I had some important info saved on a disc (an adobe reader file).  I hadn't tried opening it in a while but when I try opening it it says something about a file i/o error.  Is there a solution or is the info lost?  I don't know if it has anything to do with the different laptops because I remember being able to view it on my old laptop.  Please help!

petey*ray wrote:
If you couldn't save it to your drive then it's probably a corrupt disk rather than a corrupt file.
As far as causes for corrupt files, there can be many causes. The disk could be corrupt because it wasn't formatted correctly (and your OS won't read it), it could be scratched, just a plain old bad disk (I test all of mine before sending them to anyone)...etc. Again, many reasons it could be bad.
Unfortunately, it sounds like you won't be able to save your file.

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    What is your operating system?
    What is your Adobe Reader version?
    What is the problem when trying to open that PDF document?
    Who password-protected that file?

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    I've recently been given the task of updating various files containing instruction manuals. However, the person who created these files is long gone and no one seems to know what program they were created in. All I know is that they are listed as "Unix Executable File" when I click on the document. I've tried opening them in TextEdit and this does me no good. Does anyone know how I can determine what program these files were originally created in so that I can open them?

    Files that have no filename extensions (used by Windows and OS X, but not by OS 9) and have lost their Type and Creator codes (used by OS 9, but not by Windows or OS X), and are then written to a DOS-formatted disc by OS 9 and copied back to a Mac disc, are usually if not always misidentified by the OS X Finder as Unix executables.
    Your company's old files, created in applications that ran in OS 9, probably have never had any filename extensions. Their Type and Creator codes have evidently been lost; those are what OS 9 uses to link the files to the applications that created them. If the files have also been written by OS 9 to any disk or flash drive formatted for Windows, i.e. FAT16 or FAT32, they have also lost their resource forks. The resource fork is a portion of a Mac file that has no analogous structure in a PC file. When a Mac file that contains data in its resource fork is written by OS 9 to a PC-formatted storage device, there's no place in the Windows file structure for that data — so it is simply discarded. When the Mac file is later copied back onto a Mac-formatted storage device, its resource fork is gone along with whatever data it contained, and the file may for all practical purposes be destroyed. OS X handles writing Mac files to Windows-formatted drives more gracefully, but passing files back and forth between OS 9 and OS X via a Windows-formatted storage device is asking for trouble.
    I don't know just what practices have been used in moving these files from the Macs they were created on to the one you're trying to open them on now, but I suspect there has been some unwitting demolition in the process.
    If copies of these files are still stored on the old Mac on which they were created, and that Mac still works, get on it and double-click the saved copies of the files to open them in the program(s) that created them, and make notes of which application opens each of the files. Be aware that the folder structure containing the files may have to be preserved exactly as it is for the files to open properly — do not reorganize anything. It may be essential, for example, for a PageMaker file to be kept in the same folder as all the individual files that have been "placed" in it using the Place command in PageMaker. If any of those files are moved elsewhere, they may be missing from the PageMaker document when it opens. I've never used Quark or Freehand, so I don't know whether they have the same requirement, or other requirements that are less than obvious.
    Any of the old manuals that you're able to open in their original applications can be saved as PDF files using an invaluable OS 9-based "printer driver" called PrintToPDF. They can then be opened in Adobe Reader or Preview on your G5 running OS X, though you won't be able to edit them easily. If you require the ability to edit these files on the G5, rather than on the old computer using the apps that originally created them, you will need first to discover which OS 9-based application created each one, and then ascertain what if any current OS X-based application is able to open the file format used by that old application. In the case of PageMaker files, that will probably be Adobe InDesign or nothing. InDesign may also open old Quark files; I don't know. Aldus or Adobe Freehand files may be openable using Adobe Illustrator. These are just guesses.
    Dragging and dropping the files onto MS Word or TextWrangler may reveal, buried somewhere in them, the name of the application(s) that created them. I know a PageMaker file, opened as plain text, will always contain the word "PageMaker". As for other file formats, I'm not sure.
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    From Microsoft Documentation:-
    If a file has been damaged and you cannot open it by normal means, you may be able to recover its content by using the Open and Repair
    Click the
    Microsoft Office Button
    Browse to the file that you want to recover, and click it (do not double-click it).
    Click the arrow next to the
    Open button, and then click Open and Repair.
    You might also like to look at this (which is just a longer version of what's above):- 

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    You might find your answer here.

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    Hi all I have been searching the forums and seem to come up with well lets say I'm screwed,,,I am trying to help out my uncle who had a mac back in the day and had made some what appears to be some appleworks documents that I cant open,the documents are on floppies which I was able to pull some pictures off and convert them to .jpeg's but I cant open the other files,,,I have tried OpenOffice and Office for Macs but no luck,,,can anyone help with this or tell me how to do this,,I'm not real good with Macs seeing i've been only using one for 6mths ,,,,

    You could use AppleWorks 6 in OS X or AppleWorks 5 in Classic to open the files. You could try eBay and do a search for "AppleWorks" or "Apple Works" (some people put a "space" in the name). Hardcore Mac sells AppleWorks 6.2.4.
    If there are just a few files (less than 10), you can e-mail them to me & I will convert them (to text, Word, Excel, PDF) & send them back.

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    I think this is a database app that ran under system 8.

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    Im helping an elderly man open his diseased wife's files that were in Clarisworks (2)? He has an old Performa 575 (yeah--I know...). I have a older version I went to install but the 3rd floppy gives me a read/write data error. I cant complete the install.
    What Performa 575 app will open old CW's files? I tried installing Appleworks and no-go. This is pre PPC times here...
    Does Apple have a d/l for old Clarisworks 2?
    Thanks. This would make an old man's day to see his wife's old teaching files...

    Steve Woron wrote:
    Appleworks does NOT work or even install in a Non-PPC Mac.
    Considering Steve's original post, I suspect he's referring to Pre-PPC Macs rather than the Post-PPC (intel) Macs.
    The Performa 575/LC 575 used the 68LC040 processor, the last of the 68000 series. The PPC Performas had 4 digit model numbers.
    Considering the dates of manufacture of the 575 (1994-1996), the bundled software likely included ClarisWorks 2 or CW3. I know that we had AppleWorks 5 on the ones that were still around in 2004.
    Claris change the file formats between versions 2 and 3 or between 3 and 4, and a separate free translator app was available at that time to allow moving files between versions (in either direction).

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    I've been editing with Premiere for a while now and I haven't really had too many issues until now. I live on campus at school and they just opened up a new Library with extensive Mac Pro editing stations, some with 4K monitors! The problem is that the school is not updating the software. So I am running the latest version on my Macbook Pro, but when I try and open the files on the library computers, it tells me something like, "Cannot open file because file was saved on a newer version." Now I know it seems obvious that I should just stick to my computer, but it's nice having a much faster editing station with 27"+ screens. Because the library is so new, they are having trouble keeping up with all the updates and they don't seem to plan on updating them except every semester. So, are there any workarounds? Can I save my files as a more multi-platform file?

    I would take your computer back to the earlier version the college uses, there are workarounds to go back versions but they are not perfect.

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    Is it installed? If so, go to Applications and choose either Adobe Elements 12 Organizer, or Adobe Photoshop Elements 12>Support Files>Photoshop Elements Editor.

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    i have a canon 70d and just purchased elements 12. It will not open a raw file for me. I have been advised to download the latest version of camera raw, i have done this and it still says my camera is not supported. I really need to open my raw files. Can anybody help me.

    You'll need to update to at least ACR 8.2 for the 70D to be recognized.  The normal way to update PSE12 to the latest CR is to use Help / Updates in the Editor which should update to ACR 8.5.
    According to Adobe's website PSE12 shipped with ACR 8.1 and you say it says yours is reported as ACR 8.0.
    Are you using PSE 11 and not 12?  PSE 11's maximum ACR version is 8.0.

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    My bank emailed me an important adobe file as a zip and I keep getting an error message not an adobe format or not encoded properly.  How do I open the zip file?

    Hi ferretlady,
    As you mentioned that you have zip file that contains Adobe files, you need to unzip the file first and then you will be able to open the Adobe files. For information on how to unzip, please refer to the links below:
    For Windows 8 Operating System: Zip and unzip files - Windows Help
    For Windows 7 and Vista Operating System: Compress and uncompress files (zip files) - Windows Help
    For Windows XP: Microsoft Corporation

  • How to open my adobe files in mail on iPad ?

    i need to send my adobe files through email on iPad. Is there any ways ?

    Go to the App Store on your iPad and download Adobe Acrobat DC (formerly called Reader).
    Open it and click on Help. Then click on Handbook. Read the section on "Open PDFs in Acrobat DC"

  • I have adobe X1 and suddenly I cannot open my adobe files

    Please help, I have Adobe reader x1 and suddenly I cannot open my adobe files that I had received and saved.

    I feel Tatiehead and I have the same problem.  If I try to open adobe reader 11 I get:  Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe' Make sure you typed the name correctly, and try again.
    If I try to open "AcroRd.exe from the Adobe program folder I get the same message.  If I open a .pdf file with notepad I get the same looking thing Tatiehead gets.. a bunch of gibberish.  I have uninstalled, with windows, the cleaner tool, and a program called Revo uninstaller.  I have used ccleaners registry cleaner to remove anything of Adobe Reader it could find. When I reinstall Adobe I get the same message.  I have tried these in different combinations several times to no avail.
    The only fix I was able to make was to install [reference to crapware removed].  I was able to read my .PDF files fine then.  That was not what I wanted but after spending hours trying to find a fix for Adobe Reader that was what I accepted.
    I believe Adobe will, at some time find the answer and I will keep looking here for something to show up but for now that is the only thing I can find for my customer.

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