Whats good for movie making?

What will be a good program in creative cloud that will help me produce a good music video? Thank you.

Hi Rogeezee,
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Below are some of the common names to work on the video editting or making,etc.:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe Premiere Elements 12
Flash Professional CC
Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 & Adobe Premiere Elements 12
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Adobe After Effects CC
You can also refer the below mentioned link to check more product details under "View our complete products and services catalog":
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  • Some Direction needed for Movie Making

    First Year user here using imovie 11 on MacBook Pro mid 2010 13" and ready to buy a AVCHD progressive scan camcorder with flash memory for greater quality vids. Considering Sony, Panasonic, Canon cams. I intend to burn to HD and Standard DVD for tv viewing and also use on PC/Mac computers. I want as much flexibility as possible to grow.
    Since I'm relatively new to Mac and movie making I may seem lost at times... I am. I've been on the support pages for FCE and FCP and used the supported camera tables and found them lacking for various reasons. I've also come to realize that there are some drawbacks to imovie/FCE/FCP... I think? Here is what I think I know and whatever insight you can provide is welcome..
    imovie and FCE do not support 1080p. If you want real 1080p you need to bump up to FCP. My system will not support FCP. So, I will need to look at 3rd party software that will run on mac and match same with whatever camcorder.
    Any thoughts/comments are welcome.
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    I think this is a broad question, but in a nutshell, let me say that if you're concerned about whether iMovie, FCE and FCP can make 1920x1080 movies, the answer is YES for all three of them. iMovie does it a bit more automatically for consumers and so doesn't let you tweak settings much. FCE and FCP certainly let you tweak those settings a lot more (and in some cases MAKE you do that).
    Now, if you're concerned about Progressive vs. Interlaced, that will depend more on where your footage comes from, but FCP and FCE can deal with either. For example, the Canon Vixia series AVCHD camcorders record in an interlaced stream, but can be set to a progressive record mode within that stream so that the progressive footage can be extrapolated from that later. It's complicated. The Sony cams in the same price range (and even well above that price range) ONLY shoot in interlaced, so progressive is not an option with Sony at the consumer level. Panasonic is similar here, but I will hold off comment because of those three brands, I know the least about the Pannys.
    If you have more money and are willing to shoot with DSLRs, many of those typically shoot ONLY in progressive. The video is great, but I'm not sure if iMovie will work with this footage. FCE and FCP can.
    In short, research your cameras as well as you can. Ask as many questions as you need to so you know what you're getting and what you can do with it.

  • Taglibs, STRUTS, etc. what good for?

    ... if you can't debug them? I just feel like thrown back to the last century typing code in an editor, deploying, running, ... exception ...
    What are tags and all the derivatives like struts, JSTL, etc. good for if you have no tool/IDE that compiles/translates/or at least checks the correctness during development time? the development cycle just exploded to write, pack together, deploy, start, test ... fix error and start over again ... are there any tools/plugins/IDEs that support the developer like with Java code?

    custom tags are "black box" for end users (jsp developpers).
    I don't understand why you want to debug their code.
    You think you have a bug in a tag ? the exception is not clear ?
    Generaly, if you have an error, it come from a bad usage or parameter, no ?
    highlighting and some writing help are the first step(just using TLD).
    I use WSED 5 (eclipse 2 based IDE from IBM) and the JSP syntax checker let me see more error like using not accessible beans or class cast exception.
    Try with eclipe 2 ... but I think the JSP debug isn't present.

  • When using webcam for movie making no sound heard

    i am trying to use the web cam to make a movie, but when i play back what i rerecorded no sound heard at all
    i checked the mic settings and it seems working OK. if you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated

    We do not know your machine and its OS therefore can't help.
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  • What settings for .mov

    Hello I've got a 8.7GB .mov video file here and my DVD are only 4.7GBs.
    I've got about 7 videos this size that I need to burn onto DVDs. I'm curious what settings you would choose to complete this task.
    If at all possible I'd like to not have to end up with two files (1 for video and 1 for sound)
    Thanks a bunch!

    Hello RcBro,
    Depends. What are you going to use the file for? Archival? DVD player playback? Web streaming/download?
    One thing I can answer definitively is that you will not end up with elementary stream files of any kind (separate audio/video files), for any of the above destinations anyway.
    You have several options. Since you did not mention a DVD-9, I will spare you those details.
    I am sure the kind people on this board will help you if you provide a little more information, such as:
    -program duration
    -final deliverable/use
    The size description you gave us really tells us nothing. It might be a uncompressed trailer or a highly compressed feature. With more information, we can give you optimal advice.
    Please let us know.
    Mikey M.

  • Whats good for maintaining the Mac book pro?

    I have a program to clean my PC, is there one for the Mac Book or for the IMac?
    Is one needed?

    How to maintain a Mac
    1. Make redundant backups, keeping at least one off site at all times. One backup is not enough. Don’t back up your backups; make them independent of each other. Don’t rely completely on any single backup method, such as Time Machine. If you get an indication that a backup has failed, don't ignore it.
    2. Keep your software up to date. In the Software Update preference pane, you can configure automatic notifications of updates to OS X and other Mac App Store products. Some third-party applications from other sources have a similar feature, if you don’t mind letting them phone home. Otherwise you have to check yourself on a regular basis. This is especially important for complex software that modifies the operating system, such as device drivers. Before installing any Apple update, you must check that all such modifications that you use are compatible.
    3. Don't install crapware, such as “themes,” "haxies," “add-ons,” “toolbars,” “enhancers," “optimizers,” “accelerators,” “extenders,” “cleaners,” "doctors," "tune-ups," “defragmenters,” “firewalls,” "barriers," “guardians,” “defenders,” “protectors,” most “plugins,” commercial "virus scanners,” "disk tools," or "utilities." With very few exceptions, this stuff is useless, or worse than useless.
    The more actively promoted the product, the more likely it is to be garbage. The most extreme example is the “MacKeeper” scam.
    As a rule, the only software you should install is that which directly enables you to do the things you use a computer for — such as creating, communicating, and playing — and does not modify the way other software works. Use your computer; don't fuss with it.
    Never install any third-party software unless you know how to uninstall it. Otherwise you may create problems that are very hard to solve.
    The free anti-malware application ClamXav is not crap, and although it’s not routinely needed, it may be useful in some environments, such as a mixed Mac-Windows enterprise network.
    4. Beware of trojans. A trojan is malicious software (“malware”) that the user is duped into installing voluntarily. Such attacks were rare on the Mac platform until sometime in 2011, but are now increasingly common, and increasingly dangerous.
    There is some built-in protection against downloading malware, but you can’t rely on it — the attackers are always at least one day ahead of the defense. You can’t rely on third-party protection either. What you can rely on is common-sense awareness — not paranoia, which only makes you more vulnerable.
    Never install software from an untrustworthy or unknown source. If in doubt, do some research. Any website that prompts you to install a “codec” or “plugin” that comes from the same site, or an unknown site, is untrustworthy. Software with a corporate brand, such as Adobe Flash Player, must be acquired directly from the developer. No intermediary is acceptable, and don’t trust links unless you know how to parse them. Any file that is automatically downloaded from a web page without your having requested it should go straight into the Trash. A website that claims you have a “virus,” or that anything else is wrong with your computer, is rogue.
    In OS X 10.7.5 or later, downloaded applications and Installer packages that have not been digitally signed by a developer registered with Apple are blocked from loading by default. The block can be overridden, but think carefully before you do so.
    Because of recurring security issues in Java, it’s best to disable it in your web browsers, if it’s installed. Few websites have Java content nowadays, so you won’t be missing much. This action is mandatory if you’re running any version of OS X older than 10.6.8 with the latest Java update. Note: Java has nothing to do with JavaScript, despite the similar names. Don't install Java unless you're sure you need it. Most users don't.
    5. Don't fill up your boot volume. A common mistake is adding more and more large files to your home folder until you start to get warnings that you're out of space, which may be followed in short order by a boot failure. This is more prone to happen on the newer Macs that come with an internal SSD instead of the traditional hard drive. The drive can be very nearly full before you become aware of the problem. While it's not true that you should or must keep any particular percentage of space free, you should monitor your storage consumption and make sure you're not in immediate danger of using it up. According to Apple documentation, you need at least 9 GB of free space on the startup volume for normal operation.
    If storage space is running low, use a tool such as the free application OmniDiskSweeper to explore your volume and find out what's taking up the most space. Move rarely-used large files to secondary storage.
    6. Relax, don’t do it. Besides the above, no routine maintenance is necessary or beneficial for the vast majority of users; specifically not “cleaning caches,” “zapping the PRAM,” "resetting the SMC," “rebuilding the directory,” "defragmenting the drive," “running periodic scripts,” “dumping logs,” "deleting temp files," “scanning for viruses,” "purging memory," "checking for bad blocks," or “repairing permissions.” Such measures are either completely pointless or are useful only for solving problems, not for prevention.
    The very height of futility is running an expensive third-party application called “Disk Warrior” when nothing is wrong, or even when something is wrong and you have backups, which you must have. Disk Warrior is a data-salvage tool, not a maintenance tool, and you will never need it if your backups are adequate. Don’t waste money on it or anything like it.

  • Whats a good movie making app or program??

    looking for a good movie making program for my mac book pro, the Imovie thats already on here is too basic....

    You might consider picking up a copy of the older Final Cut Express (discontinued 2011) around $100, otherwise Final Cut Pro X is $299. The pro package used to be $1000. Amazing how the price has dropped.

  • What download speed is good for streaming HD movies?

    What download speed is good for streaming HD movies down to my Apple TV?

    The recommended speeds are
    SD 2.5 Mbps
    720p 6 Mbps
    1080p 8 Mbps

  • What is Java good for?

    I need to develop a really serious solution for Win2K server, that will handle security data. Now I am thinking of a platform to do it. Can Java really secure the data I will trust to store it? I mean various mulfunctions, program bugs, errors, so on. Microsoft really insists on trusting its programs, not Java's (see the installiation guide for Win2K: 'Java cannot be used for medical, technical (for example handling the nuclear enterprises) ...'), so I don't know what to do. Developing a Java solution will be simplier that doing the same thing with VC.Net, but ... What do you think? What is Java good for?

    Microsoft really insists on trusting its programs, not Java'sDo you trust Microsoft?
    (see the installiation guide for Win2K: 'Java cannot be used for medical, technical (for example handling
    the nuclear enterprises) ...'), so I don't know what to do. The nuclear bit is in the Java license ("You acknowledge that Software is not designed, licensed or intended for use in the design, construction, operation or maintenance of any nuclear facility.") I think it's probably either a result of US law requiring some certification or other for software used in nuclear facilities, or a preemptive move by Sun to forestall possible lawsuits.
    The JVM is stable, probably more so than .NET since it's older, and should be suitable for your use, based on the description so far. The things you need to worry about are primarily personnel and hardware configuration (i.e. disabling virtual mem).

  • What is a bootable backup and do i need one? what are partitions good for?

    please excuse my ignorance...
    i just got a new lacie external firewire hard drive and it has some software which i was wandering if i have any use for... - SilverKeeper and LaCie Backup Software. i'm not sure if they can give me anything that time machine doesn't do better... SilverKeeper gives the option of cloning a bootable backup. i'm not exactly sure what's the advantage of this and in what case i may need it.
    when i got my last computer i was able to transfer everything from the old computer, including applications, to the new one without having to find all the serial numbers and reinstall them. i thought that time machine will be able to do the same thing if i lose all the data on my computer. is that not so? is that what a bootable clone is for? or what is it for?...
    my other question is what are the advantages of making partitions in my new drive (i understand i have to if i want a bootable backup, but is there any reason to partition otherwise?

    SilverKeeper gives the option of cloning a bootable backup. i'm not exactly sure what's the advantage of this and in what case i may need it.
    A bootable backup is an exact copy of your hard drive's contents on another drive, that can be used for booting up the machine. The advantage of a bootable backup is that, in the event something bad happens to your internal drive, you can very quickly get up and running with the backup drive, and can copy that back to a replaced/fixed internal drive very quickly. Time Machine backups are not bootable.
    The disadvantage of a clone of any kind, bootable or not, is that there's only one version of any particular file stored. So if a file gets damaged and then backed up, you're pretty well screwed with the clone, while Time Machine stores many versions of the file, so you just "roll back" to the last working copy.
    when i got my last computer i was able to transfer everything from the old computer, including applications, to the new one without having to find all the serial numbers and reinstall them.
    Bad idea... while this will work for most apps, different machines have different architectures, so some apps may not be installed correctly for the new machine, plus you may not have properly copied some components. You should have reinstalled them.
    i thought that time machine will be able to do the same thing if i lose all the data on my computer. is that not so?
    If you have Time Machine back up the entire hard drive, without excluding anything, then Time Machine should be able to restore your drive to exactly the way it was at any particular moment in time at which it made a backup, including apps, system files, preferences, etc.
    my other question is what are the advantages of making partitions in my new drive (i understand i have to if i want a bootable backup, but is there any reason to partition otherwise?
    You do not have to partition to make a bootable backup. However, you'll be using the entire drive... trying to store additional files on the same drive as a bootable clone is confusing at best. Using a partition allows you to create multiple "virtual" drives... say, one for a bootable backup, one for a Time Machine backup, one for movie files, etc. Of course, this is only advisable if the drive is much larger than the one you're backing up, and note that if you store original files on a partition (like a bunch of movie files), you need a backup of those somewhere else.
    Time Machine will want it's own full drive or partition to play with, which should be larger than the drive being backed up, and will eventually fill it. A bootable clone probably also should go onto its own partition, but you wouldn't need to make this partition larger than the drive being cloned. Other than that, don't worry about partitioning unless you have a specific need.

  • Serial Number not suitable for movement  when doing goods issue  or sto ?

    Dear all ,
    I have a issue , when doing sto or goods issue ,
    i have a material code serial number profile is off physical quantity is laying 20  and my requirement  is active the serial no
    and  assign to  serial number  for the material ,
    Tcode is iq01 put the material , serial number  and category after save when i am doing  ma1a putting material ,quantity
    and that serial number click on save ,  geting error like
    Stock data of serial number 1234 not suitable for movement
    when i am checking iq02 serial number is showing but checking in  MMbe there is not showing

    to activate the serial numbers you first have to clear all the stock for this material (MVT 562 / 502 or other)
    Than activate the serial in the material muster.
    in your situation (if i understood correctly) what you need is:
    1.  disable the serial numbers for the material (move them to another material)
    2. deactivate the serial number in the material master
    3. get rid of all the stack - post it with  562 or 502
    4. activate serial numbers
    5. post the material back to stock - 561 / 501 - than the system will require a serial number for each unit

  • What free - 5 £ apps are there that are good for business

    Just wondering if anyone knows any apps that i can download that is good/useful to use in business
    please could you state the name
    Greatly Appreciated.

    Good for what sort of business? To do what? There are hundreds if not thousands of free or inexpensive apps that might be useful to you, so without any sort of parameters on which to base suggestions, making recommendations is all but impossible. Search the web for "iphone business apps" and you'll find a number of articles with suggestions and opinions; you might find those a useful place to start.

  • I recently signed up for a one month trial of adobe pro.  I logged in.  I cannot convert a single page of PDF file to word or Excel with this trial.  I just get the request to sign up for a year.  What good is the trial if I can't try it?

    I recently signed up for a one month trial of adobe pro.  I logged in.  I cannot convert a single page of PDF file to word or Excel with this trial.  I just get the request to sign up for a year.  What good is the trial if I can't try it?

    Hey vcomfort6,
    Please ensure that you are using Adobe Acrobat and not Reader to convert PDF file to word or excel.
    Could you tell me whether it is a scanned document? Does this happen with all PDFs or any specific one?
    Do you get any error message? What exactly happens when you try doing the same?
    Hope to hear from you.

  • BAPI to reverse Goods Issue for movement type 601

    Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know of any BAPI that could be use to reverse Goods Issue for Movement type 601?
    I tried using BDC of transaction VL09 and was able to reverse the GI document successfully but the return message type was 'E' with unreadable message -
    Tabelle 'E' enth#t keinen Eintrag f# 'Ch 004 &'
    When I tried using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CANCEL, I get the error message 'E M7 130 Material document cannot be processed'.
    Best Regards,

    hi, Junwen!
    the following code works pretty well:
          fp_vbeln = vbeln_val.
          fp_budat = budat_val.
          fp_tcode = 'VL09'.
          fp_vbtyp = 'J'.
              i_vbeln                         = fp_vbeln
              i_budat                         = fp_budat
            I_COUNT                         =
            I_MBLNR                         =
              i_tcode                         = fp_tcode
              i_vbtyp                         = fp_vbtyp
              t_mesg                          = it_mesg
             error_reverse_goods_issue       = 1
             OTHERS                          = 2.

  • What exactly are the updates good for on an ipod

    I ask because mine is windows format, and im having trouble transferring all the metadata off my ipod with senuti to a back up so that i can reformat the ipod to mac and then sync in my senuti backed up library. I was wondering if anyone knows what exactly are the updates that you get. my ipod is 1.2 5thgen.
    If i were to have the latest update would i be able to see album cover art view when the ipod is plugged into itunes? I noticed that i can see that view in library mode but not in ipod mode. (my pod isnt synced)...
    so what are these updates good for?

    hey thanks for your reply.
    I do have it set to manual and i can see the art on the ipod by itself, but even with manual transfer itunes wont let me view the artwork modes unless i am playing off my computers library (which doesn't have the songs on my ipod on it). I called apple earlier today and some tech support guy claimed that itunes does not support this feature. Is this correct? can anyone out there see artwork modes on an unsynced ipod through itunes?

Maybe you are looking for

  • IPhone 6 and Bluetooth phone connectivity issues with my vehicle: this is how I fixed it.

    With so many threads on this topic, I wanted to detail the steps I took to fix my iPhone 6 Bluetooth issues regarding connectivity to my vehicle and handsfree calling.  My phone was pairing with my vehicle without a problem and syncing my contacts an

  • Internal speakers no longer available under 10.4.8

    After I updated to 10.4.8, my computer seemed fine, and I was able to play sound, until I restarted it. Now it doesn't regonize my internal speakers. When I try to play anything, the red light in the sound out jack comes on. (any there is sound if I

  • DB Table to reset Login ID for BPM Process Admin in Directory DB

    Hi All, Is there any way i can change the BPM Admin Process Login ID, and is there any way to check in which TABLE the id is created. I have created two ID's in BPM Admin Console : test and admin apart from User ID "weblogic". Now i am currently gett

  • Error message trying to copy files to second hard drive

    we have a project, about 100 gig or so, that we want to copy from the external drive it is on, to a second external drive. the process stopped after a while, with only about 60 gig transfered, with an error message saying "finder error code -36 can't

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    We are a power distribution firm. We have implemented SAP for last two years. We want to display the scanned documents (.TIFF) with a TCode CIC0, how to do the activity, please let e know in details. Thanks Kuntal Guha Roy