Material description VS Purchase order Text when creating a PO

Hi Gurus,
When creating a PO for a specific material, I have to print a purchase order text different from the material description.
To do this, a specific text has be added to the material master data in the tab "Purchase order Text" with the italian language maintained.
But, when i start to create a new PO for this material, the short text that is shown is retrieved form the Material description and not from the Purchase order text that has been added before.
How can I do to have the purchase order text shown in the PO instead of the common material description?
Thanks in advance for your support.
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Hi Rajaram,
thansk a lot for your answer, it has been very helpful.
Could you please clarify me the below points?
1) Could you please confirm me that this is the functionality of the standard SAP System? That means that in case we want to put the purchase order text in to "short text" we would need to create an ad hoc development, right?
2) In case we print the PO with the purchase order text added for the material, is there any point where we can find this information for the material, or we will see just the material description from the Material Master Data?
Thanks a lot for your support.

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  • Material Description from Purchase Order Intercompany to Outbound Delivery

    For a purchase order intercompany I change the material description of an item.
    I create the delivery from po using VL10D , I check the delivery but the item position is taken
    from material master and not from the purchase order changed material description.
    How can I solve this problem ?

    Check tcode VTLA for NL/DL for item category NLN for instance. You must have in data transfer the subroutine '302' )Item w/o Sales Order). You have this coding:
      if not xkomdlgn-arktx is initial.
        lips-arktx = xkomdlgn-arktx.
    Try to do this, you have a coding:
      lips-vbelv       = xkomdlgn-vbelv.
      lips-posnv      = xkomdlgn-posnv.
    where you must have the PO number and item. Search in EKPO the description and replace it in LIPS-ARKTX. For this, create your own VOFM and replace it in the settings of VTLA.
    I hope this helps you

  • Material master -sales text / purchase order text

    Dear MM experts,
    we are maintaining materials sales text & purchase order text while creating material master.
    sales text is required for our customers quotations & purchase order text is required for our Vendors Purchase orders.
    I have an issue, where sales text in material master is limited to 6.5 inch length, but need 7.5 inch length, where I can set this page length. Also i wanted to have same font characteristics to be changed from exiting font size and font style to required, how to do this?
    pl help &  how the above can be changed from default settings to flexible settings with regard to material master.
    thanks  in advance

    Text Entry Area 
    Type your text into the text entry lines. You can type continuously: SAPscript fills your text using a line length of 72 characters as soon as you choose ENTER or a function.
    To enter text in the line editor continuously, the checkbox Automatic tab at field end must be marked. For more information on setting automatic tabbing, see Setting Automatic Tabbing and Entering Text.
    Note that the line editoru2019s text filling has no influence on the final appearance of the text. Your text is formatted no earlier than at the time it is displayed or printed. For more information, see Previewing and Printing SAPscript Documents.

  • Material Master - Purchase order Text view as plant specific

    Is there any provision in standard SAP to make Material Master u2013 Purchase order Text view as plant specific.
    Example: Material Master u2013 Sales text view is sales org & Distribution channel specific and the sales text is unique of each of the sales org and distribution channel combination.
    i.e, if we change sales text for a sales org and distribution channel combination, it will not affect the sales text of another sales org and distribution channel combination.
    Similarly, can we make the Purchase order Text view as plant specific? How to achieve this?
    As of now, if we change the text for one plant, it will be affected to all other plants also.

    Hi Pankaj, thanks for the reply.
    The solution you have given is applicable if the info record PO text is used only in Purchase order?
    Moreover, we are not using plant specific info records.
    We want to use material master PO text for some other custom transactions.
    Please give your inputs.
    Thank you.

  • Item text in Purchase Order getting updated with info. record Purchase Order Text

    Hello All,
    I am working in a roll out project and facing issue in text repeating twice for the line item in the Purchase Order for the new company code for which rollout is happening
    Item text in Purchase Order getting updated with info. record Purchase Order Text
    01) PO Text is maintained in the material master under "Purchase Order Text" tab
    02) The PO text that is maintained in material master is getting updated in the Purchase Info. Record
    03) When Purchase Order is created, the "Item Text" gets updated in the Purchase Order automatically only for the new company code for which rollout is happening. when printed, this results in the text getting duplicated twice
    03.1) this behavior is not observed in the Plants/ Company code that is already Live
    Configurations in the system:
    The copying rules for the "Texts for Purchase Orders" is
    Source Object = "Info Record", Source Text="Purchase Order Text", Fix="*"
    We have modified the Purchase Order form to print one of  the condition types maintained for calculating the tax. Other than this there is no change to the plants that are already live.
    I could not locate any "Purchase Organization" / "Company Code" / "Plant specific configuration.
    Am I missing any configuration or where can I look in what is causing this error.
    Request help from the experts in the forum.
    with Regards,
    Dhandapani R

    There is no company/purchasing/plant specific customizing for purchase order text.
    The customizing copying rules for the "Texts for Purchase Orders" affects all equally .
    If the text in the purchase order in ME23N is already filled different to other plants, then you either have a modification in place, or the texts are differently maintained in the referenced data (vendor, material, info record, contract)

  • List Purchase order text

    I have 6000 material nr where i need to get the purchase order text from.
    Is this possible to do in SAP?

    You can extract the purchase order text by creating a ZPROGRAM not through standard table as the data comes in alphanumeric characters in the standard table

  • Purchase order Text and Basic data text needed from MM03 tcode

    I need Purchase order text and Basic data text to be fetched by material number.
    Purchase order text and Basic data text are present in MM03 Tcode.
    Can anyone please guide me how to do it.
    Kind Regards

    Purchase order text
    GotoMM03 ->view purchase order text.
    In purchase order text screen, below you find one icon 'Editor'
    click on this icon. It will open another screen.
    In this screen -> click Goto Menu->Header.
    It will open the details about Purchase order text.
    TextName (Generally it is material name)
    Text ID : BEST
    Text Object: MATERIAL.
    Pass the above to READ_TEXT to get the text
    *Basic data text *
    Basic Data Text in MM03

  • Create list of materials with its purchase order texts from material master

    Dear all
    Simple question I do wanna ask.
    Just need to get out a list with my materials with its purchase order texts from the material master.
    As I do know that PO text is not stored on a table, it might be difficult to get it out from the system.
    Does anyone of you know how to retrieve it simply?

    Check this link Material Master Purchase Order Text.

  • View "Purchase Order Text" in Material Master

    I need replicated text of  view "Purchase Order Text" in ECC to Material Master in SRM.
    Or When We create a shopping cart in the way in which the text replicated "Purchase Order Text" from the the Material Master(ECC).

    For Purchase Order text in Material Master:
      use this code for Purchase Order text,
    DATA:  l_lsize(3)  TYPE n VALUE '132'.
      DATA:   lwa_tline     TYPE tline,
                lwa_thead     TYPE thead,
                lwa_valid     TYPE ty_input(flat file data),
                lwa_temp      TYPE ty_input.
      DATA: lit_tline TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF tline.
      lwa_thead-tdobject   = 'MATERIAL'.
      lwa_thead-tdid       = 'BEST'.
      lwa_thead-tdspras    = 'E'.
      lwa_thead-tdlinesize = l_lsize.
      LOOP AT pu_it_valid INTO lwa_valid.
        lwa_temp = lwa_valid.
        AT NEW matnr.
          CLEAR: lwa_thead-tdname,
          lwa_thead-tdname     = lwa_temp-matnr.
        IF lwa_tline-tdformat IS INITIAL.
          lwa_tline-tdformat = ' \ '.
          lwa_tline-tdformat = '='.
        CLEAR lwa_tline-tdline.
        lwa_tline-tdline = lwa_valid-text_line.
        APPEND lwa_tline TO lit_tline.
        AT END OF matnr.
              client          = sy-mandt
              header          = lwa_thead
              insert          = c_x
              savemode_direct = c_x
              lines           = lit_tline
              id              = 1
              language        = 2
              name            = 3
              object          = 4
              OTHERS          = 5.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            REFRESH lit_tline.
        CLEAR: lwa_temp,

  • Uploading sales text and Purchase order text for material master

      I have created, material master with LSMW  byt not updated SALES TEXT and Purchase order text with LSMW  now i want to uplaod the sales and po text for material master can you give some link or ref. code to upload the text i have near 1000 items for which i want to uplaod text  when i have done the recording with SHDB  i have not found filed in recording.

    I have made the code in se38
    as below but still it is not working
      data: headerl like thead occurs 0 with header line.
      data itab3 like tline occurs 0 with header line.
    headerl-tdobject = 'MATERIAL'.
    headerl-tdname = '00000000000LSMW123'.          "(Material : 000000000300000560, Sorg : 0001, Dist channel: 01)
    headerl-tdid  = 'BEST'.
    headerl-tdspras = 'E'.
    append headerl.
    move '*' to itab3-tdformat.
    move 'Testing PO text' to itab3-tdline.
    append itab3.
    call function 'SAVE_TEXT'
        header                = headerl
      insert                = ' '
       savemode_direct       = ' '
        lines                 = itab3
       id                    = 1
       language              = 2
       name                  = 3
       object                = 4
       others                = 5.
       IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
                OBJECT   = headerl-tdobject
                NAME     = headerl-tdname.

  • Purchase Order text field update in Material Mater

    Hi experts,
    Is't possible that we can give authorization to update ONLY Purchase Order text field
    under the Purchase Order text view in MM?
    But while giving authorization, I could only see "Maintenance statuses of Material" I could only see status code "E" in general for Purchasing view.
    Please advise if this is possible to control to give authorization to update only this Purchase order text view in MM.

    Please try this way
    Authorization object: M_MATE_STA
    Define the fields this way
    Fields     Possible values                                   Meaning
    ACTVT      01                                                   User may create data.
                     02                                                  User may change data.
                     03                                                  User may display data.
                     06                                                   User may flag data for  deletion.
                     08                                                   User may display change   documents.
    STATM                                                             Here, you specify the
                                                                            maintenance status for which
                                                                             the user is authorized.

  • I am trying to generate purchase order and i create a BAPI also which is active. But when i call the BAPI from SYbase Mobile Object RFC then after calling it gives an Error "Conflict when calling a Function Module (Field Length)".

    i am trying to generate purchase order and i create a BAPI also which is active.
    But when i call the BAPI from SYbase Mobile Object RFC then after calling it gives an Error "Conflict when calling a Function Module (Field Length)".

    Yeah i tried my Z_BAPI in R3 and then giving some ERROR.
    This is my CODE-
    *"*"Local Interface:
    *"  TABLES
    data: ls_pohd type bapimepoheader,
             ls_pohdx TYPE bapimepoheaderx,
             lt_poit TYPE TABLE OF bapimepoitem,
             lt_poitx TYPE TABLE OF bapimepoitemx,
             ls_poit TYPE bapimepoitem,
             ls_poitx TYPE bapimepoitemx.
       MOVE-CORRESPONDING pohd to ls_pohd.
       MOVE-CORRESPONDING poitem to ls_poit.
       ls_pohdx-comp_code = 'x'.
       ls_pohdx-doc_type = 'x'.
       ls_pohdx-vendor = 'x'.
       ls_pohdx-purch_org = 'x'.
       ls_pohdx-pur_group = 'x'.
       ls_poit-po_item = '00010'.
       APPEND ls_poit to lt_poit.
       ls_poitx-po_item = '00010'.
       ls_poitx-po_itemx = 'x'.
       ls_poitx-material = 'x'.
       ls_poitx-plant = 'x'.
       ls_poitx-quantity = 'x'.
       APPEND ls_poitx to lt_poitx.
         POHEADER                     = ls_pohd
        POHEADERX                    =  ls_pohdx
    *   POADDRVENDOR                 =
    *   TESTRUN                      =
    *   MEMORY_UNCOMPLETE            =
    *   MEMORY_COMPLETE              =
    *   POEXPIMPHEADER               =
    *   POEXPIMPHEADERX              =
    *   VERSIONS                     =
    *   NO_MESSAGING                 =
    *   NO_MESSAGE_REQ               =
    *   NO_AUTHORITY                 =
    *   NO_PRICE_FROM_PO             =
    *   PARK_COMPLETE                =
    *   PARK_UNCOMPLETE              =
    *   EXPPURCHASEORDER             =
    *   EXPHEADER                    =
    *   EXPPOEXPIMPHEADER            =
        RETURN                       = return
        POITEM                       = lt_poit
        POITEMX                      = lt_poitx
    *   POADDRDELIVERY               =
    *   POSCHEDULE                   =
    *   POSCHEDULEX                  =
    *   POACCOUNT                    =
    *   POACCOUNTX                   =
    *   POCONDHEADER                 =
    *   POCONDHEADERX                =
    *   POCOND                       =
    *   POCONDX                      =
    *   POLIMITS                     =
    *   POCONTRACTLIMITS             =
    *   POSERVICES                   =
    *   POSRVACCESSVALUES            =
    *   POSERVICESTEXT               =
    *   EXTENSIONIN                  =
    *   EXTENSIONOUT                 =
    *   POEXPIMPITEM                 =
    *   POEXPIMPITEMX                =
    *   POTEXTHEADER                 =
    *   POTEXTITEM                   =
    *   ALLVERSIONS                  =
    *   POPARTNER                    =
    *   POCOMPONENTS                 =
    *   POCOMPONENTSX                =
    *   POSHIPPING                   =
    *   POSHIPPINGX                  =
    *   POSHIPPINGEXP                =
    *   SERIALNUMBER                 =
    *   SERIALNUMBERX                =
    *   INVPLANHEADER                =
    *   INVPLANHEADERX               =
    *   INVPLANITEM                  =
    *   INVPLANITEMX                 =
    i am trying to generate purchase order and i create a BAPI also which is active. But when i call the BAPI from SYbase Mobile Object RFC then after calling it gives an Error "Conflict when calling a Function Module (Field Length)". 

  • Upload of purchase order text in the material master

    Now we have information of Purchase order text for all the material.
    Is it possible to upload the Purchase order text using LSMW.
    Some friends were telling that LSMW is not possible for Purchase Order text.
    Can anyone suggest how I can upload this purchase order text for all 1000
    material using LSMW program.
    /if not LSMW is there any other method to upload it
    thanks in advance

    Dear Deepak,
    there is standard direct upload i believe
    go to lsmw
    Execute 1st option
    then inLSMW:Object Attribute screen
    in standard batch/ direct input
    firsr radio button
    select object 005
    and method 003
    Program name RSTXLITF.
    Then go by normal process i.e source field , field mapping...
    In this way u can also upload Text in the Material master.
    Rewards if helpful
    Sanjay L

  • Purchase order text in material is replicated from ECC to SRM?

    Hello experts,
    In the standard process of replicating materials from an SAP ECC system to SRM, is the purchase order text tab in MM03 replicated to SRM?
    I've tried searcing for this text in SRM but I guess it is not replicated.
    Is there a way to do this?

    Generally speaking, product longtexts are not automatically replicated to SRM via MW.
    The filters of text headers and text lines are not taken into consideration.
    -- In case in transaction R3AC1 object MATERIAL has inactive filters for tables STXH and STXL, please remove flags and synchronize the filters.
    -- In the backend table CRMOBJTAB still shows inactive entries for both tables.
    -- Check the notes no. 555520 and 839995. Please apply and follow the instructions given in the longtext.
    Now the filters should work and the basic longtext should get replicated.
    Do reward points for useful suggestions

  • Purchase Order text in Material Master

    Hi experts,
    A material code ( for ex  10000000 ) is opened in plant X and is also extended to plant Y.  We want to enter purchase order text in the same material code  10000000  ( thru tcode MM02 ) for plant X only.  At present, the purchase order text which we entered for plant X is also depiciting in plant Y for above material code.
    Our requirement is that the purchase order text which we entered for plant X should not appear in plant Y.
    Please suggest.
    Solutions / suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    ( Rajneesh Gulati )

    You can try doing in 2 ways of keeping Purchase order text.
    1. If you do not want the text maintained in Plant X and not to maintain the same in Plant Y , you can delete the same in Plant Y and save so that It wont appear.
    2. IF you don want the the text to be maintained in Plant Y, You need not extent the purchase order text view in plant Y.

Maybe you are looking for