Device Management Configuration tips--part 2

Please help me knowing these things in the real time scenario in DM implementation
1)What are the possible changes required for device info record(billing specific)?how it works?
2)Do we configure static notes for the meter  reading order? What r the notes in real time scenario?
3)How to Scheduled mass maeter reading order jobs in the back grouond? What is the TCode for each job? 4)Do we monitor these jobs in SM37? for Utility also? what r the different possible variants?
5)How to upload the periodic meter readings? What are issues we face in realtime?
6)How to generate report on implausable meter reading results by portions/MR Units/Period)?
7)How and why we need to configure validation process for the meter reading( plausible/implausible) and what would be the values?
8)How to define the tolerance limits?

Where some answers:
1)What are the possible changes required for device info record(billing specific)?how it works?
DIR should be create has master data records and only change exploradicatly. Within the Installations you might have to change from a DIR confirguration to another.
2)Do we configure static notes for the meter reading order? What r the notes in real time scenario?
YES, see examples:
Estimated consumption
Real consumption
Parcial Estimated consumption
Migrated consumption...
3)How to Scheduled mass maeter reading order jobs in the back grouond? What is the TCode for each
job? Transaction EL09 - Mass MRO creation.
4)Do we monitor these jobs in SM37? for Utility also? what r the different possible variants?
Yes, SM37 is used also in IS-U.
SLG0 - Application logs.
5)How to upload the periodic meter readings? What are issues we face in realtime?
By Idocs or Manually. If it's done by Idoc's, customer validations need to be specified and implemented trought a ABAP development/enhancement. Error Handling is the biggest issue. Define fallback scenarios. Provid Business w/ tools to diagnosticate and solve the errors. Request replacemente Read (rectification) and so on.
6)How to generate report on implausable meter reading results by portions/MR Units/Period)?
It already exits. Program RELEABL3.
7)How and why we need to configure validation process for the meter reading( plausible/implausible) and what would be the values?
8)How to define the tolerance limits?

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  • Can't enable Device Manager after upgrading from Mavericks to Yosemite

    We have an Apple Mac Mini Server that was purchased and configured with OS X 10.9. This was configured as part of a golden triangle, managing 10 Apple Mac Minis in a Microsoft Active Directory environment. We had enabled Profile Manager and configured Device Manager.
    We recently upgraded to Yosemite, and upgraded to 4.0.3. Device Manager is now disabled, can when we try and configure it, we get 'An error with code -1 occurred'. We have tried resetting the Device Manager configuration, but this hasn't fixed the issue.
    Any suggestions?

    On the right of the To: field you will see a circled plus sign:
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    Hi Experts,
    Could you please share some material for Billing & invoicing & Device management(covering functional & technical both) for SAP-ISU ?
    Any book specially covering SAP-ISU above mentioned modules,which publication and from where I can place the order for the same.
    Thanks in advance!!!
    Warm Regards,
    Please go through this link
    This will be helpful!
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  • IPS device manager - config guide.

    Can I get a link to download ips device manager configuration user admin guide.
    Which can help us to configure / tune IPS-IDS. ( for any series )
    Please share the link.
    Thanks in advance.

    You can look at this url on CCO for downloading 6.0 version IDM configuration/user guide :

  • A device which is not part of this management group has attempted to access this Health Service.

    Has anyone found an answer to this yet?  I have uninstalled/reinstalled the agents both manually and through the push. Rebooted the client, rebooted the  sce server. Forced the group policy to reapply, forced the health agent to /reportnow and I still get the error. The client shows up under the agent managed section but under the health state column it shows not monitored. The clients can ping the SCE server by FQDN and RDP to it as well so name resolution is working fine.
    On the the SCE server I get this in the log
    Event Type: Information
    Event Source: OpsMgr Connector
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 20000
    Date:  6/25/2009
    Time:  10:09:40 AM
    User:  N/A
    Computer: *******
    A device which is not part of this management group has attempted to access this Health Service.
    Requesting Device Name : *****
    And this
    Event Type:            Information
    Event Source:           OpsMgr Connector
    Event Category:       None
    Event ID: 21042
    Date:                        6/25/2009
    Time:                       10:25:14 AM
    User:                        N/A
    Computer:                ***********
    Operations Manager has discarded 1 items in management group Servername_MG, which came from $$ROOT$$.  These items have been discarded because no valid route exists at this time.  This can happen when new devices are added to the topology but the complete topology has not been distributed yet.  The discarded items will be regenerated.
    On the client I get
    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: OpsMgr Connector
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 20070
    Date:  06/25/2009
    Time:  10:06:13 AM
    User:  N/A
    Computer: ******
    The OpsMgr Connector connected to ****** but the connection was closed immediately after authentication occured.  The most likely cause of this error is that the agent is not authorized to communicate with the server, or the server has not received configuration.  Check the event log on the server for the presence of 20000 events, indicating that agents which are not approved are attempting to connect.
    And this as well
    Event Type:            Error
    Event Source:           OpsMgr Connector
    Event Category:       None
    Event ID: 21016
    Date:                        06/25/2009
    Time:                       10:06:18 AM
    User:                        N/A
    Computer:                ******
    OpsMgr was unable to set up a communications channel to **** and there are no failover hosts.  Communication will resume when ******* is both available and allows communication from this computer.
    And this
    OpsMgr has no configuration for management group Servername_MG and is requesting new configuration from the Configuration Service.

    Hey Nathan,
    Yea I have sent the script to eveyone that has aked for it. I dont know if its helped anybody else as none has given me any feedback either way.
    I guess I can post it here for everyone to use.
    Please keep in mind that if you use this script from MS its at your own risk, If your DB blows up, massive catastrophic failure ensues and so forth ITS YOUR OWN FAULT. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GOOD BACKUPS
    Step 1) Run this against your SCE 2007 DB
    DECLARE @BaseManagedEntityInternalId int
    DECLARE @BaseManagedEntityId uniqueidentifier
    DECLARE @ViewName sysname
    DECLARE @Statement nvarchar(max)
    SET @BaseManagedEntityInternalId = 0
    WHILE EXISTS (SELECT * FROM BaseManagedEntity WHERE (BaseManagedEntityInternalId >
    @BaseManagedEntityInternalId = bme.BaseManagedEntityInternalId
    ,@BaseManagedEntityId = bme.BaseManagedEntityId
    ,@ViewName = met.ManagedTypeViewName
    FROM BaseManagedEntity bme
    JOIN ManagedType met ON (bme.BaseManagedTypeId = met.ManagedTypeId)
    WHERE (bme.BaseManagedEntityInternalId > @BaseManagedEntityInternalId)
    AND (bme.IsDeleted = 0)
    ORDER BY BaseManagedEntityInternalId
    SELECT @Statement = 'IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM ' + QUOTENAME(@ViewName) + '
    WHERE BaseManagedEntityId = ''' + CAST(@BaseManagedEntityId AS varchar(50)) + ''')
    PRINT ''' + CAST(@BaseManagedEntityId AS varchar(50)) + ' ' + @ViewName + ''''
    STEP 2) 
    If your problem was the same a mine you should get some GUID’s returned.  (For example 93790c0B-09C4-3A4D-CE72-F4E3Dd917D78 MTV_DeploymentSettings)
    Using the GUID that we got in the output file
    Execute the below given query:
    select fullname
    from basemanagedentity
    where basemanagedentityid = ‘<GUID>’
    Verify that the device or the object mentioned in the above output is not displayed in Operations console.
    Only in case if the object is not displayed then use the below given query to delete it from database.
    update basemanagedentity
    set isdeleted = 1
    where basemanagedentityid = ‘<GUID>’
    Before executing the above query please ensure that you have the backup of the database. Also note that you need to run the above said query only incase if you do not see the object in the Operations console.
    After executing this query, run this stored procedure:
    exec p_Detectandfixinstancespaceinconsistencies
    Once it is done:
    > Stop all the three OpsMgr services: health, Config and SDK on Management Server
    > Cleared the health service state folder.
    > Start all the three OpsMgr services: SDK, Config, and health on Management Server.
    > Wait for 30 minutes and see if the agents start getting monitored.
    I hope this helps everyone

  • Early on while configuring the Device Management settings in Profile Manager (Mavericks server) I received an error code -1

    When I started up the Server application, Profile Manager was not selected as expected.  I selected it and started the first step of configuring Device Management in the Settings section.  I entered the organization information and went on to the next step which was to Configure an SSL Certificate
    I selected a "Self Signed" Cert.  Which was the only one of the two choices that made sense.  The other being the, com.deploystudio.server - Self signed
    Hit next and it processed the info and went to "Finish"  I click "Finish" and this is what I get when the setting are confirmed.
    I stopped there since I suspect this error will probably come back to haunt me further down the line as if you recall we could not get the Profile to install due to the invalid cert which I suspect has something to do with this code -1 error at the get go.  I ran the one command line instruction twice to verify this was not a quirk and the same occurred.
    sudo /Applications/

    Did you ever get this resolved? This error is usually related to DNS, hostname, or Open Directory configuration. Let me know if you still need help.

  • Can't configure device management

    "This computer is already configured to manage network accounts. It cannot be configured again."
    How do I fix this error?

    Same here. Any resolution? Device manager used to work fine.

  • Snow Leopard vs HP Device Manager, Part II

    Clicking "scan" gets me an "Unkown Errror" response. Not much help, sorry.

    You don't say what printer you are using, at least not in this message. However, you might find help from this document on the HP web site: &jumpid=regR1002USEN
    As it says, HP Scan Pro software (from Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5) is not supported in Snow Leopard. The HP icon for HP Device Manager still in the dock after upgrade is not functional and should be removed.
    You should be able to scan from Snow Leopard's Image Capture or Preview programs, or from System Preferences > Print & Fax.

  • Questions on mobile device management

    Hi All,
    I'm not sure where to post this question since I couldn't find a forum specific to Afaria, so thought someone here might be able to help.
    1. Afaria mobile device management solution claims that data and content is backed up and can be deleted if a device is stolen or lost. Can this deletion be done if the mobile is switched off of the SIM card has been removed? What is the mechanism of the data deletion process when the device is either ON/OFF?
    2. How does Afaria handle online and offline user authentication? If a mobile app is opened, can Afaria be configured to force the user to enter credentials for authentication? Or should there be a separate login page as a part of the mobile app? (The user's credentials are needed to find his role from LDAP and the rest of the app to work properly, which is y the question).
    Thanks & Regards,

    This forum is fine for Afaria discussions and questions, no worries. 
    1.  If mobile device is switched off or not network connected then Afaria is not able to do anything with that device.  The content though would be secured, encrypted etc. so that there should be no risk as long as the device is switched off.  The "kill device" command that can be sent from Afaria will work if device is turned on and connected to a network.
    2.  Afaria can force quite a lot of things and one of them is regarding the device itself, forcing a password/pin type of unlocking.  The mobile app normally has it's own mechanism for authentication, user name and password.  That is a SUP function and has little to do with Afaria, I don't believe Afaria can force that part of authentication. 
    You can get a good overview of the technical part of Afaria here:  [Afaria Technical White paper|]

  • MSATA not showing up in Device Manager

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T420 running a Samsung 830 as the main drive.  I purchased a Crucial 64GB mSata drive so I can backup files from my main drive, to the Crucial drive.  I installed the drive, it shows up in the Bios but I don't see it in the device manager or disk manager.  Is there anything else I need to do to get the OS to see it?  I am running Windows 8 x64.

    Hi fowen,
    That's strange.  I have a Crucial mSATA SSD in my T420, but I was doing a Win 7 install - so not the same situation.
    I wonder if Win 8 or one of the installed components (or the BIOS) configuration is combining that SSD with the HDD as a cache device?  BIOS in RAID mode?  Disk driver doing something odd?
    Have a look at the 2nd post in this link and see if it gives you anthing to try.  (This is a total WAG on my part.)
    Cannot install Windows 8 on 7720 (Inspiron 17R (SE))
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  • ISE integration with Mobile Device Management ( MDM ) help required

    Dear Techies,
         Am here bring to your notice an different issue and no much resources to support even in PEC or Cisco Document.
         We are conduction a Proof Of Concept (PoC) on  Secure Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD ) using Cisco ISE and gonna test all the scenarios like Wired, Wireless and VPN user access.
    Setup Brief :
          Our Setup has  ISE VM acting as Admin, Monitor and Profiling Device, we have NAC 3315 physical Appliance as Inline posture Device, Wireless LAN controller, Access point and the Identity source as Microsof Active Directory
         Having Plans to Integrate Mobile Device Management ( MDM ) and Citrix VDI setup also.
    Activity Brief:
         As of now we have tested the Wired Scenario Authentication and authorization for guest users and gonna carry out the profiling and posture.
    Clarifications Required
    Wired Scenario - Require some configuration / steps on how to carryout posture for the guest wired users i.e. LAPTOP.
    Wireless Scenario
    MDM can be integrated to ISE ? 
    How the MDM can be integrated to Cisco ISE configuration or Guide to show the same?
    What is the demarcation between MDM and ISE ( i.e. What is the role of ISE and MDM on Mobile Devices ) ?
    If MDM is available so then when the control of ISE ends, does MDM do management or ISE will do management of the devices ?
    Is MDM will do client provisioning or ISE should do ?
    Is MDM send or update patches of Mobile Devices ?
    As of now these are the scenarios, kindly revert if any good documents to show this or share your expertise on the Integration Part.
    Thanks for Reading...

    I would like to avail your valuable inputs to understand on the  Client provisioning part for the Mobile Devices/ Laptop. I understand  from your reply that MDM integration is not available in the current  release ISE 1.1 - That is correct.
    Kindly let me know your views or any documents on the following scenarios with the current release in mind
    1. User  with Mobile devices connecting to Wireless  ( both Employee  and Guest ) , How the Flow differs for the Employee and Guest.  How the  client provisioning is done ( i.e. Like Posturing  or Compliance Check  ).
    The posturing and compliance check is done based on the user authentication information (i.e. AD memberOf vs Guest user) combined with the users endpoint (windows, mac osx, or a mobile device), ISE then has a few decisions to make based on the authorization policies. For example, if a Domain User coming from a Windows 7 machine joins the network, then can either use the nac agent, or the web agent. Then you can scan for registry settings, file settings, program requirements, hotfix compliance...and the list goes on. If the user fails a check then you can either assign an acl for the user so they only have guest access, or you can place them into a remediation vlan the options are entirely up to the requirements and however the solution is implemented.
    2. User  with Laptop  connecting to Wireless  ( both Employee  and Guest ). How the client provisioning is done ( i.e. Like Posturing   or Compliance Check ).
    Guests are usually redirected to the guest portal which they authenticate and their user group falls within the Guest container that is on the ISE internal database, that is usually coupled with an authorization profile that grants them internet access. For the client provisioning, that is usually done based on the operating system, via profiling (dhcp, and user agent string., netmap...etc) and can be fine tuned for all laptops or to a specific set of users based on their group membership.
    3. What are advantages of having ISE also in  place for Mobile devices, since most of the Mobile related tasks ( like  Authentication, Authorization, Profiling and  Posture ) are carried out  by MDM. I am checking for the significant advantage of having ISE for  Client network having only Mobile devices. Kindly clarify.
    Currently the advantage of Cisco ISE is that it supports profiling within wireless and really fits well within a network that has mostly Cisco products since they are all part of of the Borderless security initiative being driven on the backend. The product teams for wireless, wired, security (vpn..etc) and ISE are pretty close in building their solutions so that you can get connected with any device any where (sorry for the sales pitch). The latests wireless code is improving and is going to have support similar to the ios sensor for wired devices where dhcp, cdp, and other attributes can be sent in the radius packet for better profiling decisions. With integration for an MDM platform coming soon, and also support for TACACS rumored (have to verify with your account rep) you have options that really stand out from a unit that only supports MDM. Cisco ISE also comes with a wireless product ID so that makes the budget work when it comes to deploying ISE if you arent looking for enforcement on your wired devices.
    4. Do you recommend 802.1X Authentication to use for the Employee and Contractor? The Guest user  authentication as Open ?
    For internal users and vendors the best option by far is dot1x, almost all operating systems are capable of performing dot1x and the 1.1.1 MR has a piece now that can provision the supplicant for the users, by using scep to enroll certificates or configure peap settings.
    There is a feature within the guest portal that allows you to statically assign guests into endpoint group, that feature is called device registration web authentication. It seems like an open network but uses mac filtering to assign these devices to an endpoint without requiring users to enter any credentials. They are presented with an AUP page, once they accept their mac address is mapped to the endpoint group
    5. How can we ensure the Encryption of traffic from the Guest user to the NAD ( Network Access devices ) ?
    This may be a wireless question but I am sure the encryption is done using AES and using dot1x as the key management here is a brief background for this -
    You can also use the anyconnect client which can provide macsec which is layer 2 encryption for wired -
    6. We are also looking for VDI  ( Citrix, VMware ) solution for the  client  ( both Employee and Guest ) , how ISE can play a role in  securing the VDI environment.
    For most thin clients you can perform dot1x authentication on the device itself, however that is something the manufacturer will have to support. This is a little gray for me.
    7. Is that any integration required  with Citrix or VMware. How the  VDI can be offered based on the User  role ( i.e. Employee, Contractor or Guest ), since Guest database is  available only with ISE, how the checks are made from the VDI  environment.
    IN ISE there is an identity sequence which can authenticate users in AD first, if the user is not found then it can look in the internal database.
    Our solution demands  MDM in the integrated  solution, As on today ISE cant be integrated with MDM. so what kind of  solution we can propose to have MDM and Cisco ISE .Do the clients now  enter the network should have already installed the MDM agent (or) any  other way of pushing the same to the Client.
    Today there is no integration between the devices, the last release time I heard was December for this feature. However it would be best to confirm with your Cisco Account rep on this issue.
    Tarik Admani
    *Please rate helpful posts*

  • Can't setup Device Management

    I've just installed Server 2.2.1 on a Mac Mini that also runs a few other services for me.  For that reason, I don't want to format and start clean.
    I'm trying to get the Server up and running, but I'm having trouble getting Profile Managerment in place-- in particular it seems to have trouble with enabling device management.
    I'd swear there used to be an obvious place to create self signed certificates, but that seems to have moved.  The certificates pane lets me create trusted cert requests.  I suspect I'd get what I want by showing all certs, and then selecting "add identity certificate".  I chose instead to let Profile Manager create it's own certificate.
    When I enable Profile Manager it takes me through the intial steps to start up Open Directory.  It appears to create a self signed certificate during this part of the initialization. 
    Later when it asks me to choose a certificate for device management, it lets me choose the self signed domain.private cert and click next, next goes gray, I get a spinny thing in the bottom left corner of the sheet, and then next goes blue again and it acts as though nothing happened.  I can't dismiss the sheet, and there is no way to proceed past this point.  When I click back, and then cancel, I see that Open Directory was enabled, and the certificate was created.
    From this point, it seems to allow me to enable Profile Manager with the Big Switch, but I can't do anything to enable Device Management.  I click configure, choose the self signed cert, see the warning that devices are going to have to trust this cert, but the Next button refuses to dismiss the sheet.
    In the process of getting to this point, I'd enabled and disabled a few services, created and destroyed a few OD masters, and some users.  I don't know if there's something stuck in a bad state-- that seems to happen pretty often with Server.
    Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?  Is there any way to wipe just Server clean and start again without wiping the entire machine?

    Same here. Any resolution? Device manager used to work fine.

  • Equium A200-26D - Error code 19 in device manager on USB ports

    I have decided to try Windows 7 but the usb ports don't work in device manager all the usb root hubs have a yellow triangle and the device status says "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)".
    I've tried uninstalling them through device manager and restarting the computer and downloading and reinstalling the vista drivers, as I can't seem to find Windows 7 drivers, but none of that fixed anything. I was wondering if there was anything else I could try or if I could get a link to the right drivers.

    Firstly I'll state I know first hand that sarcasm and being generally rude via a forum will not get issue's resolved any faster , but I feel raped by Toshiba and 3rd parties and obliged to post
    Lets start at the beginning , that's usually the best place .
    On 2008 I bought a Toshiba , being a 3D artist I thought this would be a great investment .
    But sadly I was wrong .
    Purchased at PC WORLD GLASGOW - for 450 GBP "just for geographical reference "
    Once I had opened the shinny new box and carefully unwrapped the dangerous contents , I switched on my laptop with bated breath........................
    Guess what ?
    3 dead pixels not at the side nor the top but right in the middle .
    Now you can understand my concerns being a graphics artist , but this issue was quickly resolved "After a Huge fight with PC world because there generative manager policy for today was
    " You cant return Unless it had 5 or more dead pixels "
    Ok ,so excellent they swapped it ,after I had to fork out another 50 GBP for an upgraded version because they had none in stock ! .
    So effectively I got another machine that I didn't want for extra money .....superb
    Ok so, I get this machine home , TOSHIBA EQUIUM A210
    everythings fine and dandy for about 1 week
    -At first I notice the DVD drive acting funny , reading discs then not reading them it lost all function except the ability to read ,ok not a problem I have a home PC that can burn discs ,I'll let that one slip .
    the paint on front panel "where the lights are " starts to flake and fall off .
    -Ok I'll put that down to wear and tear but its still only a month old
    C) OVER HEATING (MEGA) Burnt my daughters arm .
    - As I mentioned above I do graphics , this machine main purpose was to browse the internet ,maybe a few world docs , not render out 9 million polyz , I fully understand this concept .
    but it started to overheat , I'm not talking about a little bit warm , I'm talking full on ,that much you could cook an egg on . not only did the machine but also the power pack . remembering this machine is still less than 2 months old .
    The heat was that intense that it burnt a perfect rectangle onto my 3 year old daughters arm .
    -arguing with my wife not to sue for faulty/dangerous electrical goods I phoned customer services up , and spoke to a very nice gentlemen that was happy to help .
    Excellent Laptop getting picked up and taken away to get fixed ----SEE CUSTOMER SERVICES NOTES .
    I was that considerate that I re-formatted the machine ,dragged all the essential tools onto the desktop ,you know control panel , system setting ect . and even made a nice jpeg schematic where the faults are "because I know how much off a pain in the teeth it can be working on the tech side and anything I can do to help "
    1 or 2 weeks later I get my newly refurbished laptop back .
    Superb , or so I thought ...................
    Jump forward 6 months later , just before the manufactures warranty runs out IRONICALLY
    Inbetween random faults and the paint starting to fall of AGAIN ,
    The machine starts to switch its self randomly off ! without prior warning .
    "Ok , maybe it was just a system fault , I'll restore .
    Nope still doing it , Maybe its the battery not holding charge and it's struggling to detect it ?????
    Nope its still cutting out ................
    May I also add after the return off the machine ,which in my professional opp " YOU JUST REPLACED THE SHELL AND BLEW THE DUST OFF " . --------- PLEASE POST CUSTOMER SERVICES NOTES ...."maybe I'm wrong ?"
    Now due to the machine randomly switching it's self off it caused massive corrupt sectors and chkdisk errors and loss of data ."some of which was costly , but functionally I'm an intelligent spices I managed to back MOST data up .
    Ok so not a problem It's getting old (1year and 3weeks to be exact ) , its generally used for Internet ,theres some work and some personal photos ,nothing thats going to rock your world .
    I'll use it for that .
    Now this can be caused by dust ,also quoted by one of your ignorant members of staff .--
    !!!!but this was caused by another mass produced product ,quickly shipped out and grossly missing product user safety testing .....................
    HOW DO I KNOW THIS ::::::::::::::::::::::;
    Mainly because when you Google Toshiba A210 it hits over 3 million user faults / problems
    "Excuse me for sounding like one of your tech guys , but I used google search string to legitimize the search "
    and the evidence is there .
    Ok so its overheating ,thats maybe why it keeps cutting out ?
    not a problem ,not UNTILL TODAY .
    "sorry it took so long to get here "
    So today My daughter "now 4 " is playing on nickjnr home page "Carefully avoiding the hot lava that pours from the heat vent at the side , and it cuts out again ....
    Goto Switch back on
    " A method we now call " PULL THE PLUG OUT AND SWITCH ON AND OFF 5 TIMES ,STAND ON 1 LEG & PRAY .............
    and up pops this
    some here may have seen this before ...................
    THIS IS CAUSED by poor programming and bad development
    BIOS :
    Its called BIOS lock "and yes i did try , TOSHIBA , ADMIN , 12345678 blah blah blah " effectivily the machines decides to encrypt or maybe not encrypt a password , just depends how it feels that day .
    Toshiba know about this fault and offer a fix ##maybe at a price ,just depends on what sales rep you get ##
    This is the whole point of the conversation so If I lost you with bad grammer / spelling at any point in the post please PAY ATTENTION this is the IMPORTANT PART
    ================================================== ==========================
    I searched ways to brute force , fix , remove battery and so on when I decided enough was enough this machine is faulty -------I'm going to give legal jargon here just so you know where on the same page .
    The Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended
    Goods must be:
    ???????????????¢?????¢??? ??????¢???¬?????¢???????? ???¢fit for the purpose they are made for
    ???????????????¢?????¢??? ??????¢???¬?????¢???????? ???¢safe
    ???????????????¢?????¢??? ??????¢???¬?????¢???????? ???¢durable - last for a reasonable time
    ???????????????¢?????¢??? ??????¢???¬?????¢???????? ???¢have no minor defects
    ???????????????¢?????¢??? ??????¢???¬?????¢???????? ???¢acceptable in look and finish
    There's others if you would like me to continue ,even better ones but I'll just use this one right now , just to be polite .
    Your PRODUCT was faulty since it left the covaor belt , your people should have picked up on this when it got returned but I'm sure they may have been busy ! .
    Now we can argue these points and justifications but ontop all that .................
    this hurts the most .
    "Sorry Mr Scott for the problem you can either wait and we'll send someone out to fix it , OR I QUOTE you can take it to PC WORLD and because there TECHGUYS they will be obliged to fix FOR FREE due to it being purchased there .
    I PHONE SEVERAL PCWORLD NUMBERS UP and bounced there calls try to get an answer before someone on the end says # " Maybe you should take into your local store 15 miles away " ----
    great thinking sherlock
    I GOTO PC WORLD : Yet another human with the capacity of a moth , 300 million sp3rm and that's the one that got threw .
    TELLS ME " We don't do that because we are are not obliged to fix it " ,"But i have a piece of paper with a customer reference that a trusted toshiba services man gave me
    Ok hold my breath walk out and go and phone TOSHIBA up again not a problem ................
    This is where it gets good , I phone you after speaking to another 4 or 5 people on your side .
    When I get to speak to someone that's happy to help but at a price ,who decides to become law and Order roled into one, the conversation gets silly and YOU throw potential threats and jargon around #congrates your grease monkey can read off a pdf document ,well so can mine ,but fortunate she has practiced Law for the last 10 years and is pretty accurate ...
    but again I said Polite so here it is :
    YOUR QUOTE TO FIX YOUR PRODUCT ::: 100 + GBP give or take just depends on how constructive your people decide to be that day ...
    So here is my QUOTE
    TOSHIBA 8 : average length 20 minutes 8 GBP
    PC WORLD 4 @ 1.50 min 15 GBP
    GAS / FUEL : 15 GBP
    Loss of Earnings : 90 GBP @ 5 DAYS 410 GBP
    Damages " DO YOU GET MY POINT YET ? "
    As I mentioned I'm a reserved man ,but getting shafted by TOSHIBA from all angles does has Limits
    Now what I would like to see arriving on my front door is a new brand spanking Laptop with " WE ARE SORRY " note attached .
    but for some reason I don't get that impression ?????
    I'm hoping we can remedy this issue in a sensible fashion ,
    If we can't , I do have a great idea of posting a YOUTUBE video of me destroying your product with several sharp objects , counter productive maybe ,but when it hits a million hits I'm sure I will get another company to give me a laptop out the kindness of there heart ................
    Now for forum posters I apologize for raining on your day , to TOSHIBA please try to understand why I'm a little bit upset .
    Have a nice day
    PEACE .
    PM ME .......................................

  • ACE-4710 : Device Manager on Primary ACE cannot authenticate

    In a cluster of redundant ACE-4710, version A5(1.2), the graphical Device Manager on the primary ACE cannot authenticate users. An error message is displayed :
    The strange thing is that the standby ACE Device Manager work correctly. Moreover, both ACE are perfectly synchronized :
    CH01AC03/P-115-A# sh ft group summary
    FT Group                     : 14
    Configured Status            : in-service
    Maintenance mode             : MAINT_MODE_OFF
    My State                     : FSM_FT_STATE_ACTIVE
    My Config Priority           : 200
    My Net Priority              : 200
    My Preempt                   : Enabled
    Peer State                   : FSM_FT_STATE_STANDBY_HOT
    Peer Config Priority         : 150
    Peer Net Priority            : 150
    Peer Preempt                 : Enabled
    Peer Id                      : 1
    No. of Contexts              : 1
    Here is the details on the ACE and DM version :
    CH01AC03/P-115-A# sh ver
    Cisco Application Control Software (ACSW)
    TAC support:
    Copyright (c) 1985-2012 by Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
    The copyrights to certain works contained herein are owned by
    other third parties and are used and distributed under license.
    Some parts of this software are covered under the GNU Public
    License. A copy of the license is available at
      loader:    Version 0.95.1
      system:    Version A5(1.2) [build 3.0(0)A5(1.2) adbuild_19:38:58-2012/01/17_/auto/adbure_nightly4/renumber/rel_a5_1_2_throttle/REL_3_0_0_A5_1_2]
      system image file: (hd0,1)/c4710ace-t1k9-mz.A5_1_2.bin
      Device Manager version 5.1 (0) 20111215:1009
    What coud be the problem ?
    Thank you

    Hello Yves,
    Try with the command "dm reload" in the Admin Context
    Cesar R
    ANS Team

  • Device Manager for IDS/IPS 4215

    I am trying to view my IDS throught the web browser Device manager but am having trouble. I configured the sensor through the CLI. We are using the standard/default port 443. When I enter the https://ip address all I get is "can't display web page" . Does anybody have any tips or something I might have overlooked.

    Do you have Java runtime enviroment enabled
    Maybe IDM access is not working thanks Java problem
    Try following download java 1.4.2_07;jsessionid=5BED10CBB25347782DC40CB6AE5ECDF1
    Download and install

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