What is the default timeout value for the SPQuery object?

What is the default timeout value for the SharePoint SPQuery object? I've tried searching online but can't find anything with the actual timeout value.
Someone suggested it might use the timeout property in the database? Anyone know if that's how it works?

Do you want to avoid timeout when you query list items?
If so, we can use the following C# code to set timeout.
HttpContext.Current.Server.ScriptTimeout = 600; // 10 minutes
More information is here:
The SPQuery object doesn’t provide any property to set timeout. We can also set timeout in web.config, or SQL Connections or IIS.
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    Some applications check the JVM default language and set it.
    my computer setting is German, i want to keep this.
    And i want the java appliacations to start in english.
    any idea how can i change the JVM default lacal value?

    I'm not sure if there's some global setting, take a look in the options that can be passed to "java" (executable).
    Anyway, you could just use a
    Locale germanLocale = Locale.GERMAN;
    JavaDocs are your friend ;)

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    Hi all of you,
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    Hi Vinod,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I had selected Last value as exception aggregation and activated it. But again when I double click on the IO STock, in the aggregation tab besides exception aggregation I find the option Average (Weighted with the number of days).
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    Please explain.
    Thank you.

  • What is the default key command for the COMMAND key?I seem to have changed it somehow along the way and now when I push the command key it hides all windows or shows desk top I need to correct this as soon as possible-.any ideas?

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    Go to
     > System Preferences > Keyboard
    Click on the 'Keyboard' tab and hit the 'modifier keys...' button. You can see and change the defaults there.
    As I'm not sure if all the labels are the same in Lion, he's a screenshot from Snow Leopard. It should be similar enough:

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    Open Airport Utility to find out the real IP address of the network connection. DHCP addresses are assigned by the router in the range chosen in Airport Utility.

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  • I want better solution for adjusting the Material stock values for the last

    my Customer  need to adjust( Decrease)  the closing stock values for the following materials / plant wise as on 31.03.2006 for meeting statuary compliance.
    Material1 :  RS: 4149599    QTY : 10181.03 Ltrs
    Material 2  : RS: 1318596     QTY:  2152.76   Ltrs
    As per my knowledge MM posting periods can open current month and Previous month only. For the reason I proposed the solution as follows:
    Step 1 : post FI Journal Entry on 31.03.2006
    Opening Balance G/L  Account Dr 4149599 + 1318596
    Closting Stock a/c                      Cr 4149599 + 1318596
    Step 2.
    Change the Material Price in MM through T.Code: MR21
    ( Posting will be allowed in current or previous months)
    This makes our CO reports accurate.
    Please  suggest the better solution if it is possible in MM for adjusting the Material stock values for the last financial year.
    WIth Best Regards,

    Hi Madhavan,
    Unfortunately this forum deals with migrations from non-Oracle
    environments to Oracle. You seem to be dealing with migrations in
    an Oracle environment mainly.
    I would recommend that you contact Oracle Applications and RDBMS
    support directly. They will have the most up to date
    information/advice on performing these actions.
    Madhavan (guest) wrote:
    : Hi John
    : Thanks for your reply.
    : Actually I am planning to upgrade the system.
    : 1. I Want to Upgrade Oracle Financials release 10.7 to the
    : latest version (11.x)
    : 2. Oracle 7 database to oracle 8 or 8i.
    : 3. Oracle is running on NT service pack 3. Do I need to upgrade
    : this?. If not what is the impact on Windows NT?
    : 4. Is the majority still running smart client 10.7 and database
    : 7?
    : 5. What is the necessary time to implement these upgrades? What
    : type of consulting I need to have?
    : 6. I have some employees working on it? Will these changes
    : affect them?
    : What type of precautions I need to take on the whole??
    : Thank You
    : Madhavan
    Oracle Technology Network

  • Change the default margin settings for the MS word!

    Hi All,
    BI Publisher version:latest
    Oracle Apps:12.0.6
    We are facing an issue of which description is as below:
    RTF output is being uploaded through "XML Publisher" Responsibility.
    3.1.9 Header and Footer Margin from Edge Not Preserved in RTF Output
    This issue applies to Versions,,,,, and
    Microsoft Word provides a Page Setup option for specifying the margin for the headers and footers from the edge of the page. This option is available by choosing the File menu, then Page Setup, then the Margins tab, and the From edge box. This margin setting is not retained when the output format is RTF. The output is created with the default margin settings instead. The margin settings do work correctly for other output formats such as HTML, PDF, and Excel.
    So, the "default setting" mentioned here is around 1/2 inch for MS Word which is getting added in the output, even if the margin in template is zero.
    Expected output:
    So what we need to do is -
    1. Check the MS word installation on the application server
    2. Change this default margin setting as top and bottom 0 on the server in the MS word page setup. (I can give you steps to do this in word if required)
    We have tried setting this margin to 0 on client side and generating the output and it makes no difference, so it must be coming from the server.
    We need to know how could we modify the settings and need to know te source and Check the MS word installation on the application server?
    Could anyone please share such an issue faced before!
    Thanks for your time!

    Hi All,
    Our understanding about the RTF output is this -
    When we generate an RTF report output from Oracle EBS, the word document that is generated is with the settings of MS word that is installed on application server.
    This understanding could be wrong as we have never faced such situation before! We have come to this conclusion because the default settings that we do on client machine do not work.
    And as per the documentation of BI publisher the RTF should always be generated with the default settings of MS word.
    So what you could help us with is this -
    1. See if the MS word application is installed on application server ( if you think this is not application server, but any other server then please check there!)
    2. Change the default margin settings for the MS word.

  • How to set the default settment rule for the same kind project.

    hi experts:
       the project of the same kind of the project profile have the same settment rule to one account (G/L).
    how to set the default settment rule for the project of  this kind of the project profile.

      You need to define the settlement profile and allocation structure.
    next you need to define the  Strategy for settlement rule.
    navigation-PS> costs> automatic and periodic allocations> settlement> Settlement rule for WBS
    --> Define strategy for settlement rule.
    Select the strategy and click on settings. in that new entries, check the Acc Assg element, enter Settlement profile and mention accass category as reposnsible cost center.
    Save this transaction.
    Now create a project assgin responsible costcenter for the WBS element in the project buider and save the transaction.
    Now run CJB2 transaction for the project, settlement rule will generated automatically.
    even you can configure the same for profitability segment.
    Sudhir Reddy

  • How to check the default checked  value for radio button on jsp for struts

    Hello , I just want to check the default checked value in JSP for a radio button, how can i do that?
    <html:radio property="sale" value="permanent" style="vertical-align: middle;">Permanent</html:radio>
    <html:radio property="sale" value="temporary" style="vertical-align: middle;">Temporary</html:radio>

    you can set the default value for property ( which you want to default selected when the form is first loaded) in reset method of the form.
    <html:radio property="sale" value="permanent" style="vertical-align: middle;">Permanent</html:radio>
    <html:radio property="sale" value="temporary" style="vertical-align: middle;">Temporary</html:radio>
    In the above case you can write the code as follows in the perticular form of this jsp.
    public void reset(ActionMapping mapping, HttpServletRequest request) {
    super.reset(mapping, request);
         sale = "permanent";
    This will show the first check box default selected when the first time the page is loaded.

  • BPEL : Setting the default start value for instance ID

    The instance ID for the processes are generated by the system, is it possible to set the starting value for the instance id. for eg: when I deployed a new process on a fresh installation and created an instance through BPEL console, it created a new instance with instance ID #1.
    Is it possible for me to start the value from a different number say "5000"

    Hi ashutosh,
    I think you can achieve this by writing a small java code in this Java Embedding activity.
    For using Java Embed in BPEL, you can refer to the following blog:

  • What are the soft key values for the Motorola V3

    hi all,
    I am developing an application in which the application works mainly with the help of the Softkeys.
    I googled and found the values of the softkey as 21,22.I developed the application with the help of those keys it was working fine in the Emulator.When the application was tested in the real device V3 Razr it was not working.
    Then because of this i developed the same application with the help of the Command buttons it was working.It was not all looking nice as like previous.
    can anybody please suggest me some solution to this problem.
    Thanks in advance for your positive reply

    hi all,
    I have tested my application in getting the softkey values and key code values in the real device(V3 RAZR).
    I found the fallowing values these are different from the Emulator values
    key KeyValue Emulator Value
    left soft -21 21
    Middle soft -23 23
    Right soft -22 22
    earth nothing nothing
    mail nothing nothing
    UpArrow -1 1
    down Arrow -6 6
    left Arrow -2 2
    Right Arrow -5 5
    Center(betwee Arrows) -20 20
    make call -10 -10
    And usual values for the 1 to 9 the for * and # as faloows
    * 42 42
    # 35 35
    I am giving the information basing on the values i am getting from the real device.I am astonished why the values are differ from the Emulator.
    Please give me the solution for developing the Application to Motorola V3.
    Thanks in advance

  • How do I change the default iPhoto library for the Media Browser?

    I have multiple Aperture/iPhoto Libraries. When I open the new Keynote and attempt to use the Media Browser to select a photo, the pictures the Media Browser displays are not from the Default Libary.
    Is there a way to change the default photo library that the Media Browser references?

    Hello danstat,
    Thank you for the question.  The Media Browser accesses iPhoto's last opened photo library.  To access that photo library through the Media Browser, quit Keynote, access that photo library in iPhoto, quit iPhoto, and relaunch Keynote. 
    You can access the an alternate photo library using these steps:
    To switch between photo libraries:
    Quit iPhoto.
    Hold down the Option key as you open iPhoto.
    Select the library you want to switch to.
    Click Choose.
    iPhoto '11: Create a new iPhoto library or switch between libraries
    Alternatively, you can drag the photo in directly to youre Keynote presentation from the iPhoto or Aperture windows. 
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • How to Change the default Search value for Field Role?

    I went through numerous threads on how to default the search value , but does not help for my issue. Hence im posting this new thread. Please provide your suggestions on how to achieve this.
    For the Ship-to party field (in item detail )  on webui when i do a F4 help i get the pop up with various search criteria and  for the field Role the default value is "Ship-to party".  which is visible. we need to change this default value to Prospect which is available in drop down.
    The attribute is STRUCT.ROLE  and view BP_HEAD_SEARCH/SearchHelp . The method GET_DQUERY_VALUEHELPS  from the context node class is called to fill the value help for this attribute, but i dont understand how the ship-to party is filled as default. There is no code in this method to default the value.
    The generic GET_V_S_STRUCT method also does not default the Ship-to party on this field.
    I want to understand how this Ship-to party is filled by default and how can i change this to prospect..
    Many Thanks,

    We had a same requirement of defaulting Sales org and division in search criteria for a specific value.
    this can be doen by redefining "DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT" method in IMPL class for the respective view.
    See the code:
    METHOD do_prepare_output.
    **    iv_first_time = ABAP_FALSE
        lr_qs TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_dquery_service.
    * Get current query object
      lr_qs ?= me->typed_context->search->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
      IF iv_first_time = abap_true.
        lr_qs->clear_selection_param_values( ).
        lr_qs->delete_empty_selection_params( ).
    *   if l_sales_orgs is initial.
        CALL METHOD lr_qs->insert_selection_param
            iv_index     = '1'
            iv_attr_name = 'SALES_ORG'
            iv_sign      = ' '
            iv_option    = 'EQ'
            iv_low       = 'O 50000514'.
    *   endif.
    *   if l_dist_chan is initial.
        CALL METHOD lr_qs->insert_selection_param
            iv_index     = '2'
            iv_attr_name = 'DISTR_CHAN'
            iv_sign      = ' '
            iv_option    = 'EQ'
            iv_low       = '01'.
    * endif.
    Hope this will help..
    THanks & Regards,

  • How to set the default context value for flexfield in OAFramework pages

    I have a page which contains a contexxt value field i.e Flexfields
    To select the context value we have to select the value from drop down
    So Here we want to display the context value immediately when the page is called
    How to set the default valu in this case

    You can set the Attribute category view attribute to the Flexfield context value and call prepareforRendering in the flex bean. Check the dev guide for details.

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    I have 2 apple extreme. The first one used as the main router, the second one used to extend the network to my third floor. I did the 7.1 update on both. They both are "sort of working", except that I cannot enter the configuratin of the main router