Output type determination program or fuction module.

HI Gurus,
I'm looking for the standard program or function mudule that the SAP ERP are using for the determination of invoice output type.
I want to debug why is not accepting some fields.
Know anyone wich one is it?
Thank you in advance.

Dear Abel,
o        Program: RSNASTED
o        Form routine: EDI_PROCESSING
o        Procedure: V10000
For Complete Information, refer:
[Invoice Message Control Configuration|http://www.erpgenie.com/sap/sapedi/messagecontrol.htm]
I hope, this would be really helpful, to you.
Best Regards,

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  • Picking output type determination

    In fact, the output type determined by the system for the picking is EK00.
    Now, I need to create a new output type and determine it or EK00 depending on the user (in order to use a printer on another).
    By the moment, I have created an output type called ZEKS using tcode V/38 and I defined the program and form using V/53.
    Now I'm stalled, where can I configure the output determination and conditions tables for the picking output types?
    I found a transaction called ovlt where expedition point and output type is informed, but I can't add any information there.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Oscar,
    Picking Output Type is determined in transaction v/23. You can only have one per shipping point unfortunately. If you need more flexibility, you should use delivery output or lean WM and transfer order output.
    Best regards,

  • Repeat Output-Type determination

    Dear all,
    We have a new output-type for printing invoices. Now we have to reprint a lot of "old" invoices with this new output-type.
    Is there a possibility to repeat the output-type determination for a big quantity of invoices (like mass change)?
    Thanks for your reply.
    Best regards,

    Use the T.Code "VF31" for this purpose.
    Goto the T.Code "VF31".
    Give the Output type.
    Give the transmission medium.
    Give the processing mode as "1" if it is for the first time.Else give the value as "2" for repeat processing.
    Enter the sort order as "01".
    Enter the billing document number range.

  • Output Type determination with BAPI call

    Hello SAP experts,
    Thank you in advance for any guidance or ideas you may have.
    We are modifying an outbound delivery document with the following functions:
    bapi_outb_delivery_change and ws_delivery_update
    and we need to cause an outbound type to be determined(executed) 
    This process works when we post goods issue manually but does not work when we post goods issue via an ABAP program using the above mentioned functions

    For Output determination the condition technique has to be followed.
    1) Maintain Output condition table -V/57
    2)maintain Access sequence
    3)Maintain Output condition type-V-30
    4)Maintain Output determination procedure
    5)Maintain condition records in VV11
    Besides you should also assign the Output types to Partner function
    Assign Output det.pro to sales document header & sales document type (eg: OR)-V/43
    Assign Output det.pro to Item category-V/69
    The condition types for Output in your case is BA00(standard).
    Have you done all these ?
    I hope this would be helpful for you.

  • Output type and program for ARE1 & ARE3

    Dear Friends,
    Kindly explain somebody what are the standard output types & Program for printing   ARE1 & ARE3?
    What is the process for getting print of these document?
    Thanks in advance

    Dear Friend,
    Thanks for your useful inputs, however I am sorry that even after changing processing routine we are getting same error and system is showing dump message.
    Runtime Errors         LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND
    Except.                CX_SY_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND
    IF i_trntyp = 'ARE1' OR i_trntyp = 'ARE3'.
          INTO ls_areattrb
          FROM j_1iare_attrb
          WHERE sergrp = ls_exchdr-srgrp
            AND trntyp = i_trntyp.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        l_output_typ = ls_areattrb-outtyp.
        MESSAGE s000(8i) WITH 'Output Determination not possible'.
                                                               "#EC NOTEXT
    SELECT SINGLE * FROM tnapr INTO wa_tnapr
          WHERE kschl = l_output_typ.
    IF sy-subrc NE 0.
      MESSAGE i621(8i) WITH l_output_typ.
    IF i_trntyp = 'ARE1'.
      l_form  = wa_tnapr-fonam.
    ELSEIF i_trntyp = 'ARE3'.
      l_form  = wa_tnapr-fonam2.
    PERFORM (wa_tnapr-ronam) IN PROGRAM (wa_tnapr-pgnam)
              TABLES it_excdtl
              USING i_trntyp l_form i_copies ls_exchdr.

  • Output type determination in Billing document

    I have a query reg automatic determination of output type in the billing document. The scenario is, For an invoice, two output types are determined automatically for all invoices. But the third output type is determined based on Shipping point. For Example say, output type IFIB should be determined if Sh.pt is A and IFIT if sh.pt is B. This is controlled thru "Requirement" assigned to the output types in output det procedure.
    The problem is, for a particular document IFIB appears though the sh.pt is B, Now i have to find out whether it is determined automatically or manually. I have checked the following
    1. The "manually changed" field is not flagged in the "further data" of this output type. I believe, if it is not ticked, then the output type is determined automatically and no manual change was carried out. Am I right?
    2. When i checked the "determination analysis", I find that the output type with the message "Output ignored (Requirement not fulfilled)". If the output was determined automatically, then "output xxx found" should appear right? When the analysis says it is ignored, then how come it can appear automatically?
    I am confused over this contradictory findings. Plz tell me whether my assumptions stated above are right. Kindly suggest me alternative ways to find out whether it is determined automatically or manually? If it is determined automatically, on what conditions?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Suresh,
    In an output determination, it may tell  u that the output type is ignored because of un-fulfilled requirement, but it will still automatically appear in Header-> output, but u need to check the actuall processing status, whether is 0,1, or 2. I assume for your case it will be 0 (not processed, meant for manual processing instead), 1 (processed) and 2 (error occurred).
    Another thing which is essential is that, in order to let the system successfully fulfill your determination criteria, u need to assign output type with correct access sequence, for example 1 access sequence by sales org/billing type for output, another 1 is by sales org/shipping point. Or u can simply create 1 access sequence with 2 condition tables.
    After that u need to create condition record for each output type, u do this in t-code VV31.
    By rite, during transaction (issue output), system will be able to search for those condition record and output type will be automatically appear, providing if there is any rquirement routine in your output det. proc (appl = V3) returns TRUE.
    Benny Andre

  • Output Type determination in Delivery

    I have maintained the Output conditions for the Shipping point in VV21.  But during delivery, the out put type is not getting determined.  I have done the same for other plants and it works well.
    Can anyone suggest what I should be looking at?

    goto TRX NACE and select V2 and press condition type and select your output type and give the relevent entry.
    this will work

  • Automatic Output Type Determination

    Dear All,
    I have a situation where I want my system to determine which Output Type to be selected automatically, by which I dont have to select for the particular output type.
    Can u suggest me some input pls ?

    Hi Indrajit,
    For Automatic Output Determination
    1. Use Condition Technique
    2. Create  Condition Records
    You need to maintain ouput condition records from below T-Codes
    T.Code: VV11 - Sales Documents for Sales orders (Output type = BA00)
    T.Code: VV21 - Shiiping Activities  for Deliveries (Output type = LD00)
    T.Code: VV31 - Billing Dcouments..for Billing   (Output type = RD00)
    T.Code: VV71 - Shipment              for Transportation
    T.Code: VV61 - Handling Units       for Packaging
    T.Code: NACE (Group)
    Just maintain them and you will get the output type automatically.
    It will help you,

  • Creating/Triggering Output Type from program

    When I am creating Inbound Delivery using VL31N tcode, an Output type associated with it triggers automatically.  But my problem is that I have stopped the triggering of Output type automatically while saving Inbound delivery. and want to create mannually through program.
    Is there any FM or any other way to do through program.
    best regards

    Below link is for your reference
    [create output type reference|http://www.interfax.net/en/help/sap_sd_mm_module.html]
    hope it will help you.
    Natasha Garg
    Edited by: Natasha Garg on Feb 5, 2009 7:25 AM

  • Purchase order output type determination

    Hello All,
    We have a requirement where in we need to trigger custom outout type at the header level on Plant. We have added the plant field at header communication structure but the output type is not getting triggered.
    Functionals confirmed that all the condition records and other configs are maintained. While debugg I could find that value is not getting passed to the communication structure.
    Does any one has ever configured output type on Plant at header level.
    Thank you!

    You can get some idea by clicking this.

  • Output Type Determination

    Hi experts,
    I have a requirement wherein if an EDI invoice output type is selected during the creation of the billing document, then all the remaining output types below that should not be selected. Please find below the screen shot of the output procedure used. Whether a customer is relevant for EDI output or not is based on different values provided in different fields and the business do not want to follow that approach.
    Please provide suggestions/pointers to achieve this requirement.
    Thank you,

    In my opinion yes. In table NAST there will be a record ofr ZINV. Taking the VOFM 101 as a template (your EDI output is ZINV), maybe, your VOFM 901
    PERFORM KOBED_062.     "call vofm 62
                                            OBJKY EQ MSG_OBJKY   AND
                                           AKTIV EQ SPACE       AND
                                           VSTAT EQ '0'.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.  "it was found
    sy-subrc = 4.     "output not created
    su-subrc = 0.
    Create your VOFM (remember the note I told you in my first answer), and change the VOFM 901 for the other output types different to EDI.
    Although it's for pricing, see also SAP Note 156230 - Requirements: What is permitted, what is not?.
    After, debug it and fit to your requirements. During the debugging, check how XNAST is populated.
    I hope this helps you

  • Logic for Output type determination of shipment

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement where in when a shipment is being saved (on create/change) i need to put a logic in an enhancement to identify if a particular set of output types will be generated or not for that shipment.
    Any info on how i can do this? Is there any FM that can fetch that data.
    Ashiq Ali

    T. Code  VOFM
    Requirements > Output control
    Check routine 605
    Chek this where you can find some logic for Output type detremination of shipment type

  • Regarding Output type determination

    Hi All
    I am creating Sales order ,delivery and then INVOICE.
    When I create invoice with VF01, the output ZE01 (which is for creating Invoice Idoc) should get automatically populated in Menu path <b>GoTo --> Header --->Output</b>.
    But this is not happening.
    I am able to put the ZE01 Manually in the above path to create the invoice Idoc.But I dont want to do that. (It must be automatic!!)
    Can anybody tell me what exactly is the problem.
    I have checked NACE,VV31 etc T codes but not getting any clue.
    (Just to add one more thing The "<b>Accounting Document</b>" is not getting created during Invoice creation ...Is that the problem ? Pls justify if yes..)

    Hi Nilesh and Narayan
    Thanks for replying!!
    I maintained proper condition records in VV31 and looked into "<b>determine analysis</b>" I am getting message "<b>Output ignored requirement 803 not fulfilled</b>" ,I got that somthing might be wrong with my Requirement 803.
    Can you please tell me what exactly I need to do to resolve this problem.
    Reply will be surely appreciated...

  • Urgent!!! - output type

    What do u mean by.....
    The invoice program for output type ZD06(YVRxxxxx) ....

    To take the Output of the application document you need a Output type, Driver program and Script form/smartform and these three are to be assigned in the NACE transaction and configure the output type with Medium and partner in the Document.
    For application docs like order, delivery and Invoice and pur order these are must
    so here in your case for Invoice it is Output type and driver program you have mentioned.
    see the doc
    Output Determiantion :
    You can use output control to automate either messages or subsequent processing of partner-specific messages"
    This means, it provides a method for you to perform subsequent processing once a document is saved in the system. This subsequent processing is normally to print the document, but can also include activities such as:
    - Faxing the document
    - Emailing the document
    - Sending an idoc of the document
    - Sending an EDI message for the document (via an Idoc)
    - and so on.
    In general, it uses the condition technique to determine what, if any, output is to be produced. The condition technique works by selecting key fields from the document (document type, plant, etc.) and matching them to master data records you have previously set up. If there is a match, then output is produced.
    You can use transaction NACE for the output determination settings for all applications.
    1. When you start transaction NACE, a list of all represented applications appears.
    2. From this initial screen, you can access all the individual processing screens for output determination from the EDIT menu.
    3. Select the relevant application. This transaction does not have a menu path in customizing.
    Refer the following links.
    NACE is the Tcode used to link the Application type, Output Types and its processing Routines like ( Driver programs and attached Script forms or Smartforms).
    You should know the Application of a document first Like:
    for PO it is EF, for sales Doc's it is V1, for Delivery docs it is V2, for billing Doc's it is V3 etc.
    so first select the Application type (ex: EF) for PO and press OUtput types
    then a list will come in that you should know the related output type for PO.
    in this case it is NEU,
    select that and click on the processing Routines button on the left side
    it will display the Medium, Driver Program and the Script form or smartform related to that document..
    Reward points for useful Answers

  • Problem in output type determantion in smart forms

    Hi all,
    I have one problem in smart forms mentioned below:
    In this program RVADOR01 i hav used RVORDER01 for displaying the output in the output type determination(print preview) for a particular quotation no.
    In VA23 for a particular quotation I clicked on preview button and i got d output for smart form(RVORDER01).
    Can u plz tell me where i can find that in which part of d program(RVADOR01) is d QUOTATION NO called.
    so that i dont want to hard code the quotation no in the program.

    not really helping you on the issue, but some things here need clarification i sense.
    Outputtype determination has actually NOTHING to do with print preview.
    In output type determination the output types for the actual document get determined via output schema which is assigned to either documenttype or itemtype.
    RVADOR01 is the SAP-standard (SAP-SCRIPT) driver program for offers/orders.
    RVORDER01 is the SAP-standard SAP-SCRIPT form for offers/orders.

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