Weighted from quality score of chars. with Inspection Lots

Dear QM Guru's.
My question is about Quality Score with Inspection Lots.
The Scenario:
1. In a Quality master View in Material Master I use  the option number 05 of The Q-Score Procedure (Weighted from quality score of chars.)
2. I use Inspection Points.
3. I have 10 Inspection Points in a Characteristic.
4. When I make the Usage desicion,  the Quality Score takes the last Inspeciton point.
The questions:
1. Why the  Quality Score  does take the last Inspection points, ?
2. Is there a chance The Quality Score taking the average of all inspection points ?
Thanks in advance.

This procedure calculates the quality score as the weighted average of the characteristic scores.
The score for the characteristic is determined on the basis of the defect class score for the characteristic result. You define the weight of the characteristic in the inspection plan.
                                      Sum ( E_KQD(characteristic) * WEIGHT )
           E_KQD =                 ___________________________
                                                 Sum ( WEIGHT )
With E_KQD (charac.):       Score for characteristic defect class.
                              If the defect class is blank or zero,
                             the result corresponds to the maximum
                             allowed score.
     WEIGHTING:      Weight of characteristic according to
                             inspection plan.
As I understand It is Maximum allowed score which you have defined or the Avg one.
If you want to have the Avg of all inspection points then Copy & modify  the function module   KQD_COPY_REFERENCE_FORM  ( originally KQD_FEATURE_CLASS_WEIGHTED )

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  • Reverse a Return Delivery with inspection lot posted (QM)

    Hello experts,
    I want to reverse with transaction VL09 a good movement of a return client delivery with inspection lot. I posted the inspection lot and transferred the material to Unrestricted use (transaction QA11).
    Then I began the cancel Return Process and I transferred the material to Quality (movement type 322) to run VL09 with material in Quality stock, but the system displays  the following error message:
    You cannot cancel GR, since inspection lot is already partly posted
    Message no. QA046
    You are attempting to reverse a goods receipt although quantity postings have already been made from the inspection lot. This means that stock for the goods receipt has already been transferred and, for this reason, a cancelation of the document is no longer possible.
    Ensure that the postings in QM (within the usage decision transactions) are carried out.
    Please let me know what can I do to reverse the return delivery.
    Thanks in advance.

    You are trying to do the process which you ahve already transferred through Transaction QA11.
    The role of Cancel return Process has already been done by this transaction as the Stock has already been into Un- restricted.
    Best Regards,

  • Goods movement with Inspection Lot

    We would like to do a Material to Material posting including the earlier created inspection lots for the initial material?
    Is it possible in QM to transfer /link an inspection lot with batch from one material to another material?
    Ex: one material has inspection stock with assigned inspection lot/batch. we would like transfer posting this stock to other material. Is it possible by transfer the inspection lot from one material to other material with inspection lot/Batch?

    We can trasfer the stcok from one material to another material from Quality lot itself , but we cannot assign one lot to two materials. If you want inspection lot in receiving plant then activate 08 inspection type in Material Master and maintain inspection settings for 331 M.Type in SPRO.

  • QM Manual Inspection Lot - with Inspection lot origin 89

    Hi QM Guru,
    I did maintain inspection type 10 in this material but while i would like to create the inspection lot manually.
    I try to create manual inspection lot manually , i encounter this error with Inspection lot origin 89.
    No valid inspection type for material 10000037 was found or selected
    Message no. QA280
    An active inspection type for the material 1XXXXXXX in plant XXXX could not be found for the specified origin 89 or none of the available inspection types was selected.
    System Response
    Inspection lots cannot be created.
    Check the inspection type setting in the material master.
    Is there anything which i missing ?
    Thank you.

    I hope you have got the answer for this query. You get this error because you are trying to create a manual inspection lot (origin 89) of a material for which Inspection type 89 is not activated.
    From your statement,
    I did maintain inspection type 10 in this material but while i would like to create the inspection lot manually.
    I try to create manual inspection lot manually , i encounter this error with Inspection lot origin 89.
    It is clearly stated that you are using different inspection types. As Rama has suggested, activate Inspection type 89 in the material master and make corresponding master data.
    Other than that, you cannot create manual inspection lot for the origins 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14. Similarly, Automatic inspection lots cannot be created for origins 07, 15 & 89. This answers your further query raised in the thread.

  • Bapi to create quality notification with inspection lot and defects of char

    Hello experts,
    Can any body tell me how to create notification using inspection lot.
    Narendranath Reddy

    Hi Narendranath,
    Have you tried BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_CREATE? Based on inspection lot data, you should have the data you need to create a quality notification.
    Good luck.
    Best regards,
    Edited by: Guus Jansen on Feb 2, 2011 10:05 AM

  • Stock transfer from Plant to Project with Inspection Lot

    Our client procures consumable material in bulk quantity at plant level and then issues it to project as and when required. We want inspection lot to be generated while we are transferring material from Plant to project stock.
    Question -
    1) We are using movement type 412 Q for transferring plant stock to project stock. Is there any other movement available for this requirement?
    2) What configuration is required so that inspection lot will be generated when material is transferred from plant to project stock?
    I have tried following configuration but but inspection lot is not getting generated -
    Quality Management - > Quality Inspection -> Inspection Lot Creation -> Inspection for goods movements - > Deactivate Quality Inspection for a movement type. QM not active tick removed.
    Please help for resolution.
    Milind Dumbre

    Question -
    1) We are using movement type 412 Q for transferring plant stock to project stock.
    Is there any other movement available for this requirement?
    Use movement type 415 for transfer posting from unrestricted stock to project stock

  • Quality Management During Goods Receipt (Inspection Lot)

    Hi all,
    I have a requirement that i need to write an interface program which will receive a file from external agency (manufacturer) and process goods receipt until inspection results. The following steps need to be taken care of;
    1) Create a equipment (Utilities - It is an unique identifier for each unit of the material).
    2) Do Goods Receipt for the PO with the equipment numbers created.
    3) Create Inspection Lot for the material document created during the GR for each equipment number.
    4) Execute Inspection Result.
    Inspection lot can be created from MIGO directly by SPRO config and MM master data maintenance.
    Called BAPI to create Equipment.
    Called BAPI to create Goods Receipt.
    Inspection Lot Settings to create lots during MIGO
    1) New Inspection Type Created as SG1 at SPRO->QM->Quality Inspection->Inspection Lot Creation->Maintain Inspection types. The maintenance is a copy of type 01.
    2) Assign Inspection Type to Lot Origin at SPRO->QM->Quality Inspection->Inspection Lot Creation->Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types. SG1 is maintained against lot origin 01 with variant 01.
    3) Set Default values for SG1 at SPRO->QM->Quality Inspection->Inspection Lot Creation->Define Default Values for Inspection Type with parameters same as for 01.
    4) In Material master for the record set the inspection setup in the quality management tab. put SG1 as active and preferred. Also set Post to insp Stock, Insp with task list, Auto Assign, Skips allowed, Serial Numbers poss, Control Insp lot as For each Material Doc Item.
    I have to kow how to select the Inspection Plan for the lot and thus set the status of lot to released and get it ready for results.
    I also have BAPI ready for Inspection Result.
    I have tested it and was working fine till last thursday. I have the above mentioned settings even now in the system. Can there be anything else which the functional consultants would have change that affected the process. Anyways now the inspection lot is not getting created for the Inspection during MIGO and I am really struggling to find the exact reason.
    For your info, I am working mostly on Utilities and so do not have much idea about the quality management stuff.
    Why the inspection lot is not getting created during MIGO for my scenarion?
    How to select the inspection plan in the program?


  • Problem in mapping MIC with Inspection Lot

    Dear All,
                        I have two problems I am making the form for Equipment Inspection but not able to find how should I map the Testing equipment and MIC with the inspection lot I mean from which table they are coming or is their any Standard function for that.
    Thanks in Advance
    Sachin Gautam

    check these tables for <b>results</b> entered through lot
    if they have used <b>inspection points</b> check this table QAPP
    for i<b>nspectionlot</b> check table QALS
    hope this helps !!!

  • Inspection Char without Inspection lot generation

    We are trying to model a customer requirement in PP for which a few production steps have a few characteristics to be monitored (status checked); for example - in a process of "spraying fertilizer", qty of 4 fertilizers have to be noted in the operation. Now these cannot be included in the BOM for some costing issues. We are apportioning the cost using an internal order in FI.
    Can these be modelled in PP as inspection char. for which values (readings) have to be noted without generation of inspection lot?
    Any ideas?

    Hi Deepak,
    One thing you need to clear is that without inspection lot generation you cannot record the values. Instead, you can create the inprocess inspection lot which does`nt effect the actual production, you can record results such as quantity etc.. for each operation for ur reference.
    The secong thing you can do is select any field or the text box that you are not usingit currently in the confirmation and enter the characteristics in that field.
    Final option is to create a document and save it with reference to ur order no. , bom etc..
    Reward if cleared and close the thread.

  • Problem with inspection lot

    We get the usage decision via IDOC to SAP from LIMS
    Due to some technical issue for one inspection lot,only the status UD got updated to the inspection lot ,stock posting ,valuation codes etc are blank and not updated
    Now the stock is stuck in quality
    We are not able to process that inspection via QA12/QA11/MB1B
    QA12 u2013 u201CUsage decision has not been made yetu201D
    MB1B u2013 u201CChange the inspection stock in QM onlyu201D
    QA11 -The functcannot be carried out as  Status UD is updated
    Can you please suggest how to release the stock from QI
    Appreciate your quick reply

    Apply SNOTE  174877.
    Copy the program ZQEVAC22 in the SNOTE and create a tcode for that.
    Then the inspection lot UD system status will reverse after executing
    Now through QA32 do the usage decision and quantity postiing
    Alagesan M / Bijoy


    We have this situation:
    We need to reset the GD returns but this GD returns was posted by QM and when we try to cancel in VL09 we meet the next message Message no. QA046.
    So we tried to cancel in other ways with the inspection lot and the usage decision but it has not been possible to restore movement.
    We found the note 175842 and we have implemented the program RQEVAC50 but, when we useit we meet the message M7226
    We checked the movement Z55 and its opposite Z56. I suppose its standard movement is the 651 and 652 and I compared the customizing of them. They can be similar it just the movement Z55 and Z56 are prepared to be posted by QM and special stock E and Q.
    The movement that we need to reset with the program RQEVAC50 is:
    We have tried to use the program for a movement 101 and it worked well (5000795975).
    We tried to test with a return delivery with Z55 movement in another environment and the program worked correctly so we think the customizing of the movement Z55 is correct.
    We think the problem is when the usage decision creates some movements or we use some of the next fields in the usage decision:
    In our case the movements are 321 and Z56.
    But when the movements are the standards 321 and 553 program doesn’t work because we meet the next message again M7096
    Program doesn’t work because we meet the next message again:
    What can we do? could you check thi situation and tell us anything, please?
    Kind regards

    check these tables for <b>results</b> entered through lot
    if they have used <b>inspection points</b> check this table QAPP
    for i<b>nspectionlot</b> check table QALS
    hope this helps !!!

  • Cancel 101 movement with Inspection lot of closed financial period

    Hi experts,
    we are having the following problem.
    We have a 101 movement with creation of Inspection lot, which was done in a finance period which is already closed.
    Now I have to cancel this movement, but I get the error M7021 with VOR, which means that I am not allowed to cancel it, because of the period is already closed.
    But we also can not open the period.
    Which possibilities do I have?
    Maybe MI10 movement?
    Kind regards

    Hello Jürgen,
    thank you for your help.
    I am confused now.
    Becasue normally I am logged on in german and now I did check the english one.
    Deficit of BA St. in QI prev. 127 M2 : "material number" 0001 "sloc" "batch"
    But here I get QI prev, but in the F1 help there is no QI or prev.
    In german I get VOR and there in the F1 help it is written, that VOR is previous period (so I think equal to PR in english).
    Now I am a bit confused.
    But anyway, the thing is that we have to empty the stock.
    Kind regards for every help, I think there is no possibility to cancel that booking as the period is closed.
    @ Biju K, to be honest your way would really be the only correct way, but at the current situation it is a bit special.
    I will do a MI10 booking.

  • Process Order Close with Inspection Lots

    At month end we need to close process orders that have not had their usage decison made, generally the inprocess inspection UD.  Is there any way to close these POs without having to enter a usage decision?

    > Hi
    > You can activate the inspection completed status
    > activated for the inspection lots with out making
    > UD.
    > Regards'
    Your suggested solution to being able to flag the inprocess inspection lot as being completed without making a UD, to allow the process order to be closed, sounded very, very interesting, but we are not familiar with the file/record/configuration parameter you noted.  Is there any way that you might be able to clarify your answer, so that we can have our technical team figure out how to implement that change?
    Thank you very much.....this has had us stymied since we went live.

  • "Closing" Unused, but Released Orders with Inspection Lots

    We have Process Orders which have been released, but been unused.  When We come to Financially Close them we have problems as the Inspection lot is still on without a UD
    Is there a way we can mass process UD of Inspection Lots (or deletion of IL) with Nothing Produced on the Order?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vivek Kumar

    if you the process orders, make a list of those. now in qa16, you can do the mass UD.  in that transaction, you can find out an option called " dynamic selection". if you expand that option, you will have an option called " production"; under that order. So you can put all those process orders and with the lot oringin 03, you will ge tp know the concerned inspection lots. then you do mass ud. this was your requirement.

  • Overall Quality score Main criterian?

    Dear SAPIENTS,
    In the T-code ME63 I can see Old score and New Score in my system. Now this New score is getting updated according to UD in QA11 but Old score is remaining 100 all the time. Can any one tell me how its getting calculated?
    Kaushal Rai

    u2022     Goods Receipt (GR)
    The goods receipt score is calculated from the quality score (QSc) for the inspection lots, according to the following formula:
    QSc = (S1 + S2) / (n1 + n2)
    S1 = Sum of quality scores for the inspection lots
    n1 = Number of inspection lots
    n2 = Number of deliveries for materials with a quality information record, for which no inspection lots exist.
    S2 = n2 * QScmax
    You can break down the GR score for the vendor according to the material and the inspection type.

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