITIAL AND
             pv_open_invoice  IS NOT INITIAL.
      ELSEIF pv_close_invoice IS INITIAL AND
             pv_close_invoice IS INITIAL.
    * Select required entries from the database view /artec/msf_v_inv
      SELECT kunde
      FROM /artec/msf_v_inv "Database view of vrkpa and vbrk
          INTO TABLE lt_vrkpa
          FOR ALL ENTRIES IN pt_customer_list
          WHERE kunde = pt_customer_list-customer_no
          AND fkdat IN r_fkdat AND
          rfbsk = /artec/msf_cl_common=>gc_close_invoice.
      LOOP AT lt_vrkpa INTO lw_vrkpa.
        lw_invoice_list-cust_no      = lw_vrkpa-kunnr.
        lw_invoice_list-invoice_no   = lw_vrkpa-vbeln.
        APPEND lw_invoice_list TO pet_invoice_list.
    Sort pet_invoice_list by cust_no invoice_no.
    Delete Adjacent Duplicates From pet_invoice_list  comparing all fields.
      IF pet_invoice_list[] IS NOT INITIAL.
        DELETE pet_invoice_list WHERE invoice_date BETWEEN '19900101' AND '20090101'.

    hard to read the code, but did you check to see if FOR ALL ENTRIES IN pt_customer_list  has rows in the PT_customer_list?  If you didn't I'd suggest a review of documentation of FOR ALL ENTRIES.  If you did make sure pt_customer_list isn't empty, then disregard.

  • Requirement of invoice list in case of a proforma invoice generation.

    Dear Experts,
    I have a case where the customer is indulged with the export sales & he had delivered the excisable goods to his customer (or we can also consider it under STO as one of the above case) & wants to arise a proforma invoice in context to this transaction with the delivery document being taken as the reference document in the billing screen VF01; where, as I have already mentioned that the PGI has been done. Now the problem is this that the billing document is not getting generated with an information log that, '_The invoice list cannot be determined_'. Now I am not able to understand that why this is happening? This was the delivery related with a single line item.
    I went for changing the billing relevance field at VOV7 from 'A' to 'J' & even tried by changing the copying requirement from '010' to '311' at VTFL, from LF to F8 (as this is normally followed during the issue of free samples & subseqyent free of charge deliveries); but was not able to get the required output.
    What to do? Kindly assist.
    With regards,
    Edited by: M.Santosh.Kumar on Jan 28, 2011 7:25 AM

    1) The document flow is like this that between the two plants for e.g. 1000 & 1100 under the same company code  the stock transfer needs to take place.
    2) Plant 1000 is devoid of the required amount of stock, hence it raised an enquiry for the aforesaid amount of stock with plant 1100
    3) Plant 1100 confirmed the availability of stock
    4) Plant 1000 raised a purchase order with plant 1100
    5) Plant 1100 raised the sales order for the required quantity of stock with plant 1000, & has done the PGI under delivery.
    6) Now the plant 1100 wants to raise one proforma invoice with respect to the delivery of goods being done to the corresponding plant 1000 & one commercial invoice for the payments to be made.
    7) The processing from raising the purchase order to the delivery of the goods to the respective plant has already being performed.
    8) At the moment of creating the proforma invoice with billing type F8, the system is throwing an error message that it is not able to generate the billing document because of the reason that the invoice list date cannot be determined.
    or else in the other way, in simple manner what needs to be done when simply the billing document is not getting generated in context to a delivery document because of the reason that the invoice list date could not be determined. Does this have to do anything with the POD time frame or the pricing conditions being defined under the pricing procedure which has not been followed upon while processing the sales order?
    With regards,

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