Airport Express 6.3

I am running Maverics on my Mini, is there a way to install mountain lion OS X on an external hard drive connected to my Mini? I need to do this so I can admin my airport express 6.3

Hi, did you ever have ML/10.8 on this Mini before?
It should be possible & available under Purchases in the App Store, but once downloaded you need to stop it from installing & deleting itself.

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  • Airport Express extends 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz or just one at a time?

    I recently switched my dual band Time Capsule to use different names for the 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz networks.
    Will the Airport Express extend both or just one at a time, if so, which one will it extend?
    I have two Airport Express modules, bought a long time apart, is there any difference in functionality and how do I tell them apart if this is the case?
    All are running the most recent firmware version.

    Welcome to the discussion area, Mike!
    Will the Airport Express extend both or just one at a time, if so, which one will it extend?
    The AirPort Express is a single band device, so it can extend either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band, +but not both at the same time+. Since you have different names for the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands, the Express will extend the 2.4 GHz band by default. Using AirPort Utility, the setup application for the AirPorts, it is possible to configure the AirPort Express to extend either band.
    If you are perhaps thinking of extending the 5 GHz band, this can be a bit tricky because 5 GHZ signals do not travel effectively over distance or penetrate obstructions as well as 2.4 GHz signals. You almost have to have a line-of-sight relationship between the Time Capsule and the AirPort Express to be able to extend the 5 GHz band.
    I have two Airport Express modules, bought a long time apart, is there any difference in functionality and how do I tell them apart if this is the case?
    Look on the side of the AirPort Express for the model number in the small print. You'll need Model No A 1264 to be able to "extend". If you have the older Model No A 1084, that version will not be able to "extend" a wireless network, but you could use it to "join" the wireless network and stream AirTunes to the device.
    All are running the most recent firmware version.
    That would be 7.5.2. If you have the older version of the AirPort Express, the latest firmware version for that device would be 6.3.
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  • Wireless modem and Airport Express.. one at a time

    Recently my internet provider upgraded my old plug in modem to a newer wireless model. Now it seems that the current setting allow communication with only one or the other at the same time. If I want to be online with the wireless modem and send my iTunes music via Airport Express to my sound system, no dice. I have to either click on the modem up in the Airport choices to be online and listen to iTunes through the computer speakers, or go offline to listen to music through the sound system and Airport Express.
    I'm sure I'm just missing something in preferences or settings somewhere.
    Can someone point me in the right direction?
    Thanks, and Happy New Year!

    No ideas?

  • ITunes 8: I can no longer connect to remote speakers via Airport Express

    Cannot connect to my remote speakers, worked before iTunes 8"
    I have restarted the computer, iTunes, QT 7.5.5, run disk utility
    I get the following error code (-3256) Apple KB research says:
    AirTunes: Error -3256 when streaming to multiple AirPort Express units 
You may see this message: An error occurred while connecting to the remote speaker speaker_name . An unknown error occurred (- 3256 ).This occurs with iTunes 6.0.2 or later.SolutionIf you use a third-party firewall or router, make sure that it is configured to permit UDP traffic.
    I followed the KB link, tried KB solution, then I sent this off to Apple.
    "Mac G5 2.0 Ghz, OS 10.5.4 just installed iTunes 8, one (1) Airport Express connected to remote speakers. Firewall under Sharing in System preferences does not offer firewall access. Firewall is under Security but "Advanced" is grayed out.
    Cannot connect to my remote speakers, worked before iTunes 8"
    I have restarted the computer, iTunes, QT 7.5.5, run disk utility, unplugged the airport express.
    My G4 PowerBook running an earlier version of iTunes connects without problem.

    I just got off a 30+ minute phone call with an Apple Support rep about this. I'm getting error -3256. The rep was patient and tried hard to solve the problem, but was basically clueless. I have a case number and was encouraged to call back tomorrow to speak with a product support specialist.
    This stinks. AirTunes is my primary way of playing music from my computer. With no obvious way of rolling back to iTunes 7, this is a big deal.

  • Airport Utility 5.6 will no longer read Airport Express Configuration; no longer able to stream from MacBook Pro

    I have an old airport express ( 1st one ever I think)  up until today I was able to use it with iTunes and also Airfoil to stream music.  Today I cannot stream music from my MacBook Pro 2008 ( OS X 10.8.3)  Airfoil sees the Airport Express but cannot connect, iTunes see it, but will not connect.  When I try to connect with Airfoil the error message is "Airfoil was unable to connect to the remote speaker "little fish". Please check the remote speaker and try again."
    iTunes just tries to connect and then times out.
    I have AU 5.6 in order to use the old AE.  It sees the AE and give me a summary page.  But if I try "manual set up" or the "continue" button - I get "reading the Airport Express configuration" and then eventually "An error occured while reading the configurarion.  Make sure your Apple Wi-Fi base station is plugged in and in range of your computer or connected via Ethernet and try again.  (-6753) "
    I tried a soft reset, no help.
    I tried a hard reset and I was able to see the new airport express and it allowed me to set it up again, then it restarted and everything was the same as before I reset.
    I can stream to the Airport Express from my iPhone and my iPad
    Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong?

    It appears that the printer is OK and is on the network.  Eventually you may want to set a static IP address for it, but let's get things working first.
    The first thing I would try would be to reset the printing system on all the problem Macs:
    - Sys Prefs, Print & Fax
    - Right (control) click the print queue area and select Reset Printing System.
    - Select the plus sign to re-add it. Look for the printer, select it and wait until the "Add" button becomes available. Click it.
    If this does not do it there may be something going on with the router.  I have a few ideas if this is required.  Let me know.
    Say thanks by clicking "Kudos" "thumbs up" in the post that helped you.
    I am employed by HP

  • Itunes 10 and Airplay no longer works with my Airport Express

    As soon as I installed the update, my Airport Express (802.11g I think) has stopped working. You can JUST hear a faint audio signal if you turn the amp up full. Any ideas gratefully received.

    I noticed this too and think it's by design. The new master volume slider in the AirPlay window is set at the highest volume in your list of speakers. Drag either the master volume or your external speaker slider to max, and you should get normal volumes out of your Airport Express speakers.
    Unfortunately, the volume slider on the iTunes window seems to be the master volume now, rather than just the volume for the computer. So if you mute the computer using that slider, you mute all speakers. To mute just the computer, you have to do it though the AirPlay speaker list now. Unless I'm missing a preference setting somewhere... thought there used to be something in iTunes or Airport Utility that let you toggle this behavior, but I don't see anything now...

  • Canon i860 driver no longer shows in airport express

    I've been printing to a canon i860 via airport express without incident for a year now. I only do it when I travel on business, so it’s like twice a quarter. I’m out on a trip now and got everything setup only to find that in printer setup utility it was no longer listed as an available option. No biggie, I'll just re-add it. Bonjour sees it, I select it, but when it prompts me to “print using”, I select Canon but the i860 is not listed in the drop down list. It stops at S800 - Gimp- Print v5.0.0 beta 2. In fact, everything has the gimp print suffix after the printer name, whatever the heck that is. It used to list the I series printers so I could just select the i860, but no more. I select the s800 and it prints greyed out. I select the s400 and it prints black but on a third of the page.

    I'm posting on this again as I'm still having the problem.
    I re-downloaded the appropriate driver from the Canon site and first added the printer via USB and that worked fine. Under “Print Using” it said Canon i860.
    Then I connected it to the airport extreme and it sees it but the auto select under ‘print using’ comes up blank and is making me select something, but under Canon, like I typed above a few months ago, I don’t have the option of selecting my printer. I don’t know if it’s possible to manually point it to the driver, but I have no idea where drivers are stored to even try.
    Anyone know what’s going on here? It used to work just fine. I used to just select the printer and away we went. Now it’s just not finding the driver.

  • Airtunes no longer working with AirPort Express? can anyone help?!

    so i recently bought a refurbished airport express and i loved how i could stream audio over the wireless network via airtunes but the delay was a bit annoying so i took it upon myself to try and find a solution to this.
    I bought a reverse audio splitter (1 female to 2 male) thinking that i could plug my speakers into the female end of the splitter, leave one of the male audio jacks plugged into the airport express, and the other male end into my computer so when i was at my desk the audio would go straight from my computer to the speakers (bypassing the airport altogether) and the delay problem with airtunes would be solved.
    this worked for a little bit, but the next day when i went to play a song via airtunes it didnt work.. no error messages, just no sound.. i did some investigating and found that there was a red light coming from the audio jack on the airport express which i found out could mean that either it is in optical mode or that it is just dead..
    But here's the real weird part!! so i also have the program called AirFoil to transmit audio from the internet to my speakers via the airport express, and the speakers connected to the airport can play itunes when AirFoil is connected to itunes even though the light is still red inside the airport audio jack!! weird huh?
    Anyways, i just wanna know if there is anything that i can do to fix my AirTunes sound output since it seems like the audio jack on the airport express isnt totally dead??

    I'm in the same boat. I can still get on the web with it, but neither airport utility or itunes can see it. disappointing to say the least.

  • ITunes update no longer connects to AirPort Express

    Sympton exists on both iMac and iBook even after permissions updated with Disk Utility. Anyone have any thoughts?

    I am using Airport Express also but have not had any trouble with the iTunes 6.0.4 update. Is your AE firmware up-to-date? Try resetting the AE (look in Airport Help for instructions) You may want to post to the Airport Express discussions. Good luck.

  • Wired computers unable to see printer on Airport

    Hi all,
    I recently set up an Airport Extreme on our office network to offer wireless network access piggybacked on our wired router. I then purchased an Airport Express which I was planning on using as a wireless print server for our Canon i9900 for all office computers connecting wired or wirelessly, which would interface with the network via the Airport Extreme Base Station.
    I have configured the Express as an extension of the existing Airport network, and attached the printer to it via USB. All the computers in the office which have airport cards onboard can see and print from the printer, which is great. The problem is that all of the computers connecting to the network via wires are unable to see the printer (this is under both 10.3.x and 10.4.x, all airport software completely updated.) The Extreme base station shows up for all office computers in their Airport Admin Utility, AND if the printer is connected directly to the Extreme Base Station via USB, all computers can see the printer over Bonjour/Rendevous.
    Anybody have ideas as to how I can get my wired machines to see the printer on the Airport Express?

    Applications > Utilities > Airport Admin Utility
    Scan and Select your Airport
    Click Configure
    On the Airport Tab
    Base Station Options...
    Check Enable Remote Printer Access

  • I am unable to use apps on my iPhone 3GS, apple TVs & iPad mini - Airport Express

    I currently have an airport express and Netgear ADSL2+ modem.  I also have an iPhone 3GS, 2 apple TVs, iPad mini, and iMac (circa 2008). The only device that is working properly is the 2008 iMac. All other devices show that I have 5 bar signal but do not allow me to use any of the apps (ie: Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) I have ran speedtest on all devices, ping and download speed are as expected. Ping: 150 ms, Download: 2.7 mbps, Upload 0.68 mbps from iMac. The only difference is that upload speed on iPhone and iPad mini does not register. I feel like the issue is with the modem or the airport? Do I need the airport extreme even though I show 5 bar signal strength on all devices or do I need a new modem from Verizon in hopes that it will get me a better connection on a device that they support? (they do not support the Netgear modem I currrently have).

    iPhone 4 isn't supposed to be able to mirror:

  • Unable to see Airport Express from Windows Airport Utility

    I am setting up an Airport Express to connect remote speakers for a friend with windows base system. The router is a TrendNet.
    I have managed to add the Airport Express to the network. I can ping the router, and if I put in the IP address to Airport Utility it is found and I can configure it. Airport Utility on it's own however will not find the Airport Express.
    I can currently play to the Airport speakers from multiple iPhones also on the network, so I know that part is working as well. What is not working is the Airport Express is not showing up in iTunes as an available speaker. I am guessing that as the Airport Utility also will not recognize it that is had something to do with firewall rules on the Windows 7 computer or Trendnet Router.  I checked Windows 7, and there are four Bonjour entries and one iTunes entry. All seem set open for incoming requests.
    At this point I'm puzzled. Any network gurus out there have new ideas?

    I just ran both the verify and repair options on both the permissions and the volume. The ~/Library permissions are repaired, but that was all. I also checked the software update, but I have all the latest installed, it seems.
    Where can I check my AirTunes version? I tried spotlighting for it, but that search came up empty. I did install the version that came with the AirPort Express. It says "AirPort 4.2", so I guess that's the version installed at the moment. My iTunes version is 7.0.2. I upgraded the firmware to version 6.3.
    I have very little knowledge of networking, I'm afraid, and I'm starting to think that maybe the problem could be my router being set up in such a way that it won't allow the AirPort Express to connect properly.
    The reason I believe it's my network rather than the AirPort Express is because when I reset the device, I see that new network named "Apple Network xxxxx". When I connect to it, iTunes properly displays that AirTunes selection box in the lower right and I can stream music to it. With the ethernet cable plugged in, the sound does lag every now and then whenever I use an applications that needs Internet access.
    The MacBook, router and AirPort Express are about one to two meters apart (that's three to six feet, I think). I'm not quite sure if the SpeedTouch router is set up properly. Luckily, a friend of mine who's a system administrator is coming over today, so I'll ask him if he could have a look at my network setup.
    Thanks for all the help and the fast replies! :^)
    my thumb is all sore
    Bathe it in salt water
    I'll try that, haha. :^)
    Your English is excellent .
    Thanks! :^)

  • Looking for help on connecting Airport Express to Belkin F5D7230-4

    I have been reading post after post with a similar problem with help. From other post, it sounds like this Belkin router will work with Airport Express(AE), but I have not found help on how to make it work.
    Here is the problem.
    I need to extend my internet signal from my office to my living room. The Belkin router is connected to my cable modem in my office. The Express is in my kitchen (between the two rooms). I set it up for expanding the signal and the light on the AE continues to flash yellow. I have called Apple and they were able to help me set it up, but it only works for AirTunes (and I am guessing anything plugged into the USB port), but NOT for internet.
    Here are some of the things I have tried.
    ~~ I have connected the AE to the cable modem to check that is does work, and it does.
    ~~ I have moved the device closer to the router and still not working.
    ~~ I have made sure the Belkin settings are set for WDS, which it always was. I have reset the router and the AE.
    What am I missing? Do I need an updated firmware? I have read on another post about a D-Link that needed DHCP and NAT disabled, but I don't understand how to do that and on which device? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the article. I have read that before.
    The WDS was already enabled on my router so that did not help. There is something else missing somewhere on these steps that I am not understanding.
    I assume that the AP direction is meant if I plan to use the Belkin router as an AP not the main router? Where in this case the AP is actually my Express, and my express does not have a similar interface to change things to the settings mentioned.

  • Unable to print to my Oki C3200 via Airport Express

    I wish to print wirelessly via Airport Express using my Oki C3200 printer. I have followed all the recommended install procedures.
    I am using a Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit PC, have configured the printer with Bonjour for Windows, and still cannot print.
    The printer works fine if connected by USB direct to the PC.
    Any help appreciated.

    Yes, my iMac is hooked to my Airport Extreme through it's ethernet port.
    No, I don't have AIM.

  • Unable to get Airport Express to extend Time Capsule via WDS

    Hi all,
    I have a Time Capsule that's a couple years old, and recently decided to try to extend its network given that we recently did a lot of re-arranging things in our home.  I followed the instructions posted here for using version 5.5.2 of the Airport Utility but I'm not having any luck...  I've triple-checked that the SSID, security settings, etc. are identical between the two devices.  I set the Time Capsule as the main WDS device and entered the airport ID of the Airport Express into it, and set the Airport Express as the remote WDS device and put the airport ID of the Time Capsule there.  As far as I can tell I've got all the settings correct.
    What really confuses me is that I can get the two devices so that the Time Capsules status light is green but the Airport Extreme's status light is yellow.  The Time Capsule reports that WDS is functioning properly but the Airport Extreme is unable to connect to the WDS network.  I have the two devices only about 5 feet from each other so signal strength certainly shouldn't be an issue. 
    Any ideas what's going on?

    I would not use WDS unless your AEX is so old that is all it supports.  Much easier to configure the TC to allow the network to be extended under the Wireless tab.  Then configure the AEX's Wireless Mode to Extend Existing Network from the dropdown menu.

  • Unable to connect to Internet via Airport Express - 'cannot contact server'

    I'm unable to connect to the internet via my Airport Express. I'm using OS 10.3.9, and had the same setup with no problems at a previous address, but with a different modem from the same ISP.
    My AE is connected - the light is green - and my mac is connected to the network in Internet Connect. But when I open Safari I get an 'unable to contact server' message.
    I've tried rebooting everything (modem, AE, Mac), and leaving modem/AE off for several minutes. Also reset the AE, but to no avail.
    The connection works fine via Ethernet cable.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks, I checked out that advice doc (106798), but could not connect to the address ( which is given to test if it's a DNS issue. My ISP says I shouldn't need DNS settings.
    The service is PPPoE, and I went into Airport Admin Utility to check if the Airport was configured for this. Under Configure/Internet, I found it was set to 'Ethernet', so changed it to PPPoE. Then when I restarted I got connection status in the bar (and good Airport signal), but status flipped between 'looking for PPPoE host' and 'negotiating PPPoE host', sometimes sticking on one or the other each time I tried rebooting all gear.
    Any other ideas?

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