Vendor Master Replication Error  from ECC to SUS : Error in ALE Service

Dear Experts,
We are implementing MM SUS (SRM 5.0). As a part of this we need to replicate vendors from ECC to SUS system via XI. We have created a Reduced Message Type Z_CREMAS_SUSMM and had set up the partner profile in WE20 with SUS logical system as destination and specifing the Message Type, and port of the XI system
We executed the transaction BD14 for replication, it is resulting in error 29 : Error in ALE Service : Entry in Outbound table not found.
Please provide inputs to overcome this problem
Thank you,

Re: Idoc Error Status "Entry in outbound table not found "
Looks like some issue with the partner profile set up for the sender or receiver of the EDI message in WE20.
Set up them again and When these have been set up try reprocessing your IDocs from BD87

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  • Vendor Master Replication from MM to SUS

    Does any one have experience on Vendor Master Replication from R/3-MM to SUS (scenario without EBP).
    Is this replication made via XI?
    Which are the configuration steps for this scenario?

    Hi antonio,
      I hope now you r now transfering vendor to SUS using 
      transaction BD14 with message type Z_CREMAS_SUSMM as  
      SAP suggested.
      Your error due to incorrect mapping in Integration 
      Directory of XI.Kindly check the Interface 
      determination for message type Z_CREMAS_SUSMM.
      If possible send more details for error .Is this at 
      SUS End ?
    Sachin S M

  • Vendor replication from ECC to SUS

    Hi Gurus,
    We are replicating vendors from ECC to SUS.
    The XML message is failing in the SUS side.
    The error is
    Error during proxy processing An exception with the type CX_BBPX1_STD_MESSAGE_FAULT occurred, but was neither handled locally, nor declared in a RAISING clause Application
    Please find below SXMB_MONI trace
    <FAULT_TEXT>Error in XI interface: Exception occurredE:BBP_BUPA_SUPPLIER:089 -Unable to determine logical system of sender; check your data Program:
    It seems similar issue has been resolved in the below thread but there  is no mention of solution.
    ABAP Inbound Proxy Error !
    Please help in resolving the issue.
    With Regards,

    Hi Malay,
    Kindly check if you have defined the logical system of SUS system under T-code SALE in your SUS client.

  • Vendor Master Replication-getting error message

    Dear SRM Gurus,
    Currently I am using SRM 5.0 and ECC 6.0. I am trying to replicate the vendors from ECC system using BBPGETVD for initial download.
    I am getting the error message "*_All backend descriptions are already assinged in the system".*_
    I checked in SLG1 tcode even i couldn't find any log entry.
    I created root orgnisational unit using ppocv_bbp and same object id i am using for replication.
    I am not sure but i believe i have maintained all the necssary settings.
    Can you please give me the solution.
    Thanks for your help
    Ravi Nagandla

    Hi Muthu,
    I maintained below settings for number ranges in both the systems.
    In ECC:
    Spro->Logistics general->Busines partner->vendors->define number range for vendor master records
    No   From number   To number      Current         Ext
    01   0001000001     0001999999     1004422
    In SRM:
    SPRO-> supplier relationship management->srm server->cross application components->number ranges- Define Number Ranges for Vendor List
    No   From number   To number      Current         Ext
    01   0001000001  0001999999     1004422
    Should I check u2018EXTu201D checkbox in any of the system.
    Please check above settings and please guide me.

  • Error while transferring Purchase Order from ECC to SUS

    we are working on plan driven procurement and transferring the PO from ECC to SUS, we are getting the error as "No partner found for partner number ECCSUS8".
    In ECC the Vendor No is ECCSUS8, trasfered vendor from ECC to SUS. Vendor registration is done based on the mail generated and vendor login is created in the portal and assigned the roles.

    Are you facing this error in PO transmission to SUS (as you mentioned below)? or you are facing this error while sending out the vendors from R/3 to SUS from BD14?
    If you are facing this in vendor transmission, you need to remove the tick (flag) "Use self reg component" in SPRO-SRM server-Supplier Self-ServicesMaster DataMake Settings for Business Partners. Then you can transmit the vendors from R/3 succesfully.
    If this error is in PO transmission, need to analyse further.
    Pls do let me know.

  • Replicating GR from ECC to SUS

    We are on SRM6.0 with MM-SUS classic scenario, in standrad MM-SUS scenario when ASN is created in SUS respective inbound delivery is created in ECC and GR if created agaisnt this inbound delviery GR is replicated to SUS.
    If user doesn't want to do GR agaisnt inbound dleivery but against PO will the GR be replicated to ECC, if not replicated can this configurable or is it an enhacnement that is required.
    with regards

    Hello Manju,
    You can use RPODDELVERY for replication of GR from ECC to SUS.
    You can find more details
    Re: What reports are used to send PO, Conf and Inv from MM to SUS?
    Hope this helps.

  • Invoice and Credit Memo from ECC to SUS

    Hi Gurus
    Is it possible to replicate Invoice or a credit Memo from ECC to SUS if the PO was delvired to vendor through SUS.
    with Regards

    HI ,
    part1 :
      ERS Invoice from ECC is transfered to SUS system for display purpose to Vendor in MM-SUS scenario. IDOC "GSVERF01" is used for this purpose.
    part 2 : Invoices can be created in SUS system by vendor against ASN ( Advanced Shipping Notification or purchase Order . The invoice is transfered to ECC system through XI. Message Interface for the same is "InvoiceRequest_Out" .
    For reference please check

  • How to delete Master Data transferred from ECC to APO via CIF

    Hi, all
    I'm connecting SCM 5.1 with ECC 6.0 via CIF.
    When activating Integration Model in ECC, the following error occurred;
       "Location 0001 of type 1001 (BSG 592BUSGP) already exists in APO"
    This is because Location 0001 was already transferred from different ECC client via CIF, and not cleared.
    I'm now trying to initialise master data transferred from ECC to APO via CIF, but in vain.
    I suppose I have to first delete all master data CIFed from ECC in APO, or have to execute initialisation of APO master data with ECC data in ECC.
    Please tell me how to do this.
    For details, please read the followings;
    I connected APO client with ECC client 590.
    I transferred Plant and Material Master from ECC to APO via CIF.
    After that, I wanted to change ECC client from 590 to the other.
    I created the other client (592) by client-copying from 590 with SAP_ALL copy profile.
    I deactivated Integration Model in ECC 590, and activated the same in ECC 592.
    Here, I faced the problem.
    The initial data transfer failed due to the duplicate of data.
    Now I'm wondering how I can initialise master data in APO and transfer initial data from ECC.
    Due to testing purposes, I have to change ECC clients from one to the other this time, but I cannot initialise master data in APO and cannot tansfer initial data from different ECC client.
    thanks in advance,

    Hi all,
    Thank you very much indeed for lots of your replies.
    Thanks to all of your advices, I'm getting to understand what to do.
    Well, I'll say I have to create one more client for testing with other ECC clients or I have to rebuild the client by client-copying from 001 and implementing all transportation requests, for marking del flags to each master data and running del programme sound like tough work, and sound like odd ..
    Then, I've got next issue here.
    In SCM-APO, I use BI objects, and , if I have to create several clients for testing, I have to set up clients where you can use both BI objects and CIFed master data.
    I suppose I have to change 'BWMANDT' in RSADMINA and make RSA1 accessable in other SCM clients and implement tests.
    Also, I have to register BI System for newly created SCM clients in RSA1-SourceSystem.
    Well, if you have any experiences on this kind of use, and if you have any advice on it, please give me any tips.
    Particulary, I'd appreciate very much if you give me advice on which way you have chosen; creating several clients or rebuilding the one client in SCM-APO when you use both BI objects, CIFed master data and Demand Planning.
    Thanks in advance.

  • How to pass PO customer fields from ECC to SUS ?

    Hi Gurus,
    We defined a customer PO field at ECC side and want to pass it to SUS and diaplay it in SUS PO, my question is, how to pass PO customer fields from ECC to SUS?
    Please advise.
    Thanks and best regards

    Hi jackytam  ,
    you make get some pointers

  • Vendor Master replication from EBP and MM to SUS

    Hi !
    We would be replicating Vendors from R/3 as well as from EBP to SUS. I believe that there is certain configuration to check duplication of Vendors and also to assign a single business partner ID even if a Vendor is replicated both from EBP as well as from MM. Can anyone thro some light on this & the procedure...

    For the Vedor Maste replication from EBP and MM to SUS,
    U need to maintain the proper RFC conncection between R/3, EBP SUS and XI as a middleware.
    U can transfer the Vendor by using the T.Code -  BBPGETVD.
    U can transfer vendor to SUS using
    transaction BD14 with message type Z_CREMAS_SUSMM as
    SAP suggested.
    Your error due to incorrect mapping in Integration
    Directory of XI.Kindly check the Interface
    determination for message type Z_CREMAS_SUSMM.
    Please award the points for the help.
    Vijay Mittal

  • Vendor Master REplication from CRM

    Hi friends,
    I am maintaining Employees from CRM to R/3 and these EMployees exists as Vendors in ECC (Purchasing). So whenever I replicate a document it is giving me error with these Partner functions CSR, Field Sales
    The possible reason could be I have no option to map the Vendor Accountgroups to CRM Classification through PIDE(ECC)
    Question is
    How do you I maintain vedor master mapping to CRM partner functions,
    I have already mapped the CRM Partner functions to R/3 Account groups, but i am assuming that I need to maintain the classification in PIDE to replicate.
    So please help any suggestions will be greatly rewarded

    Hi Subramaniyan,
    Thanks for the Reply. But this is supposed to happen real time.
    Here is the detailed explanation again. I am maintaining the Partners CSR, Field Sales (Internal Employees) in Vendor master and they are coming into CRM as Employees with Mapping Data Transfer. When the same replicates to ECC through a Quote or Order... The problem is these Employees CSR, Field Sales from CRM to ECC are not linked to any of the ECC Classifcations becasue we dont have any option to do so.
    Now when i replicate becasue the classifcation is not mentioned, it is popping back to me and giving me as error on just these 2 Employee functions.
    To resolve this issue, I have to maintain some kind of mapping structure using a classification Consumer, Competitor, Customer, or Prospect. In a different way, I have to assign the vendor account group to a classification. which is not possible through PIDE, coz PIDE only allows you to map customers not vendors.
    My question is how do i handle the incoming vendor partners from CRM into R/3.
    thanks a lot

  • Vendor Master Replication from 2 Backend System

    Hi Experts,
                  I am facing a problem in replicating the vendor masters from two Different Logical ECC systems.
    The vendor master at 1st Backend system
    Vendor Master: 0011000196
    Company Code: C001
    Pur.Organization: P001
    The vendor Master at 2nd Backend system
    Vendor Master: 0011000196
    Company Code: 1000
    Pur.Organization: 1000
    In BBPGETVD, the vendor from 1st backend system is replicated successfully and available in VENMAP table. Again, I entered the same vendor code and change the 2nd Backend destination in BBPGETVD and clicked on start transfer , In SLG1 i could find the error as below
    "Error: The Vendor Number Exists as a Partner Number Vendor: 0011000196”.
    In VENMAP table for the above vendor there is only one entry for the 1st logical system alone.
    Kindly suggest.
    Thanks& Regards,
    Ramprakash N

    If it is the same vendor - it must have the same address in both backends.
    After that you should be able to start BBPGETVD with following checkbox activated.
    Then VENMAP should be extended automatically.

  • Error to send a IDOC from ECC to SUS

    I am trying to connect to SAP SUS System using HTTP adapter using PI 7.0.The scenario is
    ECC ->PI->SAP SRM. I have configured HTTP adapter as the receiver with addressing type as HTTP Destination. I have created a RFC destination of type H pointing to SAP SUS on PI. I have encountered the following error after executing the scenario.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!--  Call Adapter
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:P2>Internal Server Error</SAP:P2>
      <SAP:P3>Error during parsing of SOAP header</SAP:P3>
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:Stack>HTTP server code 500 reason Internal Server Error explanation Error during parsing of SOAP header</SAP:Stack>
    I have configured HTTP receiver with Addressing type HTTP Destination and configured the HTTP destination field with RFC destination(Connection Type H) created on PI. Here my source and target structures are same i.e DELVRY03. I have triggered DELVRY03 idoc from ECC and i am expecting same xml to be sent to SAP SUS but stuck up with the above mentioned error.
    Someone know how fix this problem?

    As per my understanding to your scenario, You want to send one IDoc from ECC to SAP SUS system using SAP PI.
    So i hope you must have configured on all the steps required to Send one IDoc to PI syste, Secondly, are you using any Standard interface in PI to send data to SAP SUS system? If yes, you need to create an HTTP Destination for that system and then you have to create XI Receiver Adapter with that HTTP destination to post incoming message to SAP SUS system.
    Your error suggests you are using Plain HTTP adapter to post data to SAP SUS, which is in my understanding is incorrect.
    Aashish Sinha
    Edited by: Aashish Sinha on Feb 21, 2011 9:15 AM

  • No master data upload from ECC to GTS

    Hello together
    today I have opened an OSS Note regarding a problem at our client side.
    We implement SAP GTS 7.2 SP08 but I`m not able to upload any master data (customer and/or material) from ECC to GTS. This is my third implementation project. On both projects in the past, I didn`t had such a trouble with this topic in the past.
    I searched the whole forum and tried every hint - everything without any success. ;-(
    Unfortunately, the OSS Note is in German. But I hope that anyone could help me to find an solution. Thanks to all very much.
    Here is the OSS Note:
    Keine Initialüberleitung von Kunden- und Materialstämmen OSS-NOTE: 0000637481
    Alle notwendigen Supportpackage-Stände für R/3, PlugIn und GTS sind eingespielt gemäss MasterGuide.
    R/3 client:-
    - RFC Destinationen korrekt eingestellt. Laufen sauber
    - Methodenaufrufe korrekt eingestellt
    - ALE Verteilmodell korrekt eingestellt
    - Änderungszeiger global aktiviert
    - Änderungszeiger korrekt eingestellt (siehe unten)
    Customer master /SAPSLL/DEBMAS_SLL
    Vendor master /SAPSLL/CREMAS_SLL
    Material master /SAPSLL/MATMAS_SLL
    - Ànderungszeiger den jeweiligen Funktionsbausteinen zugeordnet (siehe unten)
    - Nummernkreise für Änderungszeiger angelegt
    GTS client:-
    - Logische Systeme angelegt und Gruppen zugeordnet
    - RFC Destinationen korrekt eingestellt. Laufen sauber
    - Methodenaufrufe korrekt eingestellt
    - Partnermapping eingestellt
    - Organisationsstrukturen angelegt und Buchungskreis bzw. Werken aus
    Vorsystem zugeordnet
    - Nummernkreise angelegt
    1. Kundenstamm im Vorsystem hat keine PLZ in den Stammdaten. Bei Übertragung nach GTS wird im GTS-System ein Überleitungsprotokoll erzeugt, mit dem Hinweis, dass Kunde nicht übertragen werden konnte aufgrund fehlender PLZ. Korrektes Systemverhalten.
    2. Kundenstamm wurde entsprechend im Vorsystem gepflegt. Bei erneuter Übertragung wird angezeigt 0 von 1 Partner übertragen. Ein Überleitungsprotokoll in GTS wird nun nicht mehr erzeugt.
    Auch unter Transaktion SLG1 wird im Vorsystem kein Anwendungs-Log
    geschrieben. Ebenfalls gibt Transaktion SM58 keine Fehlerhinweise.
    Edited by: Andreas Drees on Jun 29, 2009 3:35 PM

    Hi Sameer,
    thanks very much for your instructions. We created the variants and debugged it. Now fe found out, where the error occurs.
    The call function for calling GTS  "/SAPSLL/API_1006__SYNCH_MASS" gives us following message:
    "Not just yet all adress numbers are collected."
    Then on the other hand the SAP Basis suppors gaves us a possible solution. They told us:
    The problem occurs, because the tables TBD24 and TBD62 are not filled correct.
    Please use the following steps to correct this:
    - Transaction BD53
    - Select Message type (/SAPSLL/CREMAS_SLL, etc.), change mode
    - Choose segment (mark an unmarked segemnt)
    - save
    - Delete the activated segment
    - Activate change pointer
    - in TA BD60 set up the function module correct (/SAPSLL/DEBMAS_DISTRIBUTE_R3)
    The tables should filled correct after these steps. You can check it with report  /SAPSLL/PLUGIN_CHECK_R3.
    So I we went through these steps - but without any success. I`m getting crazy. ;-(

  • Vendor Master Portal-Adobe-workflow-ECC scenario?

    I have a scenario to build a portal for vendor master using adobe forms.
    at the high level steps that will be taken as follows
    - design the adobe forms
    - integrate the forms
    - forms storage? where
    - configure uwl with GP
    - Interface to ECC ( from Portal content to ECC for field validation)
    - Interface to ECC ( from GP to ECC to create vendor master )
    Can somebdoy help me step by step design and development steps needs to be take care for the above?pls

    Thanks, this article doesn't mention if the WF is delivered or not (I know it can be made by WF consultant); if it is delivered then what is the WS code? and place in standard IMG to activate it?
    Edited by: KC on Feb 9, 2010 10:05 PM

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