Time From field is not getting displayed in correct format in Activities

Hello Experts ,
We are facing one problem in UI , when we search for Activities in Web UI . In the field "Time From" we are not getting the time in correct format , ie is instead of  getting time as say 13::38 we are getting time as 13::3 , but when we place cursor on it the field it shows correct format say 13::38.
Can any one suggest how to display in correct format ?

Its an SAP Product error.
Please check note 1151821 ,if you facing the greyed button in time.Also the other note 1136402 needs to be applied for time display issue
- Bobby

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  • Data carrier & application field are not getting displayed in CV04N

    Hi Guru's
    In TCode : CV04N,  data carrier & application field are not getting displayed.
    While i compare with my IDES system, data carrier & application fields are getting displayed in CV04N.
    Let me know is there any configuration that has been missed out.

    Hi Bhanu,
    Please note that the fields 'Data carrier' & 'Application field'  are visible only if no document type is entered.
    Suppose you enter a document type and press ENTER then these fields disappear. This is because the field 'Application' was designed when only the storage is archive, vault or SAP-SYSTEM was possible and the number of added originals was limited.
    Currently DMS allows storage of originals on Content Server and there is no limit on the number of added originals, the system behavior was changed due to performance reasons. To avoid performance problems if you search for a document with a lot of originals attached this field gets invisible if you enter a document type which uses the KPRO storage.
    Pradeepkumar Haragoldavar

  • PR Release Strategy tab processor field is not getting displayed

    Hi Experts,
    While creating Purchase Requisition, In the Release Strategy tab processor field is not getting displayed which should be showing the name of the user id which has been configured in the SPRO.
    SPRO--> Rel Proc for PR > Rel Group> Rel Code--> Object type (US) and --> Agent (User id who has to approve the PR).
    release strategy - Release code  -work flow 1
    That processer name is not displaying

    This is the workflow forum.

  • Images from KM are not getting displayed in EP

    Hi All,
    I am using EP7.0 SP11.When I run the portal, the images are not getting displayed. When I right click on the * mark and click on Show picture, then also its not appearing.
    Location of the Images that I received from EP is mentioned below.
    http://hostname:port no./irj/go/km/docs/documents/HP_Images/Image_123.jpg
    Images are available in the location in the below mentioned path as .jpg files:-
    http://hostname:port no./irj/go/km/documents/HP_Images/Image_123.jpg
    Difference in both is a DOCS folder missing in between........
    Is this is the reason for the image not getting displayed?
    Anything more has to be done in KM part to display these images?
    May I know how to solve this issue??

    the right path look like this: /irj/go/km/docs/<path_to_document>.
    You may have to check you URL generator service settings. Here:
    Configuration - Content Management - Global Services - URL Generator Service(advanced section)
    and then have a look for example for the following values "Content Access Path:" and "Viewer:" normally they both have same value "/irj/go/km/docs".
    Hope that will help.
    best regards,

  • Adobe field values not getting displayed in UWL workitem

    We filled a ISR Adobe form and submitted it and generated the corresponding notification number.
    On clickng the 'display and print form', the form is gettin displayed properly.
    But on checking the form at the approvers UWL, the field values are not getting properly filled.
    The form is getting properly displayed at R/3  through IQS22 and also the data values are properly attached to the notification number( checked through ISR_PROCESS_EVENT ).
    Kindly help.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Thanks for publishing your own solution!

  • Xpath field details not getting displayed

    Hi all,
    I am working on a idoc to file scenario, where I want to refer the receiver to be determined based upon certain condition or values that get populated for a particular field (using receiver determination). But the problem is that when I click on the condition tab on receiver determination I get a warning "Problem loading schema description"
    with message as
    "Message interface does not exist in any software components installed on this business system"
    But since it is an Idoc at the source we dont have any msg interfaces, further if i neglect this warning message and go further, I am not getting the fields or details of the Idoc structure getting displayed in the xpath.
    But the same when I use for a file scenario(file as sender) I get the details of the context object if any.. Let me know how to resolve this..
    Thanks in advance

    Yes you coudl add the missing Software component as per below steps
    Even if you open Business system in Integration Directory, at last tab "Other Attributes" --> you will find the list of software components.
    Press the tab Third Party service to verify the list against SLD.
    If its not avaialbel in SLD
    1. Goto System Landscape Directory
    2. select Business Landscape and slect the apporpriate Business system and open it. (Click the name of BS)
    3. There you will get the list of Software components added in it.
    4. Verify the technical system name.
    5. Also verify if same technical system name is used after importing the software component in Integration Repository (IR).
    Goto IR -- > Explore the SCV -->Double click on name of software component version -->Check Interface Import as Import of RFC and have the same details  in Connection data as per technical system
    If everything is setup just refresh the SLD_CACH and import the scenario once again in Integration Directoy and process it.
    You will see the IDOC in Business system.
    Edited by: Swarup Sawant on Feb 4, 2008 8:00 AM

  • Ouput field is not getting displayed

    Hi All,
    I created an object type in BOB which gives me ernam field of MARA table on testing.
    I need to use that object type in the new workflow in which user inserts a material number and should get ernam (Created by) as an output field.
    I tied doing that but on testing , it shows task's status 'COMPLETED' but does not display the ERNAM.
    What else I need to do to make it displayed on the screen?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Vidya,
    I used 'SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT' to pass the values. Also , I created an event parameter 'MATERIAL' so that the value can be passed as the event gets triggered then I did the binding of event parameter and workflow container parameter of material.
    after that i run the following code in se80.
           lv_matnr TYPE mara-matnr.
    DATA : wa_event like  SWR_STRUCT-EVENT,
           wa_obj LIKE swr_struct-object_typ.
    DATA : flg(1) TYPE c.
           wa_cont like LINE OF it_cont.
    wa_event = 'ZCLICK_EVENT'.
    Wa_obj = 'ZDEMO_BOR1'.
       MATERIAL = lv_matnr.
       wa_cont-element = lv_user.
       wa_cont-value = sy-uname.
       append wa_cont to it_cont.
       CLEAR : wa_cont.
       wa_cont-element = LV_MATERIAL.
       wa_cont-value = LV_MATNR.
       append wa_cont to it_cont.
       CLEAR : wa_cont.
         object_type             = wa_obj
         object_key              = MATERIAL    "Key field in BOR
         event                   = WA_EVENT
    *   COMMIT_WORK             = 'X'
    *   EVENT_LANGUAGE          = SY-LANGU
    *   LANGUAGE                = SY-LANGU
        USER                    = SY-UNAME
    *   IFS_XML_CONTAINER       =
    *   RETURN_CODE             =
    *   EVENT_ID                =
        INPUT_CONTAINER         = it_cont[]
        MESSAGE_LINES           = T_MSG[].
    *   MESSAGE_STRUCT          =
           IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
             Flg = 'N'.
             MESSAGE E208(00) WITH 'Error initiating Workflow.'.
            ELSEIF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
             MESSAGE 'Workflow initiated.' Type 'S'.
    After this code , I get a message 'Worlflow initiated' but I can not see the value being transferred to the workflow respective container

  • Table entries not getting displayed in desired format

    Hi All,
    In my adobe layout I created a table . I used data format Align Right and align middle for the table entries. In the Output  some entries of the table are not displaying in align right and align middle.
    Output:In the below output the first row data is not in desired format .
    Thanks in Advance,

    That is pretty to much information to help you.
    You need to share your technical setting. How did you create the table? Subforms, Table-assistent... what are the values in? Format, what happens when you also pass more than 1 digit to the numbers in the first row, does it show up correct?
    So please share more details and explain exact what you have tried to fix the issue. The community is able to help you, but not meant to suggest enaything you could have done.

  • Dynamic mandatory field error message is not getting displayed in webui

    In Appointment if the importance is HIGH i made Location as mandatory.For this i enhanced BT126H_APPT/ApptDetails. In the get_p_location() method of BTACTIVITYYH i have written the code.
    Now the problem is Error message for this dynamic mandatory field is not getting displayed in webui.
    I debugged in DO_FINISH_INPUT error message is getting generated but it is not getting displayed in ui.
    Can anybody tell where the problem is?

    Hi Hari,
    Really sorry do not know how to convert this nug file to text
    How ever quick solution for your problem would be just keep your validation in 'DO_VALIDATE_INPUT' method of the view controller.
    Means even if the User clicks on SAVE , Since it fails here , it would not allow you to go further.
    Rajesh P

  • Text not getting displayed in PA40 action.

    Hello All,
    We upgraded from 4.6 to 5.0. When I doing the hiring or any other action, the text for the action type, reason for action or any other field is not getting displayed. Even when I select the entries the text for that is not getting displayed.
    like its displaying only 01- for Action type hiring.
    Thank You all in advance for your reponse!

    Hello Sharath,
    I checked this and this table is having all the values properly maintained. Language, Action, Name of the action is maintained. Is there any place where we need to activate this in order for us to see the name of the action type also when we select an action in PA40.
    Thanks a lot for your response.

  • Characterestics is not getting displayed from ODS in Multiprovider

    I have Join ODS and remote cube in Multiprovider.And data is not getting displayed from ODS fields neither char not KF getting displyed in Multiprovider.I have checked the identification in Char that Char is presend in both the Cube and ODS,But that Char has data in ODS and not in Cube so I checked Char from ODS in Identification.I am still not getting data from ODS.
    Can anyone help me in it?

    How many requests do u have in the ODS?
    If u have only 1 then just right click on DSO and say delete data it will be faster than deleting by request wise....
    What is the message u r getting when u r trying to delete the request?

  • Catalog codes not getting displayed in Field- QS41

    During my customisation activity, codes of catalog profiles are not getting displayed in SAP screen. Field for codes are showing as blank grey area in QS41 Tcode. If I try creating same codes again, system throwing error saying "key for entry is exisying already".
    Another observation is in the initial screen of QS41 if I select catalog and codes from folders all codes we can see for selection in initial screen, but same is not getting displayed in field for codes in QS41, its showing blank grey fields. Could anyone tell me what might be reason. Its happening for standard catalog profiles also.
    Could anyone tell me what might be the reason.

    Hello Vineeth,
    could you please apply note [1078292|https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1078292] in your system this should resolve the discribed issue.

  • Quantity field not getting displayed

    I am using Adaptived RFC Model to get Sales Order Data from SAP. The Sales Order BAPI that i am using is
    BAPI_SALESORDER_DETAIL. I have mapped the SALESORDER table(SALESOPRDER Model node) to the TABLE UI element in my WebDynpro Application.
    The problem i am facing is that while all the fields get displayed the Quantity value is not getting displayed in the appropriate column. I have checked the mapping and everything seems to be fine.
    Also when i create a separate value node for the table and fill the value node from the model node the quantity value gets displayed then.
    Please suggest what can be the possible cause for this.
    Can you please

    As far as I understand you display output parameters of BAPI, so check to following things:
    1. After calling BAPI model method call invalidate on context node to update the values (e.g. outputNode.invalidaet() )
    2. Check that you dispaly output parameters and not input parameters of the table. (e.g. You have Quantity and QuantityOutput node so connect you table field to QuantityOutput)
    Hope it helps.

  • Enhanced Datasource fields not getting displayed in Transformation

         Eventhough after replicating the datasource, the Enhanced Datasource fields not getting displayed in Transformation.
      Eg I have done mapping of 6 fields in transformation from datasource to DSO
    Now the datasource is enhanced with 8 fields...........The transformation is not showing the added 2 fields
    I am deleting the existing transformation.Is this the only solution?
    Kindly suggest your answers.

    Deleting is not solution as it is common scnerio.
    Go to the data source in BW and in change mode check the option "transfer" for this two fields and then see if its coming or not.

  • Newly added field not getting displayed in ALV output

    Hi All,
       I'm adding one more field/column to be displayed in an old existing program that uses REUSE_ALV_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE to generate the ALV fieldcat.
    DATA: BEGIN OF it_salary OCCURS 0,
            pernr LIKE pa0000-pernr,
            ename LIKE pa0001-ename,
            rtext like lv_rtext, -
    added field
            waers LIKE pa0008-waers
          i_program_name         = driver
          i_internal_tabname     = 'IT_SALARY'
          i_client_never_display = 'X'
          i_inclname             = driver
          ct_fieldcat            = lv_fieldcat[]
          inconsistent_interface = 1
          program_error          = 2
          OTHERS                 = 3.
          i_callback_program      = driver
          it_fieldcat             = lv_fieldcat[]
          i_default               = 'X'
          i_save                  = 'A'
          is_variant              = lv_tmplt
          is_layout               = lv_ls_layout
         i_callback_user_command = 'USER_COMMAND'
          t_outtab                = it_salary
          program_error           = 1
          OTHERS                  = 2.
    The newly added field is not getting populated in the lv_fieldcat table. Tried running programs BALVBUFDEL,
    BCALV_BUFFER_DEL_SHARED then logging off and logging in but of no help.
    Please provide suggestion for this issue.
    Sridevi S

    Fieldcat is buffered - so use
    Since a while CL_GUI_ALV_GRID is available which does NOT need any fieldcat (is determined internally using RTTI). It is worth playing around whith this class if you have some time. This class is recommended for ALV Output by SAP (but no edit is possible - was never supported officially).
    A simple use would be:
    data: gt_output type standard table of (adjust!).
    *simple ALV output
    data go_alv type ref to cl_salv_table.
    data go_functions type ref to cl_salv_functions_list.
    data go_columns type ref to cl_salv_columns_table.
    data go_column type ref to cl_salv_column_table.
    *Exceprion handlig
    data: go_exception  type ref to cx_root,
          gv_errortext   type string.
    ** fill table gt_output ...
    ** ALV output
    if not gt_output is initial.
            call method cl_salv_table=>factory
                r_salv_table = go_alv
                t_table      = gt_output.
          catch cx_salv_msg into go_exception.
            gv_errortext = go_exception->get_text( ).
            message gv_errortext type 'A'.
    * enable all standard ALV functions
        go_functions =  go_alv->get_functions( ).
        go_functions->set_all( ).
    * hide MANDT
        go_columns = go_alv->get_columns( ).
        go_column ?=  go_columns->get_column( columnname = 'MANDT' ).
        go_column->set_technical( ).
        go_alv->display( ).
    Kind regards,

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