Error exporting Premiere CS6 sequence to edit in Audition CS6

Hi there!
I've been trying to export a sequence from Premiere CS6 to edit in Audition CS6 through "edit>edit in Adobe Audition>sequence". However, I keep receiving the following error message:
Premiere Pro has encountered an error.
When I hit continue the rendering doesn't move forward and I have to cancel the process.
Does anyone has a clue what could be wrong???
Thanks a lot!

This is a link to something similar
right click dynamic link to audition broken (premiere cc 2014)

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  • Missing renderer error in Premiere CS6 plus three more errors

    I just tried to open a saved project and now get a Missing renderer error in Premiere CS6;
    "This project was last used with Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA), which is not available on this system. Mercury Playback Engine Software Only will be used"
    I then click OK and get a new errror:
    The preset used by one or more sequneces in this project requires third party components that could not be located. These sequences will be modified to use a custom sequence setting instead ...."
    I then click OK and get the error:
    "Adobe Preniere Pro CS6 has stopped working"
    This is the same computer thta created the project and nothing physical has cahnged. I reboot try to create a new project and get the error:
    "Sorry a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premier Pro to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project"
    I cant do anything with premiere CS6 at all.

    The first two can be solved pretty easy, but won't help much in light of the third.  We need to solve that one first.  Once you get PP to open and remain open with a new project and new sequence, then we can fix the first two.  So...
    FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?

  • Exporting premiere cs6

    Hello, guys
    i'm having some serious troubles to export videos on adobe premiere cs6 CCloud edition.
    Sometimes the export goes well, but most of the times i got an Error message. Last time, when i finally got the video exported without any problem, was when i imported my original project to a brand new project. Even so, at the first try, i got the error message again, but on a second try, i was succed.
    Is there any magic solution to do that?
    i notice that other users have the same issue, but couldn't find any solution, so i'm creating another topic for it, to update Adobe of this problem.

    Welcome to the forum.
    Can you start by looking over this FAQ Entry:
    As you mention error messages, it would be very helpful to know what they were.
    Good luck,

  • Export Premiere CS6 keyboard shortcuts on OSX lion?

    (Mac OS Lion) How can I export my Premiere CS6 keyboard shortcuts on another computer (without print and retyping)?
    (Mac OS Lion) Comment exporter les raccourcis clavier de Premiere Pro CS6 et les importer sur un autre ordinateur  (sans imprimer et retaper les raccourcis un à un)?

    I've received the solution, effectively in Premiere user group. Adobe Forums: Finding and customizing keyboard shortcuts

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    (Mac OS Lion) How can I export my Premiere CS6 keyboard shortcuts on another computer (without print and retyping)?
    (Mac OS Lion) Comment exporter les raccourcis clavier de Premiere Pro CS6 et les importer sur un autre ordinateur  (sans imprimer et retaper les raccourcis un à un)?

    This might help:
    Adobe Forums: Finding and customizing keyboard shortcuts
    In Lion you will need to find a way to get into the Library folder which is hidden. One methode would be to use the Goto command and paste the thread: (your main harddrive name)/users/userfolder/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Premiere Pro/6.0
    If that doesn't work right away then reduce the thread back until your in the hiden Library folder and then look for a Premiere Pro folder.

  • Export Premiere CS6 (h.264) - Audio out of sync with several players...

    I've had this problem before, but unfortunately it happened again.
    I exported an mp4 with h.264 compression. The file plays perfectly with VLC player and everything is in sync. Of course, in Premiere (CS6) everything is in sync as well.
    It is also synced correctly with Windows Media Player, as long as you don't 'scroll' or skip parts in the video. If you do that, the audio gets out of the sync...
    With QuickTime it is completely out of sync. Vimeo plays it back perfectly, with YouTube it is out of sync...
    How is this possible? What is causing this?
    I thought that it could have had something to do with the video and audio tracks not being of the same length. I have already mastered the audio tracks into 1 track (wav) and made the same length as the video tracks, before I exported... On previous projects I have have not done that, and the audio was slightly out of sync there as well on Youtube.
    What did I do wrong? Any settings I could have done wrong? Is this a bug of Premiere? What can I do to prevent this?

    Yea, that sounds plausible but from the other hand, this happens only with (my) exported clips from Premiere...
    When I download or watch clips from the internet that are mp4 files with h.264 compression, there is no problem. I just skip through a file of 4GB and it plays back fine. Also the clips from my camera (which are h.264 files) play back fine with everything in sync.
    Also, I almost never see sync problems on YouTube.
    There is something else going on here... It must be.

  • Why doesn't premiere audio link to edit in Audition?

    I was trying to send the premiere audio to edit in Audition CS6. When I right click on premiere audio,  I could not select  "Edit Clip in Adobe Audition" option to send my audio to Audition. Please, Anyone can help me to solve this problem.

    This is a link to something similar
    right click dynamic link to audition broken (premiere cc 2014)

  • Export clips separately from multitrack edit bombing Audition 2015 CC

    attaching a screencast. Everything is up to date.
    latest everything.
    This hasn't happened before.
    Any help appreciated as I have LOTS to edit/export (and before explaining how I'm going about this wrong, trust me that I've tried many options. Doing it this way (soloing tracks in Audition to edit / batch process / level) is saving hours... or would be if I could save the tracks individually once they're edited.  It's SUPPOSED to work per manuals/websites/help screens.
    In the screencast I get an error message before it bombs.
    That was new.
    Last night, when this happened several dozen times, I never got the error message. #stepintherightdirection
    Screencast of session

    The screen capture wasn't a high enough resolution where I could read the crash report.  Any chance you can send that to me?  You can find it again by opening Applications > Utilities >  then expose User Diagnostic Reports.  You should see entries for each time Audition crashed - drag one of them into an email as an attachment and send it to [email protected] and I'll take a look.
    I did just try it on my own system without any problems, and if it was working before then something else must be amiss.  The crash report may give us the right clues to start troubleshooting.

  • Audio Levels different after imorting a sequence from PP to Audition

    I'm trying to master my audio but after exporting my sequence to Audition I quickly found that the Levels in the Multitrack view are louder than in the Waveform view. This is making it difficult to work on my sequence. 
    If I open a simple audio file from Audition there isn't a problem... the different views work fine and levels are the same. So there must be something going wrong with the PP to Audition link I guess? Does anyone have any ideas what's causing this? 

    Also, in the sequence the Edit in Audition option is greyed out? I can't round trip and work through the clips individually? Is there something I need to switch on or something?

  • Premiere CS6 Unknown Error in Rendering & Export

    this is an ongoing problem that persisted on any version of Adobe Premiere Pro I worked with, including CS5,5.5 and the latest 6.
    I am stuck with a feature film on a CS6 Timeline, getting an Unkown Error during rendering and Media Encoder exports. 
    I get the same error if I attampt to create a new trimmed project with Project Manager.
    I am aware that this is one of the most common problems in this forum, and before opening a discussion I tried everithing I could:
    - Replace the media at the point of the error/crash (even though the error seems to happen randomly in dirrerent portions of the timeline)
    - Disable MPE
    - Reset Secutity and permission on files
    - change hard drive
    - Create a new sequence
    - Disable second monitor
    I have to bring an export of my film and a new trimmed project by tomorrow to a color house and I am currently stuck.
    I managed to render the entire timeline before exporting. Redering would stop randomly, generating the same "Unkown Error in Copiling Movie".
    Although I rendered the entire timeline by creating different IN-OUT with the work area selection.
    After a long and tetious rendering process I managed to have the entire timeline "green" and ready to go.
    I figured that this way the exporting process would have been successful. Unfortunatelly not.
    I switched to Premiere Pro for its ability to edit R3D media, but what's the point if we cannot export the project? And neither trimm it to a file that I can give to a colorist?
    Here some details of my workstation and source media:
    - MacPro 12cores 64Gb ram
    - Internal 6Tb raid for source media
    - 4Tb Dulce Scratch drive
    - Editing 4K and 5K R3D Media natively
    If anyone found a solution to this problem, please help.

    Hi Neonhigh,
    If you are going to color correction, why do you need an output? Aren't they color correcting the native files?
    I need an output as reference for the VFX department, I need an output for the sound designer, I need an output for the producer, I need an output for myself and to send to my girlfriend. The question I should ask you is, why shouldn't I need an output?
    What's wrong by exporting my timeline in a format that is not r3d files for reference and production management?
    I was talking about color correction only, as they usually only need the native files. Of course, an output would be necessary for all the other things you mentioned. Nothing wrong with that.
    Neonhigh wrote:
    If you need an output for some reason, why are you rendering at all?
    As I explained I simply rendered because the software was having several random "Unkown" problems in exporting. I though rendering and exporting a file matching the timeline settings would have solved those annoying Unkown Errors, giving me at list an export based on the render sttings.
    Problem is that PPro CS6 fails also to render the timeline, and I needed to break the process in 30-40 segments in order to achieve a complete rendering.
    Rendering in Premiere Pro is primarily for playback, and not necessary for output. In fact, it's a waste of time in most cases. Render files are typically not used for an output unless you explicitly want to do so. Typically they are lower resolution "preview" files that you don't want to use.
    Regardless, you should have no trouble rendering sections of your Timeline. Are you updated to Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.2)?
    Can you try an export without rendering?
    I wish PPro CS6 was reliable enough to allow me to simply export.
    I still did not solve the problem. Several people from the redusers forum are trying to help me as and they all ran into the same issue.
    Currently this are the issues:
    - PPro does not render the entire timeline
    I'm trying a test project right now and so far it is rendering OK. Can you point me to the reduser forum post where people were giving you assistance?
    - does not output the entire timeline (if not chopping it in 12-15 parts)
    I'll test that, as well. You should not have to segment the sequence in order to get an export.
    - Project Manager does not trim the project to pass it to over post prod facilities.
    Sorry, the Project Manager will not consolidate every media type. It will copy, however. This would be a feature request or bug report:
    Beside questioning me with why I want to render or export my project,
    Not questioning your capabilities or talents, I just wanted to know what you wanted to do, and why. Typically, most people don't render as much in Premiere Pro as they do in other NLEs and I was wondering why you needed an export to go to color correction. That's all.
    Many users in this forum (as well as on the entire internet) experienced th same Unkown Problem:
    There could be many different variables which can cause that error. The troubleshooting doc you found addresses many of those. I will add the "Unknown Error" warning to the document.
    There is no "single fix" for this problem, I'm afraid, and these are our opinions and solutions on the matter.
    A legitimate gripe would be that the error is too generic, and I would agree with you there. The error should contain more details about how to remedy your issue. Please make a feature request for more descriptive error dialog boxes:
    I will also mention it to the product team.
    I understand that, being an "Unkown Errror" Adobe does not have a iniversal fix, but please don't ask me why I want to output my timeline.
    Again, I was only asking in the context of color correction. Of course, you want an output for various reasons.
    I've written up your bad experience in my case notes and I'll do my best to get you some better answers to your questions. You definitely should not have to jump through hoops to render or export a .R3D sequence.
    Neonhigh wrote:
    Here is a temporary fix for who runs into this problem:
    Yesterday, after trying everything I could think of I simply exported an XML, opened it in Final Cut Pro and exported all the files and formats that I needed. No Unknown Errors.
    Thanks for the workaround. I'll add it to my notes.

  • Exports From Audition CC Give "Header Error" in Premiere Pro CS6

    I have finished the audio mixing on a 15 track project in Audition CC. It is very heavy so I had to export all the tracks separately to import them back into the Premiere Pro CS6 movie project. That way I could also do further adjustments in individual tracks later on directly on Premiere, if needed (since mixing isn´t something we´re ever done with).
    I´ve exported them all in wav 9600 Hz 32 bit (Audition doesn´t say whether it´s floating point or not) and also wav 9600 Hz 24 bit. The originals on all the tracks were eitther wav 9600 Hz 24 bit, or wav 9600 Hz 32 bit (converted from 24 bit to aplly declipping and normalization), except 2 tracks with music that had mp3, wav and m4a.
    When importing the exported Audition files back into Premiere all of the 15 tracks, including the ones that didn´t have mp3 and m4a in it, give me the message "The file cannot be opened because of a header error".
    1. What could be wrong?
    2. In case there isn´t a solution, what would be the best lossless formats to try and do the exports for importing into Premiere?
    Thanks a lot.

    I see...
    Trouble is I´ve never had an answer for my posts in the Audition forum (I did originally post this here because I thought it´s more of a Premiere issue, though). I guess Audition just isn´t nearly as widely used as Premiere.
    Also, I have done the same kind of exports for smaller tracks from Audition before and didn´t have an issue importing them into Premiere.
    I find it really troubling that Adobe intends to make Audition a reliable pro audio suite integrated with Premiere and, on top of some weird issues like this one (and such as the 16 bit limit for sending a project from Premiere to Audition, making that integration probably useless for most pro uses), there´s so little support.
    But thanks a lot, anyways!

  • Exporting CS6 Premiere Pro Sequence in AE

    I'm trying to export a CS6 Premiere Pro sequence through CS6 After Effects and some of the content that is present on my timeline is coming up with colour bars or just black when I'm trying to export from AE..... how can this be resolved?

    Thanks for your help Rick!
    I'm working on a 2008 Mac Pro with Dual Quad Core 2.8Mhz Processors and 32GB RAM.
    The sequence is .r3d 4K FF and the footage on the timeline is a mix of 4K FF r3d footage, some Animation codec (graphics from Cinema 4D exported via After Effects), some up-scaled 1080p and some 5k FF r3d footage.
    The strange thing is that when I play the timeline in Premiere it all works fine but when I try to export the sequence in AE, that's when content shows up as colour bars or just black. It's all there though. I've tried disconnecting the media and reconnecting it, I've copied and pasted it to a new timeline, I've nested it as a sequence and tried exporting that but each time it's the same result.
    I was thinking that I should uninstall CS6 and then try and reinstall it, but my Mac Pro I'm working off isn't connected online. I'd have to relocate the tower to where the internet modem is and I currently have a broken leg so it's not really possible.
    Any other suggestions for getting this to work?

  • Premiere CS6 won't start. Getting error message.

    I am getting this error message:
      The procedure entry point ? [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library UIFramework.dll.
    My computer crashed and I had to reload Windows 7... fresh install and then have to reload all my programs. Photo Shop CS6 opens okay, but Premiere does not. Any ideas what I need to do?

    Wasn't able to wipe the drive myself... computer probably has a virus that is preventing me from doing this. Took the computer in to my computer guy in Reading to have a clean install done on the c drive. Also, I have been editing for a an ad agency client on their CS6 system... the first job I did for them, I exported the CS6 edit file to a usb thumb drive and brought it to my computer to make a very minor change to an edit done by their inhouse video editor (he had been let go). Long story short... in a 3 minute video the timeline was nested... and clicking on the nested sequence took me to another sequence that had multiple nested files... clicking on them did not take me to another sequence! There where 11 different sequences for this 3 minute video and none of the other sequences linked to anything... which is why I took it to my office and re-edited the 3-minute video on ONE timeline! Still not sure why this editor had nested everything... very strange way to edit what was esssentially was an interview... person answering 3- questions... with a transition which was basically the question on the screen followed by the interviewee's answer! Since doing this edit I have had issues with my computer. In the meantime I have been editing some videos for this agency and their computer was having issues including freezing and not being able to open the task manager to shut down CS6 after a freeze. I would have to just shut the computer off to re-boot! The last edit I did for them last week took 6 hours to do something that should have taken 3 hours at the most.

  • Error message ''Disk Full' when trying to export with CS6, works fine in 5.5

    I get an error message when I try to export media in Premiere CS6 that I don't have in CS5.5
    I use export media for a AVCHD 60fps sequence with a few photoshop images on top of the main track. In the export settings I choose ''match sequence settings'' which gives me a .mpeg I- frame, 1920 x 1080 P, 60fps, quality 50, and a I tick the ''use maximum render quality'' check box at the bottom.
    It used to work fine but now I get a message: Disk Full where there is 1.5 TB free on the disk?
    I have the exact same sequence made in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and it exports fine.
    It started to act weird after I used the queue for the first time and it went to the CS6 encoder.
    Since I used that once and it gave me that message for the first time, even when I try to do the same thing directly in Premiere CS6 , I always get the same error message.
    Question 2, is there a place to change the settings from 50 to 100 for the quality of this export profile?
    By the way I can export with other profiles without problems but this setting is the only one that I've seen that lets me keep my 60 frames per second in the export
    process. (Example: I can export this sequence in the H.264, 1920 x 1080, 30fps, high quality preset, using the maximum render quality in CS6)

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the input but if you read my message correctly and until the end I already can export to other settings and I want an answer to this problem. There's no logical explanation to why this suddenly wouldn't work with the same sequence that it used to do fine with and that CS 5.5 handles fine.
    As I said earlier this is the only setting that lets me export my sequence with the 60 fps, that I know of, for further and easier manipulation. As my main camera provides me with these 60 fps I'd really like to be able to have them left in that transition phase and, no, I'm not gonna give up until I know, really, what's going on and solve that problem. If this is a bug it needs to be fixed, if not I want to know what's happening.
    Also there's no answer to my question 2: Question 2, is there a place to change the settings from 50 to 100 for the quality of this export profile?
    So for you experts out there the question is still hanging.

  • Can't export clips or sequences to Audition from Premiere Pro cc 2014.2

    I can't get audio tracks or anything to export to audition. If I right click on them the option is grayed out and if I go to the clip menu and select "edit in adobe audition" the "clip" is grayed out and if I choose sequence it opens a dialog box that will not let me click the box "open in adobe audition".
    I am watching a how to video but my program will not function as shown in video.

    I uninstalled Audition and reinstalled it. I read that it should be installed after premier pro cc. That restored the grayed out links. good, but now other problem.
    Now the new issue is the export to premiere from Audition is greyed out.
    I will try and get this make sense...
    I installed premiere cs6 two days ago to get Encore for dvd burning and menus. After the uninstall/reinstall of audition just now I ran a check on the link and got stuff from premiere cc 2014 to launch into audition, but when I checked how to send it back to premiere pro cc 2014 when I went to export to premiere (and was able to check the open in Premiere box) it launched cs6, but I want it to go to my premiere cc 2014
    So I uninstalled cs6 only leaving encore, now the box to send it to premiere is unable to be checked.
    I tried another fresh install of audition, but the box is still unable to be checked.
    I need help - been up all night and having a rough time here.

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