Find Material Document with Movement type 103 for material document 105

Hi experts,
In PO History, I have three line items with movement type 103 (Blocked Stock) and one with movement type 105 (From blocked stock to unrestricted stock). I would like to know the material document with movement type 105 document that has the movement type 103.

  you can get the material documents (mblnr) for the movement type(bwart) in table AUFK.
But i think you need to pass some other data along with bwart like matnr or aufnr for getting the correct mblnr.

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  • Not able to create a material document with movement type 103

    I am not able to create a material document with movement type 103,
    The system is populating the value as 101 .
    How do I create a matdoc with movement type 103?

    What is the error you receive? Please specify with message number.
    On MIGO, you need to change the default value mvmt type value to 103 before you enter the PO number to be able to do 103.
    Once this defualt value is set, you can enter the PO and item number in the document number fields and proceed with 103.
    But you cannot change the mvmt type for already entered items from 101-103 or vice versa.
    I think the 101-103 and 103-101 mvmt type conversion message is standard error message

  • Material to Material transfer with movement type 321

    Dear Experts,
    Material to material transfer with movement type 309, the system create a price difference account if price control "S"
    but we transfer material to material with movement 321 (quality ), no price didderence account is generated, system showing different document
    Exp--- Material "A" with STD price 150
    Material "B" with STD price 100
    document is created
    Material A A/c. Credit 100
    Material B A/c. Dr. 150
    My question is, the price difference where is adjusting, is finance and costing books of account will effect.
    Kindly help to solve the issue
    Thanks & Regards,

    Dear Wasim,
    321 movement is to transfer the stock of a material lying in quality to unrestricted stock.
    It's not used for material to material transfer.
    Check and revert back.

  • Vendor Evaluation_On time delivry with Mov type 103

    We are in process of implementing Vendor Evaluation in our system.
    In th eprocess we came to know that for calculating score for sub
    criteria "On time delivery" system only considers the Goods Receipt
    posted with mov Type 101 and 105.
    We have a business scenario in which we first post 103 and ask user
    to do the Quality check of the material received.Once the user accept
    the material we accept the material by posting goods receipt through
    Mov Type 105.
    this acceptance time may differ case by case depending on the
    Now if we go by the standard system settings the Vendor's score will
    be affected if the users acceptance and hence the 105 posting is
    Kindly guide us how to overcome this issue.

       If possible can you please explain , how the enhancement MM06L001 will overwrite the score with an example.

  • Use of Movement type 103 for goods confirmation

    Hi All,
    In SRM, as I understand, It always picks up 101 as Goods Receipt movement type during goods confirmation. But we want to use 103 as movement type instead of 101. Also we want to release from GR blocked stock using movement type 105 from SRM itself. We dont want to go to SAP Backend to release the blocked stock.
    SO can you help me with the following:
    1. How to change the movement type for GR from 101 to 103.
    2. Can the release of blocked stock using 105 can be carried out from SRM?

    your requirement is not possible in SRM.
    In SRM there is no movement type concept .It is only is ECC6.0. Even the movement type 101 is also not appearing in
    SRM. In the ECS (Extended Classic Scenario) after confirmation is done in SRM ,the movement type 101 is reflected in ECC6.0
    similarly 102 - Return dely can be done in SRM.
    But you can try..
    Check the program for doing the confirmation in SRM.Try to modify the Program to suit your requirement.
    G.Ganesh Kumar

  • When delete a PO confirmation a document with movement type 101 is created

    when we delete a PO confirmation, the system generates a document with the movement type 101 instead of 102. Do you know the reason?
    Thank you.
    Best regards.
    Carlos Morrugares

    Thanks for the valuable information.

  • MM Transfer material UNBW with movement types

    Dear friends !
    I would like to know if is it possible to transfer material UNBW thru MM ?
    Could I use movement type 303 - 305  or 641 and 101 ?
    best regards

    You can use any movement type UNBW. For UNBW account assignment is mandatory so when you post UNBW material reciept it will directly post to comsumption account not to stock account.

  • Problem in Movement type 103,104 & 105

    Hi Experts
    I have Done the GR (GR Blocked stock) with movement type 103 for 10 kg,
    Now i want to cancell the material document which has been created with movement type 103 for that po by movent type 104,
    But i am getting the error message as "Deficit of delivered blstck qty 10kg"
    I have checked the stock in MMBE tcode for that plant, it having enough GR Block stock to make 104 movement type.
    I am getting the above problem while making 104.
    So please explain me what could be the reason for this.........
    Also i am getting same error with movement type 105.....
    Thanks in Advance
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    "Deficit of delivered blstck qty 10kg"
    Error message stated not sufficient qty. available in Stock to Cancel material document.
    Diagnosis by checking Stock in GR Blocked Stock, by MMbe.

  • Materail recevice with referance to material document with mvt type 303

    Hi Guru:
    In MB1B we are creating mateiral document with movement type 303 from one plant to other plant.
    Now same material we need to receive in other plant with movement type 305 in same T code Mb1B.
    Now as per user requirement if there is number of item are coming in material document which is generate with movement type 303, why we need to give all material, qty, batch again in MB1B movement type 305,
    while we are receving same material in plant.
    In MB1B there is link to create material document with referance to material document but we can use this facility for creating new material document for movement type 303 of same mateiral, qty and batch.
    Please suggest is there any way to use this 303 movement type material document with movement type 305.

    In my opinion in MB1B you can not have Material Doc. as a ref. Doc. for M.Type: 305...
    But for MIGO transaction you can have Material doc. as a ref. doc. for M.Type: 305
    Goto ---> OLME ---> Settings for Enjoy Transaction ---> Settings for Goods Movements -
    > Settings for Transactions and Referance Documents ---> There...for MIGO_TR...Transfer Posting ---> Referance Documents ---> For your M.Type: 305 assign Material Document as a Referance Documnt...
    Reward if useful

  • BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE with movement type 105

        notice below case
        For one po and item, there are 5 GI with mov. type '103'  .
        1. 103  --   quantity: 1.
        2. 103  --   quantity: 1.
        3. 103  --   quantity: 1.
        4. 103  --   quantity: 1.
        5. 103  --   quantity: 1.
           now i want to use BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to create GI with 105 mov. type. then i put one item with quantity 3 in the 'GOODSMVT_ITEM' , but it gives error ' exceeded by 2 quantity'  (Message ID: M7 - 022).
        so i want to know if i should put 3 items with quantity 1 independently in  'GOODSMVT_ITEM' , then it will create material document.

    I have completed this task of my own.. Please check the below solution..
    You need to populate these fields .
    item-entry_qnt     = ls_ekbe_103-wesbs.
    item-ref_doc_yr    = ls_ekbe_103-lfgja.
    item-ref_doc       = ls_ekbe_103-belnr.
    item-ref_doc_it    = ls_ekbe_103-buzei.
    This will post 105 movement of purchase order taking against 103 material document as  reference document.

  • Issue with Movement type

    Dear Experts,
    I am facing issue and in understanding with movement type 103,105 and 106.
    Purchase order has been created with 100 pcs
    1) Movement type 103 made for block stock.
    2) Movement type 105 to remove stock from block stock.
    3) Movement type 106 to reverse 105?
    When I try to check EKBE table it shows me different entry
    Purchase document EBELN compare with Reference document LFBNR
    Movement type 103     Reference document is same document number
    Movement type 105     Give reference document number as 103
    Movement type 106     Give reference document number as 103.
    Question - Why Movement type 106 show reference document number of 103.              

    Please check the table MSEG. for 106, it will have reference for material document of 105
    field SMBLN instead of LFBNR
    With this field, you can go for the logic.
    select all docs from EKBE
    Moreover, you can use field MKPF-XBLNR for getting the delivery note field which will be same for cancelation docs. for ex 105 and 106 wil have this same value
    this field will make it easy for you to group the GR and their reversals for calculations.
    Vivek Singh

  • Data loading problem with Movement types

    Hi Friends,
            I extarcted data using the data source General Ledger : Line itemdata (0fi_gl_4) to BW side.
        Problem is Movement Types for some documents missing.
    But i checked in rsa3 that time showing correctly.
    i restricted the data in bw side infopackage level only particular document that time data loading perfecly.
    this data source having 53,460 records.among all the records 400 records doc type 'we' movement types are missing.
    please give me solution for this how to loading the data with movement types.
    i checked particular document of 50000313 in RSA3 it is showing movement types. then i loaded data in bw side that time that movement types are not comming to be side. then i gave the particular doc 50000313 in infopackage level loading the data that time movement types are loading correctly. this extaractor having 55000 records.
    this is very urgent problem.Please give me reply urgenty. i am waiting for your's replys.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Edited by: gunasekhar raya on May 8, 2008 9:40 AM

    we enhanced Mvement type field(MSEG-BWART) General ledger (0FI_GL_4) extractor.
    this field populated with data all the ACC. Doc . number.
    Only 50000295 to 50000615  in this range we are not getting the movement types values.
    we didn't write any routines in transfer and update rules level.
    just we mapped to BWART field 0MOVETYPE info object.
    we restrict the particular doc no 50000313 infopackage level that time loading the the data into cube with movement types.
    but we remove the restriction infopackage level then loading the data that time we missing the movement types data of particular doc no 50000295 to 50000615.
    Please give mesolution for this. i need to solve this very urgently.
    i am witing for your reply.

  • Creation of Material Documents With Mvt Type

    On Performing Post Goods Issue (PGI) in one Plant in case of Plant to Plant Dispatches, there should be Inbound delivery created for already created Purchase Order (PO). In addition after creation of inbound delivery, there should be material document created with 103 movement. This Material document is triggered when the inbound delivery is saved. Once Warehouse processes are finished, then Post Goods Receipt (PGR) happens, so 101 Movement Type happens for Purchase Order. PGR document should trigger one more material document with 104 movements; this document is reversal for material document with 103 movement type.
    can any one suggest to enhance SAP for this?
    Moderator message : Requirements dumping is not allowed, show the work you have already done. Thread locked.
    Edited by: Vinod Kumar on Oct 21, 2011 5:18 PM

    Hi Nitin,
    Before creating the Service type of product, you have to define the Base category for Service type product. Generally the category for service will be created under the R3 hierarchy R3PRODSTYPE. You can create this category using the TCode:
    COMM_HIERARCHY. Here you have to select the product type as Service and have to assign the set types to the category.
    You can create a service product using the transaction : COMMPR01 -> Click on Service ICON -> Select the Category for Service Type. Then fill in the details for Service Product description, Service ID(Based on number range settings for products), Language.
    Also fill other details like Base Unit of measure, Pricing condition for different sales areas for the service product.
    Since you are using CRM7.0, you can do all these activities using a POWER USER role.
    For more information about Set types and hierarchies please refer the following help link:
    Hope this helps!

  • Problem in Material issue to WBS with movement type 261 Q

    Dear Experts,
                        I have sceario where i have to make delivery from project.But when i am issuing goods to WBS with movement type 261 Q its showing following errors.Can anyone put some light on it.
    Special stock 0001 Q  AS0111 000000000000000015 of this material does not exist
    Message no. M7076
    No special stock Q of the material (batch ) exists in storage location 0001 for AS0111 000000000000000015.

    This is simple scenario. System is using 281 Q in CNS0. As you have procured through Q indicator WBS is mandatory in PO.
    So when you will take GRN , it will be consider as project stock if quality check is not there else will go in quality first. Check MBBS report for this.
    Now do CNS0 with reference to project number. So materials from project stock will get consumed when you will do PGI for CNS0 material document.
    Your scenario is failing in this stage becasue system didnt find stock against particular WBS element.
    Check this and revert.

  • FI document  amount of material documents of movement type 413

    When I create a material document (413) transfer post from sales order stock to another sales order stock. SAP automatically generate a FI documents. So, my question is that the amount of FI document is how to be calculated?

    Please check below link which will provide solution for youe query. Thanking you.
    How to get print out for MIGO doc with movement type 701, 702 and 551, 552

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