Movement type authorisation for different storage locations

Hi sdners
can we make the movement type restricted to any storage location
Ex: i have 2 storage locations 1110 and 1114 in plant 1100
and i have two end user mst1 mst2
if so i want to make sure that mst1 is responsible only for issue goods from 111o
and he should not able to issue goods from 1114 vice versa to mst2
is there any possible configuration please let me know.
With regards

u can achive this through authorization
You need to activate the storage location authorization check for goods movements in config
SPRO->Materials Management->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory->Authorization Management->Authoization check for storage locations.
Then required  control is achieved via authorization object M_MSEG_LGO.
Get in touch with Basis and ask him to remove required storage location from user ID so that that user will not able to pass any movement to that storage location

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  • Stock valuation different for different storage location in same plant

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    Please provide me a detailed idea and solution for this.
    My client has simulated several transactions in MM.
    Say it has two storage location 1110 and 1120 under plant 1100
    Now in 1120 there are stock movements pertaing to a project (includes stock transafers from 1110 and issues made to project)
    Finally, the MB52 report is showing valuation of stock (unrestricted) at different rates for 1110 and 1120.
    My client is raising issue, saying the value should be same for stock under a single plant as valuation is done at plant level.
    Also, both the stock is under unrestricted category, so valuation should be same.
    What could be the issue?
    Any solution?
    The auditors will raise issue over this.
    Please help ASAP.

    Hi Sumit,
    In valuation using the moving average price (price control u201CVu201D), the system valuates goods receipts with the purchase order price and goods issues with the current moving average price.
    So, for Plant 1110 the rate could be the PO price used for procuring the material whereas for Plant 1120, it is the moving average price and hence the difference in rates.
    However the auditors would look after the Material Valuation at the Valuation Area level which is the Plant.

  • Can i restrict a movement type with respect to storage location

    Is there any way to restrict the movement type for a particular storage locations.
    For eg.
    If am using a Mvt 311 tP btwn storagelocations.
    If there are 10 Stlocs in my plant i want to restrict 311 only for 7Slocs.
    Is it possible
    Guide me

    Please contact your BASIS security team , with the help of Authorization roles you can restrict
    Reward if helpful
    venu gopal

  • Physical Inventory Movement Block not Rest at Storage Location Level

    We are facing a typical problem in our Production System and the issue is as follows:
    1. We have created a Physical Inventory Document for a material with Freeze Book Inventory and Posting Block indicators.
    2. We completed the count and entered the same with reference to the PI Document.
    3. We reconciled and posted the differences in the system.
    4. We still find that in Material Master the Physical Inventory block for material movements was not reset automatically at the Storage Location stock view.
    Please help us urgently as all our Goods movements for this material are held up.

    I am able to see 4 PIDs in MI22 for my material.
    2 docs pertaining to the latest Annual Physical Inventory in 2010.
    These documents are for the same material in the same plant but for different Storage Locations. Out of which when i see the Material Master - Storage Location view, i see that the Physical Inventory Block "X" is set for one of the Storage Locations.
    The PID for the Storage Location with this Physical Inventory Block for Movements indicator, is already settled (Count done and no differences in physical and book stock in this storage location).
    The problem persists and i need to remove the posting block which was not reset.

  • Movement type for blocking to a different storage location

    Hi Gurus,
    Is there any movement type by which the stock should move to blocked from unrestricted but to a different storage location. In the mvt type 344, the stock moves from unres to blocked but it is in the same location.

    Hi Kumar,
    344-Transfer posting blocked stock to unr.-use stock - reversal, is reversal of 343-Transfer posting blocked stock to unrestricted-use stock that TP Block to TP unrestricted.
    Better use 343 for transfer posting from Block to Unrestricted.
    If the reciveing storage location is not avliable while TP with 343 then goto OMJJ enter 343 movement enter , duble clikc on
    Field selection (from 201)/Batch search procedure and then goto Details(Lens) and then in the Select group double click on "Transfer Postings" and then make receiving storage location as req/opt entry and save.
    Then try do to TP for different storcge location for same plant with 343.

  • Could WM setup same location in different storage location type ?

      Now we have same part  but which is bought from different vendor by currency RMB or USD.
    We hope when we receive material,  it will receive material by currency into different storage locatio type , Or Could we use mb1b to move mateiral in different storage location type ?
    If there is any advice, please tell me , Thanks

    Hi, Expert
    Really appreciated for your help. Currently for same part, we possibily buy it by different currency . Somteimes it's RMB, sometimes it's USD.
    We use migo to receive these mateirals , most are in WM module, Some in IM module.  Currently, when we receive po, in stock, we only track the qty. but now we hope to find a way if we also could mark the currrency on the same materails. 
      To provide matierals to production , we still need place the material in on location. Since when we delivery material /componet, we don't care its currency.
    So we think if in WM, we could use different storage locaiton type for one location and seperated by different currency ?

  • Different Storage Location required for RGA

    My requirement is that whenever Returns is done for SO, different Storage location should default, which is currently not happening.
    For ex - Standard Storage location(0001) is determined whenever SO is created but we want that different storage location(say 0096 which is created for Returns) should be determined whenever Returns is created.
    For these I have made the following config settings :
    Defined 1000(Shipping Point Std) which is assigned to Plant(BPX1)
    Also 1100(Shipping Point for Returns) is assigned to Plant(BPX1)
    Storage loc (0001- std) is assigned to Plant(BPX1) and warehouse no (BP1)
    Storage loc (0096 - for Returns) is assigned to Plant(BPX1) and Warehouse no (BP1)
    In OVL3 following settings done:
    Shipping Point (1000) , Plant (BPX1) than storage loc - 0001(Std)
    Shipping Point (1100) , Plant (BPX1) than storage loc - 0096(Returns)
    Still when we are creating returns storage loc 0001 is defaulting in Returns and NOT 0096 (Which is my requirement).
    Kindly advise which config settings are still missing to determine 0096 storage loc in RGA.
    Thanks in advance

    I have ticked the Plant and movement type in OMJ8, but still same storage location is coming while posting the Returns.

  • Different safety stocks for differnt storage locations?

    Hi all,
    Can any one tell me if it is possible to set two different safety stocks for two diffetent storage lacations for one materila?
    If yes, How?
    Thank you,

    Hello UNP,
    Normally, planning is useally carried out at plant level, however you can do MRP at Sloc level as well.
    Safety stock is planning data which is defined for entire plant where as reorder level and replinishment quantity can be defined saperately for each storage location, but not safety stock.
    hope this helps.
    Arif Mansuri

  • QM/MM: Stock transfer from QI to QI in different storage location

    Hi Gurus,
    I want to transfer a QI stock to QI stock in the same plant but different storage location using MB1B – 323 movements. But it has got QM status active. So without taking usage decision it doesn't allow us to move the stock. It needs a special inspection type which allow this transaction.
    I don’t want to create another inspection lot and don’t want usage decision.
    Can anyone suggest me the solution?

    Hi Laxman,
    Thanks again for your suggestion to use QAC2.
    Is there any way of of scapping the same stock stock having inspection lot , status QI w/o UD?

  • One SO but I would like Post Goods Issue from different Storage Locations?

    Dear All,
    Pls help me solve this issue below:
    I have one SO, Item xzy, Qty = 300 but I would like to Post Goods Issue from different Storage Locations (Qty = 100 for each locations)
    E.g I have 3 storage locations: A, B, C and need to assign Post Goods Issue authorizations to 3 users U1, U2, U3:
    - U1 can Post Goods Issue from storage location A only (but cannot from B, C)
    - U2 can Post Goods Issue from storage location B only (but cannot from A, C)
    - U3 can Post Goods Issue from storage location C only (but cannot from A, B)
    How can I assign the Authorization for users?
    How can I create Outbound Delivery:
    a. 1 SO --> 1 outbound delivery --> Post GI 3 times
    b. 1 SO --> 3 outbound delivery --> Post GI
    Thank you very much for your support
    Cao Huy.

    Hi Senthils,
    Pls see my comment below:
    For Authorization check for storage Location
    1. GO to the following Menu path
    Spro>Material Management> Inventory manangement and Physical Inventory>Authorization Management>Authorization check for Storage Location.
    Here you have activate authorization tick for storage location and plant combination.
    --> Done
    2. Set authorization for Authorization object MM_MSEG_LGO thro Basis for the combination of movement type and storage location
    for each user.
    --> Done
    There are 3 storage locations(A,B,C) in one outbound delivery, and when user 01 tries to Post GI this outbound, it means that the system will Post GI for all line items in this outbound, but user 01 has not authorization for location B, C.
    How can user 01 Post GI from only location A in this outbound???
    And then user 02 will Post GI from only location B in this outbound,
    user 03 will Post GI from only location C in this outbound.
    Cao Huy

  • Storage Type Search for Multiple Storage Types

    Hello experts.
    I have an issue that I cannot seem to resolve.
    - We are using kanban strategy 0006 in order to move materials from Plant A to Plant B.  Plant A is warehouse-managed but Plant B is not.
    - Within Plant A we have one wm-managed Storage Location with many Storage Types.
    - Within Plant B we have two Storage Locations ( each one representing a separate, physical building ).
    - A majority of the kanban materials in use only have one Supply Area assigned to them.  However we have approximately 15 materials that have multiple Supply Areas assigned to them.  This is because these materials are common parts across two different Storage Locations in Plant B.  As a result, they also have two different Storage Types assigned to them in Plant A ( the source of the material ).
    Because we have common materials in two different Storage Types, the Storage Type Search (defined in OMLY) does not always return the correct Storage Type for the Stock Removal Strategy.
    I understand that this occurs because the Storage Type Search is defined based upon the Warehouse Number, Removal/Putaway Indicator and the Storage Strategy.  Therefore both Storage Types will use the same Storage Type Search when determining the Destination Storage Type for the transfer order.
    FYI, here's an example :
    - Material 123ABC is defined in Plant A, Storage Location SL00, Warehouse WH1 with Storage Types ST1 and ST2.
    - Material 123ABC is defined in Plant B, Storage Locations SL01 and SL02.
    - Material 123ABC has Supply Area SA1 for Storage Location SL01 and Supply Area SA2 for Storage Location SL02 defined for kanban.
    - Material 123ABC has Stock Removal Strategy 003 assigned in the WM1 view for Plant A, Storage Location SL00 and Warehouse WH1.
    - The Storage Type Search sequence defined for Stock Removal Strategy 003 is Storage Location SL01 then Storage Location SL02.
    - When I execute kanban for Material 123ABC for Supply Area SA2, the Destination Storage Type for the transfer order should be ST2.  However because the Storage Type Search is based upon the Warehouse (and not the Storage Type level), the Destination Storage Type for the transfer order is ST1 because it is the first item in the Storage Type Search sequence.
    So my question : does anybody know how I can resolve this issue?  We don't want to adjust our master data for these materials or supply areas.  Is there a USER_EXIT that we can implement that will account for this condition?

    Hi Mathew,
    Based on the storage location indicator you can maintan different storage types for picking and putaway. I think your scnario willl be addressed using this indicator.Please explore this option before going for User exits.

  • How to run MRP on different storage location level ?

    Dear Experts,
    Need your valuable guidance to solve the below requirement form the client-
    1) My client want to enter a "safety stock level" for one spare part/ Material on the basis of individual storage locations.
               For sake of example: in SL01 he wants the safety stock for particular material set to 5
                                  In FS18 he wants the safety stock set to 2
                                  In FS15 he wants the safety stock set to 1
    Kindly tell me whether it is possible? & guide me how to do it.
    2) Also tell me how to run MRP on a storage location level?
               This is because after maintaining different safety stocks for one material in different storage locations,  is it possible to appear each storage location with their differing safety stock levels?
    I checked the MRP type maintained & its-1 (plant) & not as- 2 (storage location).
    Kindly guide me for the above issue
    Thanks in advance for your support.

    Hi Umashanker,
    Thanks for your suggession . Accordingly I have resolved the issue.

  • Planing via MD01 only for one storage location

    I have the following setup:
    Plant p1 has storage locations sl1, sl2, sl3, ... sl9
    In transaction mm43 (display retail material) I can see the following setup of the material:
    -MRP Type V2, ... and so on
    Behind Button MRP/Forecast Data I can switch to for example storage location sl3 and there I can see
    Storage Location MRP:
    -SLOC MRP indicator = 2
    -Reorder point = 50
    -Replenishment qty = 70
    I think its meant like the following: if the material in storage location sl3 is equal or below 50 then there will be a goods movement from the "main storage location" to the storage location sl3 with 70 pieces of the material. Afterwards there would be 130 in the sl3.
    Maybe its a good thing to run "the report" every day in the evening so that the sl3 location will be filled up every day if necessarily.
    Now the questions:
    Is the transaction MD01 "the report"? I have no chance of setting up the storage location there.
    Where can I check whats the "main storage location", the location where the replenishment comes from?
    Some of my colleagues mentioned the Transaction MB26 where they check the planed for replenichment materials. Is this at all usefull in this context? They told me the list is reacting very slow... so if they run out of stock of some material then "the list" recognizes this 2 or 3 days later.
    I am looking forward to your answers!

    What you setup in OMIR will just be the default for a material master created after this customizing, when an existing material will be extented or a new material will be created.
    It does not impact the MRP run directly.
    You have to maintain the  MRP view in your existing  materials for the desired storage location as well. There you have to enter this MRP indicator manually or with MM17.
    However, the MRP will in general run per plant, for all locations, it will just plant the locations separatly if the indicator is set.
    If you really want an extra run per storage location, then you have to use the user exit (you see the 2 fields at the bottom of the MD01 screen).
    the user exit has to be customized in IMG > production > MRP > planning > user exit material seelection

  • Blocking Movement type 309 for perticular user ID

    We want to block Movement Type '309' for perticular user ID.
    How this can be achieved?

    You can do it through autherization  control ,
    For Object
    M_MSEG_BMB     Material Documents: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWA     Goods Movements: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_LGO     Goods Movements: Storage Location
    Revove the Movement type 309 , for the particular user.

  • GR for Sevaral storage locations

    Hi to all
    Plz explain this scenario
    Iam storing same material X in different storage locations with in a plant.
    Then how to do GR for Multiple storage locations in single process?
    Thanks & regards

      During confirmation or reprocessing the goods movement we can split the goods movement. This can be done in Goods movement over view.
       1. We can change the reqmts qts , plant, sloc and special stock.
       2.We can use the function split goods movements to enter sevaral goods movements for one reservation.
      3. We can use this function if we withdraw material components from different sloc.
    Confirmation : co11n/co15
    Reprocessing confirmation: co16n

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