Zero quality score values

I have been receiving quality scores of 0 in my keyword performance report. The quality score range mentioned in docs is 1-10. Is this zero quality score currently given only for non-US markets? Does this zero quality score means my ad wasn't long enough to
generate data?

Hi Vignesh.
Prior to last month's Quality Score updates, even keywords in the US could get zero (blank) Quality Score. 
In the past, your quality score would be "-" because your ad wasn't active long enough to generate data. Now even if
your ad has not been active for 30 days, we generate a quality score based on marketplace data so you can take action to improve performance much faster. This is only available in the United States.
For more information, please see the
MSDN QualityScore definition:
Quality score is based on the last rolling 30 days for the owned and operated search traffic. A quality score can be
assigned without any impressions, in the case where a keyword bid did not win any auctions. Traffic for content and syndicated networks do not affect quality score. The value in the report will be blank if the score was not computed. This can occur if there
have been no impressions for the keyword for 30 days or more.
I hope this helps,

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  • Weighted from quality score of chars. with Inspection Lots

    Dear QM Guru's.
    My question is about Quality Score with Inspection Lots.
    The Scenario:
    1. In a Quality master View in Material Master I use  the option number 05 of The Q-Score Procedure (Weighted from quality score of chars.)
    2. I use Inspection Points.
    3. I have 10 Inspection Points in a Characteristic.
    4. When I make the Usage desicion,  the Quality Score takes the last Inspeciton point.
    The questions:
    1. Why the  Quality Score  does take the last Inspection points, ?
    2. Is there a chance The Quality Score taking the average of all inspection points ?
    Thanks in advance.

    This procedure calculates the quality score as the weighted average of the characteristic scores.
    The score for the characteristic is determined on the basis of the defect class score for the characteristic result. You define the weight of the characteristic in the inspection plan.
                                          Sum ( E_KQD(characteristic) * WEIGHT )
               E_KQD =                 ___________________________
                                                     Sum ( WEIGHT )
    With E_KQD (charac.):       Score for characteristic defect class.
                                  If the defect class is blank or zero,
                                 the result corresponds to the maximum
                                 allowed score.
         WEIGHTING:      Weight of characteristic according to
                                 inspection plan.
    As I understand It is Maximum allowed score which you have defined or the Avg one.
    If you want to have the Avg of all inspection points then Copy & modify  the function module   KQD_COPY_REFERENCE_FORM  ( originally KQD_FEATURE_CLASS_WEIGHTED )

  • Quality scores updation

    Hi Gurus ,
    Can anybody tell me How quality scores updates in system for a material or vendor . As per my knoweledge Scores update only by Usage decision codes . Is any othe thing from which score gets updated .
    Suppose i make defects recording and based upon that i make a notificaton , then the defects wt i have activited in system , by determining that can quality score gets updated .
    For quality scores we mention values in QS51 (selected sets). and we also mention values for Defects class also , my question is score which i maintained in Defects clases wt is effect of these score .
    Thanks in advance .

    Please go through this and come back with your question, where are you did the setting, did you do any settings, if so which level, pl let us know
    Define Quality Score Procedure
    In this step, you define the procedures for determining the quality score.
    The quality score procedure is defined in the inspection setup for the material master at plant level. You can define a default value for this procedure in the inspection type.
    The following specification limits have been defined in theSettings at Client Level.
    Highest quality score
    Lowest quality score
    Lower limit for good quality
    If you want to use quality score procedures that access the weighted shares of defects for the characteristics, you must maintain the characteristic weights.
    If you want to use quality score procedures that access the quality score of the characteristics, you must maintain thedefect classes.
    If you want to use quality score procedures, in which the system calculates the share of scrap, you must:
    Check whether procedures for estimating the scap share have been defined inCustomizing
    Assign suitable procedures for estimating the scrap share to the characteristics in the task list
    Identify inspection characteristics as relevant for scrap in theircontrol indicators
    Standard Settings
    A number of commonly used procedures for determining the quality score are implemented in the standard system:
    Quality score from the usage decision
    Quality score from the share of defects in the lot
    Quality score from the shares of defects for the characteristics
    From the maximum share of defects
    From the weighted average share of defects
    Quality score from the quality score of the characteristics
    From the minimum (worst) quality score
    From the weighted average quality score
    The table has the delivery class G. The following name range is reserved for the user
    Quality score procedure 9, A, ... , Z*
    Use the procedure in the standard system.
    Decide on certain procedures for each inspection type; if possible, do not differentiate according to material groups or plants.
    1. Determine which procedures for calculating the quality score should be used. You can make a distinction on the basis of the:
    ---Inspection type
    2. Modify the table of quality score procedures according to your needs. If the procedures contained in the standard system are not sufficient, you must create additional procedures using function modules.
    3. Define the quality score procedures in the Default Values for the Inspection Type or in the inspection setup for the material.

  • Urgent........How to add leading zeros to negative values.....

    I want to add leading zeros to negative values.
    <b>Present Value    :</b> -567
    <b>Expected Value :</b> -0000000567
    I know to adding leading zeros with the help of CONVERSION_EXIT FM.
    Thanks in advance.

    Use below FM.
    Try out below FM with the above one.
    or you can use
    <b>WRITE variable USING EDIT MASK '-___________'.</b>
    <b>CONCATENATE syntax</b>
    Hope it will solve your problem
    <b>Reward Points if it is helpful.</b>
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            ilesh 24x7
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  • How do I convert the ASCII character % which is 25h to a hex number. I've tried using the scan value VI but get a zero in the value field.

    How do I convert the ASCII character % ,which is 25h, to a hex number 25h. I've tried using the scan value VI but I get a zero in the value field. 

    You can use String to Byte Array for this.

  • Quality score by usage decision?

    Dear SAPIENTS,
    Can any one help me in creation of this configuration setting?
    I would like to have quality score calculation from usage decision. Score calculation should be done by number of quantity received against order.
    Suppose if 100 quantity ordered:
    25% Deviation means 75 only received then score is 75
    Likewise for 50%, 75% and 100%

    please refer
    Re: Quality Score in Vendor Rating

  • Formula to calculate mean Quality Score

    What is the formula to calculate mean quality score?

    Means quality score in broader prospect means
    summation of quality score of number of inspection lots divided by the number of inspection lots...
    for more Refer
    Quality Score Calculation?

  • Vendor blocking after particular quality score automatically

    Hi Everybody
    I hav following seniario
    My client want to block the vendor for either creating purchase order or Goods receipt automatically after that particular vendor quality score reaches below certain level
    After blocking the vendor he can release the vendor manully
    Plz suggest
    Ashutosh Shende

    You need to go with Enhacement-User Exit, This needs a code to be place which will check the score and if it below the level it will throw an error.please check for exit.

  • Quality Score in Vendor Rating

    Dear Sir/Mam
    I want to know about quality score which comes in Usage decision,Now in our case when inspection lot is generated we have only one case if accepted the quality score is 100 and when rejected 1,but our requriment is we want different quality score,i maintained different score in selected set,my concern whether this quality score has impact on vendor evaluation score( for quality criteria),how it is calculated please guide.
    Edited by: kunal joshi on Mar 26, 2009 6:07 AM

    Dear Kunal
    Quality  score are maintained for quantitative valuation of the quality of inspection lots against a vendor, material , customer
    1) They have to be first maintained in the client level setting
    SPRO > QM> Maintain settings at client level> You need to maintain the highest quality score (100) and lowest quality score (1) system doesnt take 0. also Lower limit for good quality (90)
    2) it is maiinly used in the selected sets for usage decision
    QS51/ 03 catalogs for each UD code you can give a Quality score. So while you are giving UD system picks up this score and update the same for inspection lot , material, vendor, customer as applicable.
    You can give 100 as quality score for clean acceptance, 1 for complete rejection, may be 50 for partial acceptance etc.
    for eg you can maintain your UD selected sets like this Code, Description and UD score
    001     Clean Acceptance     A Accepted (OK)     100
    002     Accepted subject to Rework     R Rejected (not OK)     50
    003     Accepted with deviation     R Rejected (not OK)     70
    004     Accepted after segregation (Partial qty)     R Rejected (not OK)     60
    005     Rejected     R Rejected (not OK)     1
    006     Accepted subject to functional test     A Accepted (OK)     100
    007     UD Changed due to line rejection     R Rejected (not OK)     30
    008     UD changed due to problem at Customer     R Rejected (not OK)     1
    009     Subcontract return - ABB     A Accepted (OK)     100
    010     Auto UD for Skip Lot     A Accepted (OK)     100

  • Removing Leading Zeroes in Location value

    HI Gurus,
    I am having some trouble in releasing demand plan to SNP. On the demand planning side, we are using standard characteristic 9ALOCATION for storing location values. When I release demand plan (using Location characteristic - 9ALOCATION) to SNP, I get a message saying 'Location 00000000000000003000 does not exist'. But, I have location '3000' assigned to the active model in APO system.
    I believe this issue is arising because, the system is storing leading zeroes in Location value '3000' on Demand Planning side. I know that there is customization setting (SPRO-> APO -> Master data -> Product -> specify output format) to prevent leading zeroes from being added to product number. But I don't see a similar setting for Location and moreover I am using 9ALOCATION and not 9ALOCNO.
    So, how can I remove leading zeroes in the values of 9ALOCATION.
    Any help/comments are appreciated.

    I found a solution to this problem. Unlike 9ALOCNO, Characteristic '9ALOCATION' has Alpha conversion routine. So this conversion routine fills up the leading zeros. I removed Alpha conversion routine from the 9ALOCATION in RSA1 and it works fine now.

  • Leading Zeros for Decimal values

    In my requirement i need to add leading zeros for Decimal values.
    For Example.
    If the value is = 0.00 then my Target value should be = 000000000000.00

    Hi Anil,
    You have to use conversion exit ,
    Kindly go through this link below:
    Re: Conversion exit: numbers in database, two decimals on screen
    Hope it helps

  • Difference between zero and blank values

    Is there a way for the system to determine the difference between zero and blank values. One can have a zero allowed for the 0 value to actualy be there in the KF but is there a way that a macro can be written by which we can use the differentiation between the zero ( a value) and blank (no value) in the KF
    I have tried to look for an explanation on the and sdn but was not able to find anything.
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for your reply. You mentioned something about the "fixing" setting that could make the "0" displayed in the planning book. Could you elaborate?
    Also, in the post from user "APO APO" on 5/8, the author seemed to indicate they could see the "0" in the planning book, as quoted below:
    "I have already made the zero allowed arrangement for that in the planning area and can see the 0 values in the planning book but I am not being able to make the macro get the results."
    I just want to find out if there is any way the user can visually distinguish b/w the "0" and blank values. If not, it'll be very confusing to the users. I understand the macros can distinguish b/w them.
    Thanks in advance.


    제품 : FIN_GL
    작성날짜 : 2003-09-16
    Problem Description
    ADI에서 Journal Import를 시도할때, Account segment value값에"0"를 자리수만큼 채워서 upload를 시도하는 경우가 있다.
    예를들어, segment value가 300 인데, ADI에서 Journal Import시
    0300 으로 바뀌는 경우이다.
    이 경우, Segment Value중에 0300이라는 값이 없기 때문에, upload시
    에러가 발생한다.
    재현방법 :
    Responsibility = General Ledger Super User
    ADI path = Click on the Ledger Book from the ADI toolbar/Enter Journals
    1. Log on to ADI as the General Ledger Super User.
    2. Proceed to the Create Journal Worksheet form using the above navigation.
    3. Choose the appropriate journal type and click on the green check mark to
    continue. This will load Excel and the appropriate journal template.
    4. Enter your Journal information in the header and body. Place the value of
    the segments that you would like in the segment value portion of the journal.
    5. Once the journal is completed, click on the Ledger Book from the ADI toolbar
    and select the green arrow to upload the journal.
    6. Once the journal upload is complete, you notice that the values that were
    uploaded for a certain segment have a zero added to them.
    Solution Description
    "0"가 자릿수만큼 채워지는 것을 막기위해, ADI setup중 "Zero Pad" 기능을 uncheck한다.
    Responsibility = General Ledger Super User
    ADI path = Click on the Hammer and Screwdriver(망치와 드라이버가 그려져 있는 Icon) from the ADI toolbar/General
    1. Log on to ADI as the General Ledger Super User.
    2. Proceed to the Settings form using the above menu path.
    3. Uncheck the Zero Pad check box on this form.
    4. Save your changes and repeat the journal import process for this journal.
    "Zero Pad"기능은 check되었을때, 해당 Segment의 Maximun Size만큼 "0"으로 채워준다.
    이 기능을 uncheck하면, "0"의 추가확장 없이 입력된 그대로를 사용하게 된다.
    Reference Documents
    Note : 113051.1

    Are you choosing Functional Journals template and trying to upload Foreign Currency journals or vice versa? Please check

  • After installing SP14   all report quantities are come zero or null value

    Hi all i have a big problem.
    we installed support package 14 in our product systems yesterday and quantity unit conversions didnt work and all quantities which use base unit of conversion come to reports with zero or null was working correct before  support package installed.Our system is 2004s and current patch levels updated to
    SAP_ABA     700     0014     SAPKA70014
    SAP_BASIS     0014     SAPKB70014
    PI_BASIS 2005_1_700     0014 SAPKIPYJ7E
    SAP_BW     700     0016     SAPKW70016     
    FINBASIS     600     0010     SAPK-60010INFINBASIS
    BI_CONT     703     0002     SAPKIBIIP2
    SEM-BW     600     0010     SAPKGS6010     
    What is the wrong? we want to  solve this problem this weekend ? Which OSS must we apply ,i couldn't  find any?

    Why do not you open an OSS message to SAP for your problem ?

  • Quality score & quality level

    Hi Experts,
    Can anybody please help.New comer in QM.Please help.
    How system calculate Quality score & quality level.What setting required for it. And where it is use. Please do not suggest sap library or F1 help.Please help.

    Evaluation of Quality Levels  
    You can use this function to can select quality levels, display the selected quality levels in a list, reset or tighten selected quality levels, display the data and dynamic modification rules for selected quality level records, and display the dynamic modification history for quality levels as a graphic or in a list.
    Quality levels that have been deleted can no longer be evaluated (that is, you can no longer obtain a dynamic modification history of the inspection lots that were included in these quality levels).
    If the system finds more than one quality level record for the selection conditions, it switches to a dynamic selection list that contains all quality levels that meet the selection conditions.
    If only one quality level exists for the selection criteria, the system switches directly to the dynamic modification history list for the corresponding quality level. The dynamic selection list appears by choosing Goto ® Back. You can make changes in this list. There are the following functions in the dynamic selection list:
    In the transaction Edit list (menu path: Logistics --> Quality management --> Quality inspection -->Quality level -->Edit list)
    Creating a Quality Level Manually  
    In most cases, you will not need to create a quality level manually. However, if you are implementing the Quality Management (QM) application component for the first time, you may want to enter data for the quality levels recorded in your previous system.
    You can only create a quality level manually for lot-based dynamic modification.
    Choose Logistics -->Quality management --> Quality inspection --> Quality level --> Create.
    Enter the necessary data on the initial screen for creating a quality level and choose Quality level.
    You define the dynamic modification criteria (material, vendor, manufacturer, or customer) and the inspection plan for which the quality level will be maintained on the initial screen.
    Enter the following data on the screen for creating quality levels:
    Next inspection stage
    Number of inspections or inspection lots that (based on the dynamic modification valuation) have been completed since the last inspection stage change or were accepted without an inspection (skip)
    Number of inspections or inspection lots (based on the dynamic modification valuation) that were rejected since the last inspection stage change
    Reset date on which the quality level again uses the initial inspection stage (specified in the dynamic modification rule) as the current inspection stage
    Earliest possible deletion date for the quality level
    The system makes entries in all other fields if:
    An  inspection lot is created.
    A  usage decision is made.
    Save your data.
    The initial screen for creating a quality level appears and the system informs you that the quality level was created.

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