Report Title in FR Report Header

I'm creating a Report in FR which has image on the Left side and Title on Right side in Report Header. I'm creting a report Title for ex. ABC company. I've nearly 20 entities in Column. When i view the report in workspace, it looks fine, but when i export to excel, the Report title is showing at the end of all columns, for ex. in this case it is showing the report title after column 20, which looks odd. Can any one help on this ?

In design via FR Studio for the report have you 'anchored' the title and image? Did fix them horizontally and vertically?
With my images/titles I fix to Middle/Center and Right/Top and they export to excel just fine.

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  • Center a report title in Matrix report SSRS 2008

    I have fought with my first Matrix report for about a week now. What a pain. Now of course when I seem to be close to the end I can't center my report title on the report. How do I center a title? Help please. Thanks. SSRS 2008.

    Hi gainesvillepratt,
    After testing the issue in my local environment, we should add a textbox with title value above the matrix. Changing the Width of textbox with the same size as the rendered the matrix Width (Row Groups area width + Column Groups area width * the number of
    columns in column group), then setting the TextAlign property to Center in the Properties Windows pane. Thus we can achieve your requirement.
    If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask.
    Katherine Xiong
    Katherine Xiong
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  • Want report title on the same page above the column names

    I have given report title in the report header but for some reason it displays title on first page and data from next page on wards. I have also given a page break for the groups, is this the reason for getting  title on one page and dtata from next page?
    Pls suggest me something so that i can have report title on the top and then data stating frrom the same page.

    Expand the page header, move your column headings down, and put the report title at the top of the page header.
    The title has to be in the PAGE header in order for it to print on all pages.

  • Hiding report title in Group Tree View Pane

    In a .rpt file, if I provide a Group Field, it is displayed in the "Group Tree View" when I preview the report.
    The Group Tree View pane also contains the name of the report - actually the title. Is there a way that I can choose not to show report title on this pane?
    Here is my requirement:
    I'm localizing the report file and that includes localizing group names too. I've also localized the report title by using a formula and displaying the formula in the report header. But this pane - Group Tree View -  uses report title from "Special Fields", which I'm not able to modify. So I'm always getting the non-localized report title displayed on this pane, which I want to avaid somehow.
    If I remove report title from the report properties, this pane shows report file name instead, which again i do not want to be displayed.

    After removing the report title from the report properties try to place a space " " in the report title field in summaryinfo so that a blank space is shown in the group tree.

  • Change Report Title

    Hello Guys,
    I have an editable ALV in which the user is able to change the entries by clicking a Change Button. For this purpose i have used the class <b>cl_gui_alv_grid</b>.
    I need to change the Report Title from 'Display Report' & 'Change Report' when the user clicks the change button in the ALV.
    Please suggest.

    Hello Sandeep,
    Thanks for the hint. It really helped me !!! I missed this point entirely
    Thanks again ..

  • How to display dynamic header title in the report?

    I have a req to display dynamic header title in the report.
    When a id is entered in the prompt text, it will display the user data based on that user_id.
    so similarly....the header title should vary each time when you select different user_id.
    How can we implement this?

    Zack H wrote:
    > Lazaro,
    > It depends on what you want displayed in the heading for each id.
    > Please elaborate.
    > Thanks,
    > Zack H.
    Zack..I have several projects listed under several project id's...
    so when a user selects project id 00164 then it should display something like "Project document for Jon Doe"
    again when the user selects project id as 00192 then it should display something like "project document for Zimmerman"
    Did you get it??

  • Report Title in Header Bar

    Hello All,
    We are creating new Web Templates in 7x version and want to know if the Report Title in Header bar can be customized by removing the "<SAP Logo> BEx Web- " instead only allow report title
    As Is
    "<SAP Logo> BEx Web - <Report Title> "
    To Be should be only Report Title
    "<Report Title>"
    Abhishek Shanbhogue

    Are you not using "Info Field-->Data Binding-->General Text Elem-->Query Description" web item to show Title ?

  • Supressing subsequent Report Titles/Header info

    I've created a title for my reports. The results span a few pages now but probably dozens later on. I want the report header/title to appear on the first page but not on subsequent pages. Column headings are fine but not the title of the report on each and every page. Is there an option or a way to do this on the desktop version and the web version?
    Thanks =)

    Hi ricky_lv,
    According to your description, there is main report and subreport in it, when the subreport spans across multiple pages, you want to show column headers on each page. If that is the case, we can set column headers visible while scrolling in main report.
    For detail information, please refer to the following steps:
    In design mode, click the small drop down arrow next to Column Groups and select Advanced Mode.
    Go to your Row Groups pane, click on the first static member.
    In properties grid, set FixData to True.
    Set RepeatOnNextPage to True.
    Here is a relevant thread you can reference:
    The following screenshots are for your reference:
    If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.
    Wendy Fu
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  • Print the report title

    Hello All,
    I have a report page with some search item.When I print the page the title does not appear on the output page.
    How I can print the report and its title on the output page.
    any quick help please

    Hi Mohammad
    I allow users to download reports using the Interactive Reports Region.
    If you use that method then you can insert a title at the top of the report by populating the Report Region > Print Attributes (TAB) > Page Header
    Note: This is available when using APEX coupled with Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher. It does not work with "CSV" output.
    Kind regards
    Simon Gadd

  • How to put report title and page no to appear in multiple pages,when using cross tab reports

    Post Author: shaminranaweera
    CA Forum: General
    I am using crystal reports 9.0 with odbc foxpro database conectivity
    I have designed a cross tab report and it is on the report header part and all the report details  are fine,except that the report title and  and page no's only show on the first page of my report.Pls tell me how can i put my report title and page no on all the pages in my crosstab.

    Post Author: foghat
    CA Forum: General
    You need to put your title in the page header if you want it to appear on every page.  The report header only displays once per report.

  • How to add a filter/selection into the report title?

    Hi experts,
    Currently I try to fugure out how to set up a field into the page header (title) of a report in order to dynamically adapt the title to selected filter criteria. I tried to use the Reprot Filter Summary, but since I do have several sheets in my reports the information given through it is not applicable.
    What I would like to achieve is that the end user can select e.g. a category X and Y and the title says: "Report title - categories: X,Y" Somthg like this. I'd appreciate any tips.
    Best regards

    Hi guys,
    thanks so far. I managed to show prompts in the report. But still my problem is nor 100% solved
    I would like t achieve that the filtered criteria in the report title is separated through a comma like in the report filter summary - e.g.: {001, 002, 003, 004} followed by just 1chart/table that is including the whole information.
    When I however just drag a variable into the report it automatically created different sections, right? Like ........ table, chart, whatever... .......table chart whatever........

  • Using Standard Text Variables for FYPERIOD in Report Title ?

    We have a requirement where the user input the variable 0fiscper to the query (001.2010). How to get the text value of that variable in the query description in the bex query ?
    For example user input, 008.2010. We need to get "Aug 2010 Sales values " where Sales values will be the report text. I want to get Aug (month) and year (2010) before the report title. I have searched in google and sdn and could not find any link, but found a doc for the column header text using the same variable. I have tried the same procedure and its just display the zvariable name and Sales value's instead of the label. Please advise.

    You can create a Text variable with replacement path of Fiscper as reference char. Select Key in details tab of replacing variable.
    If you are just getting technical name, then it is understood that it is not getting replaced.

  • Report titles should change dynamically based on input

    Dear Experts,
    I developed the Customer Feedback Quarterly Report. Here i need three dynamic titles.  I Developed the selection screen by using variables for Quarter,Year,Profitcenter,Fiscvariant.Here in my report i have two columns like quarter and cumulative for the year.suppose if i select Quater 2 then july,august,september data will display under quarter column and April to september data(Cumulative data) will display in cumulative for the year column. Now, here i need three dynamic titles for my report.suppose if i select Quarter 2 then in first heading i need the name of the report for the quarter of year (EX: Customer Feedback - FTA For The Quarter 1 of 2008) I acheived this by using Text variable.
    2. As second title i need (Quarter From July To September ) if i select quater 3 it should dynamically change for all the quarters.In the same way for year also (Year From April To September) how to acheive This?
    Could any throw some light on this.

    Hi Sony,
    Check the link :- 
    Hope it helps,

  • How to display the sort value in the selection screen in the report title

    Dear All,
    How to display the sort value in the selection screen in the report title? I have selected a value in the selection screen for sorting , but i need that values by which i have sorted with in the report title. Can you please throw some light on this!!
    Good day,
    Thanks and regards
    Arun S

    Hi Arun,
    Try this.
    1, Set one dynamic parameter,
    2, Drag and drop that parameter into  your report title.
    3, Pass the value(sort value) dynamically from your application,
    4, Cheers..
    Other wise Try with Dataset, create a dataset and fill thev alue into that.. Then  set the data source from CR designer. and darg and drop that data column into the report.
    Hope this will work,
    Edited by: salahudheen muhammed on Mar 25, 2009 11:13 AM

  • Displaying title on Interactive Report

    Folks, there should be an easy solution to this, but I can't find it.  I'd like to be able to display a title on my interactive reports.  I'm using the "IRR Region Template," and using another one isn't an option (b/c the other ones don't properly display wide reports).
    I'm guessing the IRR Region Template doesn't include the #TITLE# substitution string, but can it?  Can #TITLE# be added?  Or can I accomplish this simple requirement via some other fashion?

    Question:  Where do you want the title to appear on the page? 
    I'm not familar with this IRR Region Template.  Is it borderless or does it have a title "area"?   If it has a title area, it ought to have a #TITLE# substitution string for that area?   You say "I'm guessing ..."   Can you take a look at the template and tell us what's there?   Do you know how to look at the templates? 
    I added a simple title as a display-only page item on a report.  But that's pretty limited as there is only so much display room between the page tabs and the search box.  You could also concatenate an application item to the application title and set it to the report title you want when the page displays.

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    Hi all I have report with download link to call a procedure(DOWNLOAD_PROCEDURE) in database Its not working can any one help me select id id2,        id del, case when trim(file_status) = 'Complete' then    htf.anchor('/pls/apex/DOWNLOAD_PROCEDURE?p_

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    Hi all, I'm trying to create a JSF page with Oracle Three Column Layout but am only one column in the visual design view. Moreover, in the visual design view, i cannot see the normal Oracle logo on the left corner. Heres he steps i used: 1. Right cli

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