SBO Backup

SBO Backup stops suddenly.
I had schedule my SBO backup for daily, it works daily, but sometime it works for one week or two week and suddenly after two weeks or after some days it stop automatically.
than i have to start once again.
Why it stops after 1 week or 2 week.

I submitted this issue to the forms for SAP and I received this back.  I have tested the registry fix on several of my customer servers and it works.  The only reason I did not upgrade to PL06 was I had just upgraded these customers to 881 PL04.  Hope this helps.
How to fix registry for hung Service
I would like to point your attention to the fact that this issue has been fixed in PL06 of 8.81 released yesterday (23/06/2011). If you do not wish to upgrade to the patch, there is a possible workaround to ensure that the services start in correct order and prevent the hang of the B1 Service:
Open Registry and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Service s\SBOBackUp
add a new value whose name is DependOnService and the type is Multi-string value, the data is B1LicenseService
(This means that the version of the service tool is 8.8 and this action makes that the backup service starts always after the license service).

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    SBO Backup, ¿ha incorporado la utilidad que si tiene SQL Server de permitir que se progranmen copias con una duración determinada dentro del plan de copias de seguridad de la empresa?

    Mediante el SBO Backup no sé si se puede realizar ya que no he profundizado en su uso. Lo que si puedo decirte es que mediante al SQL Management Studio puedes crearte copias de seguridad programadas en la periodicidad que tu elijas y definir cuantos días estarán dichas copias sin ser borradas en el servidor.
    Un saludo.

  • SBO Backup schedule problem

    When i try to schedule de SBO Backup in the SAP Service Manager to "daily" and click oke, then it always switches back to "on specific date"
    What is my problem?

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the details, we were checking all the fixes included in version 2007A in regard the backup services and not similiar issue had been reported.
    The change in the backup frequency could be related to a third party application as Anti-virus a/o spyware reseting the system values to the previous one.
    As already commented in this thread, it will be advisable to reinstall the server tools or make the proper changes to allow you antivirus to take the change.
    If still facing the issue after applying previous recommendations, please generate and forward a message to Business One support including all the details from your test and observations.
    Juan Manuel Marrero
    SAP Business One Forums  Team

  • Unable to Start/Stop SBO Mailer and SBO Backup services

    Hi All,
    With reference to the thread of the following Link : SBO Backup and Messenging Service - Starting , We have a customer on SAP B1 8.8 PL 16 and we faced the same issue wherein after restarting the server, SBO Mailer and SBO Backup services show status as starting and all buttons are greyed out.
    As per the thread we did re-install the server tools and it worked fine. But when we restart the server again the same issue arises.
    Kindly reply back at the earliest...
    Thanks and Regards,
    Pritesh Shah

    Dear Pritesh Shah,
    please try the following:
    Exit the Service Manager.
    On the Server got to Start- > and locate the Icon of the Service Manager -> click right and "Use as Administrator.
    After this open the Service Manager and take a look if you could activate the SBO Mailer and SBO Backup.
    I hope this helps.
    Best regards,

  • Unable to start sbo-backup service

    I am unable to start the service of sbo backup. When i press the play button i just doesnt start. I have already check the services in windows, and i am also unable to start it.
    Any ideas.

    Hi Jacobo,
    did you set up the path and database settings ? Without the service won't run.

  • SBO Backup and Messenging Service - Starting

    Hi all experts,
    My customer is running SAP B1 8.8 PL13. Everything was working fine.
    Last night, they restarted their SAP Server. After that SBO Backup and SBO Mailer services cannot be started. I opened the SBO Service Manager and the Run, Pause, Stop buttons are all greyed out. I go to the services in control panel, SAP Business One BackUp Service and SAP Business One Messaging Service status is always in "STARTING" but it does not change to started. Other services are fine.
    What should i do?

    You can try this sap note solution:
    Collation Settings of MSSQL Server 2005 or 2008
    When defining the wrong collation during manual installation of MSSQL Server 2005 or MSSQL 2008, in certain situations it might cause functional problems. Examples:
    1. When trying to use any functionality of Drag & Relate, the following error message will be displayed: 'No matching record found'.
    2. When runing "Sales\Purchase analysis report" for Business Partner, the report might not retrieve any results eventhough it should.
    Other terms
    MSSQL 2005, MSSQL 2008, SQL server, documentation, collation, Drag & relate, drag and relate, collation settings, collation setting, SQL 2005, SQL 2008
    Reason and Prerequisites
    Consulting Note
    The latest version of any documentation can be found at
    Please make sure to choose collation setting of: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
    when installing MSSQL 2005 / 2008 Server.
    In order to check what the collation is set to in your server, please run the following query:
    Collation of your Server:
    select SERVERPROPERTY ('collation')
    (This query gets the collation settings of MSSQL Server's System Database "Master")
    Expected answer : SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
    In case you have already installed the MSSQL 2005 or 2008 Server with any collation other than SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, please follow the steps below:
    Change your server collation to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS.
    You can find Microsoft's instructions for changing an SQL server collation here:
    Please note that collation settings of Database "Master" needs to be changed only. All SAP Business One Databases must not be changed! These must remain on SQL_Latin1_General_CP850_CI_AS.
    If you need any clarifications with this process please refer to an Expert Empowerment Session "SQL 2005 Server Collation settings" at or -> Archive: Empowerment Sessions.
    If you have any Servicepack for MSSQL Server installed, but the Servicepack is not included into your DVD MSSQL Server, do as follows:
    1. Deinstall Servcicepack
    2. Change Collation Settings as per Expert Empowerment Session
    3. Install Servicepack again
    I have checked that if you install SQL server manually, the collation will be Latin1_General_CI_AS.

  • SBO Backups

    Hi house,
    We happen to have grave issues here.
    We have an SBO 2005A SP01 PL9 running on MSSQL Server 2005. The issue is that the SBO Backup scheduled with the SBO Service Manager is not functioning as it should.  After the backup has run, the database file (BU of .mdf) is missing in the zipped folder,  while the other docs: WordDocs, XcelDocs, Bitmaps and Attachment files are backed up but are empty.
    Can anyone please explain this?
    Awaiting feedback on this. Thank you in anticipation.

    Hi Bammy,
    it appear as a authority check problem. Do you have necessary permission to read/write on the server machine?
    Our partner had the same problem...

  • SBO Backup Error 1075

    Hi all!
    on a Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit when I try to start the service of the SBO Backup I get the following error 1075: "The dependency service does not exist or Has Been marked for deletion".
    Reinstalling the server tools, the SboBackup start but every time you restart the machine you get the error again.
    What could be a permanent solution?

    Please refer below thread:
    Simillar problems were discussed in this forum .Please search more informations.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • (2) Copias o màs con el SBO Backup

    Alguno me puede indicar si con el SBO Backup se puede programar copia automatica en màs de una hora diferente ???
    Actualmente tengo parametrizado que se genere copia de respaldo a las 6:00 pm y lo hace bien, ahora se requiere programar se haga otra copia de respaldo a las 12:00M, serà esto posible ??
    SP01 PL 07

    La opcion de intervalos no satisface la necesidad, pues se tendrian (2) copias casa doce horas, lo que se busca es contar con repaldo de los movimientos realizados en la mañana hasta el medio dia (12:00M) y otro en horas dela tarde (6:00pm), en caso extremo de tener que recuperar sea lo menos traumatico.
    Ya implemente la copia por SQL con el plan de mantenimiento, buscaba hacer las (2) copias con el SBo Backup pues guarda incluso las carpetas de anexos e imagenes.

  • SBO Backup not backing up one of the Company Database

    Hi Expert,
    My customer environment is :-
    Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
    MS-SQL 2005 SP3
    SAP B1 2007B PL15 Hotfix
    There are 8 company databases ticked in SBO Backup Database tab. 7 of them are backup successfully at the scheduled time, except 1. The MDF file is 3GB and the LDF file is around 800MB. There are still around 45GB free disk spaces remaining in this drive.
    May i know why this database not backup?
    Edited by: Taw Fey Tan on Mar 22, 2011 8:49 AM

    Hi Bala,
    I have tried to just run SBO Backup for that particular company. Still no backup happen.
    But there is an error in Windows Event Viewer Application Log with SBO Backup.
    The description for Event ID 166 from source SBOBackUp cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.
    If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.
    The following information was included with the event:
    The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file
    Please advice what else should i do, thanks.
    Taw-Fey, Tan

  • SBO Backup Restore Error

    Hello Experts,
    I am trying to restore a backup in a newly built server of same Specs / Versions from where the backup were taken.
    The Error while restoreing the Data in a newly built server is "The Backup Set Hold the Backup of a Database other than the Existing Database."
    Help Required Pleaes.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Shazad Nazir

    hello Shazad Nazir,
    try to use the "Restore database" option of SQL Server. in the option tab (Just beside the general tab) check the tick box "Force Restore over existing database"

  • Problem about auto backup of composing mail

    I am using Leopard Mail with Gmail IMAP setting
    When composing mail, Mail automatically makes backup of the mail about every 30 seconds.
    Therefore I have to delete more than thirty useless "backups" after I sent the mail.
    Any similar case here? How could I stop Mail from doing this.

    based on  this SAP notes:
    You can create a backup for a selected Database using Service Manager and also schedule the back up itself.
    To do so please perform the following steps:
       1. Double click on the Service Manager icon at the bottom of your screen (Quick Launch Bar) or go to Start, Programs, SAP Business One, Service Manager, Service Manager.
       2. In the Server field, select your server.
       3. In the Service field, select SBO BackUp.
       4. Click on Start to activate the service or Pause to pause it and on Stop to Stop it.
       5. Click on the Clock Icon
    In the pop up window, you can select to schedule your backup By Date, By Intervals, Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Select the required option and click on Ok.
       1. Click on the Wheelwork Icon to open the General Settings window.
             1. Select a destination for your backup file.
    Note that your backup will be compressed in the Temp folder. Once the file is saved into your Backup directory, it will be removed from your Temp file.
       1. Define the pathes to the Directory and the Temp files and click on OK.
    Click on the Server Icon and select your server.
       1. Click on the Database Icon.
    In the pop up window, you will get the list of all your databases.
       1. Select the databases you would like to backup or clear the check boxes of the databases you do not want to back up and click on OK.
    I am afraid it is not paralel but serialized. So, try to create different backup schedule for both.

  • Backup dialy data for new customer

    Which way is the best efficient way to let customer keep B1 data correctly?  They want to know how they can do this correctly and won't need outside networking company to get involved too much.  They want to make sure the data is backup correctly and can check from the log. 
    If the backup failed from the log, what they should do?  Backup as soon as they know the backup failed before they continue to use B1?  They are using 2007A and have out source IT company for network issues.

    Hi Lily,
    There are 2 option to take the backups.
    (This is from the SAP Business One)
    1.  Double click the service manager from the system try (  Start >> Programme Files >> SAP Business One  >> Server Tools>> Service Manager) Select SBO BAckup >> Settings >> Give the desired Path and start the services .
    2) Start >> Programme files >> Microsoft SQL server  2005 >> SQL Server Management Studio >> Connect by giving appropriate password of sql server.
    On the left pane of the object explorer you will find Management ( Double click on it) you will find Maintainance Plan. Right Click on the maintainance Plan and select  Maintainance Plan wizard >> window opens >> click next >> give the name of the maintainance plan >> Description >> server name
    >> username and password >> click next >>  select all or only required (Backup full database)>> click next >> Select the required database >> Select the destination by giving path >> Click next >> mention the schedule by clicking the change button >> click next >> click next >> finish.
    Follow the above steps and your SQL server will take care of the back up.
    Ashish Gupte
    Edited by: Ashish gupte on Jun 8, 2009 9:34 PM

  • SBO Service Manager button disabled

    Dear Experts,
    Hi, I try to run SBO Service Manager, it used to have dropdown drill with some options like "SBO Backup","SBO DI Server" and "License Manager". But now I see the dropdown no longer has those 3 options, but only blank and the button is turn into grey and disabled. I've check on service.msc all the services is "started" except for the SBO Backup.
    Does anyone know how to figure it out?

    Hi Flo, this is just my opinon and even experience -
    You probably have it on DVD or have downloaded some place the server tools service manager install/uninstall.
    I suppose it should not matter, as you are not downloading newer service manager.
    However, do backup whatever you are doing, if you want to restore it to this state.
    It is hard for me to tell 100% it will be OK, but I think it will be ok. The final decision is yours!

  • SBO Service manager

    I installed SAP Business One 8.8 and the Upgrade PL13.
    The SQL server 2008 was installed a few months earlier and already in use.
    The SBO service manager is not working well:
    If I choose at Service: license manager,(or SBO Backup, SBO DI Server)
    the buttons below stay grey and become not active.
    I don't know what the problem is.
    This is the reason I cannot find the hardware key for my licence key.
    Can anybody help me?

    Webber is correct that there is no problem with your hardware key.
    The license server is not able to access because there is security setting prohibit it to run. The security setting is in the UAC.
    In the OS like windows server 2008 and UAC setting in the OS MS Window Vista or Window 7. there is UAC that turn on.  This made the license server is unable to run. If you are using laptop or notebook as server standalone and using MS. Window Vista, just turn off the UAC. If you are using window 7, just set the UAC from always notify or default to notify me ... or never notify.
    The setting is similar with windows server 2008 and do not afraid the other impact. The security is just to prevent the running of the softare that is not yet certified by Microsoft software. UAC is available in the user account. Access the user account in control pannel.
    if you set the UAC default or always notify, you need to run as administrator for the SAP B1 software including SBO service manager.
    here is the steps:
    1. To run a program one time as an administrator
    Right-click the program and select 'Run as administrator'.
    2. To run a program permanently as an administrator
    Right-click the program and select Properties -> Tab Compatibility -> Privilege Level -> Change settings for all users -> Privilege Level -> Run this program as an administrator
    if this issue solved, pls close  this message as answered.

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