Customisation settings for VC Configuration copy from Purchase order to GRN(Goods Receipt note)

Hi Experts
I was looking for Customisation settings for VC Configuration copy from Purchase order to GRN(Goods Receipt note),
Please share.

Hi Ritesh
Thanks for your reply,
I checked  both of these transaction  we need to select 3 option Characetrstics frm configuration(prio) and classification. I will check that, I had one more question
In PO VC configuration is called for class type-300  and  in GRN VC configuration  is called for class type -023. How it will fetch the variant class configuration to Batch class configuration?
Once we had faced some issues the copy from PO to GRN was happening for some batches & some batches it was not happening.
yes we have activated Mill Functions in our ERP box.

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  • How to copy characteristic values from Purchase Order to MIGO Goods Receipt

    Dear all,
    I have a configurable material X,
    then i create a purchase order for that material and then i input characteristic value in the Purchase Order transaction and save it
    However when i do the Goods Receipt transaction via MIGO and using the Purchase Order number that i have created, after i entry the batch number and want to check the classification, the characteristic value are blank, so it is not copied from the Purchase Order
    I've tried guide from
    but i do not find the configuration for copying rule
    Is there any one who can resolve this problem??

    You define the copying rules for a movement type in Customizing for Batch Management under Batch Valuation ,  Valuation for Goods Movement in Inventory Management , Activate Batch Classification for Goods Movements in IM. Please refer below link. Thanking you.

  • Report with open Purchase orders and open Goods Receipt (without invoices)

    Dear All,
    We require a report in purchasing which will show:
    1. open purchase orders
    2. open goods receipts
    We do not want POs and GRs that have been created into invoices to be included in the report.
    At the moment we tried ME2N with RECHNUNG in selection parameters but it includes invoices. We have tried other selection parameters and reports but the results are not helpful.
    I have also checked SDN but there is no correct answer. Most of them specify the ME2N with RECHNUNG as a solution but this does not work for us.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Try ME2N, Select WE101....Also Select ALV
    go to next screen....Go to change layout
    Select to be deliverd(Qty) and Value, also to be invoice(Qty) & Value.
    Hope Help U!
    Pardeep Malik

  • Purchase orders pending of goods receipt.

    Is it possible to obtain the list of Purchase orders pending of Goods Receipt?
    I need to know the third party P.O pending of goods receipts.
    Is there any program?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi oscar
    You can list of Purchase orders pending of Goods Receipt by Tcode ME2N and select field
    Source of list - ALV
    Selection parameter - WE101
    As per your requirement Assign Plant and Compnay code.
    Just execute.
    it list list all po whose gr is pending

  • Text copy from Purchase Order to Inbound Delivery

    Dear All,
    We would like to copy header texts from purchase order to the inbound delivery document.
    I could not found the customizing point copy-rules for theses documents.
    Is this possible and where have we to configure it?
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

    my situation is:
    - a WM managed warehouse, society A;
    - a HU managed warehouse (without WM), society B;
    - a purchasing process of HU from society A towards society B.
    Society B have a scheduling agreement; when a delivery schedule appears, in society A born a sales order and a delivery. After the registration of the delivery good issue, an idoc transfer information for inbound delivery creation.
    This process is ok without WM, but with a WM managed warehouse the idoc has the following problem:
    "V51VP - item was not found - process cancelled".
    Can you help me to transfer these HU?

  • Cannot switch base units on Goods Receipt PO copied from Purchase Order

    I am wondering if there is a simple trick or setting for this or if we have to use a UDF/FMS...
    When using Uom for sales and purchasing, you cannot switch between Yes and No for base units on the target document(GRPO) when copying a PO to GRPO.
    For example, enter a purchase order selecting 'No' for base units and enter quantity 1 for item with Uom case(25 pcs in a case). 25 are ordered. If the warehouse receives 23 instead of a full case from the supplier,  they want to be able to enter 23 on the GRPO(copied from PO). They don't want the warehouse staff calculating what percentage to put in for quantity (23/25 = 0.92),  they would just like them to use the drop down box and change the base units to Yes and receive the quantity 23 units.
    Any suggestions?

    How often this would happen?  If it is very frequent, my suggestion would be considering it when you create PO.  You know, if you could change that option, the link between PO and GRPO will be broken.  It is not recommended.

  • Partner not copied from Purchase order to inbound delivery

    When I create an inbound delivery (VL31N) from a purchase order (ME23N), the partner FM is not copied (whereas partner FO is copied).
    Does someone know how to solve this issue? (customizing or user exit..).

    Is there any specific Copy Control Routine or User Exit that copy Partners from a Purchase Order Header to Delivery Header?
    Please provide me the Routine Name/Number or User Exit Name.

  • PME - Configuration Copy From Service Order Quotation to Service Order

    We are in requirement to copy the Product configuration in CRM 2007 from Service Order Quotation to Service Order.
    After Configuring a Product in Service order Quotation, the product configuration is not copying to the Service Order if created using follow up documents.Only Product is Copied to the followed up transaction with the copy control method in customization.
    Please advice..

    Problem solved...
    In the Copy Control of the Item Category in IMG the Process Flow option was not maintained.

  • Item texts copied from purchase order to delivery

    Hi Sales Gurus,
    I am facing the following issue.
    In the intercompany process we create the delivery based on purchased order.
    Our need is to copy the item texts of the purchase order to the item texts of the delivery.
    How can i do that?
    Thank you
    João Fernandes

    Transaction VOTXN, Delivery, Item.
    Then assign a specific text procedure and Access Sequence with the appropriate text ids.
    (Boa tarde)

  • Goods-Receipt Block for Purchase Order depending on Goods-Receipt Date

    I want to set up the system so it can block the Goods-Receipt for Purchase Order respectively Scheduling Agreement if the Goods Receipt is about to take place 30 days or more before the Desired Delivery Date.
    For Example: If I have a Purchase Order with the desired delivery date 30.09.2008. I want to set up the system so, that it bans (forbids) the Goods Receipt before the 01.09.2008.
    If possible I would want to do that without additional programming. Is it possible to set up the system using only customising settings?
    Thanks for your help

    Hello Marius-Bodgan,
    as this question is marked answered I assume you have received an solution for your requirement. Could you please share the solution with me by posting it here? I have the same requirement and did not find any possibility to do this in customizing.
    Thanks in advance,
    Found the solution in thread Re: Goods Receipt
    Edited by: Emanuel Penalver on Jul 15, 2008 11:48 AM

  • Split/change line in Purchase Order after partial goods receipt

    I have a PO with multiple lines/items. For one line there has been a partial goods receipt and for the open qty there will be a delay. Do I have any chance to either:
    - Change the delivery date for this row to match the ETD of the open qty
    - Change the initial qty of the line to the one received (that the line closes) and open a new line with the correct date for the open qty
    I just cant change anything in a line for which a partial goods receipt has been posted.

    Hi Gordon,
    Thanks for the info. Another idea: How about ..
    - adding the item on a new line with the open qty and the correct date
    - simply closing the partially posted line with the open qty (is that ok from the DB view?)
    Any doubt that this could work as intended?

  • Display Purchase Order Approval after Goods Receipt

    I would like to know if there is a way to view/display purchase order even though it was already received (Goods Receipt)? I would like to know who are the approvals of that particular purchase order, the units/quantities and the amount.
    Thank you.

    Hi Reno,
    But if the PO was already received in full it will not be anymore available in the Approval Status Report.
    Is the Approval Decision report available to Logistic personnel?
    Hi Demarillas,
    If the document is approved and u want to check the details of who approved the PO and when, you can make use of the Approval Decision Report, located in Administration --> Approval Procedure --> Approval Decision Report . Also there is another report to check with the status of the documents sent for approval which is Approval Status Report .
    Hope this helps.

  • Lock Purchase Order fields after goods receipt

    Hello everyone,
      I need to be able to set a couple of fields in ME22N as display only after goods receipt has been done for the PO. Is there any config that I can do to get this done? Any idea or suggestion?
      Thank you very much for your help!

    You can change PO after GR in standard SAP and there is no standard customization feature available to block that.
    Use ABAP to check for GR against the PO and block PO fields once GR is posted.
    Use tables MKPF for GR posting, EKKO and EKPO for Purchase Order.
    ABAP will have to change the field status of Purcahse Order screens as blocked, if GR is posted.
    It might be added as a subroutine that gets triggered after each GR posting.

  • How to change Purchase Order currency after Good receipt and Good issue?

    I've a PO created last year. The PO currency has been entered wrongly.
    My store colleague has been performed good received and consumed it.
    Now, I am not able to change PO currency to correct one, due to this message:-
    Currency can no longer be changed
    Message no. 06489
    As a basic rule, the currency cannot be changed if there has already been a goods receipt against a document.
    If the document contains external service and/or limit items, or if an invoicing plan has been assigned to an item, the currency cannot be changed following the receipt of an invoice either.
    If external service items exist, the currency also cannot be changed if services that have actually been performed have already been recorded or if the item in question has been assigned to a preventive maintenance (servicing) plan.
    Is there anyway to change PO currency after Good receipt and Good issue? Thanks !

    As a basic rule, the currency cannot be changed if there has already
    been a goods receipt against a document.
    If the document contains external service and/or limit items,
    or if an invoicing plan has been assigned to an item,
    the currency cannot be changed following the receipt of an invoice either.
    If external service items exist, the currency also cannot be changed if
    services that have actually been performed have already been recorded or
    if the item in question has been assigned to a preventive maintenance (servicing) plan.
    Answer in question itself,need to cancel all documents of wrong currency in order of LIFO,
    Create a new purchase order.

  • Best Practice for CATTS time entry to Purchase Order

    Hello All -
    We have a scenario where we create a purchase order to a recruiting company for a contractor.
    When the contractor works on our project and books hours via CATTs, we would like the hours to post back to the purchase order like a goods receipt.
    What is the best way to do this?  Service Entry Sheet or Goods Receipt?
    if so, technically, what should be done?
    Thanks for your help!

    Well their first requierement was to get real time data .. if i am in Xcelsius and click refresh then i want it to load my last data ..
    with live office , i can either schedule a crystal report and get the data delayed or use the option from live office to make iterfresh as right now .. is that a correct assumption ?
    I was talking about BW, just in case they are willing to change the requierement to go from Real time to every 5 min
    Just you know we are also thinking of the following option:
    1 - modify the virtual provider on the  CRM machine to get all the custom fields needed for the Xcelsius Dashboard
    2 - Build some interactive report on the top of these Virtual Provider within CRM
    3 - get the link to this report , it is one of the Report feature within CRM
    4 - design and build your dashboard on the top of it
    5 - EXport your swf file to the cRM web ui
    we are trying to see which one is the best one

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