Which movement type use for return stock form one plant to other plant  in

HI friends i am working on STO PROCESS
i need to transfer return stock from one plant to other plant as a return stock i am using Mvt type 455
but system shows  following error
Update control of movement type is incorrect (entry 455 X X _ L)
Message no. M7226
The system could not find entry 455 X X _ L in any of the movement type control tables.
Cancel current processing.
Contact your system administrator.
Action to be taken by the system administrator
Check in Customizing for Inventory Management under Copy, Change Movement Types whether the entry is contained in the Update control view for the movement type.
If the entry is missing, proceed as follows:
For standard movement types, this means that the given process is not supported using the present data combination. Do not create any entries without prior arrangement with your SAP consultant. Otherwise, incorrect postings may result.
For customer-defined movement types (beginning with 9, X, Y, or Z), this may mean that they have not been fully defined. Delete the movement type and re-create it by copying a standard movement type.
thanks in advance

     I think there is a standard STO movement type you can use. But I can't remember. Why don't you try to find it and test if it fit your requirement?
     There are some information for your reference. Please check on website:
Using STO without delivery: 
  doc.type: UB
  GI:351, GR:101
  STO with delivery:
  GI:641, GR:101
  delivery type:NL
  STO with delivery and billing:
  GI:643, GR:101
  delivery type:NLCC , billing type:IV
     And if you want to use the way to return the goods replenishment, try to flag the return checkbox while you create purchase order item. Of course, corresponding configuration is required.

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  • In Physical Inventory Check_Which movement type used for stock difference.

    In Case of Physical Inventory we are getting the stock differences after count results, Help me in doing the transaction thru which the stock is adjusted and which Movement types are used for the difference posting, What all documents are created in the process.
    The system has Warehouse Management in place, so please answer in reference to WM.
    How the Bin is identified in that case if there is stock addition.
    Thanks in Advance

    Check for your ware house  physical inventory process in spro whether it is done through continuous inventory process or Through annual inventory process.
    SproLogistics execution-WM>Activities->Physical inventory--> Define types per storage type
    PZ-Continous inv

  • Movement type to Scrap Return Stock

    Dear Experts ,
                           Please let me know the movement type which is required to Clear the return Stock from the System(ie mmbe).Also if possible please mention the T Code .

    First check ....when the stock is returned, what is the nature of stock ( unrestricted use/ Blocked stock/ Quality inspection).
    Process this transction in MB1A and select appropriate movement type to scrap the material.

  • Movement type used for ISSUE.

    Hello all,
      I need to create report,where i need to list out all the  movment type used for ISSUE(Consumption).
      How to list out all movement type used only for ISSUE(consumption).Is there any logic can be used here?
    Useful answer will be appreciated...

    go to MB51 and enter the movent types shown below for issues or consumption, then you  will get list of all documents related to consuptions.
    201-consumption for cost centrer
    221-consumption for project
    231-consumption for sales order
    241-consumption for assest
    251-consumption for sales
    261-consumption for order
    281-consumption for network
    291-consumption for all account assignments.
    you have to remember the movement types, i think there is no special logic to get these movement types separetly.

  • Movement Type used for How many users

    Dear All,
    I need to check how many users having authorization of "311" Movement Type. How i can check it?
    Thanks & Regards,

    These are the authorisation object which consists of authorisation field BWART(Movement type)
    M_MRES_BWA Reservations: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BMB Material Documents: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWA Goods Movements: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWE Goods Receipt for Purchase Order: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWF Goods Receipt for Production Order: Movement Type
    You can run t-code SE16> Goto Table AGR_1251> In Field textbox enter BWART-->Low textbox Enter the value(311).
    You will get list of roles. Copy those role and then Goto se16>AGR_USERS>In AGR_name textbox Multiple selection paste these role names.
    You will get list of user having access to those roles.
    Do let me know if this brings the data what is required.

  • Movement type: moving the returnable package from one customer to another

    I would like to know if there exists any predefined movement type (in transaction MIGO) which would allow to move the stock of the returnable package (material type LEIH, pallets etc.) from one customer to another IN ONE STEP (now we do it in 2 steps: first we return the stock from the customer to the our location and then move it to another customer). When we sell material to the customer, the stock type for the returnable package has the mark for special stock type (''V'').
    I tryed types 301V and 309V, but the customer had to be the same. It only allows to move the pallets between different plants for the same customer.
    Best regards,
    Mojca Kukman

    There is no such movement type. Customers always look for one-step transactions and the only way to achieve this is through ABAP!
    Normally I do this:
    Create a Z-txn for customer input and on saving create 2 material documents (as in 2-step process).
    Best regards

  • Which driver to use for Satellite A300 - Latest one, by date or by version?

    For my laptop (A300-1HV) I am looking at the driver downloads available.
    There are many drivers which have a LATER modified date but LOWER version number.
    Or if you like, an EARLIER modified date and HIGHER version number.
    How do I decide which is the most up-to-date driver?

    You can install your own operating system without problems. As you can see all necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can find on Toshiba support page.
    To be honest I do not understand what confuses you so much. Usually there is one driver for each hardware component and just one version for each tool or utility.
    If you have question about some specific driver or tool please let us know and we can try to help you.
    Please install all stuff following installations order. If you cannot find it let us know.
    Good luck!

  • Blocking Movement type 309 for perticular user ID

    We want to block Movement Type '309' for perticular user ID.
    How this can be achieved?

    You can do it through autherization  control ,
    For Object
    M_MSEG_BMB     Material Documents: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWA     Goods Movements: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_LGO     Goods Movements: Storage Location
    Revove the Movement type 309 , for the particular user.

  • Which mov type is used for transfer?

    Which move ment type is used to transfer vendor consignment stock to unrestricted stock, is this 403?

    Hi Aditya,
    To transfer the material from vendor consignment to unrestricted stock you must use movement type :411 bwith special stock indicator K.
    Tushar Patankar

  • Issue in GI for shipment for movement type 161 for vendor returns

    Hi Guru's,
    When we try to make the Goods Issue for the shipment in VT12...I'm geting a error message as
    "Combination of Movement type/Special stock/  stock type is not possible".
    And also FYI..the delivery in the shipmet was completley picked and packed and loaded.
    Please Advice.

    Check following SAP Notes:
    - Note 1090988 - Pooling: Quality inspection for return delivery not possible
    Symptom - You run the ADEC special pooling process for a material in which master inspection setup is maintained.
    The error message M7 361 occurs: Combination of movement type/special stock/stock type is not possible. No inspection lot can be created by goods movement receipt (GR) for pooled stock.
    Reason and Prerequisites - It is not planned to deal with ADEC pooling order with quantity inspection lot. The relevant Customizing entries are missing for this process.
    Solution - Refer SAP Note 1090988
    - Note 376615 - M7001: MEU5 xx 01 is missing in table T156M
    Symptom - During goods receipt to a stock transport order with returns item, the system generates message M7001:
    'Please check table T156M: entry MEU5 xx 01 does not exist'. or message M7361: 'Combination of movement type/special stock/stock type not possible'. The system displays the error message if you want to post the returns item from the stock in quality inspection, from the restricted-use stock or from the blocked stock to the stock in transit.
    Cause  - The entry is missing in the standard system
    Solution - Refer SAP Note 376615
    Also, check Allowed Transaction & Reversal & Follow-on M Type node in Tcode OMJJ for M Type 161
    Thanks & Regards

  • Which movement type to use?

    Hi Experts,
    For a particular material, there are 10 items in blocked status in SAP while the goods have already been removed in WMS around 5months back. Now I want to delete the 10 quantity in SAP to get the data in sync. Which movement type should be used here?

    Now I want to delete the 10 quantity in SAP to get the data in sync.
    You don't "delete" stock in SAP. To know what movement you need to use, you need to know the business context that made the 10 units "disappear", for example: internal consumption to cost center (201), scrapping (551), inventory (701/702), goods issue for customer (601), etc.
    Without knowing what happened to the 10 units you can't know which movement to use. In order to determine the context, you need to do what Jurgen suggested, find the communication that failed.

  • What movment types used for stock transfer from Non-WM sloc to WM sloc?

    Hello experts,
    Can some one tell me , what movment types used for stock transfer from Non-WM sloc to WM sloc in the same plant through MB1B?

    When I try to use the Movement Type 311 with Tcode MB1B, in order to move the stock from IM storage Locations to WM storage Locations, I do create the Material Document Successfully, but when I try to convert the Material Document to Transfer Order, I get the message "select atleast one storage type first", but there is no storage type appearing on the screen.
    Can you please help me to resolve the above issue.

  • Which frame is used for movie preview?

    Which frame is used for a home movie preview, takin with an iPhone 4s?  I guess the question is, is there a way to specify the frame of the movie which is used for the preview?

    I would have a look at
    Demo or at the site of a friend of mine

  • Movement types used in these activities and also STO

    Movement types used in these activities and also STO ( PLANT TO DEPO), (DEPO TO PLANT ) WIT AND WITHIN 1 COMPANY CODES
    AT PGI
    all possible ways OR any short cuts
    points are to be rewarded for best relevent answer

    for PGI 601
    for Returns 651
    for Billing - None, because it is either copied from delivery or order.
    What is a depo in your language? Is it a storage location,if yes, shop floor to storage location it is 911
    for STO
    If it is within company code STO, in the STO it is 101, during delivery 641.
    it is intra company codes, then it is 101 in STO and delivery it is 645 or 647 (not sure)

  • Which function is used for  adding days to given month

    which function is used for  adding days to given month

    Hi Jagrut,
    Good ... Check out the following examples
    <b>Get a date</b>
    DATE_GET_WEEK Returns week for a date
    WEEK_GET_FIRST_DAY Returns first day for a week
    RP_LAST_DAY_OF_MONTHS Returns last day of month
    FIRST_DAY_IN_PERIOD_GET Get first day of a period
    LAST_DAY_IN_PERIOD_GET Get last day of a period
    RP_LAST_DAY_OF_MONTHS Determine last day of month
    <b>Date calculations</b>
    DATE_COMPUTE_DAY Returns a number indicating what day of the week the date falls on. Monday is returned as a 1, Tuesday as 2, etc.
    DATE_IN_FUTURE Calculate a date N days in the future.
    RP_CALC_DATE_IN_INTERVAL Add days/months to a date
    RP_CALC_DATE_IN_INTERVAL Add/subtract years/months/days from a date
    SD_DATETIME_DIFFERENCE Give the difference in Days and Time for 2 dates
    MONTH_PLUS_DETERMINE Add or subtract months from a date. To subtract a month, enter a negative value for the 'months' parameter.
    DATE_CREATE Calculates a date from the input parameters:
    Example: DATE_CREATE
       anzahl_jahre  = 1
       anzahl_monate = 2
       anzahl_tage   = 3
       datum_ein     = '20010101'
       datum_aus     = l_new_date.
       l_new_date = 20020304
    data: new_date type d.
    months = -5 " Negative to subtract from old date, positive to add
    olddate = sy-datum
    NEWDATE = new_date.
    write: / new_date.
    HOLIDAY_GET Provides a table of all the holidays based upon a Factory Calendar &/ Holiday Calendar.
    HOLIDAY_CHECK_AND_GET_INFO Useful for determining whether or not a date is a holiday. Give the function a date, and a holiday calendar, and you can determine if the
    date is a holiday by checking the parameter HOLIDAY_FOUND.
    data: ld_date                 like scal-datum  default sy-datum,
          lc_holiday_cal_id       like scal-hcalid default 'CA',
          ltab_holiday_attributes like thol occurs 0 with header line,
          lc_holiday_found        like scal-indicator.
        date                               = ld_date
        holiday_calendar_id                = lc_holiday_cal_id
        WITH_HOLIDAY_ATTRIBUTES            = 'X'
        HOLIDAY_FOUND                      = lc_holiday_found
        holiday_attributes                 = ltab_holiday_attributes
        DATE_AFTER_RANGE                   = 2
        DATE_BEFORE_RANGE                  = 3
        DATE_INVALID                       = 4
        HOLIDAY_CALENDAR_NOT_FOUND         = 6
        OTHERS                             = 7.
    if sy-subrc = 0 and
       lc_holiday_found = 'X'.
      write: / ld_date, 'is a holiday'.
      write: / ld_date, 'is not a holiday, or there was an error calling the function'.
    Checking dates
    DATE_CHECK_PLAUSIBILITY Check to see if a date is in a valid format for SAP. Works well when validating dates being passed in from other systems.
    Converting dates
    DATE_CONV_EXT_TO_INT Conversion of dates to SAP internal format e.g. '28.03.2000' -> 20000328 Can also be used to check if a date is valid ( sy-subrc <> 0 )
    Function to return literal for month
    he table you want to use is T247. You can also use the function MONTH_NAMES_GET.
    You can also try table T015M. It has the month number in it's key.
    DATUMSAUFBEREITUNG Format date as the user settings
    MONTH_NAMES_GET It returns all the month and names in repective language.
    Good Luck and thanks

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