Issue Updating Base Sales Order From A Delivery

As a Delivery doc is added that was created from a Sales Order, I would like to be able to update certain unclosed information in the base Sales Order document.  Two of the fields are user fields, which don't present an issue.  I can make the updates accordingly through the SDK.  The issue I'm having presents itself when I attempt to update the TransportationCode (ORDR.TranspCode) field in the base sales order, which is a field on the logistics tab.  I can make the update through the SBO interface version 2005 fine, but when I make the update through the SDK version 2005 use VB.NET 1.1 I get the following error:
[ORDR.DocRate] , 'Field cannot be updated (ODBC -1029)'.
It's strange because I'm not making any updates to the DocRate field.  This issue arose after an upgrade from 6.5 to 2005.  Worked fine in 6.5.  The DocRate (exchange rate) field is not used in documents entered in local currency as far as I know.
Any ideas?
Private Sub UpdateOrderFromDelivery(ByVal DS As DataSet)
        Dim oORDR As SAPbobsCOM.Documents
        Dim oDEL As SAPbobsCOM.Documents
        Dim RetVal As Long
        Dim DT As New DataTable
        Dim DR As DataRow
        Dim OrdrTrackNum As String
        Dim AL As New ArrayList
        DT = DS.Tables(0)
        oORDR = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
        oDEL = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oDeliveryNotes)
        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 0 To (DT.Rows.Count - 1)
            DR = DT.Rows.Item(i)
            Dim CurBaseDocEntry As String = DR.Item(0)
            'Check to see if the Sales Order update has already been processed
            If AL.Contains(CurBaseDocEntry) Then
                GoTo SkipLoop
            End If
            If oORDR.GetByKey(CurBaseDocEntry) = False Then
                Throw New Exception("Could not find Sales Order Key " & DR.ItemArray(0) & ".")
            End If
            If oDEL.GetByKey(DocEntry) = False Then
                Throw New Exception("Could not find Delivery Key " & DocEntry & ".")
            End If
            Dim DelTrackNum As String = oDEL.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_TrackNum").Value
            oORDR.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_TrackNum").Value = DelTrackNum
            Dim DelShipCost As Double = oDEL.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_ShipCost").Value
            oORDR.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_ShipCost").Value = DelShipCost
            <b>Dim DelTransCode As String = oDEL.TransportationCode
            oORDR.TransportationCode = DelTransCode</b>
            RetVal = oORDR.Update
            If RetVal <> 0 Then
                Dim Err As String, Msg As String
                oCompany.GetLastError(Err, Msg)
                Throw New Exception("Unable to update ORDR from ODLN.  " & Err & " - " & Msg)
            End If
    End Sub

i think any of the fields in the base sales order get updated when u set the delivery 's(target's) base entry no
oDel.BaseEntry = docnum of Order
Hope this helps

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    Check whether this PO is created w.r.t. PR and PR is created automatically during Sales order creation.
    If it is so then need no to change the delivery date in PO, it will always get updated as per the Schedule Line date of sales order.
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    Best Regards,

    I can suggest 2 alternatives .
    !.Create  a debit memo request sothat prices can be updated along with other details and changes can be tracked.
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    The error was because the user exit MV45AFZZ was changing some values on table VBEP.

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    this comes under development part.
    please check the feasibility with your abaper because you will have to change standard code.

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    In this case the user has to remove the delivery from the shipment manually. then the IDOC deletes the  delivery and the updates the sales order with new date followed by creation of new delivery.
    The business expects to updated the Sales Order material availability date without changing Shipment / delivery. Any solution?
    Current solution has to be changed as for Shipment purpose changes are made to delivery which are lost when the delivery is deleted.
    Edited by: abhishek singh on Feb 3, 2012 10:21 AM

    in this case you have to adopt the business process change.
    you have to update the EDI first and then you create delivery.

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    Create a cost center for customer and issue the goods with respect to this cost center in MB1A transaction using movement type 201.
    Then all the issues will be tracked based on this cost center.

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    No Implications simple credit check will not happen order level it will happen delivery level .
    *system will not conceded at order level open order will not be calculated
    Best Regards,

  • Error determining posting period(infostructure S008,Variant Z2,RC3) while creating Sales orders from Inbound IDOCS

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    While viewing this Info structure S008, I could see no records have been maintained. Wanted to know the reasons behind this Hard error?
    Is it something related to Date Field used in the Update Rules for this Infostructure which is causing this posting period error?
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    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Roshan

    Thank you Jelena,I checked the Ship. Delivery dates in the IDOC which are for Current Fiscal Year- 20140703 and 20140711,Could there be any other reason for this error?
    Could it be an issue with e Update rule in this Infostructire S008
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    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Roshan

  • Automatic Cr. Management :Sales order blokced for Delivery

    I have done the Automatic Credit Management.
    I would like to block the sales order from being delivered. The delivery block needs to be set to "01 Credit limit"
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    In the Definition of Sales Order,
    Check Credit Limit : D
    In the Definition of Item Category,
    Credit Active field is checked.
    Order type is assigned to the credit check type D and Group 01 in OVAK.
    In ova8, for this combination of the Cr. Ctrl area /Risk category / Cr. Grp.
    Dynamic -ticked
    Reaction A
    Status/ Block - Ticked
    FD32 is done.
    Did i miss any customizing here? i would like to have the Auto Cr. Management (D)and not the simple cr. check(A, B or C)
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    Hello Venkat,
    Below is whole procedure for Aut Crdt Mgmt.
    1. Transaction OB38
       Check which credit control area is assigned to the company code.
       Company code:
       Credit control area:
    2. Transaction OVFL
       Check which credit control area is assigned to the sales area.
       Sales area:
       Credit control area:
    3. Transaction XD02 or VD02
       Check which credit control area is assigned to the payer.
       Credit control area:
    4. Transaction SE37
       Is user exit EXIT_SAPV45K_001 being used?
    5. Transaction OBZK
       For the settings under items 2 - 4, field "All company codes" must be marked in Transaction
       OB45, or the credit control area must be entered under the relevant company code in table
       T001CM of the credit control areas allowed.
       Company code:
       Credit control areas allowed:
    6. Settings for the credit checks
    7. Transaction OVAK
       Which settings do exist for the sales document type used?
       Sales document:
       Check credit:
       Credit group:
    8. Transaction OVAD
       Which settings do exist for the delivery type used?
       Delivery type:
       Credit group for delivery:
       Credit group for goods issue:
    9. Transaction OB01
       Credit management/Change risk category
       Definition of the risk category for each credit control area. This risk category can be
       assigned to a credit account by using Transaction FD32.
    10. Transaction OVA8
        Here, the individual credit checks for key fields
        o credit control area
        o risk category
        o credit group are set. Take these key fields from the above settings and go to the detail
          screen. In particular, check whether fields "Reaction" and "Status/block" are set
          correctly. To carry out follow-up actions in case of a credit block, the credit check
          status must be set (field "Status/block").
    11. Transaction FD32
        Credit master data for the payer of the relevant document.
        Credit account:
        Credit limit:
        Risk category:
    12. Settings for updating the credit values Update of the credit values is required for the limit
        check (static or dynamic credit limit check).
    13. Transaction OVA7
        Update of the credit value is active for the corresponding item type if the check box is marked. This field corresponds to 
        field "Active receivable" in Transaction VOV7.
        Item type: 
        Active receivable:
    14. Transaction V/08, Pricing
        In the pricing procedure used for pricing, subtotal "A" must be entered in a line for
        determining the credit value (mark the pricing procedure and doubleclick on "Control").
        Usually, the net value plus taxes is used. This way the system is determined to use this
        subtotal for credit pricing. The credit price is stored in field VBAP-CMPRE and used for
        update and credit check.
        You can find the used pricing procedure of the order under "Item -> Condition -> Analysis".
        Pricing procedure:
        Line with subtotal = 'A':
    15. Transaction OB45
        Which update group (field "Update") do you use in the relevant credit control area? The
        default setting is "12". If you use another update group, check whether this is fine with
        you. If you open an OSS message, please tell us the alternative update group.
        Credit control area:

  • Sales Order dates for delivery

    I am a newbie to most of SAP and was wondering how are all the dates such as loading, goods issue etc... calculated from the delivery date? Assuming its based on sold to and delivering plant where is this config done and what is logic?

    u can maintain those settings in OVXD
    you can maintain Pick/pack time & Loading time in
    SD>basic function>Delivery scheduling & transportation scheduling-->maintain durartion.
    To maintain transportation lead time & transit time it can be done in logistic execution>shipping>basic shipping function>routes> define routes-->define routes & stages.
    you can see the logic below:
    when you are creating sales order first system will go with backward scheduling if it is not reach the dates then system will go for forward scheduling.
    Backward Scheduling:
    Reqested delivery date - Transit time = Goods issue date
    Goods issue date - loading time = Loading date
    Loading date - Transportation lead time or pick/pack time = material availability date.
    In case Material availability date fall beyond requested date system will perform forward scheduling
    Forward Scheduling:
    Loading date = Material availabilty date + pick/pack time
    Goods issue date = Loading date + Loading time
    Requested delivery date = Goods issue date + Transit time
    Delievry scheduling will be started only from the material availability date i.e., system will first determine the material availability date and then do scheduling. By default Standard SAP system does Backward Scheduling in case material availability falls beyond the required delivery date system will do forward schedluing

  • COGS issue in the sales order

    Need your help to resolve below issue.
    A sales order is created with multiple line items. The user created delivery and invoice document for one of the line item in the sales order. The line item cost was active in the sales order and invoice document. The value was determined from the material master record.  The user then created delivery document for other line items in the sales order, but invice document creation ends with an error message that "Sales order is incomplete so billing can not be carried out" VF 069
    The first invoiced item has become inactive in the sales order now and the sales order goes into incomplete status. The system is blocking the invoice document creation for rest of line items. Could you tell me why the line item cost became inactive. Also tell me how to resolve this issue.

    I dont think,
                   There is any problem with Cost in Sales order line item.
    Cost copied from MMR is statiscial & always in display mode.
    Goto VA02- key in order no n press entere.
    now from menu bar- Goto- Edit - Incompletion log ( Cntrl + F8).
    if any field is missing , then maintain the field  to complete the sale sorder.
    incompletion log will be maintaiend @ order n item level. check in Item category for the incompletion procedure & check the fields maintained in incompletion procedure in Tx: OVA2.
    Reazuddin MD

  • Error V2 005 when creating a sales order from a quotation

    I hope someone can come up with some ideas to help me with this error. My client is creating a sales order from a quotation and immediately on the first screen the error V2 005 pops up. The quotation was not created with reference to any previous document, and at this point not sold-to party has even been copied through to the sales order.
    To make this error more interesting, this is only happening with 1 particular customer.
    I have checked: credit management, customer hierarchies, material determination, customer info records and none of these are in use.
    Can someone please come up with some ideas?
    Thanks and regards

    Dear Sai,
    Thanks for this note I am going to try it, however I have some concerns because the issue is only happening in production, with 1 custoemr only, and QA is an updated copy of production and I could not replicate the error in QA using the same customer....
    If anyone has any other ideas please I would appreciate it

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