The Remote Desktop Client software is not active

I just downloaded ARD from the App store. I installed ARD Client 3.4 on the Client machines. Activated the machines in Sharing. All Users with everything checked except for "Show when being observed"
I am able to Observe, Control, Curtain and Lock.
I just tried to start a chat with a client and got the following error:
Unable to Chat with “WebVantage’s iMac”. The Remote Desktop Client software is not active.
I try to send a Message and get the following error:
This task will fail. This task is not supported on “WebVantage’s iMac”.
...with the choices Continue or Go Back
Try to run reports and it just seems to go on forever and says "Waiting for report data."
Many of the other choices won't work either, like Sleep, Wake, etc.
Am I missing something?
Thank you, in advance, for your time.

WOW! It's been over a month and not one reply? First time this ever happened.
I am finding that I cannot lock the other Macs now. I get:
"This task will fail. This task is not supported on “XXXXX’s iMac”."
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  • Remote Desktop - The Remote Desktop administrator software does not match the installed client software version.

      I just upgraded to Mavricks and get this when I try to launch Remote Desktop:
    The Remote Desktop administrator software does not match the installed client software version.
    I tried removing the application and reinstalling it to no avail.  Any suggestions?
    -David J. Eisen

    Hi coold88!
    I have an article for you that addresses your issue:
    Remote Desktop 3: How to install Remote Desktop Administrator software after the client software has been updated
    You will want to make sure you have the latest version of the software as well:
    About Apple Remote Desktop 3.7
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities. Have a good one!

  • Remote Desktop Client software does not match

    I run ARD 3 as administrator and just swapped machines by using Migration Tool. Now my ARD on the new machine tells me that "The Remote Desktop Client software on this computer does not match the Administrator software version. the Remote Desktop Administrator software requires a newer version of the client software"
    how do i accomplish this?
    thanks in advance

    Sounds like the new machine might still have version 2.2 client? So download and install the newest client, if that fails follow the instructions Apple has for removing ARD (kb #108021) and wipe out everything, then it shouldn't balk. Although there is a setup bug, where if you update a client machine to 3.1 but then try and install the ARD 3.0 CD it will complain and quit! Following kb #108021 wil allow you to install (or go into the actual mpkg and install the individual .pkg file) but doing this made me wonder if I was missing out on some postflight script that does something useful... so I didn't try and make force it. Just make it happy with an ARD lobotomy, then reinstall :/

  • The Remote Desktop Administrator software does not match......

    The Remote Desktop Administrator software does not match the installed Client software version.
    The Remote Desktop Administrator software must be upgraded on this computer.
    This is the message I have when I installed ARD 3.0 on a new Imac running leopard with no ARD installed previously when I opened up ARD for first time - doesn't let me go any further.
    Have I missed something here and made a stupid install mistake??
    Many thanks
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    Please search the discussions before posting as this question has been asked and answered more than once.
    If this is ARD 3.x, try this:
    • Insert your ARD CD
    • Open in Finder
    • Right click on the Remote Desktop.mpkg and show contents
    • Navigate to contents/installers
    • Drag the RemoteDesktopAdmin.pkg file onto the workstation and install
    • Run Software Update
    • Upgrade to 3.1 admin
    Otherwise, you'll have to completely uninstall ARD and then reinstall it. Follow these instructions for the uninstall:

  • Remote desktop client software not active

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I'm a bit bewildered by this errormessage (and I couldn't get a hit when I searched for it) when I try to drag a file from the xserv to the macbook pro desktop, remote desktop client software not active.
    The macbook has the ard server and connects to the xserv ppc. It connects over the internet.
    The xserv is behind a iptables fw and I have forwarded 3283 tcp/udp plus 5900 udp/tcp to the server. Have I forgotten a port ?
    I've read through as well as e%2Bset%2Bup
    and tried to find out more from the discsussions here.
    The macbook pro sits behind an airport which is hooked into the dsl modem. Do I need to configure port forward in the airport as well.
    Connecting to the xserv and working on it works great but the copy file transfer fails.

    Hi there I took new try at this and this is what finally solved it for me.
    The earlier answer I got was very good advise but I had already done that bit, actually I might have overdone it a bit I had checked all the boxes under the useraccount on sharing.
    Back to business.
    Firewalling. I realised I need to open and portforward at both locations and remeber it's booth tcp and udp.
    So at the xserve location I needed to forward 3283 and 5900 both tcp and udp from outside to the IPnumber of the xserve.
    At home with my macbook I needed to do the same.
    However this did not solve it, I had forgotten one software on the macbook. On the xserve I had installed ARD upgraded it to 3.1 AND installed the upgrade for ARD 3.1 client. The client part I had forgotten at home. So once my ARD and ARD client software matched I could connect to the xserve and drag and drop files booth ways.
    ARD wasn't running on the xserve I just had it installed along with the client software.
    So portforwarding in firewalls and the same software and versions in all locations seems to have solved it for me.
    A small note enabling/disabling the firewall in macbookpro did nothing for me since when enabled ARD rules were in place and active so it still worked.
    I hope I made some sense.
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  • The Remote Desktop administrator software failed to start due to an unexpected error...

    Hi all...
    Suddenly, I'm getting this error message when I try to open ARD. It was working a week ago and I'm not aware of changing anything. Any advice?
    This is the 3.6.1 version of the ARD admin and I have the 3.6.2 Client installed (that was the way it was before, too, when it was working).
    Note: I did try a fix from the forums that was posted in 2009, which required deleting the ARDAgent from the RemoteManagement folder in System/Core Services... and then reinstalling again using the Apple ARD Admin download for same. It worked for one run of the program, then the error came back.
    What do you guys think?

    bcvanbelle wrote:
    Updated from 10.5.1 to 10.5.2. System seemed slow at first, noticeable keyboard lag and otherwise sluggish. Noticed that Remote Desktop no longer worked. Installed Graphics update. No more typing lag and speedier performance. Remote Desktop still dead.
    Error message:
    The Remote Desktop Administrator software failed to start due an unexpected error.
    You may have to reinstall the Remote Desktop SW. See if that helps.
    I don't think it's a coincidence that this update "fixed" the Remote Desktop SUID warning, and it also removed the potential update from my computer which I had placed on "Ignore" since I did not need it and did not need the warning, either. So there is a connection between this update and the Remote Desktop SW.

  • How to find the Remote Desktop Client Version?

    How to find the Remote Desktop Client Version in Lion?  I'm asking because in starting up a mid 2011 MacBook Air, I ran Software Update, which determined that Remote Desktop Client version 3.5.1 was available.  I wanted to find what the existing version (older than 3.5.1) that came with Lion was, but coudn't find it.

    Get Info on:
    or if you have Apple Remote Desktop on an administrator system, you can see the workstation client versions by control-clicking in the header in the computer list and selecting to show the ARD version column.

  • Since the Remote desktop client update 3.8.2 V1.1 my Indesign CS4 crashes when I try to print. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Problem with remote desktop client update

    I find it interesting that since Screen Sharing is available, and works "just fine" that a Remote Desktop Client would be needed to be installed.
    I installed it, but I'm not sure why.
    I found the updated application in /System/Library/Core Services/RemoteManagement/ARDAgent
    Which is also where the screen sharing and vnc bundles live.  I clicked on it to see what would happen -- nothing.
    I found these ports in another discussion
    TCP and UDP port 3283
    TCP and UDP port 5900.  (Also used for Screen Sharing in OSX 10.5 and later)
    port 22
    This page confirms their use along with the use of other ports:
    TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products - Apple Support
    Additionally TCP port 5432 is used by ARD
    Having recently noticed (through "network utility" that my computers have had a "ton" of open connections.
    This severely hurt system performance.
    I note that neither my Airport Express nor my Mac can set up a firewall on these ports.
    While I haven't noticed the ARD ports being used, I cannot help but wonder if this is set up for a CIA/NSA backdoor into my computers.
    On a less paranoid level, perhaps Apple is planning on adding on-line help to debug our problems in "real-time".  ;-)

  • What exactly is the Remote Desktop Client Update


    If you're not being managed by another Mac that has ARD, then you don't need the client update. If you plan on managing other Macs with ARD then you need to buy the admin software.

  • HT201358 I am getting the unexpected error occurred of: The update "Remote Desktop Client Update" can't be installed.  What to do? thanks!

    Remote Desktop Client Update not able to install? Any workarounds to get it to install?

    do you know the exact verion of the remote desktop client update? Have you tried downloading the update manually from the apple website?
    Have you tried a safeboot and then installing the update?

  • I am having trouble installing and using remote desktop client and admin on the same imac.  I need help?

    Can you give me a step by step on getting the client and the admin part of remote desktop to work?  I am new to this and I need for remote desktop to work to install the Faronics Deepfreeze enterprise console on the new imac in office.  The OSx version is 10.8.3  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Also, when I go to install the admin, it says that the remote desktop client is not updated and I cant get mac app store to show any updates.  May be doing something wrong.

    This is what I usualy do to setup ARDclient on a client computer.
    on the client computer
    go to menu bar (white bar at top of the screen)
    click on the apple menu
    chose system preferences
    click show all button
    click Users & Groups
    click the lock to unlock
    click + to create a new account
    chose new account: type "administrator"
    name the user some thing applicable like "ARDuser"
    set a secure password
    click create account
    click show all button
    click sharing
    set the computer name to some thing descritpive that identifies the computer
    check remote login
    click on remote login
    set allow access for: "only these users"
    click the +
    chose the ARDuser from the list
    click select
    check remote management
    click on remote management
    set allow access to "only these users"
    click the +
    select the ARDuser from the list
    click select
    check: observe, control, genereate reports, open & quite applications, delete and replace items, start text chat or send messages, restart & shutdown, copy items
    click ok
    click the lock to lock system preferences
    click show all
    quite system preferences
    At this point you should be able to connect to the client using Apple Remote Desktop using the ARDuser setup above. Make sure the client and the ARD computer are on the same network the same way. IE both on ethernet or both on wifi. On the same internet conenction, if your were trying to conenct to a client over the internet there is more involved. 
    on the ard computer:
    open apple remote desktop
    from the left column select discover
    make sure the list is set to bonjour
    the client computer should show up on the list, with the name set above
    select the client from the list
    click control
    you will be prompted for the user/pass to log into the computer. that's the ARDuser setup in the steps above.

  • IOS Remote Desktop Client Logon Issue Prompts to Logon 3 Times with RDGW

    I have an issue when connecting from the Remote Desktop client iOS on multiple iPads/users.
    First a little background: We have an RDS Web Access / RDS Gateway (2012 R2) setup and properly configured. We can logon using it just fine from the Mac OS version of the app, Android version of the app, or from a Windows PC. When we try to
    connect via the iOS app we get the prompt to logon 3 times. Due to security reasons, we do not want them to store their credentials on the iPads, which is the only method I have found to eliminate the triple password entry. It only prompts once on the Mac
    OS version, Android version or from a Windows PC.
    The password isn't being entered incorrectly and the servers are not registering any Audit Failures for the logon attempts. Can you assist?
    Additionally I would like to recommend the addition of a feature to be able to setup remote resources but prompt for the password on app launch for security reasons. That way they would have to enter it once but then they could access any resources needed.
    Nate L

    I am not comfortable posting the entire log file but let me give you the high level summary. The settings section for the active connection:
    [2014-Jun-17 12:45:23] RDP (0): Final rdp configuration used: {
        activeUsername = "domain\username";
        arcTimeout = 1800;
        configurationVersion = 8;
        console = 0;
        gatewayId = XXXXXXXX;
        host = "InternalServerHostName.domain.local";
        label = "";
        mouseMode = "-1";
        offsetX = 0;
        offsetY = 0;
        peerIp = "ExternalRDSGatewayIP";
        port = 3389;
        previousMouseMode = 1;
        previousUtilityBar = 0;
        screenshotScale = "0.125";
        soundMode = 1;
        swapMouseButtons = 0;
        type = rdp;
        utilityBar = "-1";
        zoomFactor = 1;
        connections =    
            ...bunch of addresses...
        host = "ExternalRDSGatewayHostName";
        id = XXXXXX;
        port = 443;
        temporary = 1;
        type = rdp;
        kCFProxyTypeKey = kCFProxyTypeNone;
    It then attempts to connect to the InternalServerHostName.domain.local.
    [2014-Jun-19 09:40:01] RDP (0): Resolved 'InternalServerHostName.domain.local' to 'ERROR: Unable to connect to remote PC. Please provide the fully-qualified name or the IP address of the remote PC, and then try again.' using NameResolveMethod_Unknown(0)
    [2014-Jun-19 09:40:01] RDP (0): Error message: Unable to connect to remote PC. Please provide the fully-qualified name or the IP address of the remote PC, and then try again.(phase: 0, type: 0, reason: 0, systemCode: 0, systemMessage: )
    [2014-Jun-19 09:40:01] RDP (0): Protocol state changed to: ProtocolDisconnected(8)
    [2014-Jun-19 09:40:02] RDP (0): Showing credentials dialog
    It then displays the same settings again with the exception of an additional line after the gatewayId line:
    gwAutodetectState = kConnectionGwAutodectedForceGW;
    Then it goes through the interface list, not using any proxy, correlation id, then resolves name:
    [2014-Jun-19 09:40:10] RDP (0): Resolved 'ExternalRDSGatewayHostName' to 'ExternalRDSGatewayIP' using NameResolveMethod_Unknown(0)
    [2014-Jun-19 09:40:11] RDP (0): Exception caught: Exception in file '/Users/build/jenkins/workspace/rc-ios-develop/protocols/RDP/librdp/librdp/private/httpendpoint.cpp' at line 217
        User Message : The gateway failed to connect with the message: 403 Forbidden ( The server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Contact the server administrator. 
    [2014-Jun-19 09:40:11] RDP (0): Error message: The gateway failed to connect with the message: 403 Forbidden ( The server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Contact the server administrator. 
    )(phase: 0, type: 0, reason: 0, systemCode: -1, systemMessage: )
    [2014-Jun-19 09:40:11] RDP (0): Protocol state changed to: ProtocolDisconnecting(7)
    [2014-Jun-19 09:40:11] RDP (0): Protocol state changed to: ProtocolDisconnected(8)
    [2014-Jun-19 09:40:11] RDP (0): Showing credentials dialog
    Then it displays the same settings again except for the gwAutodetectState line changing to:
    gwAutodetectState = kConnectionGwAutodectedHTTPSTried;
    Then it connects ok. I went to our firewall (MS Forefront TMG) and monitored for traffic from the iPad iOS App (based on network it is on). I don't see the initial connection attempt at all, which is expected because according to the log above it looks
    like it tries to connect to the host directly...which it shouldn't?
    Then in the second attempt I see it trying to go to http://ExternalRDSGatewayHostName:443/remoteDesktopGateway/ which again it shouldn't be doing because that URL (the remoteDesktopGateway) is not part of the RDSGW or RDSWA 2012 R2 IIS
    config or am I missing something? It should be going to Rpc or RDWeb right? or do I need to allow that path through too?

  • Remote desktop administrator software failed to start

    I just upgraded to the new ARD client and now I cannot start Remote Desktop Administrator. It says "The Remote Desktop Administrator software failed to start due to an unexpected error. The remote desktop software may not be installed correctly or the computer may require a restart."
    Again, this happened after I install the ARD client update just released by Apple on my MBP 10.5.8.
    I need to get ARD Administrator back up and running. How?

    This is the most feedback I've ever gotten to any post.
    After much trial and error here is the solution I came up with:
    1. follow the instructions in the following link. Most importantly, make sure you follow the instructions on removing the 10.2 clients. I know that's not what we're dealing with here but it is necessary:
    2. Put the remote desktop Admin app in the trash and empty the trash.
    3. Download and install the ARD 3.2.2 client via the following link: op322client.html
    4. Reinstall the remote desktop administrative software in the Applications directory. (Actually, what I did was zip the ARD admin app, then trashed the non-zipped app and emptied the trash, then unzipped my zipped ARD Admin app and made sure the app was in the Applications directory. Didn't need to mess with the CD this way.)
    5. Download and install the ARD Admin 3.3 update. It should now recognize that ARD Admin is installed on the computer and update it.
    6. Try to launch the Admin app. It should work now.
    I believe these are all the steps. After this I ran software update and it said I had no software to update. It looks as though the ARD Admin updater also updates the client software.

  • Can Apple Remote Desktop Client 3.8 be used by hackers to hack into my account!

    I received an update from Apple to  install the Remote Desktop Client 3.8 and am now wondering if hackers can use this software to control my laptop!

    Don't worry!  First off, you already have Remote Desktop Client on your computer.  The update is just an update from 3.7 to 3.8.  It's a component of the operating system and does not give anyone remote access to your computer unless you have configured it to allow access.  Even then, the remote person or computer needs to be given access to an account on your device or know your credentials to initiate connections.  At the very least, you are making your computer MORE secure by keeping the remote client updated, not less, as the update may contain security related fixes to the client.

  • TS2072 Remote Desktop Client for MS Windows Server 2003

    I need to be able to access my work server to obtain information form our Windows 2003 Server. We have our product prices and other information on servers and today I use the remote desktop client that comes with Windows 7. I was hoping to find a suitable solution to allow me to use my macbook pro with OSX 10.7.4 Software. Does anyone know how to use OSX to make a remote desktop connection as you would through windows 7. I've seen CoRD and Microsoft did have a version but it's for older versions of OSX. I could run W7 but then I would have to purcase another copy and VM if I decided to run it virtual.

    This is not an Apple Remote Desktop issue  - ARD is Apple's software for managing networked Macs - but CoRD and Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac should both work with Windows 2003 and both work on Mac OS X 10.7; I have used both on my systems. iTap Mobile RDP is another option, and the one I use daily since I've found it to be faster than either CoRD or Microsoft RDC, though iTap is not free.

Maybe you are looking for

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